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      Microsoft Power Automate, previously known as Microsoft Flow, is a BPM tool that allows users to automate workflows and processes across various applications and services.
  • Versatile


      Pneumatic is a cloud-based business process management platform designed to make enterprise-grade workflow automation accessible to businesses of all sizes.
  • Cost-effective


      While ProWorkflow is not a dedicated BPM platform, it supports essential workflow management and automation to handle complex workflow modelling.

Most businesses look for ways to enhance productivity and drive exponential growth. While they can complete the steps manually, it becomes challenging with continuous growth. 

There needs to be a thorough process, such as the best business process management software. However, less than 48% of businesses implement such software

Organizations leverage the benefits of business process automation management tools to make such objectives achieve such perfection

These solutions are super effective, offering robust features to optimize and automate business processes across different functions and departments. 

If you don't know what is business process management system but have plans on using such software, this article is perfect for you. 

List of Best Business Process Management Tools

While numerous BPM software is available, you need to choose the best business process management software for your organization. 

When you know about the different options, you can make more data-driven decisions. Here are the top 13 best business process management software in the market. 

1. Microsoft

Microsoft Power Automate is one of the best business process management software offering user-friendly products. This best BPM software provides a highly flexible technology environment

An eye-catching advantage of Microsoft BPM software is that almost all companies use some of its products. Hence, you don’t need to worry about ecosystem or integrations

Microsoft Power Automate

  • Streamlined approval processes
  • Interoperation with Microsoft 365
  • Innovative document automation
  • Data-driven business automation

With Microsoft’s BPM tool, you can start with modelling individual processes. Moreover, you can expand your business process modelling to identify different capabilities

Thanks to the product library, you can build business models easily without any problem. The PowerPoint and Excel-based information will aid in low-code application generation


  • Power Automate boasts a user-friendly interface and intuitive features
  • Power Automate offers a vast library of connectors
  • Automating repetitive tasks saves time
  • Provides a free plan


  • Complexity for advanced workflows
  • Limited data retention

Microsoft’s business process management software is designed to produce different types of design options and outcomes. For instance, your BPM teams can use MS Power Automate for workflow automation. 

Besides, the digital process capabilities will help your team to create streamlined workflows for both repetitive tasks and processes. This BPM platform can also improve business communication. 

Microsoft Automate Pricing Plan

  • Free trial: $0

    Plus $6/month/person

  • Power Automate Premium: $15/user/month

    Plus $12/month/person

  • Power Automate Process: $150/bot/month

You can also use the forms as one of the most important parts of the application definition process. You can also create custom forms to collect the relevant information. As a result. You can define and design suitable applications for your project.

? Why use Microsoft Power Automate?
  • Microsoft Power Automate is a valuable tool for automating tasks and improving efficiency, especially for beginners and users focused on basic to moderate workflow complexity.

However, many people feel that the Microsoft Power Automate BPM solution is overwhelming. This is because this business process management software can be combined with numerous other products

2. Integrify

Integrify is another of the best business process management systems in the market. It helps businesses automate and track end-to-end business processes

Integrity comes with numerous features. This includes real-time visibility, task automation, and workflow optimization capabilities


  • Process builder
  • Form designer
  • Service portal
  • Top-notch integrations

You can also create custom workflows to meet your business needs. Not to mention, you can identify areas that require improvements and take proper corrective actions


  • Higher flexibility and configurability
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Streamlined process management


  • Steeper learning curve for advanced features
  • Limited mobile functionality

With Integrify, building complex processes to automate workflows is also possible. This will help employees build proper communication with the systems. 

Integrify Pricing Plan

  • Integrify Automation: $875/month

Additionally, the system can automate mundane tasks. Hence, you can save time by eliminating the manual tasks. The real-time visibility into each step will help you monitor progress

Integrify will also let you create dynamic forms. Besides custom fields, you can add input validations, custom fields, conditional logic and calculations. 

Thanks to these forms, you can use workflows to complete tasks more efficiently. The powerful reporting and visualization capabilities will help you generate various performance reports. This includes customer satisfaction level or task completion rate. 

? Why use Integrify?
  • Integrify is a well-regarded BPM system offering user-friendly features, flexibility, and strong customer support. Its strengths lie in streamlined process management, customization options, and integration capabilities.

Integrify also supports integrations with third-party apps like Dropbox, Salesforce, Zapier, and Slack. Hence, you can share your data across multiple systems. 

3. Pneumatic Workflow

Pneumatic comes with a cloud-based business process management system. It helps businesses organize and coordinate different types of processes and tasks. 

The Pneumatic workflow management software can eliminate redundancy, automate task management, and boost communication between teams and individuals. It will also reduce errors while improving overall productivity. 

Pneumatic Workflow

  • Unlimited workflow management
  • Quick product overview
  • Information flow
  • Zero code integration

As a strong business process management software, Pneumatic can launch robust workflow through different platforms. It can also use external SaaS solutions to leverage the public API

With Pneumatic Workflow, organizations can design and use assembly lines to move partially completed tasks efficiently. This way, complex tasks will be handled by the right people. 


  • Comes with visual drag-and-drop functionality
  • Pneumatic provides a library of pre-built templates
  • Teams can collaborate on workflows
  • Pneumatic integrates with various popular tools


  • Limited functionality for complex workflows
  • Limited reporting capabilities

Business users can also get started with pre-built workflows, available on the free template library. They can also use unlimited workflows within a single template. 

Pneumatic Pricing Plan

  • Unlimited: $99/month

  • Fractional COO: $599/month

Even if you choose the free template, you will receive the most used workflows, such as customer retention, content development, purchase approval, etc

? Why use Pneumatic Workflow?
  • Pneumatic Workflow is a solid choice for small and medium-sized businesses seeking a user-friendly and affordable solution to automate routine tasks and improve process efficiency. However, it may not help large enterprises.

Pneumatic also integrates with other applications like Zapier. However, you need to have API access for such integrations. 

4. Monday.com

Monday is an excellent business process management tool due to its versatility and effectiveness. It’s focused on intuitive and simple layouts to clarify more work sequences. Monday is also an excellent customer relationship management tool.

Monday comes with many eye-catching features. Some of them are time tracking, collaboration, project management, and reporting features. For instance, you can upload and attach files, mention teammates, or make comments. 


  • Project management
  • Requests & approvals
  • Resource management
  • Custom workflows

Monday also boasts its project management capabilities. As it can collect data from multiple boards, you can track progress more efficiently


  • User-friendly interface
  • Collaboration and communication to keep everyone informed
  • Can reduce manual tasks and improve efficiency
  • Integrates with a wide range of third-party tools


  • Pricing structure is slightly expensive for small businesses
  • Limited advanced features

While Monday doesn’t come with an extensive set of project management tools, you can use this platform to track timelines, hours, and invoices

Monday Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Basic: $9/seat/month

  • Standard: $12/seat/month

  • Pro: $19/seat/month

  • Enterprise: Contact sales

Keep in mind that this pricing structure is valid for 3 seats. If your team size increases, so will the pricing structure. You can also choose to upgrade to the next plan according to your needs.

? Why use Monday?
  • If you're looking for a business process management platform that can automate the repetitive tasks of your business, you should choose Monday. As it's an all-in-one platform, you can also use the other services.

Overall, this is one of the best business process management software for its customization abilities. You can also use the workflow tools for automation. 

Monday integrates with Google Drive, Slack, Trello, GitHub, Gmail, Dropbox, and Calendar. You can also access it via Zapier. 

5. Qntrl

Qntrl is a comprehensive business process management software designed to help businesses with their process improvements. Besides improving weak areas, Qntrl can streamline business operations to reduce process mapping costs

This cloud-based platform can help businesses create models of their existing processes. This way, they can optimize the processes with analytics and automated workflow tools. As a result, businesses can identify operational inefficiencies quickly for increased productivity and cost savings


  • Blueprint duration charts
  • Ensure execution standards
  • Dynamic card assignments
  • Automatic workflow actions

Qntrl comes with robust reporting capabilities, allowing users to track their business’s processes over time. The dashboard is also highly customizable. 

You can choose to include only the relevant data for tracking purposes. This is why monitoring changes is relatively easier with Qntrl. Furthermore, you can also monitor the changes in real-time to address problems before they get bigger. 


  • Low-code/no-code platform requires less technical expertise
  • Centralization and visibility for more transparency
  • Process automation to streamline workflows
  • Integration with the software ecosystem


  • Not suitable for complex workflows
  • Slight learning curve

The built-in security measures are also top-notch. It will ensure the safety of your data items from malware attacks and tampering. It includes two-factor authentication, encryption protocols, and added security assurances. 

Qntrl Pricing Plan

  • Business: $7/user/month

Qntrl is undoubtedly one of the cheapest additions to our list of best business process management software. If you have more than 500 employees working in your company, visit their pricing page to use the pricing calculator.

Users can also create custom permissions and security roles. This way, you can choose which individuals can access any sensitive data items or system areas

? Why use Qntrl?
  • Qntrl is a valuable tool for automating workflows and improving process efficiency, especially for teams seeking a user-friendly and centralized solution.

Qntrl integrates with Salesforce, a popular third-party software. Thanks to its integration with other business systems, your business can connect data from multiple sources easily

6. Kissflow

Kissflow is another best process management software. With its no-code process and digital workplace, it can adapt to your business easily. 

Kissflow is undoubtedly one of the most used BMPs, with clients like The Telegraph, Dominos, Hubspot, and Pepsi. 


  • No-code platform
  • Simple interface
  • Tailor-made fluid forms
  • Intuitive reports and analytics

Apart from a user-friendly interface, you will also get real-time analytics, data scalability, and ready-to-use applications. In terms of functions and features, only a handful of software can come close to Kissflow.


  • Offers a high degree of flexibility for the best customization
  • Built-in features like comments, mentions, and task assignments
  • Automate repetitive tasks and workflows
  • Integrates with various third-party tools


  • The reporting and analytics are quite limited
  • Offline functionality is very limited

Thanks to the no-code option, it will prove suitable for all of your business’s needs. This includes case flow handling, project board building, automated processes, and collaboration tools

Kissflow Pricing Plan

Like other best business process management software, Kissflow comes with multiple integrations. This includes Salesforce, Webmerge, Oracle, DropBox, and more

? Why use Kissflow?
  • Kissflow is known for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users with varying technical skills. This allows business users and process owners to collaborate with developers in creating and managing workflows, fostering a culture of innovation.

However, keep in mind that Kissflow is entirely dependent on internet access. This means that you cannot access it offline. 

7. Miro

Miro is an online whiteboard platform designed to allow teams to work more efficiently. This software comes with features that will help you organize and visualize your projects and ideas

The primary reason I chose Miro is because of its incredibly user-friendly interface and dashboard. You don’t need any technical knowledge to figure out its features. 


  • Product development workflows
  • Content and data visualization
  • Visual project management
  • Miro assist

Additionally, it’s highly flexible. Whether you’re planning a project or brainstorming new ideas, Micro will help your business a lot. But the features help Miro stand apart from the crowd. For instance, you will find the infinite feature really attractive. 


  • Miro offers a drag-and-drop interface
  • Teams can work together in real-time
  • More flexible
  • Pre-built templates and features like Kanban boards, swimlanes, and voting tools


  • Less powerful process automation
  • Large and complex boards can become cluttered

This is like having endless whiteboards to add more valuable information without worrying about space. You can also leverage the benefits of pre-built templates. 

Miro Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Starter: $8/month

  • Business: $16/month

  • Enterprise: Contact sales

Don’t forget to try Miro's collaboration feature. You can ask your teammates to join your board to work together in real-time. You can also leave feedback and comments directly on the board. 

? Why use Miro?
  • With Miro, teams can work together on the same board simultaneously, facilitating discussions, brainstorming, and feedback on process design. Miro can also eliminate scattered information and foster transparency.

Some notable features of Miro include agile workflows, mind mapping, templates, diagramming, etc. You will also get privacy controls and real-time teammate tracking. 

8. Quixy

If you’re looking for a user-friendly business application, choose Quixy. This cloud-based system can empower people with no coding background to automate processes and workflows

With Quixy, you can build enterprise-grade applications. The simple drag-and-drop interface will prove beneficial and super helpful. It’s also faster than the traditional approach. 


  • No-code platform
  • Business process automation
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Integration capabilities

Quickie provides multiple pre-built solutions for various use cases like project management, travel, HRMS, expense management, and much more


  • Perfect for users with no coding background
  • Can be integrated with existing software
  • Prioritizes data security
  • Improved communication and collaboration


  • Learning curve for users unfamiliar with no-code platforms
  • May fail to handle highly complex processes

Quixy's intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users with no coding experience to build custom applications and automate workflows. This empowers citizen developers within various departments to take ownership of process improvement.

Quixy Pricing Plan

It also automates repetitive tasks, triggers actions based on specific events, and streamlines complex workflows with conditional branching and decision points.

? Why use Quixy?
  • Quixy is a powerful and user-friendly BPM platform for businesses seeking to automate workflows and improve operational efficiency. However, make you consider its limitations before investing.

Quixy prioritizes data security and compliance with industry standards. They offer granular access controls, activity tracking, and secure cloud infrastructure.

Quixy also provides automation options. Users can build custom processes and workflows per the project's needs. 

9. Forecast

Forecast allows businesses to manage projects, finances, and resources. Regarded as one of the best process management software, Forecast can help manage both single projects and portfolios

You can also complete visual workflow modelling by using the drag-and-drop feature. This is why you don’t need to have any technical expertise. 


  • AI-assisted task management
  • Task assignment, scheduling and approvals
  • User roles and permission levels
  • Gantt charts & workflow boards

The auto-schedule will help you with the project planning process. It will automatically eliminate the task durations, deadline settings, and resource assigning


  • Simple UI/UX
  • Ease of use for professionals and beginners
  • Integration capabilities
  • Resource allocation


  • Limited BPM focus
  • Non-transparent pricing

Some other notable features of Forecast include auto visualization of accurate calculations. This way, businesses can know how much the team members spend and highlight if they need to recruit a new talent. 

Forecast Pricing Plan

Forecast’s pipeline will help you know the running or finished projects. It will also help you know the planned projects across different portfolios. 

You can generate thorough insights and budget reports across metrics like costs, revenue, and profit for each project. Not to mention, you can sort projects based on the planned and actual work done

? Why use Forecast?
  • If you prioritize ease of use and resource allocation management, “Forecast” might be worth exploring. Make sure you contact their sales team to get a pricing quote.

Forecast integrates with numerous project management tools like QuickBooks, Jira, Xero, and more. These integrations will come in handy to streamline workflows. 

10. Studio Creatio

Studio Creatio is another no-code platform like Kissflow. It will help you build and store your business processes and workflows easily

It comes with super flexibility and can create applications for multiple aspects of your business’s operations. Studio Creatio can create data models, business processes, pages, views, and many more

Studio Creatio

  • Entirely no-code platform
  • Process design
  • Top-notch integrations
  • AI and machine learning

The process designer will also help in real-time collaboration. Hence, team members can build and optimize business processes consecutively. 


  • All-in-one platform
  • No-code/low-code development
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Reliable integration capabilities


  • Complex pricing structure
  • Limited customization

You can also import different processes within the system and export the ones that are already done. The simple UI will help your employees navigate and use it. 

Studio Creatio Pricing Plan

  • Growth: $25/user/month

  • Enterprise: $55/user/month

  • Unlimited: $85/user/month

Automation can also reduce manual workloads, mitigate human error, and create proper consistency.

? Why use Studio Creatio?
  • Studio Creatio is a powerful platform offering a comprehensive suite of tools for various business needs. Its no-code/low-code development capabilities and scalability make it attractive for organizations seeking to automate workflows and improve operational efficiency.

This business process management software can be integrated with other tools available in the Creatio marketplace. These include Process First, WordPress, Agovo, OneDrive, Amdocs, Online, Softline, and more

11. Camunda Platform

Camunda is one of the best open source business process management software. This BPMS can help businesses improve and analyze their workflow. 

Camunda allows businesses to automate the overall processes with higher flexibility and ease. Hence, they can ultimately be more efficient. 


  • End-to-end process orchestration
  • Excellent speed and resilience
  • Open architecture
  • Process performance monitoring

It comes with robust features like task management, workflow modelling and execution, process monitoring, optimization, and analytics

It also provides an extensive library of connectors that will help you integrate into their existing systems. As it’s open-source, you can also leverage the benefits of the customization options


  • Camunda is open-source for more customization
  • Supports the industry standard BPMN notation
  • Powerful automation capabilities for complex workflow
  • Extensive monitoring and reporting


  • Less intuitive UI
  • Potential vendor lock-in

Camunda supports both traditional applications and cloud-native. Choose can pick the most suitable option as per their needs. 

You can also use advanced features like dynamic modelling and complex decision trees. The automated testing tool will help you test something thoroughly before real-world deployment

Camunda Pricing Plan

The real-time analytics dashboard will help you know about the key performance metrics, notifications, and alerts for thorough UI customizations. This way, users can customize their experience as per their preferences.

? Why use Camunda?
  • Camunda BPM is a powerful and flexible platform suitable for organizations seeking to automate complex workflows, gain deep process insights, and ensure scalability. Its open-source core and BPMN compliance offer advantages in terms of customization, cost-effectiveness, and industry standardization.

Thanks to its unified approach towards robotic process automation, businesses can save time and money by automating numerous tasks. No need to worry about manual efforts when you use this BPM system

12. Oracle BPM Suite

If you want to boost collaboration between IT and business, you should consider Oracle BPM Suite. This best business process management solution can optimize and automate your business’s processes quite effectively. 

It comes with predictive analysis and real-time metrics, which will aid in rapid process development and modelling. 

Oracle BPM Suite

  • Visual process modeling
  • Case management
  • Real-time process monitoring
  • Process analytics and reporting

Besides having a robust BPM database, Oracle BPM Suite will also capture your attention in terms of the software offerings. This is the main reason why many businesses choose Oracle BPM Suite. 


  • Best for process modelling, execution, and monitoring
  • Can handle a high volume of data
  • Large user base
  • Higher data security and compliance


  • May prove expensive
  • Not user-friendly

However, keep in mind that you won’t receive as many integrations with Oracle BPM Suite. If you’re looking for project management software or legacy tools, you need to consider other BPM software solutions. 

Oracle BPM Suite Pricing Plan

I tried finding the pricing structure of Oracle BPM Suite but failed, only to realize that they only provide customized pricing. I didn't like this, as the best way to engage with consumers is by maintaining transparency.

? Why use Oracle BPM Suite?
  • Oracle BPM Suite is a powerful and feature-rich platform designed for large organizations with complex business processes and the resources to manage them effectively.

If you're planning to invest in Oracle BPM Suite, make sure you assess the available technical skills and resources within your team.

13. ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is one of the best business process management tools that can support your business performance, internal communication, and workflow needs

Upon logging in, you will see a simple and intuitive dashboard highlighting the graphical summary of your current reporting. 


  • Project planning and workflow
  • Mobile application
  • Security and compliance
  • Task scheduling and resource allocation

You will also get to know the status of the projects, quotes, time tracked, and invoices. These aspects are invaluable for the BPMS organization. 


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • offers a wide range of functionalities for task management
  • Customization of workflows and dashboards
  • Cost-effective pricing plans


  • Limited automation
  • Not highly scalable

Additionally, you can also use the “Recent Work” tab to see who is currently working on which project. This tool will provide a comprehensive messaging feature, integrating into your existing email

Recipients will be able to reply to your messages directly from the email clients. The replies will then be added to the project discussion page. 

Camunda Pricing Plan

  • Professional: $18/month/user

  • Advanced: $27/month/user

  • Enterprise: Get a quote

ProWorkflow also has a functional mobile application, allowing business owners to make BPM necessities portable, like task management and time tracking

? Why use ProWorkflow?
  • ProWorkflow boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to users with varying technical skills. This allows for seamless adoption within teams and reduces the learning curve.

In addition, you can also use the application for internal messaging and document management. The availability of vast integrations will also prove helpful

Ready to use the Best Business Process Management Software?

Business process management software has become an essential aspect for businesses of all sizes. If you want to remain competitive and optimize core business processes, you need to choose the best business process management software. 

These top business process management platforms will simplify process management and improve business processes. Not to mention, they will also reduce costs. 

With a wide range of options, make sure you choose the best software for business process management according to your business’s specific objectives and needs

I hope you found this blog informative and engaging. If you have any questions, make sure you let me know in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

BPMS software helps businesses streamline their daily tasks and workflows by offering tools for design, execution, automation, and ongoing improvement.

BPMS empowers both organizations and individuals to build and automate complex processes with ease.

The functionality and learning curve of BPM software will depend on the specific software you're choosing. No two BPM software are the same.

No, a BPM is entirely different from a CRM. While BPM focuses on optimizing internal operations for efficiency and adaptability, CRM prioritizes managing customer relationships effectively.

Gartner first introduced the term Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) in the early 2000s.