How webdew performed HubSpot and Salesforce Integration for Maropost?

Maropost is a marketing automation platform that has successfully streamlined marketing activities for its clients. It needed data migration and HubSpot integration services, for which they chose webdew.

webdew is a reputable HubSpot service agency with skilled and certified HubSpot professionals who have served several customers with exceptional service. We bagged the project on the grounds of skill and experience. Want to know how webdew successfully delivered the project? Read this case study.

Project Overview

Initially, the Maropost team was working on Salesforce, and they intended to integrate HubSpot with their existing solution. Since they had two teams working on Salesforce and HubSpot, they needed to sync the data and enable a two-way data flow. They also required a data migration service, for which they wanted the assistance of the best HubSpot experts.

After complete research and evaluation, Maropost choose webdew. wedew is a full-service Inbound Marketing agency and one of the top Video Production companies, with a good hold in Marketing, Websites, Videos, and HubSpot services.

webdew is one of the leading HubSpot Diamond Certified Partner Agencies in India. Our highly dedicated team comprises HubSpot-certified digital marketing experts, business analysts, web designers, and developers. Thus, we are skilled in conducting HubSpot integrations and have a solid reputation in HubSpot management services.

The client shared their requirements to integrate Salesforce with HubSpot. They also expressed that they needed a complete data migration and two-way data flow to allow their teams, both on HubSpot and Salesforce, to exchange data and communicate efficiently.

There were three primary goals:

  • Salesforce and HubSpot Integration
  • Setting up a seamless invoicing process
  • Enable two-way data flow
  • Enable marketing automation

Each goal was clearly understood and considered by webdew professionals while delivering the project. After much back-and-forth information sharing, we finally cover the onboarding process so the client can have a smooth start at HubSpot. Thus, it was a one-stop solution for the Maropost team. We also created workflows for them for smooth operation.

In the end, webdew successfully delivered all the services, with which the client was very happy and shared positive feedback.



Maropost offers its customers a cloud-based marketing automation platform. It simplifies conducting marketing activities and supports multi-channel customer engagement. Maropost has actively helped its clients generate higher revenue and retain customers. It provides features for email, mobile, social, and web marketing.


In the initial phase, we took time to thoroughly understand things. But the time invested was worth it, as all the loopholes were resolved and the final delivery of the project was done on time and with good quality. 

Danish and his team were incredible to work with. Very responsive, listened and went to work. Something that we looked at as very daunting didn't take them much time at all. In addition, they taught us new ways of doing what we were doing to automate and take out the personal touch. As a company that likes to run lean, this was very important to us. We were able to migrate from Salesforce our sales process and flow with ease. We will use Danish and team again!
Cory Snyder
 CRM migration

Process and Problem solving

Requirements and Problem Solving

This is the first stage of the process. Here, we communicate with the client team to understand their business and figure out their requirements. Since every business is different, their purpose for HubSpot integration is also different, and so is the need for tools. So, we take time to determine the specifications to be kept in mind while conducting the whole process. 

Determining the scope of work

Once we understand the client's business and requirements, we analyze the project's scope. Often, there are challenges and difficulties that we have to gauge and resolve before jumping into the project. Thus, having thoroughly understood the project requirements, we moved on to the next phase.

Carrying out the Implementation

This is where we assign the tasks to our technical team. They carry out the changes as per the requirement of the client. So, after a complete understanding, we started with the task implementation.

Testing for loopholes

Since HubSpot integration with Salesforce includes handling a lot of Data, we make sure to cross-check the details once the implementation is done. This is to find out any possible loopholes and to determine whether the functionalities are running smoothly. Thus, after complete implementation, we did testing to find and resolve the errors. 


At webdew, we always make sure that we deliver the project within the timeline while making the quality of work a priority throughout the process. Maropost is among the several clients we served with quality and consistency. We delivered the project in due time.


As a result of Salesforce and HubSpot integration, Maropost can enjoy:

  • A smooth, two-way data flow among teams
  • Seamless integration between the two suits
  • Smooth communication between internal teams
  • Automated workflows for the members 

What makes webdew fit the bill?

  • Proven track record
  • Upfront communication
  • Good turnaround time
  • Experienced professionals
  • Quality work


maropost review

By looking at the review screenshot added above, you can easily relate how satisfied the client is after availing HubSpot services from the experts of webdew. 

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