For many of us, 2021 was nothing less than a roller-coaster ride. With the covid-19 pandemic still being around, most businesses continued to work from home and, somehow, we also got evolved with this work-life 2.0

Although, it's good to look around your competitors; however, that's not the best strategy for growth. We at webdew focus on competing with ourselves, and we made considerable progress in 2021, competing with our past 2020.

From working remotely to staying connected throughout, from being more transparent to going global, from introducing new campaigns to introducing new services, and finally meeting in person after 18 months, webdians sure had an eventful year.

So, let's take a moment to reminisce 2021 and see how the year went for the webdians. 

Year in Review

As we step into 2022, let's reflect on 2021, its highlights and milestones, and how the year went for webdew! 


In January, we already realized that 2021 is not going to be an easy year for remote teams. However, the shift to remote work meant additional pressure for teams to stay aligned, feel connected and get work done simultaneously.

So, we figured tools could be an excellent way to overcome this challenge. So we introduced slack to stay more connected with the remote teams spread PAN India and across the globe.

I believe this was one of the best investments on the tool this year, and this sure has made it easier for the team to collaborate effectively and get work done faster.


In today's high-paced digital world, going global is gradually becoming less of an optional strategy and more of an expected task. 

Going global was always on our checklist, as more than 70% of our business for webdew comes from North America we find a desperate need to expand to that region. So in February 2021, we hired our first team member Reaz Sabbir as a Sales manager in the Canada office.


With the whole world turning towards the “new normal,” a business website is critical when it comes to driving new leads and sales. Besides, this is one of the exciting and challenging tasks we do every year, redoing our website. So in March 2021, we released a fresh version of the website with brand new aesthetics.

And with the Core Web Vitals update in 2021, we knew we had to buckle up and improve our website to maintain the SERP rankings. We also moved our entire website to HubSpot Boilerplate to improve the user experience and increase the loading speed. Although, a website is never complete. 

Besides, being a web development agency ourselves, we consider our website the most important marketing asset, so we keep investing in it each year.


I believe transparency is the key to any successful relationship. At webdew, we invest our time and energy in building strong relationships with People. With this thought process, we decided to make webdew's hierarchical organizational chart public in April 2021, which is now published on our website so that people who look forward to working with us know us better beforehand.


Let me give you some background context before sharing an update for the month of May 2021. Earlier in 2021, when I was studying the most successful people in the world, I found teaching is one of the common traits. They teach people via their blogs, books, videos, etc., but they are for sure very good teachers.

With this in mind, I realized that teaching should not be just an art; it also should be in our culture, so we planned the “Learn, Teach & Grow” campaign, in which every member of webdew will teach about one small topic each month, and we will publish the same on our blog.

And honestly, this campaign helped the team enhance their skills and proved to be a great medium to share their knowledge with others. And today, every professional in webdew continues to have the same enthusiasm for learning and teaching through this campaign. 


Scaling a business seems fancy from the other side, but believe me, it is no less than a roller coaster ride with all the emotions of happiness, anxiety, fear, and thrill bombarding you all at once.

Besides, ever since the pandemic hit, we have been working remotely, and I'll be honest, the whole transition process was no cakewalk. From introducing Time Doctor, ClickUp, to Slack, we tried our best to streamline the work processes while improving productivity as well. 

So, once we were sorted on this front, we started hiring again, and by June, we were a team of highly passionate and highly driven 50+ members.

And now, as I am writing this blog, we are a team of 61, and we are still hiring to scale up our team with good people who share the same values as us. 


For those who don't know, before starting webdew, I ran a Domain Hosting Company that I sold in 2015. One of my business friends Ravish Gupta from WIPL, always says once a Domainer is always a Domainer, and this came true for me. As my domain investing portfolio was growing, I decided to merge this side hustle with webdew.

We launched Brand Domains as a product to webdew customers, and now we are helping entrepreneurs find the best names to kick start their business.

Besides, today, domain names are much more than an online presence. And the right domain name is what you need to create a successful web presence and not get lost in cyberspace. So, check out the portfolio of hundreds of premium, unique domain names with logo and brand assets to kick start your business.


In August, I started the campaign of Agency Updates to give a bold insight into how webdew works. This wasn't an easy decision for me, but my values for transparency gave me the motivation to share my company's insights with everyone.

Besides, I always come across people trying to get an inside look into what we do, how we do it, and what really sets webdew apart. So, instead of keeping all that suspense and hiding things under wrap, I decided to put everything right in front of everyone; after all, knowledge only increases by sharing.

So with a heartfelt willingness to help other businesses in the industry, I share our goals and achievements; I started the campaign of Agency Updates to give a bold insight into how webdew functions. 


webdew expanded its bag of services by introducing GIGS to bring you some of its most popular services in a concealed package.

Businesses who have used Fiverr earlier must know about gigs, but those who are fairly new to this term. Gigs are basically small jobs or tasks one can do for you at a very reasonable price. So now you can enjoy our services as a product. And instead of going for a generalized package, you can avail any services as per your requirements. 

To be honest, gigs haven't received much attraction from our clients so far, and I am not sure how long we will continue with it.


Ever since the pandemic hit and the organizations had to work remotely, workforce connection was missing for sure. And the endless zoom meetings still could not fill the gap. We could, too, feel the same way, so in October, we decided to organize REVIVE 2021

No, it wasn't a routine office party; this was the time when people met each other in person after a long time and had loads of fun. It was a full day of madness where we revived the pre-pandemic times, connected with the team, and created fun memories. 

Although I couldn't attend the event physically, looking at all those super excited faces over facetime truly made my day.


webdew always aims to be at the top, and the HubSpot community campaign is another way to help people solve their queries around HubSpot. And keeping the knowledge sharing at priority, we try to resolve the queries through the HubSpot community portal. 

We started this campaign in the first quarter of 2021, and in November, we finally strengthened our position in the HubSpot community by jumping to the 4th position.


Being a successful business owner today has a lot to do with your online presence. And when it comes to scaling your business, one has to nail the digital space.

And third-party endorsement is the key to that. It's easy to boast about how good we are, but what makes all the difference is when others say the same.

So, in the last month of the year 2021, we finally made a century of reviews on one of the most trusted directories for agencies. So I am talking about Clutch; this is so popular that each review is like a recommendation to get a new customer. So the year ended with a noteworthy achievement.

Hard work sure pays off!

Wrapping Up

So, that's a wrap for the year 2021 in review for webdew!

Thanks, everyone, for all the love and support. 

Now, let's hope that 2022 turns out to be the bright horizon of possibility that the whole world is expecting it to be.

And as we continue our mission to be better than yesterday, we look forward to bringing you some more exciting services, news, and insights in 2022 as well. For all the deets, stay tuned for the monthly agency updates!