Line art is unlike other typical types of animation you watch on videos. It is a bit different because you need to take care of minor details and use some artistic ability to create a video. You do not directly start animating when creating a sequence for linear art videos.

Any drawing that requires you to draw images that include distinct straight/curved lines against the background with no fancy animations or gradations for portraying 2D or 3D objects is a line art drawing.

You may try drawing traditionally using your hand, pencil, and paper, but remember that it will not be efficient. You can be much more effective using some of the best line art software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Procreate, Clip Studio Paint, Art Weaver, Art Rage, MediBang Paint Pro, etc.

How does line art software cut down the video creation process?

If you are new to the world of video creation, you can start with line art software free download to get your feet wet. A recent report revealed that 6 out of 10 people prefer online videos rather than regular television broadcasts, which means there is a lot of demand for low-budget videos.

Without further ado, let’s check out how line art software makes it easier to create a video.

1. Get Started Quickly without having to Buy all Drawing Tools

If you want to head on to the traditional path, you will need plenty of drawing tools like pencils, drawing pencils, brushes, watercolours, paints, and so on.

I forgot to mention how long it would take for you to edit the drawing. Furthermore, there is no option for you to erase on a regular paper repeatedly. However, if you use line art software, you do not need all those tools and space to start working with line art drawing.

There are a variety of tools that you can get if you get to hold on to either free or paid line art software that allows you to draw characters, reduce video size and edit as much as you want without any cost. Some applications also allow third-party plugins to enable you to speed up your work.

2. You have a Wide Range of Basic and Advanced Tools

You have various options for selecting the line art software, and for a start, you can start with the free one. This software has plenty of basic and advanced tools that help you draw and beautify your characters and objects.

There is a pen tool, colour palette, eraser, and other tools that you can use as per your purpose. You also have the option to use third-party plugins if you need them. Below is a tutorial on how to draw a simple character in Photoshop.

In the tutorial above, the video creator uses essential Photoshop tools to create a single character. Remember that those are only the basic tools, and many other tools are available for you to use. Furthermore, you can convert a photo into a sketch if you want to do that for your video.

3. Use Templates when needed

Around 70% of marketers want to incorporate more videos into their plans. If we start drawing everything with our hands, fulfilling the businesses' demands would be impossible. Not only that, but we would also be a fool in front of the world, as we will not be leveraging the existing tools and technologies.

You can find some of the best line art software templates to customize and fit into various projects. It is only a single site, and there are many sites like these from where you can download the templates.

Utilizing the models will drastically speed up the video creation process and head onto other vital parts of video production.

4. Allows you to Save the Draft, Analyze, and Edit easily

The process of video production is not an easy task. There is a need for frequent revisions, and you may need to change the characters and other objects repeatedly in the future. With the help of line art software, you can do that easily.

You can save the project that you are working on without finishing it and open it whenever you feel like working on completing the task.

Also, editing the work is not difficult; you only need to use the eraser tool or other built-in tools to make changes. You do not need to start working on the project again and start things from scratch.

5. Easy to Divide the Work and Cooperate in a Team

If you are working on some more significant projects, there is a chance that you need to work together in a team to work on different parts of the video. If you do not use the software, sharing your work with the team and discussing the project's progress and required changes can be difficult.

When you are using the line art software, the teamwork flows smoothly, as the only thing you need to do to start a conversation about something is to share the file. After that, your team members can edit, give feedback, and more.

6. It takes no Effort and Time to Link to Video Editing Software

After doing all the hard work, you need to add all the image and audio files to your video editing software to create a sequence and edit the materials to create a video.

When you save the file using your line art app, it automatically builds the file extension that many video editing software accept, and all you need to do is import the data to the software.

You do no need to take extra steps to make your files compatible with most video editing software. After importing the images, you can edit the video to create a masterpiece.

Ready to choose a suitable Line Art Software?

There are plenty of benefits of using line art drawing software that I have discussed in this article, which I believe are convincing enough for you to use a line art software. In today’s fast-paced world, you need to do whatever you can to be effective, as saving time is equally important as the quality of the video.

Choose the appropriate line art software that best serves your project, and start practicing now. You will realize that using line art software is much better than going down a manual drawing path.

Are you satisfied with our arguments? If yes, do not hesitate to share your insights and opinions with our audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

To create line art digitally, you can use various graphic design and illustration software, such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or Inkscape. These programs provide the tools and features needed to draw and manipulate lines, allowing you to create precise and detailed line art compositions.

Converting a picture into line art can be done using graphic editing software like Adobe Photoshop or specialized applications like Adobe Illustrator. Start by importing your image, then use tools like threshold adjustments, filters, or tracing options to transform the image into a black-and-white representation with clear lines and minimal shading. Experiment with different settings to achieve the desired level of detail and simplicity in your line art.

Creating line art digitally involves using graphic design or illustration software with drawing tools, such as a pen or brush tool. You can sketch your artwork using these tools, creating lines and shapes as needed. Adjust the stroke thickness, line style, and other parameters to achieve the desired visual effect. Many digital drawing tablets and stylus pens can enhance the precision and control of your line art creation.

Yes, AI (Artificial Intelligence) can generate line art through various software and applications. Some AI-powered tools, like DeepDream or neural style transfer algorithms, can transform images into line art or other artistic styles automatically. Additionally, there are AI-powered drawing and illustration programs that assist artists in generating and enhancing line art, making the process more efficient and creative. These tools can be particularly helpful for artists looking to experiment with different styles and achieve unique results.