Recruitment is a continuous process. A business is always on the lookout to hire the most skilled and suitable candidates to add to its roster.

Whether you're actively looking for new employees or passively on the lookout for the best talent in the market, your career page plays a crucial role in attracting candidates.

Bound to feature prominently in a prospective employee's research about your company, it becomes the platform to showcase your employer's brand.

How web design can make a lot of difference is astounding. Given below are some tips and tricks to design your corporate career page in the most optimized way to attract the most suitable talent.

How to design your Corporate Career Page to attract Better Hires

A career page is a section on your website dedicated to showcasing your employer brand and posting about new job openings. It is a place for you to communicate your company values to prospective employees.


We have developed some practices to help revitalize your career page and easily attract the top talent in the market. Let's take a look at them.

Keep your Career Page Simple

The core idea, as you can see from all our career page examples, is to get people interested in your company, whether they're active or passive job seekers.

The most important aspect to remember when it comes to crafting stellar career pages is to keep them simple and structured. It is easy to go with the flow and include too much in a bid to convince prospective clients.

But what truly makes you stand out is a well-structured page that has something unique to say and show to a visitor. Ideally, you need to focus on highlighting two specific aspects in equal parts: your job postings and your company culture.

You might add other aspects but the basic structure shall remain the same. This is because they're the two pillars of the careers page. They're what visitors seek when they visit your page: what working with you will look like and how they'll get in.

Remember to begin with an about us section and then highlight the available openings. Additionally, keep the entire layout precise and to the point. Create a flow to the page so that it has an inviting tone to it.

Stick to a Theme

Something that will make your page stand out is having a distinct theme, as shown in the example above. You might have a vibrant, youthful aesthetic that symbolizes your young workforce, or you might opt for a professional aesthetic that shows your executive company culture.

This will extend well to the visual aspects of the page, along with your tone of voice. Make use of the fonts, design, and color themes to create an aesthetic that is an extension of your company culture.

Keep it Updated

This is the point that often slips the radar of companies. They put so much effort into creating the perfect career page but then don't update it. This makes the page feel out of touch with current events and stale.

94% of job seekers are likely to apply for a job if they see that the employer is actively managing their brand.

It's important to keep your career page updated at all times. Candidates will be visiting it regularly to know about the status of jobs and their applications. Add and remove openings as soon as there is an update on them.

This has the dual benefit of not letting confusion emerge regarding any job or its status as well as keeping the page appear fresh and up to date. Do the same with the pictures, videos, posts, and testimonials you include on the page.

Simplify the Job Front

As discussed above, one of the primary purposes of a career page is to attract job seekers by informing them of new job openings. Make sure that you keep the job in front of your page as simple as possible.

To do so, focus on the following two aspects:

Highlight Vacancies

Begin by highlighting the job openings. Feature them prominently on your page. Add filters to make them more searchable to allow candidates to sort through them by location or department.

This allows you to display all your vacancies in one place while making them intricately searchable. Candidates don't have to sift through several irrelevant vacancies, and they'll simply look up jobs of their interest. 

Ease the Application Process

Make the application process as short as possible. Candidates don't want to spend time filling in information that can already be found on their resume, and nor do they want to take tests without being informed in advance.

Simplify the application process by including the option to add the resume and experience letters along with one or two relevant questions. If pre-employment assessment tests need to be added, inform the applicant in advance. This way, the candidate will be prepared and spare the time for a lengthier process.

Having said that, a shorter process invites many irrelevant applicants. This is why you should always include at least one to two relevant questions in the application process to weed out non-serious candidates.

Showcase your Company Culture

The other important aspect of the career page is the display of your company culture. There are myriad ways to show your values, history, and team environment. Taking inspiration from the Airbnb example above, you may begin with a line or two about your company as a whole.

It will encapsulate the entire career page, i.e., what the user will find on there and what they shall expect of you as a company. Use this space to communicate who you're and the values you believe in.

If you have a distinction to demonstrate, such as your long and illustrious history, the diversity of your workforce, the accolades you have received over the years, or sustainability or healthy living — highlight that about yourself here.

But what do you use to showcase yourself? Pictures, videos, and testimonials.

Pictures and Videos

Use pictures and videos of your employees having a good time and enjoying themselves to show what working with you'll be like. Carefully select a diverse roster of media to let the visitor know what they shall expect from you.


They might be of the staff regularly working, during meetings. Stepping away from work, have pictures and videos of the staff enjoying office parties and games. If you can, include snippets of outside work trips, vacations, and parties. 


An employee testimonial is an important social proof of how great your work culture is. Whether it is a written testimonial with an appropriate pictures attached or a video one, the key is to make it appear authentic.

Candidates can determine if the testimonial is something the management is presenting to prop the company up or something an employee is saying on their own. Ask your employees to be real and genuine when presenting a testimonial for authenticity.

Be Transparent


Focus on creating a page that is authentic and not just a rose-tinted view of what working with you looks like. As you'll be able to see in the example above, the company has included the option for the user to view its Glassdoor reviews.

This helps the user see that the company is confident in its company culture. So much so that it is inviting you to see unfiltered reviews of it on an independent platform. It inspires confidence and shows authenticity and sincerity.

Display an Employee Journey

We've earlier talked about creating a flow on the career page. Creating a story out of your history and work culture shall help engage users. You might create a map of the journey an employee will go through with your firm.

Use attractive visuals to illustrate the journey better. Let them know the growth you offer to an employee. This is also a great place to list out the benefits employees are entitled to, such as healthcare and 401K. 

Additionally, you might also use this space to illustrate how various departments work. You might include short videos from department heads detailing how their department operates and how you'll be able to grow with the team.

These videos will subsequently perform as testimonials where team leads will be giving prospective users a direct window into your rich work culture. This is a great way to include a testimonial without it feeling inauthentic.

Final Thoughts

Whether a prospective employee is actively seeking employment with you or casually scrolling through to know your company better, your career page is going to be the focus of their introduction to you.

Design your career page to serve the dual purpose of clearly listing out vacant positions as well as what it will be like to work with you. Keep the page structured and easy to navigate. Create a distinct theme to give the flow and stand out. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Attracting the best candidates for your job openings involves creating a compelling career page that highlights your company's culture, values, and opportunities. Use engaging content, showcase employee testimonials, and share your unique selling points. Additionally, promote your job listings on job boards and social media to reach a wider pool of potential candidates.

To create a good career page, ensure it's easy to navigate and visually appealing. Include an overview of your company, its mission, and values. Highlight current job openings with detailed descriptions, requirements, and benefits. Showcase employee stories and company culture through images and videos. Make sure your page is mobile-friendly and offers a straightforward application process.

Growing your career page involves a mix of strategies. Regularly update job listings and content to keep it fresh. Encourage your employees to share their experiences and refer potential candidates. Partner with universities and industry-specific organizations for talent pipelines. Use SEO strategies to improve your page's visibility in search results and attract more visitors.

To enhance your professional profile, focus on building a strong personal brand. Share your expertise through blog posts, articles, and social media. Attend industry events and network with professionals. Seek feedback and reviews from clients or colleagues to showcase your credibility. Highlight your achievements, certifications, and skills on your profile, and keep it up-to-date.