Every industry is competitive, including academia. Many schools and universities use Customer Relationship Management software to compete with and grow in the education industry.

Long-term ties with students and their families are crucial for educational institutions. The education sector can use a CRM software to handle contacts with current, prospective, and former students.

The education business is benefiting from the systematic management of data thanks to the growing usage of CRM. As more solutions become available, consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and discerning about their data management choices.

Finding the ideal CRM software for educational organizations isn't always easy, especially when every school has its own respective requirements. So, in this blog, we've compiled a list of the best CRM solutions for the education industry, which can help manage and grow your organization.

Benefits of using CRM Software for Educational Organizations

Improve Admission Process 

The admissions process requires a wide range of methods to attract the right students. Applications from a wide range of sources are too many to handle manually.

Automated admissions processes for educational institutions include acquiring and storing applicants' data, issuing alerts regarding enrollment status, and so on. All of a student's courses, programs, batch numbers, roll numbers, academic documents, and other specifics can be managed through the system. 

All these processes can be managed by educational organizations by making use of the right CRM software. 

Keep track of Student Life Cycles

A student's life cycle with the institution begins with the admission process and ends with the graduation ceremony.

You may help students achieve academic success by using CRM software to build and maintain personal well-being relationships. You can use the built-in alerts to notify students about exam schedules, payment deadlines, and other relevant information. You can also create customized messages for students based on the system's recorded data. You can also go through Exam-Labs to make better decisions.

Track Fee Payments and Enrolments

A wide range of courses and programs are available at every university. As a result, fast payment processing necessitates the use of an effective fee management program.

Student enrolment, course offerings, and price structures are all tracked by an advanced CRM system for educational institutions. Administrative departments benefit from this by avoiding errors in the payment process and notifying students of outstanding payments.

Ensure the Safety and Accessibility of Student Data

Student and alumni academic records must be maintained by educational institutions of all kinds. 

In order to keep this information safe, educational institutions always require improved solutions. Using CRM in educational settings makes it easy to save and retrieve student records whenever you need them.

Manage Operational Costs 

You can use CRM systems to gather a wealth of information about your customers in a variety of ways. Using the system, you may quickly get all the data you need to make informed decisions on where to go next. By doing this, you can save time, better allocate resources, increase returns, and lower operational expenses.

8 Best CRM Software for Educational Organizations


An easy-to-use cloud-based CRM platform called Pipedrive may assist salespeople track prospects, communicating with customers, automating tasks, and analyzing effectiveness via KPIs. 

Using Pipedrive's university and higher education CRM solution, customers can track stakeholder interactions across platforms, raise admission rates, and improve communications between staff and students. Schools can also use the platform to store data, automate acceptance offers, monitor email activity, create a funnel that suits their application process, and speed enrollments, among other things.

Zendesk Sell

When it comes to customer relationship management, Zendesk Sell is the web and mobile-based customer relationship management solution that can be used by both B2B and B2C businesses and organizations. 

Zendesk can be used by education businesses of all sizes to meet their omnichannel communication needs, provide personalized experiences for users, build a knowledge base to help visitors answer common questions, share customer feedback, identify content trends with reporting tools, and boost staff productivity.


As a cloud-based customer service platform, HelpCrunch is ideal for marketing and sales organizations.

Students and other stakeholders can communicate with you via live chat and email when you use this software solution. Its drag-and-drop interface allows you to construct knowledge base articles to address common queries about your institution, courses, or admissions. It's easy to react to students' questions on the go thanks to the HelpCrunch mobile app.


You can use LiveAgent as an on-premise or online support desk CRM system. Customer interactions can be personalized with the help of LiveAgent CRM.

In order to streamline student communication, it can be linked to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Using the LiveAgent platform means you don't have to continuously switch between tools and can answer all inquiries. You can also react to questions from students via live chat, email, phone, and social media.


Sales and marketing automation, as well as cloud-based storage, deployment tools, and customer care elements, are all included in Maximizer's CRM capabilities. 

Student accommodation management, assessment service management, student lifecycle management, employability management, and disability service management are just some of the features included in Maximizer CRM's solution for higher education institutions. Businesses can tailor the solution for their specific needs.


More than 29,000 enterprises benefit from NetSuite's all-in-one cloud CRM solution, which automates essential operations and provides real-time visibility into operational and financial performance.

CRM tools in NetSuite may assist educators in establishing custom workflows, managing the lead-to-cash cycle, identifying prospects through customized marketing, and managing relationships with a 360-degree picture of their constituency.


The “Experience Management (XM)” service category was created by Qualtrics and works with enterprises to improve and manage their customer, employee, product, and brand experiences. For its users, the XM Platform is meant to help them produce products focused on their consumers and build memorable brand identities that delight both their customers and staff. 

Higher education, academic research, and K-12 educational institutions can all benefit from Qualtrics' experience management solutions for professors and students, faculty members, and students.


One of the simplest Education CRMs out there, LeadSquared is a one-stop solution to manage student leads and enrollments.  

Using LeadSquared, admission counsellors can automate the enrollment workflows, personalize student outreach and enrollment marketing, build applicant portals, and track the entire student journey. As an educational institute, this cloud-based platform is the only tool you need to boost counsellor efficiency and improve inquiry-to-admission ratios. 

Wrapping Up

Higher education institutions haven't witnessed such a dramatic shift in their operations as they have with the introduction of CRM solutions. All in all, an efficient CRM for educational institutions improves operations, reduces costs, and boosts revenue.

When it comes to running a successful higher education organization, the use of a CRM system is essential. In order to select the best CRM for your company or organization, you must take into account the aspects that are most important to you and your staff.

In this blog, we introduced you to some of the best CRM software for educational institutions or organizations. We also listed out some of the benefits of using CRM in an educational setting. We hope this blog was able to help you understand the need for CRM in an educational organization. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

CRM is used in education to manage student interactions and data efficiently. Educational institutions use CRM systems to track and analyze student enrollment, engagement, and academic performance, helping them tailor their support and services to individual student needs.

The purpose of CRM applications for schools and colleges is to streamline administrative processes, improve communication, and enhance student engagement. They help in managing admissions, enrollment, and communication with students and parents, ultimately creating a more organized and efficient educational environment.

CRM systems in higher education are vital for maintaining a positive student experience. They provide insights into student behavior, enabling institutions to identify at-risk students, offer academic support, and personalize communications to enhance retention rates and student satisfaction.

School CRM software is a specialized system designed to meet the unique needs of educational institutions. It includes features like admissions management, student data tracking, communication tools, and reporting to help schools manage student relationships and streamline administrative tasks.