Can Explainer Video promote your Service-Ask Loccality?

Loccality is an online platform where people can connect with others and build communities, either for personal interactions and entertainment or to promote their businesses and connect with prospects.

They needed a creative way to explain their service and how they can help their users. They chose webdew to deliver the explainer video as we have the skill and experience to create attractive service videos.

Finally, webdew successfully delivered an amazing explainer video to Locality. Want to know how? Read this case study.

Project Overview

Loccality is one of the national network supporting community organization that needed an explainer video to clarify and promote its services. After an in-depth research, they choose webdew over other video production companies.

webdew is a full-service Inbound Marketing agency and one of the top Video Production companies, with a good hold in Marketing, Websites, Videos, and HubSpot services.

It is the one and only HubSpot Diamond Certified Partner Agency in India. Our highly dedicated team comprises HubSpot certified digital marketing experts, business analysts, web designers & developers. We specialize in Explainer Videos Services, and our videos have never failed to serve our clients' requirements. 

We provided a service video to Locality, with the responsibility of an end to end production which solved their purpose. They wanted to create a video that clearly define Loccality and its purpose. It should be engaging and appealing enough. 

We clearly understood the requirements and particularities for delivering high quality video without exceeding the deadline. The guidelines shared by client included:

  • We had to follow the color scheme specified by the company.
  • The client also set particular fonts that were to be used.

By keeping every single detail in mind, webdew was able to deliver highly appealing video that showcase all the services offered by the client Locality. By looking at the final product, the client was very happy and shared a positive response. 


Loccality is a platform where individuals and businesses can build collaborative communities that revolve around their offerings. Loccality users can share their ideas and content with their audiences and interact with them.

Users can follow and interact with industry experts, influencers, businesses, and their friends and family


To deliver the quality video, webdew team didn't faced more challenges. The quality of the video was not compromised at all. 

The video produced by webdew was appealing and achieved all the company insights. 

Process and Problem solving

For us, customer satisfaction is everything. We maintain our transparency and communication throughout the process. The entire Explainer Video development process consists of the following steps.

For each stage, we assign skilled professionals and a project manager who supervises the overall development.


The briefing is the first step to creating an animated video and involves reference and requirement gathering. Here we discussed the project in hand and its respective specifications. We ensure that we include innovation in every video we produced, and so we build the video from scratch. 


Before creating the script, we spend some time analyzing the client website, target audience, approach, etc. This helps us deliver relevancy so that the video we provide blends seamlessly with their platform.

Our script's first draft met with minor alterations, which we perfected in the very second revision.


Once we finish working on the script, we create a storyboard to illustrate its execution and the characters. The client was satisfied with the storyboard and gave us the approval in the first go.


Our talented group of professionals knows how to turn an idea into an animated video and make it come alive. Thus, there was a single attempt success for our team, in the case of all the videos. Besides, we synchronized the voice over and the animation with utmost accuracy. 


We delivered the video within the deadline, with no compromise on the quality.


The result was satisfactory to our client, which is always our top priority. The video is live on Loccality's website. It helped them create awareness and attract customers.


The client was so impressed with the quality of the animation video we delivered that they decided to use the same characters in their website as well. Additionally, they bought web designing services from webdew. 

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