Explainer videos and their effectiveness is turning a lot of heads. It is becoming an integral part of your marketing strategy. They can be put on websites, published on YouTube, shared on social media, integrated with emails, and whatnot!

They are great in terms of creating awareness and promoting products. Since they are informative, they rarely fail to attract customers. This leaves us with the final problem: producing an explainer video.

Marketers can't learn how to make an explainer video. Also, it may not be feasible for companies to hire in-house professionals to create the video.

So what is to be done? It is as simple as hiring a service provider or best explainer video production company, but the catch is choosing the right one. Here, we will guide you through the stepwise process of straining out the right explainer video company. 

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Top seven qualities to look for in your explainer video production company

1. A Professional Portfolio

When you have to decide on a service provider, you must do thorough research about them. This is not confined to the company's evaluation only. It also includes evaluating your company and determining if its structure, policy, and capacity can meet your expectations. 

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Therefore, you may consider the following factors when you go through their portfolio:

  • Is their work detailed?
  • Is it comprehensive for you?
  • Does their work and performance vibe with your company?
  • Does their previous work match the piece's tone you have in mind?
  • If not, are you optimistic they can deliver the results you expect?

Considering these factors will help you in the decision-making process, not only because they teach you about the explainer video production company but also because it will expose you to an array of styles and designs that you can refer to when defining your project's details.

2. Genuine Customer Testimonials

You must run through client testimonials before hiring an explainer video company. It reflects the quality of service the respective company has provided to their previous clients. It's not limited to the quality of their work but the transparency and coordination on their part.

Why is it important? Consider hiring a company that isn't available to resolve your queries regarding the project or does not communicate the development's stepwise details. You may feel confused and lost about your project. You also risk receiving an unsatisfactory piece that calls for a do-over.

In no man's land is that a desirable situation. Thus, make sure the company you are contracting your video production has enough genuine-looking customer testimonials on their website. Various Video Production Companies in Canada, India and other countries can help you. You can also check out their case studies, if available. 

Hot Tip:- Make sure the testimonials are more than just some ratings.

3. Timeliness

You may point out that verifying the explainer video animation company's punctuality is impossible before delivering the project. However, there are always some subtler indicators that will imply their timeliness. A company must operate on the same ethics for all of its departments.

Here are the factors you may consider to determine their value for time and punctuality:

  • How long did it take for you to reach a sales rep from making the first contact?
  • Does your primary contact at the company respond within a reasonable time?
  • Have they ever disappeared for days, leaving you hanging?
  • Are they available to receive your calls?

How they treat you as a prospect can tell a lot about how they will treat you as a client. Thus, the best explainer video company would be the one that serves you consistently and punctually from the very beginning of your journey.

4. Clear Expectations

A project without a goal is not worth the trouble. It is the responsibility of your own company and the service provider to come together and define the purposes of your project. How your experience with the company turns out to be will be determined solely by their delivery to your expectations. 

Thus, it would be best if you communicated the following factors with the executive of the video production company:

  • What type of artwork can they produce?
  • Which one suits your project the best?
  • What should be the duration of your explainer video?
  • How long will it take for them to deliver the video?
  • What KPIs will be used to measure the success of the project?

Any company that is reluctant to set the ground will be a wrong choice, as it shows an absolute lack of commitment to your project and reflects their incapacity in some cases. So, never ignore this step of the process.

5. High Standard

No one wants average results, no matter what spectrum of life we are talking about. It is entirely unacceptable when it comes to a professional project you are paying for. The bottom line is you want, need, and must have a production company with a high-performance standard. How do we make sure of that?

You can always scale through their previous project or check out their in-house content. You can also ask them about the tools and equipment they use. You might not be a professional, but their proficiency and confidence while dealing with your queries will give you a good idea about their authority.

Explainer video production consists of many development stages. You may ask the executives to define them for a better understanding. With clarity in mind and confidence in your heart, you will rest assured that your project is in the right hands.

Check out this amazing explainer video we created for one of our clients.

6. Creativity

The purpose of your explainer video is to make your brand or a specific product stand out. In the present digital era, creativity is the key to getting attention. You must think out of the box and appear out of the ordinary. Thus, when choosing a video production company, ensure they are not afraid to experiment.

Every company has their methodology and pattern. However, this should not result in similar-looking videos for all their clients. They should have enough creative juice flowing in their team to give your brand a distinguished look while maintaining the purpose of the video.

Being an outsider, you may overlook the finer details, but we can definitely understand what looks good and what doesn't. Right? Use that taste and understanding to determine whether the delivered projects of the production company fit your needs.

7. Passion for Video Production

I'm not trying to sound cheesy, but it does matter whether your service providers are passionate about their work. If the team working on the project is not enthusiastic about a new project, you might want to consider going elsewhere for video production services.

In a creative industry such as video production, it takes great creativity and drive to create and refine your art. A video production team consists of animators, editors, and production managers: these people of art. 

They must have enough passion for their craft to get new ideas and review several revisions before the final project is delivered. The following factors will help you determine whether they have it in them or not:

  • Do they seem genuinely excited about the new project?
  • Are they suggesting innovative ideas for the video?
  • Do they have passion projects?

After scrutinizing the explainer video production company for the individual factors, you may decide on the one that suits you just right.

What about money?

At this point, you must be thinking about explaining video costs. Well, there is no particular range we can specify for you. However, we assure you that plenty of production companies are in the market with various pricing options and satisfactory service quality. 

You have to research to find out which is the best explainer video production company for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of an explainer video varies widely based on factors like length, complexity, animation style, and the production team's expertise. On average, prices can range from a few hundred dollars for simple videos to several thousand dollars for more intricate productions.

An explainer video company is a professional entity specializing in creating high-quality animated or live-action videos designed to explain products, services, concepts, or ideas in a clear and engaging manner. They offer end-to-end video production services.

Explainer videos can be profitable for businesses as they effectively convey information, engage audiences, and drive conversions. When used strategically, they can boost sales, increase brand recognition, and offer a positive return on investment (ROI).

The cost of an explainer video in India varies depending on similar factors as in other regions. Prices can range from a few thousand rupees for basic videos to several lakhs for more complex productions, making it essential to tailor the budget to the project's specific requirements.