Product updates or technological improvements are very crucial for any business to maximize its profitability and productivity. HubSpot's constant product updation helps firms to develop business strategies that help them grow.

HubSpot's latest product updates include much-awaited updates like launching of Operations Hub, forecasting in service hub, and creating deals directly from sales extensions. 

Want to learn about HubSpot Product Updates April 2021 in detail? Let's dive in.

What is the Latest in Marketing Hub?

Discover the latest updates in the Marketing Hub!

1.1 Google Ads Recommendations

Applies to: Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise 

HubSpot Ads tool now will have the power of recommendations from Google directly from the HubSpot Ads platform itself.

How does it Work?

  • Navigate to Marketing > Ad
  • Click on the Recommendation tab in the left sidebar menu
  • Now here you can select a Google ads account and select that particular Google accounts for which you want to see optimization recommendations


With this update, you can now easily see the Google ads recommendations for your campaign from the HubSpot itself.

1.2 Partitioning for Workflows

Applies to: Marketing Hub Enterprise; Sales Hub Enterprise; Service Hub Enterprise

This new HubSpot update lets you assign specific workflows to teams within your organization.

How does it Work?

  • Navigate Automation > Workflows
  • Hover over the specific workflow that you want to assign
  • Click the Actions dropdown  menu
  • Click ‘Assign to team'

You can then select the teams or individuals you want to assign the workflow to in the left side panel.


You can now decide on whom to give access to your workflow or not.      

1.3 Forms Comparison Tool

Applies To: Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise

Forms comparison feature lets you compare the performance of up to ten forms at a time. Compare the various metrics such as views, submissions, submission rate etc.

How does it Work?

  • Navigate to Marketing > Forms
  • Hover over the form which you want to compare with other forms
  • Click the ‘Actions' dropdown menu
  • Now select ‘Compare forms'
  • On the next tab, select the forms to compare from the ‘Select form' dropdown menu


Compare up to ten forms to know which form is performing better and which one is not.
You can now work on the forms that have poor performance.

2. What is the Latest in Sales Hub?

Explore the latest updates for the Sales Hub users.

2.1 Create Deals from Sales Extension

Applies To: All Products and Plans

This new feature in HubSpot will let you create deals directly from your Gmail, Office 365, and Outlook on desktop Inbox. You don't have to log in to your HubSpot account to create a deal but log in to your Gmail. or outlook and create a deal.

How does it Work?

  • Download HubSpot sales extension for Gmail, Outlook, or Office 365
  • Login to your Gmail/Office 365/Outlook account
  • Open contact profile sidebar and select ‘Create Deal'


Creating deals is easier now with the help of sales extensions.

3. What is the Latest in Service Hub?

Let's explore what's latest for HubSpot Service Hub users.

3.1 Forecasting in Service Hub 

Applies to: Service Hub Professional, Enterprise

In many businesses, not only Sales teams use deals in HubSpot, but Customer Service based organizations also use them for things like renewals or upgrades. It means they also want to be able to Forecast those renewals and upgrade deals and would like to have their own separate pipeline. With the new update, service teams can also create deal pipelines to streamline their process.

How does it Work?

To use this update, users should have a Service Hub Pro or Enterprise seat; only then can they be given permission to use the Forecast tool in HubSpot. You can grant these permissions via the Service permissions tab in Users & Teams.


Not only the sales team, but now the service team can use the forecast tool to keep track of their progress towards reaching their goals.

3.2 Service Analytics Report

Applies to: Service Hub Professional, Enterprise

With the new Service Analytics report, you can now create reports for your service team and measure their performance. For example, you can now create reports to measure average ticket response time, post-support survey scores, and overall support volume.

How does it Work?

  • Navigate to Reports > Analytics tools
  • Click Service Analytics 
  • Create reports as per your requirement


For a service manager, it is very critical to have the reports for delivering optimal customer experiences. For providing an excellent experience to your customers, you need to know how your team is resolving customer issues. This way, you can optimize your process and deliver a  good customer experience. 

3. What is the Latest in CMS Hub?

Check out the latest updates within CMS Hub.

4.1 Smart Content for all Modules on all pages

Applies To: Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise; CMS Hub Professional, Enterprise  

With the new update, all modules on pages will now support smart content. Smart content now also works with modules in blog templates, with the exception of the blog content module.

How does it Work?

  • Navigate to the website/landing page that you want to edit
  • Click to edit a module in the page editor
  • In the right side menu bar, you'll see the option to add a smart rule
  • Add the smart rules, then change the module's content per smart rule


Smart content helps you to present new and fresh content each time a visitor visits your website. This makes a visitor stay on your website for a longer period of time.

4.2 Update in SEO Audit Tool

Applies To: Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise; CMS Hub Professional, Enterprise

With the new update, the SEO audit tool in HubSpot will now flag pages with a total blocking time (TBT) of more than 300 milliseconds. TBT is a key indicator of page performance, measuring the total amount of time for a crucial page is blocked from responding to user input, such as mouse clicks, screen taps, or keyboard presses. 

How does it Work?

  • The SEO audit tool will flag pages with an unsatisfactory score for any of these 3 Google Core Web Vitals metrics:
    Largest Contentful Paint
    Cumulative Layout Shift
    First Input Delay (Total Blocking Time is a suitable alternate measurement)

The SEO tool uses Google Lighthouse behind the scenes. It will automatically scan all pages that make up the site and flag pages that fail any of these metrics.


SEO audit tool now checks all three Google core web virals metrics and helps you to measure the speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of your website pages.

Bonus Updates

Here are the bonus updates for all the HubSpot subscribers.

5.1 Updates for Pro+ Hubs

Applies to: Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise; Sales Hub Professional, Enterprise; Service Hub Professional, Enterprise

Now, all the clients with Pro+ Hubs across Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub can automate deals and use Products.

How does it Work?

Deal automation helps you to keep your pipeline clean and updated. This will let your representatives have a clear idea of which deals to prioritize to meet their goals, and managers can have clear visibility into their pipeline.

Users can start building product catalogs in HubSpot, and product teams can build features to build on that value.


Automation of deals will make your work more efficient and aligned. 

In the End

This is all about the HubSpot for this time. I hope you now know how aggressively HubSpot is working on the update of its products so that you can leverage it to improve your team efficiency and grow your business.

If you have any questions about any topic in HubSpot, you can refer to our HubSpot Help Center.

We will be back with more new updates soon. Also don't forget to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

In HubSpot, a timeline activity is a way to keep track of interactions and important events related to a record, like a customer or lead. These interactions, or activities, can be notes, emails, calls, tasks, and meetings. You can even go back and make changes to some of these activities, like editing the content of a note. This feature helps users manage and review their interactions with contacts, making it easier to stay organized and provide better customer service. You can also use filters to sort and find specific activities within a record's timeline.

In HubSpot, you can generate reports to analyze data. They've increased the limit for these reports. Now, you can make up to 300 dashboards, previously 200, and up to 3000 custom reports, formerly 2000. This means you have more freedom to keep track of your data and gain insights into your business, helping you make better decisions and optimize your strategies.

In HubSpot, the number of lists you can create depends on your licensing level. For Free Marketing, you can have up to 5 Active Lists. Marketing Starter allows up to 25 Dynamic Lists. However, with higher-tier licenses like Sales Enterprise, you can have as many as 1,500 Active Lists. So, your list limit increases with the level of your HubSpot license, giving you greater flexibility and segmentation options as you move up in licensing tiers.

In a free HubSpot CRM account, you can store a maximum of 1,000,000 contacts. This free plan offers essential tools listed in HubSpot's Products & Services catalog, which you can access. If you need more capabilities or wish to manage a larger contact database, you have the option to upgrade your account or remove it as needed from the Products and Services page within your CRM free account.