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    • AIVA, which stands for Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist, is a cutting-edge AI music generator. It excels at composing original musical pieces in a wide range of styles and genres
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    Mubert AI

    • Mubert uses AI to empower both creators and consumers of music. It offers unique AI-powered music generation, collaboration tools, and listening experiences.
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    • Soundful AI music generator is a web-based platform that creates royalty-free music instantly. It uses machine learning algorithms to understand styles.

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest revolutions in the music production industry. Musicians, brands, and music producers use AI music generator tools to save time and money. 

A musician who wants to spend less money on a project while dramatically increasing the quality of the results should use an AI music generator. 

The popularity of AI music generator tools has expanded in the music industry. Therefore, choosing between the right and wrong ones is getting more challenging. 

This article will highlight the best AI music tools, so continue reading to learn how to use them and how they can benefit you. 

AI Music Generator: In a nutshell 

It doesn’t matter which generative AI music generator you choose; they will offer great features to help you make the perfect music. 

The prompts you give will enhance your creativity by helping you experiment with tempos, genres, and modes to create original music. Let’s take a closer look at these top AI music generator tools. 

1. Aiva (Free)

Aiva is the best AI music generator for aspiring musicians, hands down. The ability to create new songs in seconds made me put Aiva at the top of my list. 

AIVA AI music generator

Aiva is the best example of how AI can revolutionize the music composition and direction process. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a professional, you cannot overlook the features provided by Aiva. 


AIVA logo
  • Various presets for music setups
  • Download songs in MIDI and MP3 format
  • Helpful free version
  • Modify and edit the existing soundtracks

I was very skeptical about Aiva at first, but with AI changing the music industry, I decided to try it, and the results were extraordinary. 

I chose a genre from its extensive music library. I also customized a few basic settings, such as bass, tempo, pitch, etc. 

AIVA generating songs

The next minute, Aiva generates tracks. While you don't need to upload an audio lyric, you can ask AI to create music from a theme and mood. 


  • The customer support is excellent
  • Comes with different types of music genres
  • The tool can understand your taste and pattern quite easily
  • Flexible pricing


  • Creating complex structures is time-consuming
  • May create copyrighted songs

The Creator Editor and the DAW-like settings will help you adjust the instrumentation, pricing, and music tailored to your preference. Here's the pricing structure of AIVA.

Aiva Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Standard: $11/month

  • Pro: $33/month

Keep in mind that purchasing the Standard pricing plan and generating AI music won't transfer the copyright to you, as AIVA will own it. The Pro version is where you will get the copyright authority.

? Why do I like Aiva?
  • I liked the customer support by Aiva as they will help you through the entire music making process. In addition, the tool will adapt to your style and preferences after a few attempts.

The song you create will be ready to download in MP3 file format. If you purchase the paid version, you can download high-quality WAV files. The paid version will also give you full copyright access. 

2. VEED.IO (Free)

VEED is one of my favorite AI music generator tools because you don’t see complete video and audio editing software for free daily. 

VEED io dashboard

This tool embraced the latest AI advancements and incorporated them into their music generation software. Unlike many other AI music generators, Veed is simpler to use.


veed logo
  • AI rap generator
  • Additional niche tools
  • Text to song
  • Free music video maker

VEED AI music generator is super simple to use. For example, when creating music, I chose a specific vibe for my song and gave certain text prompts describing the type of music I wanted to create. 

VEED generating responses

Then, clicking on the “Create Track” option will ask AI to generate royalty free and incredible music under my name. 

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of VEED.


  • Simple tune transitions with different styles
  • The project can be downloaded with a subtitle
  • Free plan is good for beginners
  • User-friendly design and UI


  • The subtitle feature is available only on premium subscriptions

As you can see, VEED has comparatively fewer disadvantages, making it a great choice for music producers. Here's the pricing structure of VEED you should know.

VEED Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Basic: $18/month

  • Pro: $30/month

  • Business: $59/month

The pricing structure is quite transparent, I must say. If you're not satisfied with the free plan, make sure you upgrade to the premium versions as per your needs.

? Why do I like VEED?
  • VEED has smooth UI/UX with great features. As some earlier free features are becoming premium now, you may need to choose a different tool if you don’t want to pay.

If you want to create background music for your YouTube, Instagram, or any social media videos, VEED will prove perfect with its 20-second background original songs. 

3. Splash Pro – Previously ‘BeatBot’ (Free)

Splash Pro is a text-based AI music generator that can create brief, eye-catching songs based on your commands. 

Splash Pro dashboard

You can write the words using ChatGPT, and the sound loops will generate the vocals and music. The process is simple and less time-consuming.

Splash Pro

Splash pro
  • Compose short music
  • Simple UI/UX
  • Writes lyrics
  • More affordable

If you want to create a soundtrack, you only need to give a relevant prompt to create a primary music loop or track. If you’re facing problems with a prompt, there’s a vast collection to choose from. 

Splash Pro generating music

You can also choose something from the samples and edit it as per your requirements. This will save you the hassle of creating something from scratch. 


  • You don't need to have musical experience
  • Easy drag and drop controls
  • Pre-made beats are available to create new music
  • Accessible from any device


  • Not all music genres are available
  • Loops are non-downloadable in offline mode

Since BeatBox changed into Splash Pro, they have introduced more intriguing features, such as longer tracks. With Splash Pro, you can get inspiration for your new music track. 

Splash Pro Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Starter: $6/month

  • Max: $29/month

The Max is the most popular pricing plan of Splash Pro. You will get uncompressed wave downloads, meaning the audio quality won't be affected upon exporting.

? Why do I like Splash Pro?
  • Playing around with Splash Pro was fun, as I could easily create whole music. It can also create high-quality music within seconds.

However, remember that Splash Pro may not be suitable for someone looking for a digital audio workstation. It’s best for some casual experiments. 

4. Riffusion (Free)

Riffusion creates high-quality professional soundtracks using deep learning algorithms. It can satisfy the customers' requirements by accessing numerous essential elements such as rhythm, structure, and harmony. 

Riffusion dashboard

Riffusion provides different customization choices to boost the effectiveness of the results, including personalization to key, length, and intensity of the audio length. 


Riffusion Logo
  • Vast customization options
  • User-friendly UI/UX
  • Deep learning algorithms
  • Multiple musical elements

If you want to create the best music per your needs, you must prove a couple of factors. These include the genre, instruments, tempo, and mood. 

Riffusion generating riff

Keep in mind that the results will depend on the pattern you follow. Incorrect patterns may generate blunt results. 


  • Quick, easy, and time-saving process
  • Diverse range of instruments is available
  • Cost-effective plans
  • High-quality output


  • The genre collection isn't as extensive as other AI music generators

Now that you know the pros and cons, let's take a look at the pricing.

Riffusion Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

The best thing about Riffusion is that it's completely free to use. There isn't any premium pricing plan available. This means that users can harness the power and benefits of Riffusion without any financial commitments.

? Why do I like Riffusion?
  • Riffusion was extremely easy to use. The interface is simple and to the point. Just enter the lyrics, and this AI music generator will provide results.

You can also experiment with the riffs, which are one of the most popular user creations on Riffusion. 

5. Loudly (Free)

With an eye-catching free plan, Loudly is one of the best AI music generator tools. Even though you must face the download cap, you can use the music for any social media platform you want. 

Loudly dashboard

In addition to that, Loudly also has collaboration features so that users can work together. This will help you generate communications and relationships with other fellow users. 


loudly logo
  • AI recommender
  • Customizable music
  • Royalty-free music library
  • Text-to-music

You can still use Loudly to create music, even if you're a beginner. However, you need to know a few commands to grasp complete control of Loudly AI. 

Loudly generating music

With Loudly, all you need to do is choose an appropriate genre and press the ‘Generate’ button to create the best music. If you’re eager to learn Loudly and generate music through it, it’s best to follow some YouTube videos. 


  • Access to 2500+ free songs
  • The music creation and editing process is easy
  • Licensing is available for all social media platforms
  • Music samples are made by professionals


  • Music quality might be affected when choosing different parameters

You can also implement additional adjustable features such as pace, instrumentation, energy levels, length, and genre mixes. 

Are you eager to know about the pricing plan? Pay close attention to the pricing structure below.

Loudly Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Personal: $5.99/month

  • Pro: $14.99/month

  • Enterprise: Contact sales

Loudly will create several tunes every time, allowing you to choose a wide selection of customization options. 

? Why do I like Loudly?
  • Loudly helped me to create high-quality music for my projects. Even though it was just a trial run, I liked the interface and availability of genres. 

I suggest you use the free plan for a few days. If you think Loudly is perfect for your needs, upgrade to the premium plans. Determine your needs and budget to choose the perfect pricing option.

6. Landr Studio (Free)

Landr Studio is another free AI music generator that leverages modern artificial intelligence to create tracks and albums. The best thing is you can release them with a click of a button. 

Landr studio dashboard

Landr Studio has more than 2 million in-built royalty free music samples. It will also make your vocal sounds tighter, reducing the audio editing efforts and time. 

Landr Studio

  • Generate unique musical tracks
  • Access a vast library of high-quality samples
  • Replace unwanted drum sounds
  • Improve your vocals with pitch correction

It has 10 powerful features to boost your audio mastering and mixing experience. It will also become faster and smoother. You can even collaborate with other creators to receive their feedback on your AI song. 

Landr generating responses

If you choose to upload a song, keep in mind that it will take some time depending on the size and the musical instruments within the audio.


  • Simple, intuitive, and beginner-friendly
  • Powerful AI engine
  • You can use unlimited distribution
  • Higher affordability


  • Lack of control
  • Potential compatibility issues

However, the availability of excessive plugins makes the ecosystem somewhat overwhelming for beginners. Hence, it will take some time to master it. 

Landr Studio Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Personal: $5.99/month

  • Pro: $14.99/month

  • Enterprise: Contact sales

Landr Studio is a powerful platform that caters to musicians and producers looking for a comprehensive AI-powered solution for music creation, production, and collaboration.

? Why do I like Landr Studio?
  • Landr Studio is the dream of every sound producer. From creating music to mastering it, Landr Studio can help you a lot. 

While its music generation capabilities may not offer the same level of customization as Boomy, its integrated tools and advanced AI algorithms for mastering and mixing make it a valuable asset for achieving professional-sounding results.

7. Mubert AI (Free)

Advanced AI music generator Mubert is causing some great hype in the market. If you want a tool that combines the power of AI and art, Mubert AI should be your top choice. 

Mubert AI Dashboard

Mubert AI helps users showcase their creativity by crafting unique and original soundtracks. The music generated by Mubert AI targets professionals and beginners who want to change traditional music creation methods. 

Mubert AI

Mubert AI
  • Creative process for music
  • user-friendly interface
  • 100+ genres
  • Customized tracks

Mubert AI has a vast genre of library. Hence, you can choose anything you want and generate unique tracks. But don’t forget to customize it to get the soundtrack you desire. 

Mubert AI generating responses

For instance, I have used Mubert AI to design music and soundtrack, which can later be used as background music for ads, games, and more. 


  • Can compose music quickly
  • Music quality is excellent
  • Can be used for free for marketing purposes
  • Customizable algorithms


  • Limited customizable options
  • More human touch required

One thing that sets Mubert apart is the music purchasing feature. You can sell your AI generated music on Mubert Studio. This platform boasts the finest AI music generation. 

Mubert AI Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Creator: $11.69/month

  • Pro: $32.49/month

  • Business: $149.29/month

If you need the most features, you should definitely check out their Business plan. However, the Creator and Pro pricing plans are also good.

? Why do I like Mubert AI?
  • The text-to-speech feature provided by Mubert is super eye-catching. While the specific niche sounds are hard to find, the music depth and quality are way above my expectations.

You can also ask Mubert to arrange the past music into playlists as per your preferences. 

8. Soundful (Free)

Soundful is another personal AI music generator, offering a good balance between simplicity and personalization. 

Soundful dashboard

Soundful is primarily focused on creating background music only. The music outputs generated by Soundful will be royalty-free. Hence, you can use them in your videos, streams, podcasts and much more. 

The process is not only simple but also designed in an intuitive method. 


Soundful Logo
  • Digital ads
  • Royalty-free background audio
  • 100+ templates
  • Non-exclusive licenses for users

Let’s say you’re editing a video. You can adjust your inputs, choose a genre template, and create your own tunes, all during the editing process. 

Soundful generating responses

This is what the dashboard looks like. Even though there are hundreds of genres and templates available, most of them are paid. The number of free version is super limited.


  • Comes with a wide range of templates
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Good and high-quality output
  • No copyright issues


  • Should have more customization options

You can try different music styles if you need more precise control over the AI-generated music. Consider choosing from the range of genre-specific templates to get started. 

Soundful Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Content Creator: $29.99/month

  • Music Creator Plus: $59.99/month

If you have enough knowledge of composition, you can buy Music Creator Plus to create something on the first attempt. However, you must customize more, especially when creating a complex soundtrack. 

? Why do I like Soundful?
  • Apart from the outcome, I also loved Soundful’s functionality in providing a sense of quality. Soundful is perfect if you want to generate music for your business.

Moreover, Soundful offers robust control over crucial musical factors, such as BPM and key. You can save the soundtrack under your name.  

9. Ecrett Music (Free)

Ecrett Music will give power to anyone who wants to create clips of music. Ecrett Music has countless hours of pre-existing songs that will work as your training material. 

Ecrett music dashboard

Ecrett Music is a fascinating option for experts and beginners due to its broad themes and easy-to-use interface. You can also leverage the benefits of genres and emotions. 

Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music logo
  • Licenses for different types of music
  • Eye-catching interface
  • Royalty-free music
  • 500+ patterns of music

You can also use an AI music generator to create soundtracks for any film or video game. This also includes a royalty-free music generator, so you can stop worrying about copyright strikes. 

Ecrett music response 1

Before creating music, you must pick at least one option from the Scene, Genre, and Mood lists. You will find the scenes unique according to your taste. 


  • Super simple to use
  • Free trial available
  • Easy to understand
  • Less bugs


  • You need to upload videos
  • Requires subscription to download music

When you’re done choosing these metrics, the Ecrett AI music generator will create music. Even if you go with the same settings multiple times, it will generate an exclusive piece of music every time. 

Ecrett Music Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Individual: $4.99/month

  • Business: $12.99/month

In addition to this, Ecrett Music has over 500 patterns of music. You can change the structures and instruments to change unlimited tunes. 

? Why do I like Ecrett Music?
  • Ecrett Music is one of the best platforms for content creators. It’s pretty straightforward, allowing free users to create studio-quality music tailored to their needs. 

While Ecrett Music can prove beneficial as per your needs, you can consider other options, especially Soundraw. I will discuss this up next.

10. Soundraw (Free)

Ecrett Music inspires the Soundraw AI music generator but is better in every way. This AI music creation platform will help you compose unlimited songs as per your choice. 

Soundraw dashboard

If you want royalty-free music for your projects, you need to purchase a description. The free version won’t provide you with that. 


logo soundraw
  • Multiple customization options
  • Lifetime license
  • Unlimited music generation
  • Rotalty-free music

For your unique soundtrack, Soundraw provides different types of genres, themes, and emotions. Additionally, users can pick what instruments they need to play, for how long the instrument will be played, and the tempo for a better listening experience. 

Soundraw generating responses

However, it may seem a little complicated at first. But there’s a detailed process that will help you continue. 


  • Great AI compositions
  • Google Chrome compatibility
  • Copyright strike-free download options
  • Less complicated interface


  • Free plan has less features
  • Requires subscription to download music

Soundraw music generator will walk you through every step, helping you create various tunes with different customization options. 

Soundraw Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Creator: $16.99/month

  • Artist: $29.99/month

If you need to leverage the best benefits of Soundraw, you need to upgrade from the free plan. Consider your needs and choose a relevant plan accordingly.

? Why do I like Soundraw?
  • Soundraw is a remarkable AI music generator tool to generate royalty free background music. It has a wide range of genres, perfect for beginner music creators. 

You can also utilize the beginner and advanced parameters to refine each track further. But this depends entirely on your experience. 

11. Boomy (Free)

Thanks to Boomy, you can compose music using an AI music generator. Unlike other AI music generator tools, Boomy is more cost-effective and reliable. 

Boomy dashboard

With numerous features to simplify the music creation process, it is perfect for both seasoned artists and beginners. 


Boomy logo
  • Sell songs to platforms
  • Global community
  • Diffusion-based algorithms
  • Versatile genres

Before beginning, you need to choose the foundation and the style that suits your taste. After you’re done with your selections, you need to click on the “Create a Song” to get started.

Boomy generating responses

Apart from that, you can make more edits to the elements for further customization. This AI music generator allows you to create something magnificent by adding voices to the tunes. 


  • Ne previous experience is needed
  • Projects are made with extra creativity
  • Sell your songs online and earn money
  • Great customer support


  • Control over music is less effective

Just like Loudly, Boomy also enhances collaboration between musicians, which will help you work on your weaknesses and receive feedback. Here's the pricing structure:

Boomy Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Creator: $9.99/month

  • Pro: $29.99/month

Boomy can come up with unexpected and original musical ideas that might not have occurred to a human composer, sparking new creative possibilities.

? Why do I like Boomy?
  • Boomy AI is a powerful tool with the potential to democratize music creation and inspire new forms of musical expression.

However, it's important to be aware of its limitations and understand that it's not a replacement for human creativity and musicianship.

Ready to use the best AI Music Generator?

AI music generator tools help professionals save the energy and time they would spend searching for copyright-free music to use in their social media videos or podcasts. 

You don’t require music knowledge or composition skills to use the AI music generator tools. This is why these tools are accessible to everyone. 

In addition, they reduce the complexity of the music creation process to a few clicks, generating royalty-free music within seconds. 

What do you think of these AI music generator tools? Make sure you let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various AI music generators available in the market, from Soundraw to Loudly. Choose a relevant one as per your needs.

Yes, AI can generate background music. You can use these soundtracks for your social media platforms.

While not every AI-generated music will get a copyright strike, remember that most free platforms create copyrighted music. Hence, make sure you use them carefully.

Musicians use AI not to create music but to generate inspirations.

Yes, contrary to popular belief, the music generated by the AI music generator tools is surprisingly good. But don't forget to purchase the premium plans for the best output.

ChatGPT can write the lyrics. But unlike the AI music generator tools, it cannot create music, even with ChatGPT plugins.