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Securaa.io is a security operation platform that identifies the growing popularity of explainer video and its multifold benefits. They needed to advertise a product that needed proper introduction so the users could appreciate its utility. They approached webdew for an explainer video production service.

The following facts show why choosing explainer video as a marketing strategy was a smart decision:

  • 2-4 hours of video content gets consumed everyday.
  • Internet users have an 8 sec of attention span, so they need a fast message.
  • 68% of consumers say they would refer to a video to solve a product-related problem.

Want to know how webdew added all the points and delivered an appealing explainer video to the client Securaa on time? Read this out…

Project Overview

Team Securaa.io needed a video production company to produce an explainer video that would convey their vision effectively.

Thus, after considering multiple service providers, Securaa.io found its perfect match at webdew. 

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The client shared that they needed a video for their unified security operations platform. Securaa.io wanted to explore the possibilities of explainer videos in promoting their product and spreading awareness. The product video had to demonstrate how their unified security operations platform is useful for enterprises. Also, they shared that the video should be engaging, attractive and convey the concepts explicitly, along with the guidelines that includes:

  • Follow the color scheme specified by the company
  • Use particular fonts set by client

webdew experts kept a check on all the pointers and delivered high quality explainer video for their security operation platform without any compromise on the deadline. By looking at the final product delivery, the client was happy and shared positive feedback with team.


Securaa is a unified security operation platform dedicated to helping security analysts and SOC teams manage security applications, resources, operations, tasks, etc. across several environments and providers. 

They came to webdew with the requirement of an explainer video for their product that helps users operate, manage, and respond to security threats by utilizing visual playbooks and case management modules from the platform.

Securaa.io chose an explainer video to get the word out because they realized that their idea would be better conveyed and received through video content

Challenges and Difficulties

  • Initially, there was a misunderstanding between our team and the client regarding the specifications of the product.
  • We had to go over the storyboard to highlight the key features.
  • We had to communicate with a subject matter expert to grasp the particularities.
  • The color scheme was limiting our creativity.
Hi Chehak and Danish – Wanted to bring to your attention the good work your team did in putting together the video animation. I was thoroughly impressed with professionalism and responsiveness of your team. They ensured that all of our inputs were factored, some of them challenged / finetuned and nothing was lost in translation between us and the execution team. Thanks also to the team that was involved.

Process and Problem Solving

For us, customer satisfaction is everything. We maintain transparency and communication throughout the process. The entire Explainer Video development process is segregated in the following steps. For each stage, we assign skilled professionals and a project manager who supervises the overall development.


This is the first step and involves reference and requirement gathering. Here we discuss the project in hand and their respective specifications. We ensured that we include innovation in every video we produce. We started from scratch.


Before creating the script, we spend some time analyzing the client website, target audience, approach, etc. This helps us deliver relevancy so that the video we provide blends seamlessly with their platform. With Secura.com, we had to invest a little more time in research and development. 


Once we finish working on the script, we created a storyboard to illustrate its execution. The first draft of the storyboard was more of a cybersecurity and describing less about their platform. So we decided to start from scratch. 

We were assigned a subject matter expert, and finally, we could come up with the perfect and comprehensive storyboard for the video. Once we got the green signal, we started to work on the animation.


Our skilled group of professionals knows exactly how to turn an idea into an animated video. Thus, once we finalized the skeleton, there was a single attempt success for our team. 


Even though we had to go over the storyboard or skeleton the second time, we managed to deliver the video as per the client’s demand. Upon delivery, there were no complaints from team Securaa.io, and the explainer video served its purpose just right.


The video shared with client is helping them to promote their product and spreading awareness. The product video demonstrates all the points that captures the attention of enterprises.


Though we started a bit rocky, when we delivered the final product, the client was satisfied. He gave us positive feedback and did not ask for any more alterations.

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