Andaaz Fashion boosts Inbound Strategies on HubSpot with webdew

Customers are the priority for any business. webdew understands this as we prioritize our client needs and satisfaction. Having achieved HubSpot Diamond Partnership, webdew is forever committed to helping clients serve their customers better. 

Read on to know more about how webdew's HubSpot assistance helped a top retail online brand, Andaaz Fashion, make full use of HubSpot CRM software.

Project Overview

Andaaz Fashion, a top retail brand spread across various countries, was looking to boost their inbound strategies, including running email campaigns and setting up an efficient ticket servicing system on HubSpot to generate more leads and enhance customer service. 

They placed their trust in webdew to help them solve their issues. Being HubSpot Diamond partners, webdew has a proven record of offering HubSpot services. With the assistance of webdew's dedicated and enthusiastic team of HubSpot professionals, Andaaz Fashion achieved their objectives and enhanced their customer services.


Andaaz Fashion is an online retail brand that sells dress materials and apparel worldwide with a team of 15-20 people. It is one of the top online portals for customers of all generations to choose a design that suits their needs. They have a large selection of fabrics and garment materials available, many with cutting-edge designs and patterns.

Point of Issue

Andaaz Fashion had a customized integration with an open-source e-commerce platform, Magento, through which they placed the deals received in their HubSpot account. 

While reaching out to webdew, their objectives were to use the best inbound strategies for lead generation, create email campaigns, and set up ticket servicing systems.

The client had a vast database fall into their HubSpot account. With that, the issues that they faced were:

  • Many spam contacts left the client with difficulties managing their contacts efficiently and adequately. 
  • The client could not run campaigns effectively as they faced difficulties in conducting data analysis. 
  • The client's ticketing system was manual. They were, before seeking assistance from webdew, manually creating tickets. As they were receiving queries through various means, manually creating tickets was not feasible.
  • The client's communication system for sales and service teams was not centralized. This issue had to be addressed to make their sales process more organized and improve customer services.
  • The client had no automatic emails/reminders at various deal stages for their customers. For example, there were no automatic reminders for the client's customer regarding an abandoned cart item or an automated email to inform them that their product had been shipped.
Team webdew offers the best class HubSpot management service, responsive, knowledgeable. They are fast and efficient and always follow up and follow through, we are happy with the outcome. Thank you webdew!
Andazz Fashion
Sunil Kumar
service provider

webdew Strategy

Being one of the top online retail sellers, the client needed their issues solved quickly. And webdew, prioritizing client feedback and satisfaction, understood the pain points, and was more than happy to help them solve the problem. 

webdew is a HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency with a HubSpot team of professionals. And our team was already ready with a systematic strategy to help the client solve their issues. 

The webdew HubSpot team addressed the client's pain points one by one.

Data Segmentation

webdew's HubSpot experts understand the importance of adequately organizing data. Data segmentation was necessary as the client had to conduct campaigns and provide better customer service. The webdew HubSpot team assisted the client in segmenting data. 

Marketing Contact Bandwidth

Once the data was segmented, the webdew team removed all the spam contacts. Spam contacts affected their marketing contact bandwidth. This issue was addressed so as to manage contacts efficiently and adequately.

The team further assigned marketing contacts and created marketing emails based on locations, inquiries, and abandoned carts. They also created workflows to send automated emails based on the deal stages of the client with their customers, which include abandoned emails, reminder emails, etc.

Automated Ticketing System

The webdew HubSpot team addressed the ticketing system issue by automating the same based on form submissions and queries that the client receives on various platforms, like WhatsApp. 

Centralized Communication

The team also created various inboxes that could help the client centralize their communication with their customers. This was required to enhance the client's sales process and effectively organize customer services.

Automated External Communication

The webdew team set up workflows to send automated emails and reminders to the client's customers. The team set up the workflows such that the client can send automated reminders to their customers who have abandoned items on their shopping cart and also send automated emails to keep the clients informed of their shipping status. 

Reports for analysis

The webdew HubSpot team understands the importance of analyzing the performance of the company. The team created various reports for the client to help them analyze the performances of their sales team, websites, revenues, etc.

The wedew team effectively utilized many HubSpot products, including Lists, Emails, Ads, Deals Pipeline, Ticket Pipelines, Reports and Dashboards, Forms, Inbox, Design tools, Forms, and Deals Pipeline, Ticket Pipeline, Workflows, Reports, and Dashboards.


In short, the webdew team successfully completed the project and resolved all the pain points of the retail brand. The webdew HubSpot team had put in their best efforts to assist Andaaz Fashion to make full use of the HubSpot CRM software. 

The client was able to manage their marketing contacts and create email campaigns around the data, as the webdew HubSpot team had segmented the data and removed spam contacts. 

As the webdew team had established a centralized communication system for the client, they enhanced their customer services. Moreover, the workflows that were created for email reminders based on various deal stages and the automated ticketing system also helped the client effectively grow their business and serve their customers better. 

The webdew HubSpot team satisfied the client's objectives to make the best use of inbound strategies for lead generation, create email campaigns, and set up ticketing systems. 

There was effective communication between the client and the webdew team. The team was fast and efficient in providing assistance and followed up on the tasks with the client. 

The webdew HubSpot team left no stones unturned to make their HubSpot CRM experience smooth and easy. Andaaz Fashion company reviewed webdew as one of the best class HubSpot management services that are responsive and knowledgeable.

The client also termed webdew as the best agency to work with any HubSpot management, implementation, and onboarding. The client gave a full star rating for webdew and said that they would highly recommend webdew for HubSpot services.


The client was happy while working with webdew and shared a positive feedback with them. 5 Start rating Cleary shows that the product delivery was done on time and within appropriate cost. 

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