Go to any website today, and you'll likely see a hero banner.

No, I'm not talking about images of long bright capes or a collection of super cool gadgets. Although, the idea is pretty much the same. 


Well, the hero banner is one of the first things visitors see on your website. So, if it's intriguing enough, it can make them stay longer on your website and take action — or better yet, make a purchase.

However, long gone are the days when static web pages, plain text, and photos were enough to keep users engaged. Video is the ultimate game changer today. Thus, know everything about adding the explainer video on homepage hero banner.

Read on to find out how!

What is a hero banner?

Some people often think their homepage is a hero banner, but that’s not true. Unlike a typical homepage, often packed with information and links, a hero banner typically focuses on a single key message.

A hero banner has a call-to-action that directs the users anywhere on your website based on your website’s primary goal.

How important is your hero banner?

Hero banners have gained so much popularity because they stand out. They draw interest to your website without much clutter, while helping communicate your key messages and establish your brand. 

And unlike carousel images, users don't need to wait for the carousel to return or look for the banner they just saw. Your brand’s key message is front and centre, right where it should be. 

Why use a video in the hero banner?

It's no secret that videos are remarkably effective in boosting engagement on the web. After all, we all respond to and remember visuals at a startlingly higher rate than when the same information is presented via text. 

Since the hero section is the first thing any visitor sees when they land on your homepage, using a video will instantly draw their attention. 

A hero video will help convey the whole idea of your brand much more quickly than words can. Besides, you can show more in one shot what your brand is all about and what services are being offered to create a better user experience.

Moreover, a hero video helps your visitors find the call to action and can dramatically boost your conversion rates. Besides, it is proving even more efficient than the popular photo slider gallery that once ruled the web design industry until 2021.

Not to mention, watching something requires much less effort than reading. Besides, the experience of watching a video is always fun, exciting, and, honestly, pretty addicting. Right?

How can an explainer video on a hero banner help?

An explainer video conveys what your visitors need to know in a short, easy-to-understand format. Consider it your visual elevator pitch to show off your brand without making the visitors read or listen to plain text.

Have an idea that’s way ahead of its time? 

Well, a 90-second explainer video might be all you require to get people on board.

How? Let’s find out!

1. Easy-to-Understand

One of the main reasons for adding an explainer video to the hero banner is to make information flow clearly and easier to understand. 

A short 1-minute explainer video can convey a large chunk of information that would otherwise require far more time for the visitor to read it in text or try to understand it from screenshots, carousels, etc. 

2. Engaging Demonstration 

One of the strongest attributes of an explainer video is the ability to simultaneously demonstrate products or services via all the channels of perception. 

When done right,  your website visitors can consume quite a lot of information pretty quickly without having to scroll down or go through the entire content. Also, since the average human attention span is fairly short, a 60-90 seconds long explainer video often gets higher chances of engagement and website conversions. 

3. Storytelling

Another strong point of an explainer video is its ability to tell a story engagingly.

Let's face it; everyone enjoys stories, and why not. After all, they explain things, illustrate situations, are often entertaining and aesthetic, and are easier to understand and remember.

Explainer videos often feature a plot that moves through 3 key phases: highlighting problems, evoking emotions, and offering the solution.

4. Sets the Right Vibe

Explainer videos integrated into UI effectively set the needed aesthetics and vibe, a significant part of the customer experience. 

An explainer video levels up the demonstration game by letting the visitor catch the vibe in merely a few seconds. All you need is a good-quality immersive video that suits your brand.

5. Emotion

No matter how logical we are, most decisions are based on emotions, not only facts. 

“I like it”, “I got it”, and “It's amazing.” reasons like these often seem stronger than any logic, calculations, or analysis. Isn't it?

That's exactly where an explainer video can nail it for you since it engages multiple perception channels simultaneously. And the chances it builds an emotional connection with the audience get much higher.

Ready to create an Effective Explainer Video for your Website's Homepage?

Modern web design is considerably pushing toward replacing static images with more dynamic visuals.

And why not? After all, videos arouse emotion and action faster than any other medium. So, conveying your brand message via a video, especially an explainer video, can significantly influence how users engage with your brand. 

So, if conversion is your main goal, an explainer video on your Hero Banner could be the secret sauce behind your website's success.

Now is the time to ask yourself if you still wish to continue to ignore its absence on your website. If not, get in touch with us now, and our explainer video experts will handle the rest for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

The hero banner on a homepage is the large, prominent section at the top that immediately grabs a visitor's attention. It often includes key visuals, messages, or calls to action.

A good hero banner should include a captivating image or video, a concise headline that conveys the main message, a subheadline for additional context, and a clear call to action (CTA) button prompting visitors to take a specific action.

To create a compelling hero section, focus on high-quality visuals, concise and engaging copy, a visually appealing layout, and a strong CTA. Ensure that the hero section aligns with your brand and immediately communicates the purpose of your website or page.

A hero banner, also known as a hero section or hero image, is the primary visual and content element at the top of a webpage. It serves as the first impression for website visitors and is crucial for conveying important messages and encouraging user engagement.