You might find it rather peculiar that a company is stating why it does not fit your requirements instead of convincing you that it’s perfect. But webdew is all about honesty and transparency, and we want our clients to know what they should be expecting and what not, if they partner up with webdew.

Our clients are invaluable to us, and our team does their best to ensure a more than satisfactory experience for them, not just in terms of service but communication and support as well. However, there are also some well defined processes that we follow as an agency. We expect our clients to respect our boundaries as we respect theirs. 

So, let’s jump in and determine the factors that you should consider before you partner up with us.

What should you expect if you are hiring webdew?

We treasure clients with great interpersonal skills

The client-service provider relationship is a symbiotic one, where one can not survive without the other. As an agency, we are as dependent on our team members as we are on our clients. Our team is dedicating their tireless efforts to solve your problems and deliver satisfactory results.

We expect our clients to appreciate this effort and treat them with respect and understanding. We do not approve of abusive language or impolite approaches towards our team members on any grounds.

We understand that there may be miscommunication or disagreement between the client and the service provider while working on a project; however, both parties should retain their patients and maintain discretion while conveying their opinions.

It should also be noted that we have a strong women force, and we do not tolerate any professional bias in terms of gender, location, faith, etc. All the members working on a project should receive equal respect and credibility.

We expect clients to have clarity of mind and thought

While starting a project with a client, the first step is requirement gathering. This is the stage where we require the client to share, in detail, his/ her service requirements. The client must have a clear understanding of what they are looking for to avoid any misunderstanding.

Once a project is finalized, there are multiple formalities and processes that are to be conducted on behalf of the company. Thus it becomes challenging for us when a client changes his mind midway through the process or project.

This does not mean that we are unwilling to make changes or corrections. We are here to support our clients and will do everything in our power to deliver the best possible outcome. However, if a client keeps changing their mind, failing to give constructive instructions, or changes the requirements altogether, it becomes tough for our professionals to reflect upon the output. 

Therefore, we expect our clients to have a clear idea and vision for the ultimate goal.

webdew emphasizes steady communication with the clients

We take all our projects very seriously. Whether it is a big project or small, a new client or a loyal customer, we do our best to make them feel equally important and pay consistent attention to their needs. This includes responding to them on a priority basis.

As soon as a client reaches out to express a doubt, we ensure an immediate response. This helps us to stay on top of all client requirements and maintain regular communication. Similarly, we expect the client to return this favor so we can deliver better and meet our deadlines accordingly,

We are not supporters of procrastination and expect clients to revert, keeping the timeline in mind. It is a humble request to all our clients to be responsive when dealing with the webdew team.

Our teams are only allowed to engage in professional exchanges

It is not unusual for clients and service providers to get friendly with each other. When a project runs for long enough, they develop a sense of reliability and comfort around the team member or members associated with them. However, it is to be understood that the client and the associates should only limit this practice to professional platforms.

At webdew, we do not support any personal exchanges between the client and the team members. Clients must understand that professionals have a personal life beyond work that is equally important, and sharing personal contacts may lead to disruption of the work-life balance. 

It is also to protect the confidentiality of certain information and ensure that the team members do not come across any solicitation.

This means both the client and our respective member or members are prohibited from sharing their personal information, including personal phone number(s), email address, social media accounts, etc. 

In case the client has a query that has to be resolved on an urgent basis, they can use professional channels such as Slack or Click Up, or can drop an email.

We prioritize deadlines and timelines, even in case of payments

When working on a project, we try to follow the deadline that has been finalized between our clients and us. We try to deliver the best quality of work without compromising on the deadline. It is one of our top priorities to finish what we started within the time limit assigned to us.

Similarly, we expect our clients to abide by the contract and maintain the due date of payment. We do not appreciate a casual attitude on behalf of our clients when clearing the dues. 

We understand that there may be discrepancies or delays for several reasons, and we are willing to help our clients through any challenges that they may come across. However, the client should also have a problem-solving mentality and avoid any deliberate casualties. 

This does not mean we are unwilling to accept any justification for any delays that might occur. Still, we hope the clients show sincerity and discretion while dealing with our agency.

As an agency, we neither entertain nor encourage favorisms

A loyal customer base is something all agencies dream of, but to attain that dream, webdew does not budge from its principles. We too want our clients to choose us time and again, but we do not want favors or gifts to be the base of that.

As an agency, we want our service and quality of work to define us. We don’t want to impress anyone by exchanging gifts or giving additional favors. We believe that it is our duty and responsibility to serve you to the best of our potential and there is nothing more for us to achieve than your satisfaction.

We work on deliverables and we do not indulge in pitching, impressing or sugar coating things to secure projects. 

For many of our clients, it may be a regular practice, thus we want to make sure they know what to expect from us in this context. 

webdew is not in favour of professional bias or singular appreciation

webdew works as a team. While some of our team members are more in the forefront than the others, and interact more with the clients, it is to be remembered at all times that it is only through collective efforts and coordination that we deliver a project successfully. 

We understand that a particular client may start relying on or get comfortable working with an individual from our team. It may or may not be based on efficiency. Sometimes a team member strikes the right balance with a client, which makes them return for more. 

However, we want to make it clear as an agency that we do not appreciate professional bias. You may ask for a particular team member. They may be engaged on the respective project according to their availability, but under no circumstances do we promise this to be a regular practice.

Additionally, clients are asked to submit their reviews on various directories to evaluate our performance and encourage our professionals. We expect the client to review webdew as a team during these submissions and avoid singling out any associate they have been dealing with. 

Mentioning an individual may make others feel unappreciated or unacknowledged, which is not something we are willing to entertain within the system.

All our team members are dedicated and talented professionals, and collaboration is a regular practice. Thus, there should be no biases in terms of acknowledgment or opportunities. 

In a crux

webdew believes in growing together, which means collaborative effort is our top priority. We have been lucky to find clients who have contributed to the growth and have given us opportunities to learn from each other. This has only strengthened our relationship with such clients.

Our sole aim is to connect with more such clients to keep growing while helping them scale as well. I hope you are one of them as well!