• Best Overall


    • Pixabay offers various types of vector graphics for personal and commercial use. They are also 100% free.
  • Versatile


    • Freepik is a popular platform for providing free vector graphics to marketers and content creators.
  • Top Performance


    • Unsplash is one of the most famous websites for downloading free vectors. The illustrations are also of high quality.

Vectors can save you a ton of time while planning designs. Unlike traditional raster pictures, you can scale vector pictures without influencing their quality.

You can download these pre-made pictures and remember them for your plan instead of planning them yourself. Also, making your vector graphics can be pretty troublesome.

Vectors come in various record organizes other than PNG, JPG, GIF, etc. Simple vector document designs incorporate PDF, SVG, EPS, and WMF. There are so many sites accessible where you can get free vector pictures.

However, you ought to work with the best. Look at the 21 best free vector locales beneath. Due to their versatile nature, vector pictures are utilized in various individual and business applications. 

The most well-known vector picture utilizes logos, web, print, and character plans. Organizations frequently print logos on different surface mediums that require the image to be scaled past the first size without the deficiency of detail. In many occurrences, using vectors makes a remarkably fresh and clean plan for a few artists and creators alike.

This can come in handy for creating motion graphics, thumbnails, logo animations, etc. So make sure you read the blog till the end.

Websites with Free Vectors and Images

While there are many websites where you can find free vectors, not all of them are reliable. I've seen many of them provide low-quality images. Not to mention, you may also face attribution problems.

So, which ones are the best to download free vector illustrations? Make sure you read this article to the end to learn the complete list of websites where you can find free vectors.

1. Pixabay

Pixabay is the best website to download free vector images. It has a massive collection of vector images as well as graphics. 

Pixabay where you can find free vectors

Pixabay caters to different types of users. For example. I am a content writer and I occasionally design featured images too. In such cases, Pixabay has helped me a lot, given that I have downloaded thousands of free vector images from there


Pixabay logo
  • Free vector arts
  • Free stock photos
  • Curated collections
  • Sound effects

Apart from content writers like me, Pixabay can also help bloggers, designers, educators, and marketers. You will get countless visual materials created by some of the best artists and photographers in the community


  • Huge collection of catchy vectors
  • Easy nagivational page
  • Intuitive interface and beginner-friendly
  • Flexible licensing


  • Mixed picture-quality because of community-driven uploads

Now, I should really emphasize the user-friendly design of Pixabay. With helpful search filters, you can pretty much find any vector image or vector icon you want. 

Pixabay Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

But its free version is really eye-catching. It's one of the best alternatives for finding eye-catching images for their digital material

Why use Pixabay?
  • Tou can download and use the vectors for any project, personal or commercial, without having to pay any fees or give credit to the artist (although attributing the artist is always a nice touch).

Last but not least, you cannot overlook its flexibility and accessibility. It can satisfy your image needs while also adhering to the economic limits. 

2. Iamvector

While Pixabay can offers many images, sometimes you won't find vector illustrations specifically for technology. In such cases, you should try Iamvector. 


I find Iamvector highly versatile, with numerous services that revolve around SVG icons. These icons can fulfill your numerous design demands. 


iamvector logo
  • Open course vector icons
  • Colored icons
  • SVG editor
  • Image compressor

Moreover, Iamvector will provide you with multiple tools to improve your icon generation. I have used these tools before for more tool modifications. 


  • Completely free
  • Comes with an image editor and compressor
  • High-quality and scalable vectors
  • Intuitive interface


  • Figma plugins aren't 100% effective

You can also use the image compressor feature. The logo icons in this blog are compressed with Iamvector, so you can get an idea of its effectiveness.

Iamvector Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

Now, here's the amazing part. Iamvector offers Figma plugins, which can function directly within the Figma tool. This way, you can easily create Figma icons. 

Why use Iamvector?
  • If you're looking for one of the best websites where you can download free vectors, you should try Iamvector. Not only it's completely free, but it also comes with Figma plugins. You will also get an SVG editor and image compressor.

It's also an excellent source of high-quality SVG icons and tools. You can find the necessary images if you want to develop a website or an interface. 

3. Freepik.com

The Freepik site gives tangible assets to everybody. It's a free vector site, and you can likewise download stock photographs and PSD documents free of charge. 

FreePik.com 1536x652 1

Top organizations like Spotify, Amazon, FedEx, and Microsoft use Freepik. The site has many vector records. To download, visit the site and select the Vectors class from the menu.


Freepik Logo
  • Vector illustrations
  • AI images
  • Vector icons
  • Image mockups

Then, the channels are set to get a suitable free Vector. Outstandingly, you can set a variety and pick the Vector's direction. Apply the media, and afterward, look for your Vector with a keyword. You can sort the outcomes by individual vector records or by assortments

The site will likewise list different keywords related to your search. Click on any vector you need and tap the download button. You'll see the vector document design before downloading.


  • Wide choices of superb vectors
  • You can edit vectors online
  • Different themes and styles
  • Advanced search options


  • Sometimes, free downloading will require attribution

Freepik functions as a social stage where you can like, offer, remark, or add your number one vectors to your assortment and access them later. The site permits you to save vectors to Pinterest with a single tick.

Freepik Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Individual: $12/month

  • Teams: $10.75/seat/month

Besides, you can follow your number one vector architects. Like that, you'll constantly see their vectors when they transfer new ones. Freepik vectors are free; however, they need attribution. You want to reference Freepik as the source for the place where the vectors show up.

Why use Freepik?
  • Freepik offers a freemium model, allowing you to download a limited number of vectors for free. This is a great way to test out the platform and see if it has what you need for your projects.

This should be possible by adding a connection for pages and stages that the site will give. Likewise, you'll credit Freepik, assuming that you use it in a video, print item, portable game, etc.

4. Unsplash

One of the best websites for free stock pictures is Unsplash. It features a sizable and diverse selection of premium free vector icons and pictures from global photographers.

Free images for commercial use unsplash

Over two million photos in various categories are available on Unsplash. Designers, bloggers, marketers, and other creative types will find it inspiring. 


Unsplash logo
  • Eye-catching illustrations
  • Free vectors
  • Different aspect ratio
  • Categorized channels

Every image on Unsplash has been meticulously selected to guarantee outstanding quality and genuineness. 


  • Unique and beautiful aesthetics
  • The images and vectors are royalty-free
  • Diverse vector library
  • High-resolution images


  • Not every niche is available

The user-friendly search and collections on Unsplash can help you find the right photo. You can easily find whatever you need for marketing, social media, or your website.

Unsplash Pricing Plan

  • free: $0

  • Unsplash+: $4/month

Last but not least, Unsplash is unique in that it offers high-quality pictures for free. It lets individuals and businesses use beautiful images to tell their stories.

Why use Unsplash?
  • Unsplash is a fantastic resource for anyone needing high-quality photos for free. It's perfect for bloggers, social media content creators, and anyone looking for visually appealing images for presentations or websites.

However, make sure you browse through the library properly. I have seen that the best vector images in Unsplash are hidden beneath some mediocre stock photos

5. Adobe Stock

Before sharing information about Adobe Stock, remember that it's not your go-to place to find vectors. I mean, the website isn't completely free to use. 

Adobe Stock

But when you create an account and sign up, you get ten free images. A great deal I suppose giving that those images will be of high-quality. 

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock
  • Free trial
  • Category discoverability
  • Free stock photos and vectors
  • Smooth interface

But I must say that giving only ten free images is too low of a deal, especially when the competitors are giving millions of free images. 


  • Tight integration with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Curated and high-quality content
  • Standard and extended licenses
  • Regularly updated fresh images


  • Subscription cost is higher

But what can we do? At the end of the day, it's Adobe, one of the biggest companies for video and image editing. 

Adobe Stock Pricing Plan

  • Free: 10 images

  • 5 Credits: $49.95/month

  • 16 Credits: $149.99/month

  • 40 Credits: $359.99/month

  • 80 Credits: $699.99/month

  • 150 Credits: $1200/month

On top of that, Adobe Stock is super expensive. Even the basic plan will cost you a pretty penny. So, the best option is to choose Adobe bundle. 

Why use Adobe Stock?
  • Adobe Stock is a valuable resource for professional designers, photographers, and other creatives who frequently use Adobe software and require high-quality, diverse assets. The tight integration with Creative Cloud makes it a powerful tool for streamlining workflows.

However, Adobe Stock can be your best bet if all you're searching for is a few vector images without having to break the bank.

6. VectorStock.com

VectorStock includes free EPS vector designs and representations. Today, the site has a vast library with nearly 1,000,000 free vectors. 

VectorStock.com 1536x701 1

Originators from everywhere in the world add to the library. It's suggested that you alter it with Adobe Illustrator. To utilize VectorStock, you could conceivably make a record.  


  • Royalty-free vector images
  • Expanded licenses
  • Exclusive buyouts
  • Standard and editorial licenses

Assuming you make vectors, you can sell them on the site and bring in cash. Joining VectorStock is simple. The site allows you to participate through email, Facebook, or your Google account.


  • Clear web interface
  • More reliability in terms of curated images
  • The paid version is affordable
  • Daily updates with new vectors


  • Limited selection of free vectors

Then, at that point, click on any vector and utilize the Free Download button. You can share the Vector on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or your email on the page. You can likewise like the Vector and follow the fashioner for more.

VectorStock Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Pay-Per-Image: $14.99/image

  • Pre-Paid Credits: $1/image

  • Subscription: $19.99/month

The VectorStock site will provide all the attribution connections and text you'll utilize. On the other hand, you can decide whether the VectorStock premium intends to skip attribution.

Why use VectorStock?
  • Unlike some stock photo platforms that offer a mix of photos and vectors, VectorStock specializes in vector graphics. This means you'll find a more targeted selection specifically designed for scaling and editing in design software.

You can pay per picture, purchase prepaid credits, or pay for a membership. The exceptional plans are moderately modest. 

7. Creattie

Creattie is one of the best options for locating the ideal location for experienced designers.


You might wonder, why?


  • Animated illustrations
  • Vector illustrations
  • Customizable vectors
  • Adaptable designs

It is the only location creating style collections for every imaginable business. Imagine this: 3,500 images in every category you want, all in the same style. This is revolutionary for completing large-scale projects with a unified design aesthetic.


  • The website is focused highly on vectors
  • One of the best websites where you can find free vectors
  • Unique selling propositions
  • Freemium models to suit different consumers


  • Pricing structure is difficult to understand

How good are the designs?

Creattie Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

Exceptionally superior and unique. Additionally, Creattie offers a vast library of static and dynamic icons, as well as Lottie animations for all your requirements.

Why use Creattie?
  • Creattie offers a freemium model, you could try out the platform for free to see if it has what you need before committing to a paid plan. This could be a good option if you only need a few vectors occasionally.

The best thing is that for a one-time price, you may unlock access to their full collection and all future upgrades in addition to downloading free vector graphics. Rest assured, the price does not break the bank.

8. Pexels

The websites mentioned before are undoubtedly good, but what if you want something out of the box? What I am trying to say is, how can you find vectors and images that will help you stand out?


This is where Pexels will help you. It's an excellent place for high-quality stock images and free vector graphics for your unique needs. The extensive collection of free pictures is perfect for marketers, designers, and bloggers


Pexels logo
  • Free stock images
  • Free vectors
  • Download videos easily
  • Smooth plugins and apps

It's also a great option for content writers like me. I have used Pexels before and can confidently say it's one of the best platforms for getting millions of free and high-quality vectors. 


  • You can download and use vectors
  • No need to worry about paying any fees
  • various images on different topics
  • Beginner-friendly platform


  • Some images are more generalized

But why do I love Pexels so much? What more does it offer than free vector art? Well, its commitment to accessibility.

Pexels Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

All images on Pexels are free to use and come under CC0 license. For those who don't know what a Creative Common Zero (CC0) license is, it's simply a means of using images without attribution. 

Why use Pexels?
  • It's completely free to use Pexels! You can download and use high-quality photos and videos for any project without spending a dime. This is a major advantage for personal projects, startups, or anyone on a tight budget.

This means that you can use these royalty free images anywhere – for personal and commercial purposes. While you don't need to give credit to the owner, I think it's something you should do to show your respect. 

9. Vector4Free

While Vector4Free has a less extensive collection compared to other websites on my blog, the collection is fairly decent. It can certainly help you find what you need. 


The best part of Vector4Free is that the developers add new vectors constantly. With new images every week, you won't get bored. 


  • Unique vector arts
  • Easy downloading
  • Category-wise browsing
  • 100% free

But sometimes, the dashboard may consist of the same image. I have faced it before. In such cases, just refresh the dashboard, and you will see new images popping up


  • Straightforward and simple designs
  • Curated selections
  • Easy and smooth download options
  • No registration required


  • Some free vectors require atttribution

The free to download vectors are organized properly. Just type the relevant keyword, and you will get relevant vectors and images. 

Vector4Free Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

Furthermore, you can also choose from various formats. I find it extremely helpful as I don't need to download the images and convert them again.

Why use Vector4Free?
  • While specific information about the platform's interface might be limited, it's generally expected that such platforms are designed for easy browsing and downloading. This can save you time compared to complex design software.

Speaking of formats, Vector4Free offers SCG, AI, CDR, PRD, and EPS. Thus, you can choose what works best for you. I believe Vector4Free is perfect for data illustration and social media stories. 

10. Blush

Blush isn't your average websites where you can find free vectors. Instead of following the same approach, it does things a little differently. So, what sets Blush apart from its competitors?


It allows you to spin the images. Yes, you got that right. Blush is all about customizing the free vectors and images to a great length. 


  • Unlimited downloads
  • 1-click color customization tools
  • High resolution PNGs
  • SVG vectors

But, does that mean you need to be a professional graphic designer? No, of course not. Even I, who have minimal designing experience, can choose and customize vectors easily. 


  • A curated collection of illustrations
  • A “Doodler” plan
  • Boasts a variety of illustration styles
  • 1-click color customization


  • The free options are limited

It provides you with different options to alter the images. Even if you face any problems, you can choose from hundreds of different alternatives. 

Blush Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Pro: $12/month

While you don't need to become a professional, minimal design ideas would go a long way. You can showcase your creativity and create something unique. 

Why use Blush?
  • Blush Design is a strong contender for designers and creatives who need high-quality, curated illustrations for their projects. The free plan allows you to try it out, and the Pro plan offers a variety of features and customization options.

If you want to add a personal touch without getting too technical with design work, blush is a fairly great option.

11. FreeVector.com

This site includes free and premium vector pictures, notwithstanding Free Vector's name. Free Vector accumulates vector records from various sources across the web. The vast majority of the vector records you'll find on the site are EPS, AI, PDF, and SVG documents

FreeVector.com 1536x689 1

This site offers more than 92,000 free vector designs. The library is consistently refreshed with up to 3,000 new vectors, so you'll always have the most recent ones. You can download up to five vectors each day with a free plan.

Free Vector

Free Vector
  • Free vector art
  • No payment required
  • Popular categories
  • No registration

To utilize Free Vector, you can join effectively with the structure. If not, you can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account. When you look for vectors, the exceptional ones usually are included first. 


  • You can download vectors for free
  • Different types of vectors
  • Vectors are downloadable without sign up
  • Simple interface


  • Occasional ads

You can observe comparative vectors as you look down the page. The site additionally permits you to share documents to virtual entertainment stages – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. You can find the most loved vectors as well.

Free Vector Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

Like other free vector sites referenced here, you should credit the plan creator for download. Free Vector focuses on internet-based attribution using a connection.

Why use Free Vector?
  • FreeVector.com might be an option for finding free vectors if you're on a tight budget and don't need guaranteed quality or extensive features.

Moreover, Free Vector accomplishes this with stock. Even though they aren't free, you can get more vector pictures in stock. The benefit is that you save 15% on all plans.

12. Freedesignfile

Freedesignfile is a web-based resource. It provides a wide range of free design materials for graphic designers, artists, and creative professionals.


There are many different design components available on the website, such as themes, icons, and photos.


  • Free vector
  • Application icons
  • Free photo
  • Photoshop textures

You can go through categories like sketches and backgrounds to find what you need for your project. These categories can help content marketers like me choose something specific.


  • Easy downloading options
  • Simple interface and dashboard
  • Different resources available
  • Extremely beneficial clipart


  • Quality and style can fluctuate

Freedesignfile has a user-friendly interface. Customers can obtain premium design files in AI, PSD, EPS, PNG, and JPEG formats.

Freedesignfile Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

The platform is a priceless tool for both personal and professional purposes. It is intended for anyone searching for free design elements to enhance their artistic endeavors.

Why use Freedesignfile?
  • The platform offers a wider range of resources than just vectors, potentially including icons, illustrations, or even templates. This can be useful for fulfilling various design needs in one place.

As Freedesigfile provides free vectors and images, you can sometimes see ads. But trust me, those ads are neither vulgar nor irritating. So, download and use the images without any worries. 

13. Pngtree.com

Pngtree is a famous site for downloading free PNG picture documents. Notwithstanding, it's not restricted to that. You can download free vector records and PSD, clipart, and 3D documents.

PngTree.com 1536x644 1

Over 30 million designers from more than 150 nations utilize Pngtree. The site was launched in 2017 and gained traction quickly within a few years.


  • Free vector images
  • PNG images
  • Royalty-free backgrounds and templates
  • No attribution

You can't download free vectors on Pngtree if you don't have a record. The site allows you to sign in utilizing your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. You'll track down the segment for vectors from the site menu. 

Then, look for your Vector utilizing a keyword. There are channels, so you get the suitable Vector.


  • Decent amount of free resources
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive library of vectors
  • Different types of formats


  • Only the paid plans has no attribution

You can choose vectors with a foundation, without a foundation, layouts, or in PSD, AI, or EPS designs. It is direct to Download Pngtree vectors.

Drift your mouse over any highlighted pictures and snap the record configuration to download. The site bunches vectors by classification and suggests their best use cases.

Pngtree Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • 3 months plans: $59

  • 6 months plans: $109

  • Annual plan: $179

  • Lifetime plan: $199

You can follow your #1 Graphic designers, similar to their works, and offer them via online entertainment stages. Upheld online entertainment stages incorporate Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Why use Pngtree?
  • Pngtree has a massive library with a user-friendly search function, making it efficient to find what you're looking for across different design elements.

For all vectors on Pngtree, you get information on the product utilized to make them. You want to pay for a top-notch plan to download vectors in unadulterated vector record designs on Pngtree.

14. The Noun Project

The Noun Project website is filled with icons and is perfectly curated to fit various objects and thoughts. It all started with Sofya Polyakov and Edward Boatman in 2010. They wanted to create a simple language using images for everyone to understand. 

Noun project logo

Regarded as one of the best free vector websites, The Noun Project has more than two million icons. And the best part? These icons are highly customized. 

The Noun Project

Noun project logo
  • Appealing icons
  • Free vectors and photos
  • PNG and SVG formats

For example, you will find basic royalty-free vector images, which are perfect for beginners. On the other hand, if you're on an advanced level, you can get something suitable for your needs. 


  • Excellent consistency throughout the entire UI
  • The icons are available in SVG and PNG formats
  • You can find free icons with attribution
  • Paid plans will help you customize colors


  • Finding the perfect icon may become time-consuming

These symbols are used by individuals all across the world, including companies, teachers, designers, and regular people.

The Noun Project Pricing Plan

  • Basic Icon: $0

  • Pro Icon: $2.99/icon

  • NounPro Unlimited: $3.33/month


  • NounPro Unlimited: $3.33/month


They simplify the understanding of presentations, websites, apps, and other content. You can sign up for the Noun Project for free. 

Why use The Noun Project?
  • The Noun Project is a great resource for finding high-quality icons, especially for personal or non-commercial projects. While the free version is good, the paid plans will give you more eye-catching features.

You can also pay for extra services that give you new ways to use the symbols. It truly helps to make information visible and easy to understand.

15. Vecteezy.com

Vecteezy is a site sent off to help fashioners do their best work. Brands like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Amazon, and Google utilize the site.

Vectezzy 1536x678 1

This is notwithstanding the vast number of people and organizations downloading designs from Vecteezy. The site isn't restricted to simple illustrations; likewise, you can download stock photographs and recordings.


  • Free vectors and stock photos
  • Search trending vectors
  • Background removal tool
  • Full commercial rights

Vectors on Vecteezy are of expert quality and very hungry. The site is not difficult to use as you need to look for vectors utilizing watchwords straightforwardly from the landing page.


  • Thousands of free resources to download from
  • You can remove the background using tools
  • Download vectors in different formats
  • Bundle and collection downloading


  • The free plan doesn't feature unlimited downloads

Likewise, it would help if you chose free, as the site highlights premium vectors. Click on any vector you need and tap the Free Download button on the following page. Vecteezy permits you to add vectors to your assortment, top choices, or offer them. 

Vecteezy Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Monthly subscription: $7/month

  • Yearly subscription: $4.50/month

Likewise, you get related keywords and related vectors, and you can follow the originator. Free download on Vecteezy requires attribution. The site will give you a connection for ascribing the creator.

Why use Vecteezy?
  • Compared to some competitors, Vecteezy offers subscriptions that can be a cost-effective way to access a large library of resources, especially if you use them frequently.

Besides, you need to hang tight for five seconds before downloading your free Vector. It would help if you watched an advertisement while you stood by. This also can be skipped with a genius plan.

16. Shutterstock

When it comes to vectors and graphics, Shutterstock is the original. While it can appear a little outdated, you can probably find what you're searching for among the more than 50 million designs

Shutterstock 2

Now, let's discuss Shutterstock's features. Remember that Shutterstock is a free image-downloading website, so the selection of vector images may seem limited. 


Shutterstock logo
  • Free vector graphics
  • Standard license
  • Categorized vector illustrations
  • Premium image editing tools

The templates and images you find on Shutterstock is completely free to use. No need to pay for anything. 


  • One of the largest collections of royalty-free vectors and images
  • You will get licenses to use for commercial purposes
  • Wide range of vectors and illustrations
  • Advanced search options


  • The pricing structure is complicated

It also comes with some helpful built-in tools like Shutterstock Editor. This will help you make relevant changes to your designs. 

Shutterstock Pricing Plan

Shutterstock also has an Image Resizer and File Converter. The user interface is efficient and easy to navigate. 

Why use Shutterstock?
  • Shutterstock is a great choice for professional creatives who need a vast library of high-quality, royalty-free content. You will also find hundreds and thousands of free and eye-catching vectors.

Shutterstock is best for using images on informational videos, ads, and website designs. You can also create PSAs with Shutterstock. 

17. Flaticon.com

Flaticon is a site possessed by the Freepik organization. It highlights vector symbols and stickers in different organizations, including EPS, SVG, PSD, and Base 64. There are almost 5.4 million vectors on Flaticon, and most of them are accessible for nothing. 

Flaticon.com 1536x703 1

The stage brags about having the most significant information base of free symbols. You should visit the site, memorable characters, and quest for your Vector. If you have to wish to join, you need an email, username, and secret word.


  • Free vectors and stickers
  • Different file formats
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Animated icons

You can use the channel to show simply free vectors when you search. You can likewise channel the style of Vector you need – slope, dark filled, dark blueprint, level, multicolor, direct variety, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


  • The vector icon library is huge and varied
  • You can download free icons with attribution
  • Multiple downloadable formats for ease of use
  • The user interface is less cluttered


  • You cannot use the fee vectors for commercial use

Note that main vector symbols are accessible in Flaticon. You can't get other vector plans. This separates it from Freepik – its sister stage. You can undoubtedly peruse the vectors by utilizing the forward and reverse symbols. 

Flaticon Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • 1 month: $9.99/month

  • 12 months: $7.99/month

Besides, downloading them for nothing requires attribution. Flaticon gives attribution directions to web-based entertainment stages, web, video, applications, and printed components. Flaticon highlights a top-notch plan also. 

Why use Flaticon?
  • They have a huge collection with a wide range of styles, increasing the chances of finding exactly the icon you need for your project's aesthetic. Moreover, the platform is also super easy to navigate.

The principal advantage is that the superior estimating plan doesn't need attribution. Another is that you're not restricted to a particular number of daily downloads.

18. unDraw

One of the biggest search engines for illustrations is unDraw, which has over 2 million royalty-free and copyrighted vector pictures. 


There is an outstanding selection of stock photos and graphics on the website, which includes images from hundreds of different websites.


Undraw logo
  • Open source licenses
  • High-quality vectors
  • Easy to navigate UI
  • Various illustrations

The website has an easy-to-use layout, and you can search for anything using keywords. However, make sure you use the right keywords. I used a couple of irrelevant keywords, and the results were hilarious. 


  • You can download and use free illustrations for any purpose
  • Illustrations come in SVG, PNG, and Figma
  • The style is simple and customizable
  • Easy-to-use platform


  • No detailed illustrations

Are you looking for a free and neutral colour palette but cannot find it anywhere? Don't worry! The vectors and images on unDraw are highly customizable. 

unDraw Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • unDraw+: $49/year

I still remember trying to find a specific image for my blog, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Then, one of my friends suggested unDraw, and I was absolutely stunned by it. 

Why use unDraw?
  • unDraw is a valuable resource for free, simple, and customizable illustrations. It's a great choice for budget-conscious designers or those needing flat-style illustrations for websites, presentations, or apps.

And, the vector illustrations on this image website come in SVG format. This means that you can do whatever you want with the image without affecting the overall quality. 

19. IllustAC

Alright, to be really honest, I wouldn't exactly choose illustAC. Why?


While some may find the quality too high, the advertisements are, well, ubiquitous. This is mostly why it is placed toward the bottom of our list.


illustAC loog.webp
  • Free vectors and clipart
  • Regularly updated fresh vectors
  • No attribution required
  • Unlimited downloads

The problem is that they have an enormous and confusing library. You should have a fair chance of finding what you're looking for here if you're on a tight budget.


  • Free and easy-to-download illustrations
  • Simple search functionality
  • Extra licenses
  • You can download vectors in bulk


  • Lack of customization

In addition to covering almost every area you may want, they also provide a “Search by image” tool.

illustAC Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Yearly subscription: $11/month

  • Monthly subscription: $12.20/month

Although it's hardly revolutionary these days, it's a nice touch for a free platform.

Why use illustAC?
  • If you're looking for a free and reliable website to download vectors, you can use illustAC. The process is super simple and without any convenience. You can also choose a premium version for added features.

Additionally, they provide a monthly membership to smooth out the edges if those ads bother you or you're looking for a better license.

20. SVG Repo

This is one of the best websites where you can find free vectors. SVG Repo is a specialist go-to source for this well-liked vector format. It is a dedicated site that provides various free SVG files.

SVG Repo websites where you can find free vectors

Originally designed to give designers, developers, and companies a simple method to get SVG files, the website now offers hundreds of different possibilities.

SVG Repo

SVG Repo
  • Optimized vectors
  • Easy search and find
  • Commercial friendly
  • Editing and remixing

SVG Repo prioritizes quality, offering thorough previews and guaranteeing that every vector contributed meets predetermined requirements for quality.


  • The vectors you download from SVG Repo are highly optimized
  • The machine learning algorithm can help you find any vector you want
  • You can make basic changes to the vectors
  • Highly commercial friendly


  • Not every vector is of high-quality

Whether you're looking for a beautiful image or an icon for business, it strives to make the user experience as frictionless as possible using an easy-to-use interface.

SVG Repo Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

The library has an extensive collection of stock photos and vectors. I personally love the vector part, as I can get any vector image I want. 

Why use SVG Repo?
  • SVG Repo is one of the best places to download free vectors and images. Unlike some other websites mentioned on this list, SVG Repo is completely free. You can also use the vectors and images for commercial purposes.

You can also customize the SVG color before downloading the images. No need to visit another third-party website or software to change the colors. 

21. Librestock

A special website called LibreStock functions as a search engine for free vector graphics and stock pictures.


LibreStock is a one-stop shop for a variety of vector needs since it scans and indexes high-quality, free vectors from several platforms, in contrast to typical vector websites that hold their own collections.


  • Free photos from stock sites
  • Simple interface
  • Easy downloading process
  • High-quality vectors and images

LibreStock provides a large selection of possibilities for both personal and commercial projects by collecting content from numerous sources.


  • Wide variety of free images
  • Numerous download formats
  • Simple search functionality
  • No hidden fees


  • The search filter isn't advanced

Its dedication to streamlining the search process and offering a selection of superior vectors makes it an invaluable resource for marketers, designers, and other creative professionals.

Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

Thanks to its search engine functionality, it can fetch vectors from multiple websites. Also, you don't need to do any type of registration to download the vectors. 

Why use LibreStock?
  • Librestock is a valuable resource for finding free stock photos, especially for personal projects or when you don't need perfect visual consistency. However, the limitations on quality control, licensing clarity, and editing options are important to consider. 

You can filter the search results by vector format, license type, and more. The vectors on Librestock cover different styles and themes. 

Ready to download vector graphics and illustrations?

Assuming you want vector pictures for your plans, you can utilize any of the Six best free vector locales recorded previously. The sites highlight excellent vectors at no expense. You can get free vectors from every one of the locales. 

Lines, shapes depict vector pictures, and other realistic picture parts are put away in an organization that integrates mathematical equations for delivering the picture elements. The vector picture is made by characterizing focuses and bends. 

I hope this blog was useful for you. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Several websites allow users to create vector art online. Some popular options include Vectr, Gravit Designer, and SVG-Edit. These platforms offer accessible and user-friendly interfaces for vector drawing and design.

If you're looking to make vector art for free, you can explore online vector design tools like Inkscape, a powerful and open-source vector graphics editor. Additionally, free trials of premium vector design software like Adobe Illustrator are often available, giving you access to professional-grade tools.

Numerous websites offer free and paid vector image downloads. Some well-known sources include Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Freepik. Additionally, you can find a variety of vector resources on websites like Vecteezy and Vectr.

Unsplash is primarily known for its high-quality photography, but it may also have a limited collection of vector images. However, if you're specifically looking for vector graphics, it's advisable to use dedicated vector resources and platforms for a broader selection of vector content.