Developing a business and growing its strength is one of the most challenging tasks that everyone is facing. Are you also facing some similar issue in boosting your brand visibility and sales? If yes, then start utilizing Upwork to the fullest. Using Upwork to the fullest will help you drive strategy and make your services more attractive. 

When it comes to Upwork, then you will be amazed to know that Upwork can be used more efficiently—thinking about it? Well! Upwork has introduced the beta version of Project Catalog, a brand new way to use Upwork.

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Are you familiar with this newly added feature of Upwork? If not, then this article is for you! 

What is Project Catalog? 

A project catalog is a feature through which you can give clients the best way to buy the products instantly. It also helps in determining the timeline, scope, process, and cost of the product description, which will make it really easy for the clients to make the right decision. 

Remember, if the clients understand and find your services in a better way, then they can enjoy the work more professionally. 

The project catalog includes video, website development, digital marketing, graphic design, along with other 80+ in-demand categories. No matter how complex your work is, having this option will allow you to post a job in the Upwork marketplace.

Moreover, with this feature, you can instantly purchase pre-scoped projects at a fixed price. From a website to an explainer video, simply find your project in the project catalog, click, and buy. It would not be wrong to consider it as an e-commerce-like experience for your most immediate needs.

Features of Upwork Project Catalog

Can select desired talent

Clients can explore Upwork and start new working relationships instantly with clear expectations and outcomes. From the scope of work and timing to cost and deliverables, important details are packaged so that you estimate exactly what to expect and what it takes to make it happen.

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Highlight active projects

Basically, there are two different ways to engage your services on Upwork. One is the traditional marketplace, and the other is Project Catalog. 

When both these options are tied together, then a space will be added to your Upwork profile, where you can highlight and activate the project catalog listing.

This will benefit your business in such a way that whenever a client visits your project, then they will see a range of services that you offer from which they can easily choose the right option that works best for their business. 

Improve visibility with search tags

If your brand is more viewed by the audience, then you don't have to put much effort into reaching the goals. Well, if you are reading this blog, you might be looking forward to the best way through which you can increase project visibility on Upwork. If so, then you need to understand that in the project creation process, you can add search tags. 

The addition of these tags will allow you to add information and grab the audience's attention. Adding tags will make the content look more professional and specific. So, always look for keywords that are related to your work. 

Find References

Having a project catalog, easily browse project gigs to find a reference for your next project, or simply type what you're looking for by searching. When you feel ready, just check out the purchase and get started.

Gigs are the additional way to earn on Upwork by allowing independent talent to showcase their expert services and turn them into powerful new income streams.

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As a freelancer or a business owner, you can build a project showcasing once and land new contracts from it repeatedly. It's a simple way to attract more work in a more effective, efficient, and enjoyable manner. So,  just simply select the plan and communicate directly with the freelancer.

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For any assistance with explainers videos, motion graphics, please visit:

Add clip to project gallery 

Adding a project catalog listing allows you to add a link to your portfolio that will allow you to curate the best work samples. In this particular gallery, you can add up to 20 images along with the video related to your project. These animated characters will bring talent to life which will further inspire the professionals to hire the right talent. 

Easily share the project 

Once the feature is added to the project, you can easily share the project in no time. Facebook, Linked In, Twitter are some of the platforms where you can share the projects with correspondence.

This feature not only allows you to build a strong presence but also makes it really easy for your business to get more clients and leverage the existing contacts. 

Set up features before live 

Last but not least feature of Project Catalog is setting up a feature before getting live. If you think that there is an unlimited time to update the features, then here you need to know that you have max two weeks. 

Within this timeframe, you can set up new add-ons, optimize tags, upload videos, etc., before making it live. This will make you feel more confident about your services. Thus, start representing your brand with more effectiveness. 

The Final Say 

Utilizing the Upwork project catalog will not only inspire you to take your work forward but also take your brand to the next level. Hopefully, the information shared above will help you realize the importance of the Upwork project catalog. 

So, what are you looking for? Start accomplishing your business goals by utilizing the Upwork project catalog. Want to get in-touch with our sales team? Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

To promote your project catalog on Upwork, optimize your profile, build a strong portfolio, use relevant keywords, offer competitive pricing, request client reviews, share your catalog on social media and professional networks, write compelling proposals, engage in Upwork communities, stay active, utilize Upwork promotions, consider specializing, and offer free resources. Consistent effort and a well-rounded approach will help increase your visibility and attract potential clients to your catalog.

Upwork's project catalog offers professionals several advantages, including the ability to showcase their work, attract specific clients searching for services, enhance profile visibility, streamline transactions, diversify their portfolio, gain a competitive edge, encourage repeat business, set clear pricing, and facilitate upselling of related services. It simplifies marketing and client engagement, making it a valuable tool for freelancers seeking success on the platform.

To grow your business on Upwork, start by optimizing your profile and specializing in a niche. Build a strong portfolio, request client reviews, and customize your proposals. Offer competitive pricing, expand your service offerings, and network within the Upwork community. Utilize Upwork's promotional tools, upsell to existing clients, deliver exceptional quality, and stay informed about industry trends.

To attract more clients on Upwork, optimize your profile, specialize in a niche, build a strong portfolio, request client reviews, craft customized proposals, offer competitive pricing, expand your services, network with the Upwork community, leverage Upwork's promotional tools, upsell to existing clients, consistently deliver high-quality work, stay informed about industry trends, manage your time efficiently, invest in learning, seek long-term client relationships, and regularly monitor and adapt your strategies for client acquisition.