• Authentic


      GPTZero was founded by a brilliant student Edward Tian in January 2023.
      It stands out as an AI content detector tool that prioritizes simplicity and authenticity.
  • User-friendly


      Copyleaks is an awesome tool that can determine if words were written by people or by AI machines. It's good at figuring out the difference, saying it's 99.12% accurate. 
  • Easy-to-Use


      Crossplag is an AI plagiarism checker designed to spot AI-generated content within student assignments. The tool is best for academic detection.

With the emerging trend of AI content generation, it is becoming extremely difficult to identify the difference between AI and human-generated content.

If you are also feeling overwhelmed by this situation, AI content detection tools provide a beacon of clarity. These tools distinguish AI-created content and gauge its Google indexing suitability.

It will eventually let you assess the worthiness of the content to be indexed on Google. They serve as guardians, ensuring the credibility and authenticity of online information.

In this blog post, let's embrace these tools to navigate the intricate landscape and explore these AI content detection tools to know how they safeguard content integrity in the digital sphere.

Let's dive in!

11 Best AI Detectors to uncover the originality of your content

Let us discover the top AI detectors designed to unveil content originality. It ensures authenticity and integrity in your creations.

These 11 cutting-edge tools employ advanced algorithms to safeguard against plagiarism and uphold the uniqueness of your work. Let's dive into each one ahead.

1. GPTZero

GPTZero was founded by student Edward Tian in January 2023. It stands out as an AI content detector tool that prioritizes simplicity. 

It offers a hassle-free experience without user registration. The tool allows analysis of text pasting or file uploads in various formats (PDF, DOCX, TXT). 

By identifying AI-generated content and providing statistical insights like perplexity and burstiness scores, GPTZero aids users in evaluating content authenticity and quality.

Perplexity evaluates the model's word prediction accuracy based on contextual information. The lower score indicates better performance. 

Burstiness measures the frequency of specific phrases or words. It thereby signals potential plagiarism or duplication within the text.


  • Batch file scan
  • Plagiarism scan
  • Easy to use
  • Allow API access
  • Intuitive user interface


The image below shows the result generated by GPTZero when I gave a mixture of AI and human-generated content.

Not only this, but it also gave me in-depth insight into the writing analysis in terms of several factors. You can refer to the image below to check out the details of the factors.

Further, I gave full-fledge AI-generated content to GPTZero. The results were fantastic, it gave me the correct result that it was 99% AI-generated content.

Again, it also gave me the writing analysis of AI-generated content that you can see in the image below. Such a poor score it was.

The pros and cons of GPTZero are as follows:


  • Intuitive interface for ease of use
  • There is no necessity for user account registration
  • Capacity to analyze up to 5000 characters simultaneously
  • Support for various file formats like PDF, DOCX, and TXT


  • Constrained functionality in certain aspects
  • Potential limitations in achieving 100% accuracy in AI-generated content detection

GPTZero offers three tiers: Basic, Premium, and Essential, each with its own distinct features and benefits catering to different user needs.

GPTZero Pricing Plans

  • Basic: Free

  • Premium: $10/month, billed annually

  • Essential: $16/month, billed annually

2. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is an awesome tool that can find out if words were written by people or by AI machines. It's really good at figuring out the difference, saying it's 99.12% accurate! 

The tool is perfect for big businesses. It's super accurate, saying it's 99.1% correct in finding AI-made content and hardly ever makes mistakes, like 0.2% of the time. 

Copyleaks looks at each sentence separately, telling you what's written by people and what might be written by AI. It can even find the parts where AI rephrased things.

And guess what? It's really supportive of languages, perfect for companies in different countries. Plus, it can even check computer code, which is great for tech teams working on software. Copyleaks is a super tool for finding out about AI and human writing.


  • Detect multiple languages
  • Generate faster results
  • Prioritized detection
  • Large text Capacity
  • Offers 5X daily add-on scans


The below image gives you a glimpse of the Copyleak dashboard. You can scan your content in the form of text, files, code, URLs, and more. So, Copyleak gives you versatile options to detect your content.

I am glad to say that Copyleak has come out clean on my expectations. It generated the correct result when I gave an entire human-written content.

Not only this, the tool also tells the plagiarism score and other useful information to improve the readability of your content.

Next, I gave full-fledge AI-generated content. I found it absolutely worthwhile. I got the correct result. Refer to the image below to check the results.

To let you make an informed decision before choosing this tool, look out for its pros and cons:


  • Capability to optimize content
  • Multilingual support for diverse language needs
  • Detailed and thorough AI detection for in-depth insights
  • Comprehensive AI model package featuring ChatGPT4
  • API integration with various platforms
  • Free ability to check up to 2,500 words


  • Limited functionality within the free version
  • Inaccuracy in detecting content for specific languages
  • Occasional false-positive detections may occur

Copyleaks provides an AI Content Detector plan billed annually, offering distinct functionalities tailored for content verification and plagiarism detection.

Copyleaks Pricing Plans

  • AI Content Detector: $8.33/month, billed annually

3. Crossplag

Crossplag is an AI plagiarism checker specifically designed to spot AI-generated content within student assignments.

It operates efficiently, handling up to 3,000 words at a time. The tool is powered by a fine-tuned Roberta model trained on the OpenAI dataset. It excels at identifying copied text.

Crossplag serves a broader audience in terms of language support. It aims to build an effective AI plagiarism detection tool accessible to institutions.

Its AI content detector utilizes a machine learning algorithm to distinguish between AI-generated text and human-written text, showcasing the likelihood percentage of AI-generated content

Crossplag is easy to use. Users can paste text, click “Check,” and see the Crossplag's detection magic.


  • Accurate prediction
  • Detects by analyzing the patterns
  • Ensures the authenticity of the analysis
  • Fast detection
  • Easy-to-use


The below image shows correctly that the content is human-written. You can check out the image below.

Next, I gave fully generated AI content, but Crossplag detected it as a mixture of AI and Human-generated content. I am a bit disappointed with this result.

Be sure to check out the positive and negative aspects of Crossplag before choosing this tool for your workflow.


  • Offers sign-in options via LinkedIn, Email, or Google 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Capability to detect content in batches of up to 3000 words
  • Maintains academic integrity


  • Supports only English content
  • Takes time to generate results
  • The absence of a feature to highlight AI-generated content

Crossplag offers flexible pricing options, including Pay-as-you-go, Bundle, and Institution plans, each designed to accommodate various usage needs for detection services.

Crossplag Pricing Plans

4. Originality.ai

Originality.AI is an intuitive marketing tool that swiftly uncovers accurate AI-generated content. Using machine learning and linguistic analysis, it quickly discerns if the content is written by a human or by ChatGPT. 

The editor allows text input, showcasing used credits and offering options to detect AI content, plagiarism, or both.

Utilizing a trending feature, the software rates content based on its AI-generated level. It aids writers by highlighting potentially flagged AI segments.

The tool is recommended for website owners and content agencies. It excels in originality checks. Nevertheless, it faces limitations in content analysis and occasional bugs requiring attention.


  • 99% AI content detection accuracy
  • Fast detection
  • Precision in AI content checking
  • Identifies instances of plagiarism
  • Swiftly determines content authenticity within seconds


Originality AI detected human-generated content correctly within seconds. It also highlighted the lines generated by human/AI

Further, I gave an entire AI content and saw that the detection was correct. I am impressed.

The pros and cons of Originality.ai are as follows:


  • High accuracy in content detection
  • Affordable pricing tier, costing $1 for scanning 10k words


  • Lack of a free trial option provided
  • Occasional bugs are daunting

Originality.ai provides diverse subscription options, including a Base Subscription and a Pay-as-you-go plan, tailored to suit distinct user preferences for access to its services.

Originality.ai Pricing Plans

  • Base Subscription: $14.95/month

  • Pay as you go: $30 one-time

5. Writer

Writer AI Content Detector is among the leading AI detectors established by May Habib in 2020. It offers an advanced AI Content Detection tool.

It efficiently assesses the proportion of human-generated content without necessitating user sign-ups. Writer's AI is feature-rich, accompanied by a sleek and contemporary interface.

The tool encompasses various resources like a style guide, terms, snippets, and the trainable content generator, Cowrite.

Furthermore, the Integration feature links Writer.com with Chrome, Google Docs, and Figma. You can use the free detector to review texts of up to 1,500 characters. This helps you make any necessary adjustments before sharing your content.

Please note the AI content detection feature is exclusively accessible via the Writer app's API and is limited to checks of 1,500 characters at a time.


  • Open-ended prompt interface
  • App extensions for Chrome & Microsoft Word
  • Detects 1500 characters at a time
  • Easy-to-use


When I gave an entire human content, the Writer detected it correctly. Refer to the image below.

However, when I tested it for AI-generated content, it showed that the content was human-generated, which was totally wrong. I refreshed it twice, but it gave the same result. And this was the reason for my disappointment here.

Look after the pros and cons of the Writer. It is required to make informed decisions.


  • Capable of analyzing 1500 characters per session
  • Featuring a contemporary and user-friendly interface
  • Accepts both URL links and textual content for analysis


  • Available only on the Writer App in the form of API
  • Lacks the capability to identify AI-generated content

The writer offers a Team plan for multiple users with a per-user monthly fee and an Enterprise plan tailored for larger-scale needs. It encourages interested users to contact sales for further pricing details.

Writer Pricing Plans

  • Team: $18/user per month, up to 5 users

  • Enterprise: Contact Sales

6. Content at Scale

Content at Scale AI Detector effectively identifies human or AI-generated text. It identifies content from ChatGPT, GPT4, Bard, Claude, and more, boasting a 98% accuracy rate. 

With a newly introduced pro version, the AI Detector can transform AI text into content that's indistinguishable from human writing.

It's trained on various online articles, blog posts, essays, and Wikipedia entries. The tool offers quick insights into whether text reads as human-authored or AI-generated.

As AI watermarking gains traction, understanding AI probabilities in your content is crucial. So, it detects if your content resembles human or AI-generated writing from sources like ChatGPT, GPT-4, Bard, or Claude.

It then utilizes the “pro version” to generate AI content that mimics human writing. Hence, ensures an undetectable AI presence.

Content at Scale

  • Fully optimized content generator
  • Easy to use
  • Offers deep SEO insight
  • Generative AI to improve workflow by 10X
  • Trusted by over 1000 publishers


Content at scale generates correct results when given human-generated content. They also highlighted the lines written by humans.

Next, I gave AI-generated content. It gave the correct result and also highlighted the respected AI written lines.

I would recommend to check out its pros and cons.


  • Identifies structural inconsistencies
  • Multilingual support is available.
  • Supports up to 25,000 characters.


  • The pro version is not free to use
  • More precise features are accessible through paid options.

Content at Scale presents a Free plan with a $0 price point alongside an AI Detector + Generative AI subscription tier tailored for users seeking more extensive features at a monthly fee.

Content at Scale Pricing Plans

  • Free: $0

  • AI Detector + Generative AI: $49/month

7. Kazan SEO

Kazan SEO offers a multifunctional platform with an AI content detection tool.

Users can access the AI GPT-3 Detector by signing up for free and pasting content into the editor to determine real versus generated content percentages.

Additionally, it provides SEO features for optimizing content and keywords. This makes it valuable for content creators and website owners concerned about authenticity and search engine rankings.

Kazan SEO

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Authentic
  • Bulk detector
  • Possesses multiple tools
  • Detects AI-generated text in seconds


Out of curiosity, I gave Kazan SEO content from a random blog and found that the content was highly real.

Now, to crosscheck, I gave human-written content and got the correct result.

The pros and cons of Kazan SEO are as follows:


  • Easy navigation to alternative SEO tools
  • Bulk URL import capability
  • Enhanced precision
  • User-friendly interface 


  • Requires a minimum of 200 Words for Precision

Kazan SEO offers a Free plan allowing a limited number of searches per month and a Pro option with a lifetime subscription, providing extended functionalities for users.

Kazan SEO Pricing Plans

  • Free: 50 searches/month 

  • Pro: $347 Lifetime

8. ContentDetector.AI

ContentDetector.AI stands as a dependable and complimentary AI Detector and AI Content Detector. The tool is adept at identifying AI-generated content.

This tool furnishes a probability score indicating the likelihood that the text originates from AI tools or chatbots.

Esteemed by thousands of users, this application has garnered favour among over a million bloggers and academics since its inception.

It offers robust functionality. The tool does more than just check for AI or plagiarism. It also counts words and characters. Its simplicity lies in the ease of copying and pasting content into the text field for an in-depth analysis.


  • Accurate AI detection
  • Checks unlimited count
  • Analyses AI content in real-time
  • Extensive reporting
  • ChatGPT detector


I gave AI content to ContentDetector.ai. It showed me the possibility of AI content. This implies the tool itself was not sure about the result.

Next, I gave human-generated content, but it was doubtfully showing the probability of only 37% being likely to be human-generated.

ContentDetector.ai has several pros and cons. Ensure to check out these from the below-given table below.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Free plan available
  • No character limit


  • Sometimes, it identifies incorrect outcomes

ContentDetector is absolutely free of cost.

ContentDetector.AI Pricing Plans

  • Free to use

9. Sapling

To use Sapling, you only had to type or paste the text above to score. Remember that the AI detector became much more accurate after 50 or so words. 

Sapling is a free AI detector that detects pieces of content to be generated by ChatGPT or Bard. The tool accurately detects and highlights the texts generated by AI.

A sapling is a commendable AI checker for SEO practitioners, reviewers, or educators looking to generate fully authentic and human-generated content.

Longer texts need breaking up or using the API. If you have over 5 million characters/month, contact Sapling for more help.


  • Provides basic suggestion
  • Accurate detection 
  • Free plan available
  • Offers Chrome Extension
  • Supports Google Docs, Outlook, & Word


The below image shows the correctly detected human-generated content by Sapling.

Next, I gave AI-generated content, and Sapling detected it correctly. It also highlighted the AI-written lines in the content.

The pros and cons of Sapling AI content detection tool are as follows:


  • Assess roughly 500 words simultaneously
  • Modern and user-friendly interface
  • Determine the probability of content being human-generated or AI-generated


  • Somewhat lower accuracy rate

Sapling provides a Free Plan for basic use, a Pro Plan with additional features available at a monthly fee, and an Enterprise Plan tailored for larger-scale needs, prompting users to contact the company for further details.

Sapling Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan: Free

  • Pro Plan: $25/month

  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Us

10. Scribbr

Scribbr's AI tool can detect content made by AI programs like ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing Chat. It's good at spotting pieces of content from GPT2, GPT3, and GPT3.5 but is still trying with GPT4.

Instead of checking against a big database, it looks at how sentences are made, how long they are, the words used, and how predictable the writing is.

This tool is helpful for students, teachers, and bloggers. Students can be sure their work is their own and not from an AI.

Teachers can check if students are using AI for their assignments. Bloggers can keep their writing unique by catching any AI-made text.


  • Unlimited free AI detection
  • No sign-up required
  • Do not store or share your data
  • Perfect AI detector for ChatGPT


In the image below, you can see that Scribbr has detected the given content as human-generated, which is absolutely correct.

Further, I gave AI-generated content, but it still shows that the content is human-generated, which is wrong.

The pros and cons of Scribbr are as follows:


  • Easy-to-use
  • Free plan available
  • Ensures authenticity


  • Supports only English-written content
  • Capable of checking only 500 words at a time

Scribbr offers a Basic Check for free and a Premium Check option starting at a cost, providing users with more comprehensive features and services for their needs.

Scribbr Pricing Plans

  • Basic Check: Free

  • Premium Check: Starting from $19.95

11. Undetectable.ai

Undetectable.ai stands out as a powerful AI detection tool offering two key functions. It enables users to scan text and spot AI-generated content while also providing a feature to “humanize” these AI-written sections. Thereby, it helps avoid potential flags on the content. 

The platform is user-friendly. You simply paste your text into the designated box and click the “Check for AI” button.

Additionally, customization options for readability ensure that the tool aligns with your intended style and context.

If there are some AI-generated segments within your text, the “Humanize” function can transform these parts into content that might slip past other AI detectors.

This feature aims to help users mitigate the identification of AI-generated text in their content.


  • Beginner's friendly
  • Detects up to 10K characters at a time
  • Easy AI detector tool
  • Easy-to-use
  • Text humanized


Firstly, I gave Undetectable AI human-written content. It analyzed the content correctly to be human-written.

Further, I gave ChatGPT-generated content. Undetectable AI is unable to detect it correctly. It showed the content is human-written, which is absolutely wrong.

The pros and cons of Undetectable AI are as follows:


  • Helps bypass AI detection models
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ensures your SEO content does not get flagged.


  • Few users find it expensive.

Undetectable AI offers a Monthly subscription plan and a Yearly payment option for users while also providing a Business plan tailored for specific needs, requiring interested parties to contact the sales team for further information.

Undetectable.ai Pricing Plans

Have you chosen your AI Detection Tool?

I hope you might have selected your AI content detector by now. With numerous options available, it's essential to consider factors such as accuracy, usability, and the tool's ability to identify and handle AI-generated content. 

Curate your needs and priorities to make an informed decision and select an AI detection tool that best aligns with your requirements. 

Making the right choice now can save you time and effort in the long run while safeguarding the integrity and originality of your work.

We hope you've found the AI content detection tool helpful! Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.

Our team of experts is here to assist with any inquiries about video production, website design, or crafting effective marketing strategies to elevate your business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

To detect AI-generated content, use specialized tools designed to analyze text patterns, inconsistencies, or markers unique to machine-generated writing. These tools often employ algorithms to identify linguistic nuances, irregularities, or predefined patterns associated with AI-generated text, helping distinguish it from human-written content.

Yes, there are several AI detection tools available, such as ContentDetector.AI, Copyleaks, GPTZero, and other software specifically designed to identify AI-generated content by analyzing text patterns and linguistic characteristics.

Detecting ChatGPT-generated content involves analyzing text for certain patterns and linguistic traits unique to ChatGPT's language generation. Specialized AI detection tools, or manual scrutiny for consistency, coherence, or specific markers, can help identify content likely generated by ChatGPT or similar language models.

Some of the best AI detector tools include GPTZero, Copyleaks, Crossplag, Originality.ai, Writer, and undetectable.ai.