• Robust
    writesonic 1 scaled


    • Writesonic can create SEO-optimized content for Facebook ads, blogs, and other promotional platforms.
  • Versatile


    • Google Bard is capable of generating high-quality output by fetching real-time online information.
  • Easy-to-Use


    • Jasper AI can rephrase content or write a new one. The tool helps writers modify existing content efficiently.

Ever since ChatGPT went viral, business owners and employees worldwide have trained AI chatbots to streamline their work. 

When it comes to boosting productivity, automating tasks, creating AI content, and overcoming creativity blocks, ChatGPT proves extremely capable of handling such tasks. 

However, the AI landscape isn't limited to ChatGPT alone. 

Competitors such as Jasper, Bard, LaMDA, Bing, and other emerging AI chatbots have entered the domain, intensifying the competition in this rapidly evolving field.

What is ChatGPT? How can you use it?

ChatGPT is a modern artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT is based on natural language and generates human-like responses to the users. 

chatgpt dashboard

With ChatGPT, you can automate most of your business’s monotonous and repetitive tasks. This will allow you to focus on parts that require more human attention. 

But what if you want to use alternative AI platforms to automate your tasks? This is where ChatGPT alternatives come into the picture. 

You can find ChatGPT alternatives that are more beneficial to automate your tasks. 

The limitations of ChatGPT

The information provided by ChatGPT is often inaccurate. You need to fact-check a lot, which will prove time-consuming. 

chatgpt limitations

If you’re writing an article, you should write content yourself if you have enough knowledge and experience in that specific niche. If you're familiar with ChatGPT, you may know that asking ChatGPT to create content is a mistake. 

This isn’t the only limitation of ChatGPT

ChatGPT cannot generate real-time data. Hence, it cannot quickly monitor real-time customer conversations and address the issues. Hence, businesses cannot rely on ChatGPT to address customer queries

Another disadvantage of ChatGPT is that it will fetch information on the events that have happened before 2022. 

chatgpt data limitation

However, if you have ChatGPT Plus, you can utilize ChatGPT plugins to reduce its limitations

Despite the limitations, ChatGPT is undoubtedly an excellent platform to boost productivity. Just don’t expect it to handle all of your tasks.  

25 Best ChatGPT Alternatives

Now, all of the information mentioned above boils down to this. 

Finding and shortlisting the most prominent ChatGPT alternatives as per your work would require too much time. This is why I have prepared this article for you.

If you’re eager to know which ChatGPT alternatives you can try to streamline your tasks and boost productivity, make sure you read this article to the end. 

1. Google Bard (Bard AI)

Google has introduced their revolutionary AI chatbot, Bard AI. It’s developed on their LaMDA platform. Bard AI is an experimental AI platform that can have a huge impact on the world of AI. 

bard dashboard 1

LaMDA has boosted the NLP capabilities of Bard AI, allowing it to generate highly accurate outputs. 

Why choose Bard over Chatgpt?

Unlike ChatGPT, Bard can continuously draw information from the internet, ensuring higher accuracy and fewer factual errors. 


Here are the primary AI features of Bard:

  • As per Google search, Bard is capable of generating highly accurate and informative texts while also answering users' questions. 
  • Bard can summarize texts within a matter of seconds. 
  • The information available on Bard AI is not limited to any specific year. 
  • Bard can produce content in various styles and tones, mimicking the nuances of different authors or genres.
  • You can integrate Bard into multiple platforms, such as websites and messaging apps. 
Bard dashboard

Bard is still under development, but it has learned to perform many kinds of tasks, and it is constantly learning more.

Bard Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

In my opinion, Bard is better than ChatGPT in every way (keep in mind I'm talking about the free version only).

2. Socratic

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly AI chatbot, don’t hesitate to use Socratic. A student can ask their school queries in Socratic, and it will generate human-like responses. 

chatgpt alternatives socratic

This AI platform also gives illustrations to explain complex topics easily. Socratic is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Socratic web is not available. 

Why choose Socratic over ChatGPT?

As Socratic is an educational-based AI model, it can answer school queries or other educational questions more promptly. 


Here are some features of Socratic you need to know:

  • Provides information, explanations, and resources relevant to the questions posed.
  • Focuses on guiding users through logical reasoning processes.
  • Socratic partnered with teachers and experts to give visual explanations in each subject.
  • Observe ethical guidelines in providing information and respectfully consider sensitive topics or diverse perspectives.
  • Covers multiple subjects and topics, offering explanations and resources for various academic disciplines

Socratic AI can serve as a personalized learning companion, providing guidance, support, and feedback throughout the learner's academic journey.

Socratic Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $4.99/month

  • Plus: $99/month

While Socratic can also give answers to any uploaded worksheet, remember that it cannot write stories or essays

3. LaMDA

LaMDA stands for Language Model for Dialog Applications. Developed by Google, LaMDA is one of the top ChatGPT alternatives. 

chatgpt alternative lamda

LaMDA is integrated with 137 billion parameters and trained with 1.65 trillion publicly available words and web documents. 

The ability to answer any follow-up question accurately makes LaMDA a superior ChatGPT alternative. 

Why choose LaMDA over ChatGPT?

The responses generated by LaMDA are more human-like, compared to ChatGPT. 


Let’s take a look at why LaMDA is considered one of the most effective ChatGPT alternatives:

  • LaMDA is designed in such a way that it can understand complicated inputs and discussions spanning multiple subjects. 
  • LaMDA can execute both classification and generation tasks. As a result, it can guarantee a secure and prominent answer. 
  • The information provided by LaMDA is factually correct. 
  • It can turn any unstructured output into a structured input. 
  • The LaMDA model can better understand and maintain context within a conversation.
lamda chatting

LaMDA is a significant advancement in the field of artificial intelligence, and it has the potential to have a major impact on the way we interact with computers.

LaMDA Pricing Plan

  • Basic: N/A

    Still in the development phase

LaMDA is a revolutionary development in the field of Natural Language Processing. It is focused on three metrics: Safety, Quality, and Groundedness. Thanks to the advanced ML algorithms, LaMDA can generate coherent, factual, and natural responses. 

4. Chatsonic (Writesonic)

Chatsonic, developed by Writesonic, is the ultimate ChatGPT alternative for conversational AI requirements. 

chatgpt alternatives chatsonic

Backed by the latest version of ChatGPT, along with its custom models, ChatGPT can address the limitations and flaws of ChatGPT. From providing real-time images to data, Chatsonic comes with numerous content creation possibilities. 

Why choose Chatsonic over ChatGPT?

Chatsonic can keep up with the trending events and current news, allowing users to fetch more precise information. 


Some noteworthy features of Chatsonic include:

  • Chatsonic can write factual content instead of fluffing an article. As Chatsonic runs on Google Knowledge Graph, it can create relevant and trending content on any topic. 
  • Compared to ChatGPT, Writesonic converts your text into meaningful AI-generated art using DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, all within the dashboard. 
  • Chatsonic can remember your conversions, language requirements, and tone of voice. Hence, the assistance provided by Chatsonic is greater. 
  • Chatsonic has real-time access to the internet. 
  • Brands and businesses looking to expand their customer experience can leverage the benefits of Botsonic, a chatbot builder, to train ChatGPT with their own data. 
chatsonic interface

Overall, Chatsonic is a powerful AI tool that can be used for a wide range of purposes, making it a valuable asset for individuals and businesses alike.

Chatsonic Pricing Plan

  • Free trial: 7 days

  • Small team: $19/month

  • Freelancer: $20/month

  • Enterprise: Custom

    Contact sales

Since its launch, Chatsonic's popularity as the best alternative to ChatGPT has increased exponentially. 

5. OpenAI Playground

Coming second to our list is the OpenAI Playground, which is much like a demo version of ChatGPT. OpenAI playground runs on GPT – 3 model. This way, users can use different case studies to experiment. 

openai playground

While OpenAI Playground cannot cater to your daily content needs, it’s certainly a great AI system for people who want to try something different from ChatGPT. 

The advanced functionalities of OpenAI Playground allow users to experiment with multiple language models. 

Why choose OpenAI Playground over ChatGPT?

ChatGPT sometimes generates offensive responses, creating problems for chatbot applications. With OpenAI Playground, users can experiment with different machine-learning models. 


Some of the best features of OpenAI Playground are:

  • Multiple language models to choose and experiment with
  • OpenAI Playground gives dynamic examples to users so that they can understand the interaction process with the AI models. 
  • Higher accuracy 
  • Faster response 
  • Super flexible 
openai playground dashboard

OpenAI Playground is a valuable tool for developers, researchers, and anyone interested in exploring the capabilities of large language models.

It provides a simple and intuitive way to interact with these powerful AI systems and gain insights into their potential applications.

OpenAI Playground Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

The Playground has different functions like frequency penalty, setting temperature, number of tokens, etc., making it more technical. 

6. Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is another ChatGPT alternative to try. Previously known as Jarvis, it’s one of the most popular AI writing platforms available on the internet. 

jasper chat

Jarvis is also the second most desired writing platform after Chatsonic, ideal for businesses that want to generate high-quality and informative content quickly. 

Jasper launched the Jasper Chat, a new chatting interface to help users boost their content creation strategy. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, this platform provides great output. 

Why choose Jasper over ChatGPT?

With Jasper Chat, you can engage with Jasper AI in a more conversational way. The response will be refined with each engagement. 


Let’s take a look at some of the primary features of Jasper:

  • It has information available from 2021 and before. Hence, it can provide you with information that was launched before that. 
  • Since Jasper remembers the chat data from the users, you can start the conversation from where you've left off. 
  • It remembers your conversion and provides you with a better context. The continuous chatting feature will save you time. 
  • Simple UI will allow you to use Jasper efficiently. 
  • Just like ChatGPT, Jasper can also translate texts. 
using jasper

Overall, Jasper Chat is a powerful tool that enhances the user experience with Jasper AI, making it easier and more intuitive to interact with this advanced language model and leverage its capabilities for a wide range of tasks.

Jasper Pricing Plan

The Playground has different functions like frequency penalty, setting temperature, number of tokens, etc., making it more technical. 

7. Claude 

Claude, developed by Anthropic, is an advanced AI platform capable of helping you with your conversation-driven and text-based needs. 

Claude dashboard

Anthropic developed this ChatGPT alternative with only one focus in mind: To create more advanced systems that can focus on the core values of integrity, usefulness, and safety.

Why choose Claude over ChatGPT?

Claude has the capacity to take up to 75,000 words as input, which is three times that of ChatGPT. 


The features that make Claude a robust ChatGPT alternative are:

  • It can summarize a massive chunk of text within a few seconds.
  • You can collaborate on creative writing projects with an AI partner.
  • Claude runs on the Constitutional AI method, so users can make Claude more controllable and predictable. 
  • The information you receive will have a higher accuracy and precision. 
  • Claude can process more words.
claude generating responses

Claude is still under development, but it has already learned to perform many kinds of tasks, and it is constantly learning more. It is available in two versions: Claude 2, which is the most advanced version of the model.

Claude Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

  • Pro: $20/month

    The Pro version of Claude starts at $20/month, which will level up your Claude 2 usage. The Pro version will give you priority access despite high traffic. 

You can access Claude with a chat interface or a developer console API. This will ensure the best experience, depending on your needs. 

8. Elsa Speak

Elsa Speak is an advanced language learning algorithm. It has a user speech examination capability that can complete tasks with ease. 

elsa speak

As an English language AI assistant, you will find Elsa Speak extremely helpful in translating something. However, remember that it can translate any language only to English.

AI developers created Elsa Speak’s technology and algorithm by utilizing English-speaking people's voice notes and their accents.  

Why choose Elsa Speak over ChatGPT?

The lessons, including translation and language learning by Elsa Speak, are far more interactive and engaging than ChatGPT. 


Here are the features of Elsa Speak you need to know:

  • Elsa can improve your English by providing customized lessons. 
  • AI coaching support can enhance your learning experience. 
  • Quick and short exams to determine your progress. 
  • Graphs and bars to showcase your accomplishments. 
  • Elsa can highlight the areas of improvement. 
how elsa speak looks

ELSA Speak is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve their English speaking skills. It is particularly helpful for learners who are struggling with pronunciation or who want to practice speaking English in a natural and conversational way.

Elsa Pricing Plan

  • Premium: $11.99/month

    The Elsa Premium plan starts at $11.99/month. You can also opt-in for a yearly subscription. Consider choosing their 30-day free trial to test it. 

Elsa can even understand the voice patterns of people without native-level accents. This particular feature alone gives Elsa Speak a highly competitive advantage over other tools. 

9. DeepL Translator

DeepL, a German company specializing in AI-language translations, created a beta product called DeepL Translator

deepl translator

If you’re looking for a reliable provider of language translation services, you should try DeepL Translator. It’s an AI-backed writing and translation tool aimed at helping users improve their accuracy. 

DeepL can also help users who want to write unique, original, and non-plagiarized content. This is where the DeepL Write feature comes into play. 

Why choose DeepL Translator over ChatGPT?

DeepL Translator can translate any language more accurately, whereas ChatGPT may make mistakes. 


Here are some of the most notable features of DeepL Translator:

  • Provides accurate and contextually appropriate translations leveraging neural networks.
  • Produces translations that maintain the natural flow and tone of the original text.
  • Delivers translations quickly, enabling prompt communication and efficient workflow.
  • You can adjust the translation tone by choosing either an informal or formal tone. 
  • User-friendly interface with easy-to-use features for quick and efficient translation.
deepl translating a

Overall, DeepL Translator is a powerful and versatile machine translation service that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to translate text from one language to another.

DeepL Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

  • Advanced: $34.99/month

    DeepL Translator has both free and paid subscriptions. The Advanced pack starts at $34.99/month. DeepL Pro is not available in every country. Hence, check your eligibility before making a purchase. 

Apart from providing grammar corrections, DeepL Write can also give useful suggestions on tone, style, phrasing, etc. 

10. Bloom 

Developed by over a thousand AI specialists, Bloom is an open-source AI platform. It is believed to be one of the most popular ChatGPT alternatives. 


Thanks to Bloom, your translation process will become easier. Whether you’re a professional linguist or a student learning a new language, Bloom will prove your go-to AI tool. 

Why choose Bloom over ChatGPT?

Bloom can answer factual questions and translate languages without any errors. 


Now, let’s come to the features. Here’s what makes Bloom a great multilingual AI tool:

  • Boom can translate a sentence in over 46 languages
  • Bloom has a dedicated Discord server, ensuring private and convenient access. 
  • It can also translate into 13 different programming languages
  • The process of translating content is faster and more accurate. No need to rely on Google Translate. 
  • Users can use direct messaging to engage with Bloom. 

Even though Bloom is still under development, it has already learned to perform many kinds of tasks.

Bloom Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

  • Premium: $33/month

You can purchase the premium subscription to Bloom, but I am pretty skeptical about its ability, especially given the fact that it's a relatively newer tool.

11. Microsoft Bing AI

Microsoft has integrated AI into their search engine, now regarded as Bing AI

microsoft bing

Backed up by the OpenAI large language model, which is far more powerful than GPT- 3.5, Bing AI can take your search query to the next level. Developers have tailored it more precisely to maximize accuracy, speed, and efficiency

Why choose Bing over ChatGPT?

Bing is integrated into Microsoft Edge, which gives users a more refined way of searching for answers.


As mentioned earlier, it can compete with ChatGPT. Here are some reasons why:

  • Bing AI utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to understand complex queries and provide more relevant search results.
  • Microsoft's AI capabilities, including Bing AI, are integrated into various business solutions offered by Microsoft Azure. 
  • Bing AI can help you craft different types of written content. 
  • With Bing AI, it’s possible to search using images. 
  • Bing AI has a dark mode, protecting your eyes from excessive strain. 
bing generating response

Overall, Microsoft Bing AI is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes.

It is a valuable asset for anyone who needs to access and process information from the real world, generate creative text formats, or simply have a conversation with an AI assistant.

Bing Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

Bing AI can learn from its predecessor versions and make sure the users receive the best responses. 

12. DialoGPT

The DialoGPT is a pre-trained AI tool from Microsoft that can generate response models to address multi-turn conversations. DialoGPT is undoubtedly one of the best ChatGPT alternatives. 

diablogpt dashboard

It can generate responses that can be used for multiple dialogue exchanges. Microsoft has trained it with 147 million multi-turn conversations

They have taken this huge amount of data from the Reddit dialogue threads for 12 years (2005-2017). 

Why choose DiabloGPT over ChatGPT?

If your primary goal is to build a system that excels in maintaining context and flow within dialogue, DialogPT might be a more suitable choice


Some features of DialoGPT include:

  • DialoGPT generates human-like responses in conversational settings.
  • It's trained on large amounts of diverse conversational data.
  • It handles multi-turn conversations, remembering and leveraging previous dialogue context.
  • DialoGPT facilitates open-ended conversations.
  • With DiabloGPT's model card, users can develop a chatbot with just a few lines of code. 
chatting with diablog gpt

DialoGPT is a versatile and powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a valuable asset for anyone who needs to generate human-quality text or develop conversational AI systems.

DiabloGPT Pricing Plan

  • N/A

    There is no official notice on DialoGPT's pricing.

As the developers still haven't disclosed DiabloGPT's pricing, you may need to wait for a while to access its best features.

13. CoPilot

The GitHib Co-Pilot comes with auto-completion capabilities, thanks to the GPT-3 from OpenAI Codex. 


The tool is compatible with various coding platforms such as Neovim, VS Code, and JetBrains. It also supports cloud workflows. 

Why choose CoPilot over ChatGPT?

With CoPilot, you can analyze a large chunk of code effortlessly without cutting and pasting the outputs into ChatGPT.


Here are some features of CoPilot you should know:

  • Co-Pilot can interpret natural language prompts and generate code as per the input. 
  • Co-Pilot learns from the coding patterns and preferences of individual developers over time. 
  • It can help prevent common programming mistakes by suggesting corrections.
  • It supports multiple programming languages and frameworks
  • Co-Pilot has comprehensive accelerated unit testing and a greater coverage of synthetic data. 
copilot creating code

Both Copilot in Windows and Microsoft 365 Copilot are aimed at enhancing productivity, creativity, and collaboration for individuals and teams working with Microsoft products.

CoPilot Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

  • Pro: $10/month

  • Business: $19/month

Apart from supporting multi-language coding platforms, CoPilot can generate coding syntax in up to 12 different coding languages

14. Amazon Codewhisperer

Amazon has also developed an exclusive ChatGPT alternative known as Codewhisperer

amazon codewhisperer

This tool can help developers pinpoint and debug their codes quickly. 

Codewhisperer runs on natural language processing options and ML algorithms to review the code and highlight errors. The tool also provides an in-depth analysis of the code. 

Why choose Amazon Codewhisperer over ChatGPT?

Amazon Codewhisperer will allow you to use all the Amazon AWS services all within the dashboard.


Let’s take a look at some features of Amazon Codewhisperer:

  • It offers insights into code quality, security vulnerabilities, and best practices based on machine learning and AWS experience.
  • Codewhisperer is optimized with Amazon AWS services. 
  • Allows customization of rules and policies to align with specific coding standards and requirements.
  • Identifies performance bottlenecks and suggests optimizations.
  • Gives real-time code suggestions. 

Amazon CodeWhisperer is a powerful tool that can help developers to write code faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors

Codewhisperer Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

Codewhispere can highlight potential performance issues and bugs, along with the solutions to fix them. As a result, you can save the time and effort needed to solve the bugs. 

15. Tabnine 

Upon launching, Tabine earned a place in the AI market. The features provided by Tabine are worth praising.



Tabnine supports most programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. It also has a code completion plugin to help developers complete their codes. 

Why choose Tabnine over ChatGPT?

Tabnine allows users to connect to different AI coding models. 


Here are the features that make Tabnine a great ChatGPT alternative:

  • Tabnine allows you to host and train your own AI models. 
  • The advanced code completions will detect any error within seconds. 
  • Your code will stay secure in the corporate server. 
  • Tabnine requires minimal input, making the coding process much faster. 
  • It can improve your coding quality. 
generating code with tabnine

Tabnine AI is a powerful tool that can help developers write code faster, more accurately, and with fewer errors.

Tabnine Pricing Plan

  • Plus: $15/month

Tabnine follows open-source licensing and protects your code from plagiarism and infringement. If you choose the Pro version, you can customize your experience further. 

16. Perplexity

Perplexity is a recently launched platform in the AI domain. It works like ChatGPT, including content creation and conversational responses. 

perplexity ai dashboard

OpenAI API is integrated into Perplexity. Upon giving your prompt, you can see it’s fetching information from numerous platforms such as LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and Amazon

As it’s still in the beta phase, it may pick information as it is. Hence, don’t forget to check for plagiarism. 

Why choose Perplexity AI over ChatGPT?

Unlike ChatGPT, Perplexity gives far better NLP enhancements.


Here are the features of perplexity AI that you will find attractive:

  • It can generate short yet conversational responses. This is why it deserves a place in my list of ChatGPT alternatives.
  • It can access your PDF files. 
  • The information provided will always be correct as it fetches details from Wikipedia and other trusted sources. 
  • Helps enhance the research skills of the users by showing the source of information. 
  • A simple interface without too much complexity
perplexity ai

Perplexity's to understand natural language, access and process vast amounts of information, and provide comprehensive answers to user queries makes it a valuable resource for anyone seeking to learn, explore, and make informed decisions.

Perplexity AI Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

  • Plus: $20/month

You can purchase the Plus version of Perplexity AI, but don't forget that it's still in the best phase.

17. YouChat

YouChat, released in early 2023, is another popular conversational artificial intelligence model after ChatGPT. 


YouChat relies on natural language processing and machine learning to generate a conversational tone. From answering your general questions to writing emails and codes, YouChat is perfectly capable of handling such tasks. 

Why choose YouChat over ChatGPT?

YouChat is suitable for web development due to its functionalities like a chatbot, conversational AI, etc.


Let’s know the features of YouChat:

  • It can answer your generic queries instantly. 
  • Little to no bugs.
  • It can provide you with the latest information and facts. 
  • The interface is easy to understand. 
  • You can integrate it into other services like Facebook, Google, etc.
YouChat generating responses

YouChat AI represents a powerful tool for information retrieval and knowledge discovery.

YouChat Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

    YouChat doesn’t have any premium model. Therefore, it’s free to use. It may get an exclusive subscription once the development is done. 

Remember that YouChat is still being developed. Hence, it will provide you with generic responses to your queries

18. Elicit

Elicit is a research assistant that uses GPT-3 to help researchers gain new insights. At present, Elicit’s popularity as a great AI platform is growing. 

chatgpt alternatives elicit

When you give a command, Elicit will generate responses immediately from documents. Not just any document, but only the highest-rated ones. 

This is the best method to obtain precise information without compromising the quality of your work and effort. 

Why choose Elicit over ChatGPT?

Elicit uses language models to find relevant papers.


Here are some great features of Elicit:

  • Elicit can help you gain access to a collection of data items relevant to your search query
  • Elicit goes through 200 million academic papers before generating responses. Hence, the accuracy level is splendid. 
  • Students can gain new information relevant to their study and coursework. 
  • It can analyze datasets and provide you with meaningful insights. 
  • It can extract crucial information from research papers to answer the user's questions. 
elicit dashboard

Elicit AI is a valuable tool for researchers seeking to enhance their productivity, improve the quality of their research, and foster innovation in their field.

Elicit Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

    You can use the free version of Elicit, where you will receive a one-time 5,000 free credit.

  • Plus: $12/month

    The Plus version gives you 12,000 credits (monthly). 

Students and researchers can use Elicit to craft a compelling research paper. 

19. Chatsonic Slack Bot

Enhance your Slack usage with Chatsonic, an AI chatbot guaranteed to boost your chatting experience. 

chatsonic slack bot interface

You can create digital art, comprehend voice actions, and generate data in real-time. It’s like ChatGPT but with more eye-catching features. 

Why choose Chatsonic Slack Bot over ChatGPT?

Chatsonic slack bots can help the team members connect and engage more effectively. 


Here are some features of Chatsonic Slack Bot:

  • It can improve collaboration between the teams. 
  • It can create simple messages. 
  • No bugs or glitches. 
  • It can create pools to receive feedback from the team members. 
  • Simple interface with no fluff.
chatsonic integrated into slack

Chatsonic Slackbot is a versatile tool that can be used to improve productivity, communication, and creativity in your Slack workspace.

Chatsonic Bot Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

If you have access to Slack and Chatsonic, you can merge then for a whole new experience and automation.

20. CoGram

CoGram is a ChatGPT alternative to take automatic notes while on a virtual conference. It will also ensure your data remains secure and private. 

chatgpt alternatives cogram

With the advanced tracking system, you will never miss taking any critical notes. It will also sync information to your CRM platform. 

Why choose CoGram over ChatGPT?

CoGram is more reliable and efficient and can easily help you automate your professional tasks. 


Here are the features of CoGram:

  • Creates a comprehensive guide for all your meetings.
  • It has the ability to merge with Zoom, Google Teams, Google Meet, etc. 
  • Incorporating this AI platform into your daily tasks is easy. 
  • You can schedule from the CoGram dashboard to join virtual meetings. 
  • CoGram has a data backup option. If you lose your data, you can get them back. 

Program is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes that want to improve their meeting effectiveness and maximize the productivity of their meetings.

CoGram Pricing Plan

  • Plus: Customizable

    Contact sales

CoGram will help you save time and effort in extracting and summarizing information from webinars, call recordings, and public hearings

21. Otter

Those who are interested in enhancing their professional productivity will find Otter helpful. Otter will work like your personal meeting planner and assistant. 

otter ai

It will record audio from the meetings, take notes, capture screenshots, and summarize the entire conversation. The best part is that all of these processes will be done automatically. 

Why choose Otter AI over ChatGPT?

Otter AI can help you take real-time notes from your meetings. 


Features of Otter AI include:

  • Provides live transcription during meetings, lectures, interviews, and other spoken events.
  • Generates searchable transcripts, allowing users to find specific keywords within a recorded conversation. 
  • Offers features to summarize meetings or conversations and highlight key points for easy reference.
  • Implements security measures to protect sensitive information and ensures data privacy.
  • It has real-time transcriptions to make conversations more valuable.
otter ai dashboard

Otter AI is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve their note-taking efficiency, focus on conversations, and capture comprehensive records of their interactions.

Otter AI Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

  • Pro: $17/month

  • Business: $40/month

When you have the paid versions of Otter AI, you don't need to worry about missing any information shared on meetings.

22. Chinchilla

Consider Chinchilla if you’re looking for a ChatGPT alternative with more features. Developed by Deepmind, Chinchilla is regarded as a ChatGPT killer


Like BERT and GPT-3, Chinchilla is also based on transformer models and can overtake ChatGPT regarding the MMLU dataset. This makes Chinchilla an excellent option for users who want to use more effective search engines, AI art, and writing tasks. 

Why choose Chinchilla over ChatGPT?

Thanks to the mathematical MMLU dataset, Chinchilla can outperform ChatGPT. 


Here are the main features of Chinchilla you should know:

  • Chinchilla requires less timing in terms of fine-tuning
  • The Chinchilla is larger than GPT-3. 
  • Chinchilla's accuracy rate is 57%.
  • It is 7% more effective than the Gopher language model. 
  • It can create long-form and short-form essays. 

Chinchilla is a powerful and versatile LLM that has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with computers

Chinchilla Pricing Plan

  • N/A

    The general public cannot use the Chinchilla AI as it’s still developing. So, the pricing is still a mystery. 

As general public cannot use Chinchilla, it's hard to predict how robust competition it can give to ChatGPT.

23. Replika

Replika is an AI companion that can recognize visual elements. If you need someone to talk to, Replika is here. 

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You can converse with Replika on any topic you want, whether professional or personal. 

Why choose Replika over ChatGPT?

Replika can provide you with emotional and mental support, something ChatGPT cannot do. 


Some features of Replika include:

  • The more you converse with Replika, the better it can understand your thought process and emotions
  • It can offer coaching support so that you can create better habits. 
  • It can boost the mental and emotional health of the users. 
  • You can also engage with Replika through video calls
  • Replika can provide emotional support. 
replika interface

Replika is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a valuable asset for anyone who is looking for a companion, emotional support, or a creative outlet.

Replika Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0 (Chatting only)

  • Pro: $19.99/month

  • Lifetime license: $299.99/month

While Replika can engage you in an emotional way and provide you comfort, make sure you don't rely on this tool too much.

At the end of the day, it's just a tool and cannot replace human empathy. Talk to your family, friends, or close ones if you need emotional support.

24. Poe by Quora

Poe, also known as Platform for Open Exploration, is an iOS-exclusive platform that will help you get access to multiple AI platforms. This ChatGPT alternative is now available only on Apple devices

poe by quora

Poe will work like a messaging application designed for AI models.

Why choose Poe over ChatGPT?

Poe is built to provide a more refined user experience than ChatGPT.


Let’s take a look at the best AI features of Poe:

  • With Poe, you can get access to multiple conversational AI platforms. You don’t need to toggle between one platform to another. 
  • It can be integrated into other services. 
  • As it’s available on Apple App Store, you don’t need to worry about security threats. 
  • It can generate responses faster. 
  • More user-friendly when compared to other AI models. 
poe dashboard

Poe is a powerful tool for anyone who needs to generate human-quality text or develop conversational AI systems. It is available for free under the MIT License, and it can be run on a variety of hardware platforms, including CPUs, GPUs, and TPUs.

Poe Pricing Plan

  • Basic: $0

  • Plus: $20/month

From getting assistance in your writing to researching facts, you can use the chat platform to engage in a conversation. 

25. NeevaAI

With the power of large language models, including ChatGPT, NeevaAI can generate responses with great precision. The data is also current and updated from the Neeva search engine. 

neeva ai interface

NeevaAI can go through hundreds and thousands of web pages to respond to your single command. This is the reason why the responses are always comprehensive accompanied by trusted sources. 

Why choose NeevaAI over ChatGPT?

If NeevaAI fails to find relevant sources based on your prompt, it won't give any information. No need to worry about any inaccurate details. 


Here are the features of Neeva AI:

  • As Neeva is a search engine, the NeevaAI always fetches correct information
  • It will provide references in results to ensure higher accuracy. 
  • Lighting fast search experience. 
  • You don’t need to encounter any ads or trackers
  • NeevaAI doesn't store any user data. 
response generated by neeva ai

NeevaAI represents a significant step forward in the evolution of search engines. Its commitment to privacy, authenticity, and real-time insights sets it apart from traditional search providers, while its generative capabilities offer a new dimension to the search experience.

NeevaAI Pricing Plan

  • N/A

    As Neeva has merged with Snowflake, there isn’t any concrete evidence on the pricing. Before the merger, it was $4.95/month. 

Neeva has recently merged with Snowflake to boost the data cloud through generative AI. 

Why should you look for ChatGPT Alternatives?

One of the primary reasons people choose impressive ChatGPT alternatives is to leverage the benefits of more advanced features. 

For instance, many ChatGPT alternatives provide better translation features and accuracy. This way, businesses can engage with their international customers without relying on Google Translate. 

Additionally, ChatGPT alternatives may prove more cost-effective. While ChatGPT comes with numerous features, many businesses believe that the pricing structure is not worth it as per their needs. 

Some ChatGPT alternatives are easier to use thanks to their simple user interface. Users can get started quickly.

Ready to use ChatGPT Alternative?

ChatGPT may have been dominating the AI market, but when you’re ready to streamline your work using AI, you need to consider all the options

With rapid advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, you will find multiple competitors to ChatGPT. 

Many of them are more effective at addressing your needs, and their unique features could benefit your business. Choose the most relevant and amazing ChatGPT alternative, and you will have a new assistant. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, ChatGPT has fierce competition in the market. With Microsoft, Google, and Deepmind enhancing their AI chatbots, it’s safe to say that ChatGPT isn’t the only option now. 

Google has also launched its own AI chat named Bard AI. 

ChatGPT is slower than Google, as some ChatGPT prompts take a few seconds to generate results. On the other hand, Google can generate results within milliseconds. Not to mention, the information available on Google is accurate. 

Yes, Google Bard AI is completely free.