Will you believe me if I say you can increase your customer conversion rates quickly, even without manual efforts? 

If not! Stay tuned. 

You need a smarter business conversational assistant to implement this unbelievable thought. Now imagine your website having smart assistants, providing instant help, and even boosting sales, all without needing a person.

Yes, you heard that right: “Without needing a person.” But how? 

By discovering the world of advanced AI chatbots. These AI bot assistants can change how companies talk with their customers without live agents. 

In this read, we dive into the world of AI-powered chatbots and introduce you to top-notch AI chatbots with use cases that reshape how businesses connect with customers. 

11 Best AI Chatbots for Better Customer Experience  

1. Tidio

Tidio is a tool that helps small and medium-sized businesses make really good AI chatbots. These chatbots are like competent helpers on websites.

They talk to people visiting the website and give quick answers to their questions. Tidio is especially useful for companies that want to make customers happy and sell more stuff.

Tidio has a new AI Chatbot called “LYRO” that talks to people just like a human would. It's great for businesses that want to be better at helping customers and making more sales.

The particular chatbot from Tidio lets businesses have lots of conversations simultaneously. It's super fast at giving answers to common questions. And if someone needs more help, it can pass the chat to real operators.

Tidio also has a widget (like a mini window) that can be changed to match a business's look. It's like a costume for the chat. Tidio also shows how many people are on the website and what they're doing. This helps businesses understand what customers like.


The image below showcases Tidio's dashboard. To start building a chatbot, you have to go to the second option below the home icon shown in the sidebar.

In the image below, you can see Tidio offers a wide range of templates to choose from before building a chatbot. Here, I have selected the “Cart Booster” template. It will build a chatbot that will convince visitors to buy the product by offering some discount in the cart.

The flow builder of the Cart Booster chatbot is shown in the image below. You have to customize the changes as per your offers and discounts. Moreover, you can also test the chatbot before activating it for final implementation.

The image below showcases a final chatbot in running mode.

Key Features

  • Live chats
  • Messenger integrations
  • Instagram Integration
  • Ticketing system
  • Email marketing
  • Widget customization
  • Automated satisfaction survey
  • Basic analytics
  • Lyro connect
  • Visual chatbot builder
  • Over 35 pre-built chatbot templates


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Free to use
  • Widgets have straightforward designs


  •  Limited features in the free plan  

Tidio offers a range of pricing tiers catering to different needs, ensuring businesses of all sizes can access its features and benefits.

Pricing Plan

Free: $0
Starter: $29/month
Communicator: $25/month per seat
Chatbots: Starting from $29/month

2. Landbot

Landbot is a popular chatbot software for making intelligent chatbots without knowing how to code. It's great for businesses and regular people who want to make cool chatbots. Landbot makes it easy with a simple drag-and-drop way to build chatbots.

It uses a natural language processing model to make fantastic chatbots. With Landbot, you can make chatbots that look cool and talk in fun ways. You can use pictures, videos, buttons, and other neat stuff to make the chatbots enjoyable. 

You can put your Landbot chatbot on websites, messaging apps, and social media. It can be everywhere people like to talk. Landbot has many unique tools to make chatbots even smarter. You can make the chatbots decide what to say based on what people say.

Landbot also shows you how well your chatbot is doing. It's like offering an analytics report. It can also work with other tools you like to use in your business. Landbot is one of the best AI Chatbot tools to make chatbots for better customer interactions.


The image showcases Landbot's flow builder to build a New Bot. There are many blocks available toward the right sidebar that you can use to build an efficient chatbot for your business. 

The below image gives a glimpse of the design phase of the build chatbot.

Key Features

  • Flow operations
  • Saves time with less effort
  • 10X user engagement
  • Customer Delight
  • Improves team efficiency
  • Built-in integrations
  • Build a conversational AI chatbot
  • Power-ups & customization options
  • Continuous customer support


  • No credit card is required
  • No coding required
  • Grows your revenue
  • Reduces operational costs


  • Sometimes, it fails to understand the exact intent of the keyword  

LandBot presents a variety of pricing options, accommodating diverse business requirements and growth stages. This ensures access to its features and capabilities for businesses of all sizes.

Pricing Plan

Sandbox: Free Forever
Starter: $33.35/month
Pro: $86.27/month
Business: Starting from $323.59/month

3. Kommunicate

Kommunicate is a flexible AI chatbot platform that helps businesses smoothly communicate with customers and provide great customer service. It lets companies set up smart chatbots that can handle tasks independently. It makes things easier for customers.

At the core of Kommunicate is its advanced AI technology that powers these chatbots. It's designed to be user-friendly, so people don't need to be coding experts to make changes.

Kommunicate is useful for businesses because it can make chatbots do jobs like answering common questions, giving info about products, and even helping with appointments. This saves time for the people who work in customer service. 

This generative AI model can also connect with businesses' other tools, like customer support and organizing systems. It shows numbers and data that help businesses know how they're doing.

In short, Kommunicate is on the list of the best AI chatbots that help businesses use bots to make customers happy and do better things. It's like a helper that makes sure customers have a great experience.


The image below shows how you can create a bot using Kompose. You have plenty of ready-made templates to choose from based on your requirements.

The image below gives a default flow builder for building a customer support bot named Huka.

You have to customize the above flow builder as per your strategies and check the bot by clicking “Test Huka” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Key Features

  • Codeless bot integration 
  • Unlimited bots with flow designer 
  • Strong conversational AI capabilities
  • Support bots with NLP intelligence
  • Handling customer conversations effectively
  • AI-driven understanding of user intents
  • Abundant customization choices
  • Kompose GUI Bot builder 
  • Integrates across all platforms 
  • Ready-to-use bot templates 
  • Pre-chat lead collection 
  • White-label solution 


  • 30-day trial
  • Quick set-up
  • No credit card is required


  • No CRM integration in Lite Plan
  • GPT integration is available only in the Business Plan

Kommunicate offers a selection of pricing tiers tailored to various business demands, allowing flexibility in choosing the most fitting plan for specific needs and goals.

Pricing Plan

Lite: $100/month
Advanced: $200/month 
Business: Custom Plan

4. Glassix

Glassix is a top-rated chatbot software mainly used by small businesses and startups to easily build no-code / low-code AI chatbot. Glassix standout as a leading chatbot builder platform as it has the unique integration of conversational AI coupled with the latest GPT-4 engine by Open AI which allows users to build Generative AI chatbots and resolve one of the most pressing pains in this industry by providing a chatbot that is smart, innovative, empathetic and one that always have an answer to any question.

Glassix offers an intuitive drag-and-drop chatbot flow builder and templates, making it effortless to craft smart, efficient automation flows and deploy chatbots to any channel with just a single click. With Glassix you can create just one chatbot and it can serve your customers on channels like WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, Messenger, SMS, on your website or App, and more. But what’s a real differentiator is that you can just use their one-click chatbot deployment feature and it will deploy it to all channels, simple as that.

To Glassix visual chatbot builder is not just easy to use, but also fully customizable, you can choose your brand logo as a chat icon, implement your brand’s colors into the chatbot, and most importantly train your chatbot using Glassix’s advanced conversational AI and NLP models to speak at your brand’s voice and tone.


The image below demonstrates how you can start building your own chatbot using Glassix. First click the ‘Settings’ gear icon on the bottom left side of your screen, and then simply click ‘Chatbot and AI’ option to see all the options you can get started with.

In the image below you can see the Glassix chatbot flows editor. You can simply drag and drop elements to build your chatbot, no coding skills required.

Now, that you have built your desired chatbot flow, it’s time to define your chatbot flow settings in Glassix by clicking the option ‘Flows Settings’ on the right-hand side Chatbot menu in your Glassix interface

After completing all your chatbot settings you are now ready to go live. The image below shows how your chatbot will look like on your website or app.

Key Features

  • One-click social media integration
  • Build generative AI chatbots
  • Widget customization
  • One-click omnichannel chatbot integration
  • Drag-and-drop visual chatbot builder
  • Custom flows for support, marketing, and sales


  • 30-Day free trial no cc required
  • Onboarding is a breeze
  • Stellar customer support


  • Not enough tutorials and guides on the AI suite features

Glassix has the best pricing in this space, while not just offering a 30-day free trial but also not charging you for conversation / ticket resolution making it a top choice for businesses who’re looking to grow at scale without being penalized for growing their messaging volume.

Pricing Plan

Free: 30-Day free trial no cc
Starter: $49/month
Pro: $65/month
Enterprise: Custom pricing plan

5. Typebot

Typebot is one of the best AI-powered chatbot builder tools. It helps people create special chats using cool building blocks. These blocks can go on websites or apps.

The best thing about Typebot is its versatile blocks. These blocks are like building pieces that make chatbots interesting. They can have text boxes, options to choose from, pictures that slide, and calendars to pick dates. These blocks make the chatbot talk in ways you want.

You can put these chatbot blocks on your website or app in smart spots. Typebot is also easy to use because you can move the blocks around with your mouse. With this, you can make the chat interface more appealing.

Typebot shows you how well your chatbot is doing. It gives analytics reports to understand what people like and how they talk with your chatbot.

So, Typebot is a large language model tool that helps you make the best chatbot using special blocks. It's great for making chats that people like to use.


The flow builder of the customer support bot created by the Typebot AI chatbot platform is shown in the image below.

You can add the blocks in the image below per your requirements.

Key Features

  • Simple and user-friendly creation process
  • Instantly add elements with one-click embedding
  • Seamlessly integrate with numerous platforms
  • Collaborate with teams efficiently
  • Connect with sub-Typbots easily
  • Organize and manage with a folder system


  • Excellent customer support
  • Collaborative environment
  • Connects with any software with an API connection


  • Integration with community-built templates should be there  

Typebot's pricing structure encompasses multiple tiers, accommodating a wide range of business needs. This enables businesses to choose the plan that aligns best with their requirements and objectives.

Pricing Plan

Free: Free 
Starter: $33/month 
Pro: $75/month 
Enterprise: Custom Plan 

6. Floatbot

Floatbot is a user-friendly SaaS platform offering end-to-end Conversational AI tools. It assists businesses in creating AI Agent Assist Bots, Self-service Chatbots, and Voicebots without coding.  

Its integration with ChatGPT and LLM enhances its capabilities, and the upcoming Agent M – The LLM Master Agent, promises even more power. 

This LLM-driven Agent performs complex tasks like connecting with data, interacting with APIs, and problem-solving. Floatbot's proprietary LLM Master Agent coordinates among multiple LLM Agents.  

The no-code studio lets you build IVA bots that create bots. You can customize LLM for your needs and easily integrate it with call and text interactions. Multilingual support empowers customer engagement with IVAs.


The image below shows a bot created using the Floatboat AI chatbot platform.


Key Features

  • End-to-end conversational AI platform
  • 3X faster
  • 40% less operational cost
  • NLP with intent
  • Multi-entity detection
  • Transcribe full calls
  • Context management
  • Advanced bot builder
  • Real-time analytics dashboard
  • Engagement module


  • Supports iOS and Android
  • Easy-to-use
  • Intuitive interface


  • Multilingual support is not there in the professional plan.  

Floatbot provides a range of pricing options, including Professional, Growth, and Enterprise plans, tailored to cater to diverse business requirements. To explore the pricing details for each plan, feel free to get in touch with their sales team.

Pricing Plan

Lite: $99/month
Essential: $1,999/month
Growth: $4,999/month
Enterprise: Contact Sales

7. ManyChat

ManyChat is a clever marketing tool that uses AI features to help with messaging. It works on popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

It's great for businesses because it can make chatbots that talk to customers. These chatbots can answer questions, share things, and do marketing tasks automatically.

With ManyChat, you don't need to know how to code. It has an easy way to put chatbots together, like building with blocks. This is perfect for marketers and business owners.

With ManyChat, you can make chatbots have interesting conversations. It can understand what people mean and reply smartly. ManyChat can also work together with other tools businesses use, like email services and customer systems.

ManyChat is among the powerful AI chatbots that use AI technology for marketing. It helps businesses talk to customers in a cool way and do marketing tasks more easily. It's like having a smart helper for marketing.


You can see the virtual flow builder of the Manychat AI chatbot platform for building a bot.

The image below shows the created chatbot using the Manychat AI tool.


Key Features

  • Automate chats and interactions
  • Attract and engage new clientele
  • Categorize contacts for precision
  • Receive email support around the clock
  • Construct intricate campaigns
  • Enhance efficiency and results
  • Broaden customer outreach


  • Supercharges lead generation
  • Increases conversion rates up to 90%
  • Automatically responds to visitors' queries
  • No technology experience


  • Limited features in the free plan
  • No A/B testing
  • No integrations are available in the free plan

Manychat offers three pricing tiers: Free, Pro, and Premium. You can select a free plan to visualize its features and take hands-on experience before moving on to the paid plans.

Pricing Plan

Free: $0
Pro: $15/month 
Premium: Custom plan

8. Laiye

Laiye makes it easy to create powerful bots that talk to customers. These bots, called chatbots, can help customers by answering questions and solving problems independently.

Laiye's conversational AI platform uses AI and NLP technology to understand customers' queries. It can handle many different situations and talk on different messaging apps.

You can see how well your chatbot is doing on easy-to-read charts. This helps you improve the chatbot and decide what it should do next.

After every chat, Laiye's technology checks how good the chatbot's answers are. This helps the chatbot learn and improve over time.

Laiye doesn't just talk with customers; it also works with other computer systems to make things automatic and quick. It can even do more complex tasks when connected with other Laiye tools.

Laiye is a smart AI assistant that helps your business leverage the power of AI and create a chatbot. It learns, gets better, and can work with other tools to do even more helpful things.


The image below reveals that Laiye utilized advanced NLP technology to train bots for a better understanding of customer queries.


Laiye can create bots for multiple purposes. You have to find your requirements and create a bot using Laiye.


Key Features

  • Instant communication 
  • Utilizes advanced NLP technology
  • Helpful data analysis 
  • Various ways of interaction 
  • Flow designing tool 
  • Ready-made connections 
  • Options to personalize 
  • Recording processes


  • 24/7 customer service
  • Personalized recommendations based on preferences


  •  Training these bots is time-consuming.
  • Cannot handle complex queries

Laiye offers a customizable pricing plan that can be obtained upon request, allowing businesses to align the plan with their specific needs and preferences.

Pricing Plan

The pricing plan is available on request.

9. Intercom

Intercom stands out as a leading AI chatbot platform with many advanced features. It's a tool that helps businesses connect well with their users. It covers important business needs like strong communication, helpful customer support, and automated marketing.

Intercom's AI chatbot platform lets businesses make smart and interactive chatbots. These chatbots use the best AI technology to learn from data. They use customer information to train themselves.

These traditional chatbots can do many things. They can answer questions, share info about products, and even suggest things based on what customers like.

Intercom's AI chatbot works with different interactive methods, like email, apps, and social media. This makes sure customers get a nice, consistent experience.

Intercom also gives businesses numbers and customer data showing how well everything works. This traditional chatbot makes the chat experience better for customers.

Intercom's AI chatbots help businesses talk better with customers and do things more efficiently. It's like having a helpful friend for customer interactions.


The image below showcases a flow builder for building a bot using the Intercom AI chatbot platform.


You can see the created bot in the image below with several settings options to change them accordingly.


The image below shows the test bot created by Intercom.


Key Features

  • Intercom's messenger platform
  • Communication through chat and email
  • Collaborative Inbox
  • Managing support requests
  • Automated directing of conversations
  • Top-performing chatbots
  • Works well with various apps
  • Personalized automated bots
  • Bots suggesting helpful articles
  • Assessing potential leads


  • User-friendly and well-designed
  • Many customization options
  • Robust API
  • Supports live chat and bot


  • Expensive
  • Over-priced add-on services  

Intercom's pricing options include Starter, Pro, and Premium plans, catering to various business scales and requirements. To explore the pricing details for each plan, visit their website for more information.

Pricing Plan

Starter: $74/month 
Pro: Custom Plan 
Premium: Custom Plan 

10. ChatBot

ChatBot is a complete AI chatbot creator that does it all. It gives you a platform to make and launch chatbots without coding. Businesses can easily create rule-based chatbots with ChatBot's helpful solution.

Using ChatBot's AI, you can make bots that talk naturally and have fun conversations with people. These bots can assist users by giving answers. There are also ready-made parts like buttons, input boxes, and more that make the chats interesting.

Your chatbots can go on websites, messaging apps, and social media. ChatBot also works together with other tools and systems. It can use data from places like customer support systems or analytics tools.

The tool also shows you how well your chatbots are doing. Moreover, you can customize your chatbot's appearance and language to make it look and sound the way you want. This makes it feel like part of your business.

ChatBot can help businesses create and launch chatbots that work well. It's easy to use and makes chatting with customers better. It's a top-notch AI chatbot that can boost your business.


The image below shows the ChatBot user interface. 

The image below shows the virtual flow builder of customer service bot building using the ChatBot AI chatbot platform.

The implementation of a customer service bot is shown in the image below.

Key Features

  • Use data for informed choices.
  • Pre-designed templates ready for use
  • Craft a captivating customer journey
  • Easily place conversation pieces with drag-and-drop
  • Works well with lots of other tools
  • Build chatbots without coding
  • Test your chatbots
  • Customize the chat window


  • 14-day free trial
  • No credit card is required
  • Great customer experience


  • Limited chatbot building options in the Starter plan
  • Lacks chatbot maintenance

Manychat's pricing structure consists of four tiers: Starter, Team, Business, and Enterprise. These plans offer escalating features catering to varying business needs, from small-scale operations to large enterprises.

Pricing Plan

Starter: $52/month
Team: $142/month
Business: $424/month
Enterprise: Custom Plans 

11. Drift

Drift is a standout AI chatbot software. It focuses on boosting conversational marketing and sales strategies. The Drift conversational AI offers features tailored for engaging website visitors, lead qualification, and sales acceleration.

This chatbot and automation platform is powered by AI and NLP technology. Drift's chatbots provide personalized real-time responses.

It helps in capturing leads and nurturing relationships. They surpass automated replies with machine learning to grasp intent, sentiment, and context. 

The chatbots handle tasks like FAQs and product recommendations. Drift's conversational marketing approach captivates potential customers. This AI chatbot enables growth in conversions.

The platform excels in lead qualification by gathering data and assessing fit through targeted questions.

Integrating with CRMs and marketing tools, Drift empowers businesses for efficient collaboration and impactful conversational interactions. It leads to improved sales outcomes.


The image below shows the flow builder of creating a bot for booking more meetings. You can customize this Drift's flow builder to make changes as per your needs.


The create question bot created by Drift is shown in the image below.


Key Features

  • Instant messaging
  • Tailored automated chats
  • Comparative testing 
  • Immediate alerts 
  • Interactive page entrances 
  • Integration Compatibility 
  • Collaborative spaces 
  • Flexible routing


  • Converts high-volume traffic
  • Increases productivity


  • Very Expensive

Drift provides three distinct pricing tiers: Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise. These plans cater to different business requirements, offering a range of features designed to enhance customer interactions and support various scales of operations.

Pricing Plan

Premium: $2500/month (billed annually) 
Advanced: Custom Plan 
Enterprise: Custom Plan 

12. Botsify

Botsify is a robust AI chatbot builder offering diverse features for purpose-specific bot creation.

With a success-oriented approach, it prioritizes delivering favourable outcomes for businesses while minimizing risks. Botsify's toolkit and agency-friendly options make it a standout choice.

The platform's distinguishing feature is its commitment to achieving success. It aids businesses in meeting varied goals, such as boosting customer engagement, lead generation, support enhancement, and sales growth.

The AI bot platform excels in crafting chatbots that converse human-like, swiftly addressing customer queries. Its user-friendly interface enables coding-free bot creation through a drag-and-drop design.

It integrates seamlessly with popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack, expanding reach. Botsify extends its offerings to agencies through a white-label option. This empowers agencies to offer chatbot services under their branding.

With a focus on delivering results and catering to agencies, Botsify emerges as a premier AI chatbot platform that accelerates business growth and ensures swift AI-powered responses to customer inquiries.


The image below showcases Botsify's user interface.

The bot created by the Botsify AI chatbot platform is shown in the image below.


Key Features

  • Streamlines sales procedures 
  • Enhances earnings and interactions 
  • Elevates marketing results 
  • Limitless story possibilities 
  • Endless forms, chats, and media 
  • Scheduled messaging 
  • One month of chat history 
  • Infinite integrations


  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Integrations make it a perfect chatbot platform


  • No built-in chatbot analytics  

Botsify offers flexible pricing plans tailored to different needs, ranging from a free Baby Plan to a comprehensive Emperor Plan.

Pricing Plan

Baby Plan: $0
King Plan: $4.84/month
Emperor Plan: Custom Plans

Ready to Build your Best AI Chatbot using Chatbot Software?

You might be ready to craft your ultimate AI Chatbot using advanced software. It's important to remember that most of these AI chatbots use the same language model as ChatGPT, and even the ones that differ tend to sound quite alike…especially when you take a closer look.

I recommend using AI chatbots to leverage their powerful features to streamline customer conversations, enhance engagement, and drive business growth. 

With user-friendly interfaces, no-code solutions, and integrations with various platforms, these AI chatbot tools empower businesses to create intelligent and interactive chat experiences. 

So, if you're ready to revolutionize your customer engagement strategy, now is the perfect time to explore and harness the potential of AI chatbot software.

For professional guidance on website design, marketing strategies, video production, and HubSpot support, don't hesitate to contact webdew.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI chatbots utilize artificial intelligence to simulate human-like conversations and assist users in tasks such as answering questions, providing information, guiding through processes, and automating routine interactions, all in a conversational manner.

Some leading AI chatbots are Tidio, Landbot, Kommunicate, and Typebot.

Several top-notch free chatbot software options are making waves in the industry. Tidio stands out for its user-friendly interface and versatile features, enabling businesses to engage with customers effectively. Another prominent player, Drift, offers advanced conversational AI tools that facilitate personalized interactions and lead generation. Additionally, Landbot captures attention with its visually appealing chatbot design and intuitive interface, making it a popular choice for creating interactive and engaging chat experiences.

Chatbots offer significant advantages to customers by providing rapid, round-the-clock customer service, granting personalized experiences through data-driven insights, and extending multilingual support to ensure effective communication across diverse audiences.