Indeed, artificial intelligence is becoming a part of everyone's life. From getting recommendations on what to watch to convincing humans, artificial intelligence is keeping a good balance between humans and machines. 

There are countless areas in which artificial intelligence is used. It is opening various doors for sales. It not only helps in growing business revenue but also help sales rep to work more effectively. Obviously, it cannot replace humans, but it can surely help in streamlining your sales tasks besides making stronger relations with the audience. 

Artificial intelligence is continuously changing market conditions. So, it is becoming essential for you to understand why AI and sales reps have to work together to bring more revenue.

Are you new to this concept? If yes, then this blog will surely help you in realizing the importance of artificial intelligence in sales. 

5 Reasons why use AI in Sales

Let's begin… 

Organize the leads

As sales reps work on different portals, therefore the probability of getting deals increases. Handling all the deals at the same is not a cakewalk. Obviously, it's impossible for a single person to organize on their own. 

How to know whom to contact first, and where to write all the deals? It is one of the scariest thoughts for a salesperson. It's impossible for a sales representative to write each deal in a copy or something to track the records, but now we have better ways. 

Like we have different CRM, where a company stores its data, and it becomes easy for each employee to store his/her record. For example, we have HubSpot, where we can easily organize the deals and set tasks such as reminders to send mail to a client, or call that client. 

Building a constant connection with the audience will help you in converting leads quickly as they don't have to invest much time in organizing the deals single-handedly. Thus, it won't be wrong to say that artificial intelligence is helping sales representatives just like another teammate.   

Recognize different opportunities

Artificial intelligence not only helps in organizing leads but also allows you to recognize different opportunities that are coming into the system.

Let's imagine a sales rep is working and has many responsibilities. For him/her, It is impossible to give attention to each opportunity, due to which there are chances that you might miss the opportunity. 

But all thanks to AI. We have many applications like slack that can be integrated with our  HubSpot CRM. Merging it with the portal allows for getting notified of each and everything opportunity that enters the system. Getting notified right away increases the opportunity to convert the lead into a customer.  

So, if you are working in a sales team, then it's vital for you to keep things up to date so that you do not miss any opportunities. This can only be done with AI as it can control all the attributes of different opportunities.

AI is like a personal assistant for a sales rep. It acts as a lifesaver as it can work actively on all different aspects. Always remember, the more you recognize, the easier it becomes to convert the opportunity. 

Bring out important emails

If you are in a sales team, then you all will agree with me that most of the time is spent checking and sending emails. But now we have a perfect solution to this problem, and that's AI. 

Artificial intelligence helps in arranging important emails, which saves a lot of time. Like if a client can request a meeting, then a new person will be added to the thread. This will help sales reps understand how to communicate with a client and also build a strong relationships with clients. 

There are many organizations that use artificial intelligence while sending emails. Like they can set the workflows in advance, which includes meetings, links, and automatic details, or they can also create the template for the emails in which they just have to make the updates in the content. 

This tactic also helps the sales reps to know the total number of emails received or sent on a daily basis. So, if you also want to be productive and generate quality leads, then you can also leverage the power of AI in your system. 

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

There are no second thoughts that selling products/services to existing customers is not only time-saving but also boosts revenue and selling probability. Primarily, every sales rep thinks to cross-sell and up-sell. You might be the one. But, one of the major challenges that we all face while implementing this strategy is “whom to sell?”. 

Obviously, if we go blindly and start pitching clients regarding the services that they are not interested in, then it's obviously a waste of time for both you and your clients. Also, there are chances that the customer gets irritated.

So, that's where artificial intelligence comes into the picture. It divides the customer into different sections, which will help you in knowing who wants to upgrade(Upsell) and who is willing to buy a new service(cross-sell). 

This way, you will get a clear picture of your customers. Always remember, the better you understand your customers, the easier it will be to sell. 

Client Attention

For becoming a successful sales representative, it's important to have the skill of getting the client's attention. Say if you don't know how to build relationships and catch the client's attention, then probably, the sales department is not for you. 

One missed opportunity, and you are gone. So, to handle this situation, a smart salesperson always takes the help of artificial intelligence as it helps in bringing more clients in without missing any opportunity. 

You might have noticed that whenever we visit the website, the first message that pop's up on the screen is- How much I help you?

What do you think is really the person who is messaging on the other side? No, it's all due to AI. The sales rep just has to set a few questions to be asked to clients by the robot such as what's your name, email, which service you are looking for, etc.? 

Whenever the visitor enters some information, then the sales reps will get notified, which makes it easier for them to assist them further and convert them into leads and then into customers. 

The Final say 

Now many of you might be thinking that if AI can do all these tasks, then why need humans? Well! AI is doing a great job, but this does not mean that the human touch will vanish from sales. If a sales representative is an iron man, then artificial intelligence is their metal suit. 

Artificial intelligence supports the sales team in performing more productively and smartly without putting in much effort and time. 

So, what are you looking for? Start incorporating AI in sales to reach business targets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The best use of AI in sales encompasses lead scoring, personalized content, predictive analytics, chatbots, sales forecasting, customer insights, analytics, email analysis, process automation, and dynamic pricing. AI empowers sales teams with data-driven insights, automates routine tasks, enhances personalization, and improves sales efficiency, ultimately leading to better customer relationships and increased revenue. The specific application of AI depends on the unique goals and requirements of each business.

AI is transforming B2B sales through improved lead scoring, personalization, sales predictions, deeper customer insights, process automation, chatbots, pricing optimization, real-time analytics, content recommendations, and sales training support, resulting in greater efficiency and competitiveness.

AI in sales faces challenges like data quality, trust issues, cost, complexity, ethical concerns, overreliance, integration difficulties, customer experience risks, interpretability problems, security vulnerabilities, and limitations in creativity. Addressing these challenges requires careful planning, ethical considerations, and ongoing training to ensure that AI enhances the sales process effectively.

Yes, AI can make sales calls using automated systems or chatbots for tasks like lead generation and basic interactions. However, for complex sales requiring human judgment and relationship-building, human sales reps are often necessary. AI complements but doesn't replace human involvement in many sales situations.