Ever wonder what the future of AI holds? It's not just robots taking our jobs or playing chess anymore. We're talking about self-driving cars, medical breakthroughs, and even art generated by machines.

Imagine hundreds of tech enthusiasts buzzing with ideas. A world-renowned AI expert unveils a groundbreaking algorithm. A young developer pitches their dream project to captivated investors. This is the energy of an AI conference.

Forget dry lectures and stuffy suits. I am talking about cutting-edge tech, passionate debates, and the future unfolding before your eyes.

This list isn't just a calendar of events – it's your roadmap to the AI revolution, where you'll level up your skills, fuel your creativity, and maybe even catch a glimpse of a tomorrow shaped by machines.

Apart from providing the latest updates in the AI field, this list of AI conferences will also give you valuable information about shaping AI's future. 

Best AI Conferences in 2024

Suppose you’re searching for a list of the AI conference programs in 2024; there's no need to search further. I have compiled a convenient list. I will share all the information about top AI conferences that will take place in 2024. 

AI Conferences in Europe

WAICFAI for business
AI for social good
The impact and future of AI
Cannes, France8th-10th February
World Summit AIMaximizing AI opportunity
AI adoption
Amsterdam9th-10th October
The AI Summit LondonUpskilling for AI Mastery
Navigating AI Risks
Tobacco Dock, England12th-13th June
AI & Big Data ExpoEnterprise AI & ML
Olympia, LondonTo be declared
AI Tech SummitNatural language processing
Computer vision
Machine learning
Malaga, Spain17th-18th April
AI World BarcelonaAI-powered network automation
Role of AI in edge computing
Barcelona27th-28th May
AI World CongressFuture of Generative AI
AI in financial services
London30th-31st May
Big Data & AI WorldMachine learning
Data mining
Augmented analytics
ExCel London6th-7th March
Chatbot SummitThe future of chatbots
The rise of voice assistants
Chatbot for business
Berlin, Germany19th-21th March
CACESUse of technology in education
Impact of AI on society
Munich, GermanyTo be declared
Data 2030 SummitModern Data Strategies
People-First Data & AI
Data Security and Privacy
Stockholm25th-26th September
Data Innovation SummitData-Driven and AI-Ready Business
Advanced Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
Stockholm24th-25th April
Ibero American Chatbot & Conversational AI SummitLatest advancements in conversational AI technology29th-30th November
Mobile World Congress5G and beyond
AI & IoT
Metaverse and technologies
Barcelona, Spain26th-29th February
Rise of AI ConferenceFuture of AI
Impact of AI on society
Berlin, Germany15th May
TNW ConferenceAI policy and regulation
Environmentally tech solutions
Netherlands18th-19th June
Generative AI for AutomotiveAI in automotive industryFrankfurt, Germany21st-22nd February
AI in the automotive industryGenerative AI
Advancements in autonomous driving
Berlin, Germany18th-20th March
Applied AI NordicsGenerative AI
Legal perspective on AI
Denmark25th April


The annual WAICF, also known as the World AI Cannes Festival, is one of the best AI conferences in the world.

This AI conference brings together both enterprises and individuals to discuss the various advancements in the AI landscape. 

This event not only nurtures the next generation of AI enthusiasts but also helps them know the current breakthroughs in the AI world. 

In its third edition, this AI conference is focused on the individuals who are putting constant efforts to shape AI strategies going beyond their financial gain. 

It will also shed light on the impact of advanced AI and ML on various aspects of the world. This AI conference will be held from 8th to 10th February in Cannes, France. 

Registration Fees

  • Discovery Pass: Free

  • Full Pass: $780/day

  • Executive Pass: $1400/day

AI explorers and enthusiasts can purchase the free pass and explore this AI conference without any problem. On the other hand, the Full Pass and Executive Pass are perfect for AI experts looking to build connections.

? Why attend the WAICF?
  • Whether you're a seasoned professional, a curious beginner, or an entrepreneur, you'll leave with valuable knowledge, inspiration, and connections to navigate the ever-evolving world of AI.

WAICF is the vibrant hub of collaboration, inspiration, and forward-thinking discussions, making it an ideal place to share your thoughts and views on the AI landscape. 

2. World Summit AI

World Summit AI is one of the most significant international events where big startups, enterprises, and investors gather to discuss everything. 

The World Summit AI is scheduled to take place in Amsterdam from October 9 to October 10, 2024.

The World Summit AI is perfect for sharing innovative ideas about advanced and next-generation artificial intelligence. Don't miss this AI conference if you want to know more about AI. 

This AI conference in 2024 will invite some of the most famous AI speakers, including CEOs, founders, data scientists, software engineers, data scientists, and developers

Student interns and PhD candidates can leverage the best benefits of World Summit AI. They can gather additional information regarding the AI subjects. 

In addition, it will cover numerous groundbreaking topics in AI technology like generative AI, ChatGPT, computer vision, machine learning, data analytics, data science, innovation, etc. 

Registration Fees

  • Super early bird onsite experience (expo only): $350

  • Super early bird onsite experience (expo and content): $547

  • Super early bird onsite experience (VIP package): $1,096

World Summit AI 2024 is not just one event but a series of conferences and gatherings focused on artificial intelligence.

? Why attend the World Summit AI?
  • You can explore the latest advancements in AI hardware, accelerators, and edge computing solutions. Understand how these advancements optimize and enable cutting-edge AI and ML models.

It covers a wide range of topics and brings together diverse stakeholders from all over the world to discuss, learn, and collaborate on the future of AI.

3. The AI Summit London

This is another highly popular AI conference in the world which you cannot miss, especially when you want more insights on the AI landscape.

For the last few years, the AI Summit London has established itself as an influential and trusted force across the AI industry. 

During London Tech Week, the AI Summit London is considered a headline event, gathering people from all over the world. 

Famous for its groundbreaking use cases from some of the best brands in the world, the AI Summit London is taking place from the 12th to the 13th of June. It will also take place in from 11th to 12th December

Registration Fees

  • Delegate Pass: $1,658

  • LTW+AI Delegate Pass Leaders: $2168

  • VIP All Access: $2551

If you book the passes before 19th March, you will receive additional discounts. Don't forget that there are only 50 limited seats in VIP access. So, book your passes as soon as possible.

? Why attend the AI Summit London?
  • If you want to future-proof your business and network with the UK's AI elite, AI Summit London is your gateway! Dive into practical case studies, get hands-on with workshops, and hear from visionaries shaping the future of AI.

With backing from reputed technological visionaries and insights achieved from the most impactful applications of artificial intelligence, the event provides a great perspective on the latest advancements and trends in the AI landscape. 

4. AI & Big Data Expo

The AI & Big Data Expo is a global series of ML and AI conferences to create a better tomorrow. This specific AI event showcases next-gen technologies as well as strategies from AI and big data.

When you attend this AI event, you will be able to explore the successful big data and AI implementation, which will help your small move forward.

Registration Fees

  • To be declared

Whether you're an entrepreneur, an individual, a small business owner, or a large enterprise CEO, you will gain valuable knowledge regarding AI from this event.

? Why attend the AI & Big Data Expo?
  • If you're looking for a forward thinking community, the AI & Big Data Expo will prove beneficial for you. You can gain insights from top-level international enterprises and speakers, fostering positive connections within the ecosystem.

With over 550+ speakers, 650+ exhibitions, and 18,000 attendees, you will get a rich environment to network and learn from the industry AI leaders.

5. AI Tech Summit

The AI Tech Summit Spain 2024 is a two-day event taking place in Málaga, Spain, on April 17th and 18th, 2024.

It's a gathering of tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, and artificial intelligence experts who focus on exploring the latest advancements and applications of AI across various industries.

AI Tech Summit Fees

  • Standard Ticket: $499

  • VIP Ticket: $999

This AI conference will focus on expanding horizons and exploring new frontiers in AI, with a dedicated focus on industries like automotive, banking, technology, engineering, telecommunications, and more.

? Why attend the AI Tech Summit?
  • The AI Tech Summit will help you understand the impact of artificial intelligence on society. You can collaborate with industry leaders to learn how you can harness the power of AI technological advancements.

Whether you're an individual or a business owner, you will have ample opportunities to connect with other attendees, potential collaborators, and investors.

6. AI World Barcelona

The Generative AI Conference is a two-day event happening alongside the broader Big Data & AI World conference in Barcelona, Spain.

It's specifically dedicated to the exciting and rapidly evolving field of generative AI, where models create new content like text, images, music, and code.

The AI conference will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from May 27 to May 28. Apart from exploring the latest research, applications and tools are driving the field forward.

AI World Barcelona Fees

  • No information available

You can dive into specific technologies like ChatGPT, AutoGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney, and more. Don't forget to participate in workshops, demos, and panel discussions to get hands-on with the technology and engage in thought-provoking conversations.

? Why attend the AI World Barcelona?
  • Attend the AI World Barcelona AI conference to explore the real-world applications of this transformative technology and the technical underpinnings of generative models.

The AI World Barcelona will allow you to connect with fellow developers, researchers, artists, and industry leaders. This way, you can build collaborations and explore potential partnerships.

7. AI World Congress

The AI World Congress London on May 30-31, 2024, promises to be a packed event for anyone interested in the current and future landscapes of AI.

The theme will be focused on embracing The Future with Generative AI. This suggests a strong focus on the cutting-edge technology behind creating new content using AI models.

If you want to connect with industry experts while gaining valuable knowledge from them, you will surely find this AI conference helpful. Leading figures from the world of AI, including experts from WPP, Telus, McKinsey, SingTel, and more, will share their insights.

AI World Congress Fees

  • Early Bird: $628

  • VIP Pass: $882

  • Full Price: $2,317

Not to mention, you can discover innovative solutions and technologies showcased by leading AI companies. This way, you will be able to highlight the best option for your business.

? Why attend the AI World Congress?
  • Immerse yourself in the latest advancements and potential future applications of Generative AI, the hottest topic in the AI space. You'll gain valuable insights into a rapidly evolving field with immense potential to disrupt various industries.

This AI conference will also address ethical considerations, bias, and explainability in AI development. Furthermore, you can explore the creation of new content (text, images, music) through AI models.

8. Big Data & AI World

Big Data & AI World London is a renowned tech conference focused on the convergence of big data and artificial intelligence. It's part of the larger Tech Show London, featuring five leading technology events.

This AI conference is a vibrant meeting ground for industry leaders and innovators to explore the potential of data and AI. You can also learn about the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in big data and AI, which will help you gain resourceful insights.

Big Data & AI World Fees

  • Free

Your Big Data & AI World ticket grants you access to all other Tech Show London events, including Cloud Expo Europe, DevOps Live, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, and Data Centre World.

? Why attend Big Data & AI World?
  • The Big Data & AI World will showcase cutting-edge solutions from leading companies and startups. This is a great opportunity to find tools and technologies that can solve your business problems, improve efficiency, and drive innovation.

The Big Data & AI World conference will be held at ExCeL London from March 6-7, 2024. From machine learning to artificial intelligence, renowned experts share insights on various aspects to help you know real-life applications.

9. Chatbot Summit

The Berlin Chatbot Summit 2024 is the ultimate gathering for all things generative and conversational AI, taking place on March 19-21, 2024, in the heart of Berlin. It's the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in learning, networking, and discovering.

Thanks to the vast topics, you can deepen your understanding of the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the field through insightful talks, workshops, and masterclasses led by renowned experts.

Chatbot Summit Fees

  • Gold: $537

  • Gold+: $864

  • Platinum: $1,624

You can also get passes for your team, B2B programs, and startup programs. The pricing will vary according to your needs. Visit the pass page for more information.

You can connect with over 1,000 decision-makers and leaders in the conversational AI world, including representatives from companies like Amazon, Google, Meta, Mercedes-Benz, and more. This will help you broaden your networks.

? Why attend the Chatbot Summit?
  • The Chatbot Summit AI conference is the best place for innovations, providing high-tech workshops and masterclasses. It's a great event for professionals who are planning to enhance their careers in the AI industry.

Whether you're a seasoned AI professional, a curious entrepreneur, or simply someone fascinated by the potential of conversational technologies, the Berlin Chatbot Summit 2024 offers something for everyone.

10. Conversational AI and Customer Experience Summit

The Conversational AI and Customer Experience Summit Germany 2024 is a two-day event designed to explore the potential of conversational AI in transforming customer experiences.

It caters to professionals interested in staying ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field and gaining insights into how these technologies can benefit their businesses.

While the specific date is yet to be announced, the summit will focus purely on the world of conversational AI, encompassing chatbots, voice assistants, virtual agents, and other similar technologies.


  • Early Bird Pass: $759

  • Early VIP Pass: $976

CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, and other decision-makers interested in exploring conversational AI implementations for their businesses.

? Why attend the CACES?
  • This event provides a deep dive into the latest trends, challenges, and best practices in conversational AI, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and anticipate future changes.

Additionally, Customer service managers, marketing executives, and anyone involved in designing and delivering customer experiences will also benefit from this AI conference.

11. Data 2030 Summit

The Data 2030 Summit Stockholm is an annual roundtable event focused on enabling faster data innovation and AI deployment across enterprises.

It's a vibrant gathering for data management practitioners and experts to discuss best practices, explore cutting-edge technologies, and shape future-proof data strategies.

Data 2030 Summit Fees

  • No information available

The event delves into modern data management strategies, platforms, and architectures to support faster and more efficient AI deployment.

? Why attend the Data 2030 Summit?
  • The Data 2030 Summit puts you at the forefront of data management and AI advancements. You'll gain valuable insights from experts and thought leaders, discover cutting-edge technologies, and learn about the latest trends and best practices before they become mainstream.

The focus is on unlocking the full potential of data by empowering different business units and stakeholders to leverage it for value creation.

12. Data Innovation Summit

The Data Innovation Summit is one of the most popular AI conferences in the world in 2024. This AI conference focuses on Data Science, artificial intelligence, Big Data, machine learning, Data Engineering, Data Management, Data Analytics, and IoT.

For the past couple of years, this AI conference has been expanded to the APAC and MEA regions. This is undoubtedly a global movement that fosters collaboration and innovation among analytics, data, and AI experts from numerous industries.

Data Innovation Summit Fees

  • Online Ticket: $239

  • Branded Ticket: $349

  • Group Ticket: $399

  • Single Ticket: $499

Whether you choose the hybrid ticket or the onsite ticket, you will find this AI conference highly suitable for your needs. But the onsite ticket will give you real-life hands-on experience.

The event will have 300+ international and Nordic speakers. Not to mention, it will provide a rich program spanning 9 different stages and 7 workshop rooms. The event will be held in Stockholm on the 24th & 25th of April 2024.

? Why attend the Data Innovation Summit?
  • Attend the Data Innovation Summit to learn more about radical ideas with proven ROI. Learn from the industry AI experts and collaborate with a like-minded community in various organizations and industries.

If you're a fan of TIP sessions, the Data Innovation Summit will feature 190+ sessions, along with networking and learning opportunities.

13. Ibero American Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit

Ibero American Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit is a two-day event focused on conversational AI technologies and their applications in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets.

It brings together experts, businesses, and enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in conversational AI.

The AI conference specifically addresses the needs and interests of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking conversational AI community.

Ibero American Chatbot Fees

  • Free

The event covers a wide range of topics, including chatbots, virtual assistants, voice technologies, conversational design, NLP, and AI for customer service, marketing, and other industries.

? Why attend the Ibero American Chatbot summit?
  • If you want to learn about the latest advancements in conversational AI and how they are being applied in the Iberoamerican market, this AI conference will prove highly beneficial for you.

The next Ibero American Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit is scheduled for November 29-30, 2024. The exact location and venue are yet to be announced.

14. MWC

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world's largest and most influential event for the connectivity ecosystem.

It brings together industry leaders, innovators, and attendees from around the globe to explore the latest advancements in mobile technology, network with peers, and discover disruptive solutions.

MWC Fees

  • Discovery Exhibition Pass: $955

  • Leader's Conference Pass: $2,391

  • Leader's Conference Pass: $5,327

The MWC 2024 AI conference will take place from February 26 to 29 at the Fira Gran Via Convention Center in Barcelona, Spain.

? Why attend the MWC AI Conference?
  • In addition to discovering the latest advancements and trends in mobile technology, you can network with leading experts and thought leaders, gaining valuable insights and inspiration.

The theme for MWC 2024 is also yet to be revealed. Past themes have focused on broad topics like “Connectivity Unleashed” and “Intelligent Connectivity.”

15. Rise of AI Conference

The Rise of AI Conference in 2024 is a much-anticipated event for anyone interested in the European AI ecosystem!

This AI conference, which will occur in Berlin, Germany, will provide both on-site and virtual experiences. Whether you attend physically or virtually, you will be able to experience it without any problems.

Rise of AI Conference Fees

  • AI Ecosystem Pass: $542

  • Singularity Pass: $1,086

  • Premium Pass: $1,631

Since 2014, the Rise of AI Conference has been bringing together leading AI experts, decision-makers, and opinion leaders. This year, it will occur on May 15. This is the perfect time to gain valuable experience from industry leaders.

? Why attend the Rise of AI Conference?
  • You can discover how AI is being applied in different sectors and explore its potential impact on society. If you want to network with leading experts and decision-makers in the AI ecosystem, don't miss this AI conference.

This year's theme is “AI Ecosystem – Rise of the Titans?”, focusing on the development and impact of AI in society, politics, and the economy.

16. TNW Conference

The TNW Conference, short for “The Next Web Conference,” is a two-day annual event in the Netherlands focused on exploring the latest trends and innovations in technology, with a particular emphasis on startups and European ecosystems.

This is Europe's leading tech event, bringing together industry leaders, investors, startups, policymakers, and tech enthusiasts.

The TimeAI Summit Fees

  • Business Pass: $869

The next edition is planned for June 18-19, 2024, where people from diverse background will join and share their insights on the web development and its key statistics.

The conference features influential figures in the tech world sharing their insights and predictions about the future of technology.

? Why attend the TNW Conference?
  • Meet industry leaders, investors, founders, and potential collaborators from across Europe and the world. The diverse attendee pool creates a unique opportunity to expand your professional network and forge valuable relationships.

The TNW Conference goes beyond just talks and presentations, offering a festive environment with music, food, and interactive experiences.

17. Generative AI for Automotive

The Generative AI for Automotive Summit 2024 will take place on February 21-22, 2024, at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany.

The summit will bring together business leaders in AI, Machine Learning, R&D, Data, Innovation, and more. It will feature presentations from leading experts from BMW Group, Volvo Cars, Toyota Research Institute, Bugatti Rimac, Continental, Itemis, Robert Bosch, Valeo, Deontic, and others.

Generative AI Automotive Fees

  • Standard Price: $3,257

  • Vehicle Manufacturers: $2,388

The summit will focus on how generative AI is being used to optimize vehicle design, product development, process automation, and reduce costs in the automotive industry.

? Why attend Generative AI for Automotive?
  • The AI conference discusses the benefits of using generative AI in the automotive industry, such as reducing costs and improving efficiency. Industry leaders will share their experiences and insights on using generative AI at the event, which will bring them together.

Attendees will learn about the latest advancements in generative AI and how they can be applied to their own businesses.

18. Generative AI DACH

Generative AI DACH 2024 is the premier German-speaking conference dedicated to exploring the groundbreaking potential of generative AI in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

It's essentially a platform for diving deep into the world of this cutting-edge technology and its vast possibilities. If you're interested in Generative AI, make sure you attend this event.

Generative AI DACH Fees

  • Basic Ticket: $1,737

  • All Access Ticket: $2,171

  • Vendor Package: $4,344

The event delves into how this technology can transform various industries and fields. Specific attention is paid to the implications and applications of generative AI within the DACH context.

Generative AI DACH 2024 is a valuable opportunity for anyone interested in staying ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field.

? Why attend Generative AI DACH?
  • This event is perfect for gaining actionable insights into the current state and future of generative AI. On top of that, you can connect with your peers.

It provides a comprehensive platform for learning, connecting, and shaping the future of generative AI in the DACH region.

19. Applied AI Nordics

Applied AI Nordics is the largest gathering of AI enthusiasts in Denmark, offering a dynamic exploration of the latest trends and practical applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Organized by Todai, this annual conference brings together industry experts, academic researchers, and business leaders passionate about implementing AI solutions in the Nordic region.

The conference goes beyond theoretical discussions and focuses on real-world case studies of how AI is being used across various industries.

Applied AI Nordics Fees

  • Early Bird Ticket: $0.44

With a specific focus on the Nordic region, you'll gain insights into the unique challenges and opportunities for AI adoption in this dynamic market.

? Why attend Applied AI Nordics?
  • Interactive workshops and demos allow you to test-drive cutting-edge AI tools and technologies, helping you understand their potential and limitations.

The sessions are designed to be practical and informative, providing you with actionable strategies and insights to implement AI within your organization. The next Applied AI Nordics event will take place on April 25th, 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

AI Conferences in the USA

Enterprise Generative AI SummitCase studies of successful generative AI implementationsSilicon Valley, California, USA21st-22nd May
Ai4 2024Latest advancements in AI
Best practices for AI implementation
Las Vegas, USA12th-14th August
AI Hardware & Edge AI SummitAI hardware
Edge AI
Cloud-edge collaboration
San Jose, CA10th-12th September
AI Accelerator SummitAI deployment
Generative AI
Value-driven AI and AI infrastructure
Boston16th-17th October
AI for Marketers SummitUse cases for AI in marketing
Addressing risks and issues
AI integration strategies
Practical AI examples to improve efficiency
San Diego, CA12th-14th November
AI in Finance SummitUse cases of AI in finance
Future of AI in finance
New York18th-19th April
AI in Healthcare & Pharma SummitUse of AI in drug discovery
Ethical considerations of using AI in healthcare
New York14th-15th November
AI ExpoLatest advancements in machine learning
Ethical implications of AI
Future of AI
Austin, Texas12th April
Data + AI SummitFuture of the data and analytics
Data engineering and data management
San Francisco10th-13th June
Data Science SalonInnovative solutions in artificial intelligenceMiami18th September
DataConnect ConferenceData Management and Governance
Machine Learning and AI
Columbus, Ohio11th-12th July
Generative AI WeekBusiness Applications and Use Cases
Technical Deep Dives
Georgia, USA7th-9th October
GovAI SummitOpportunities of AI in the public sectorArlington, VA28th-30th October
MemConCollaboration between different stakeholdersSilicon Valley, CA26th-27th March
MLConGenerative AI, LLMs, and MLOpsNew YorkSeptember
The AI ConferenceLatest advancements in AI research
Applications of AI in various industries
San Francisco10th-11th September
The AI summit New YorkBridging the gap between IT and AINew York City11th-12th December
Imagine AI LiveTop AI strategies, platforms, tools, and techniquesLas Vegas27th-28th March
AI Rising ConferenceThe future of AI in businessColumbus, Ohio14th-15th May

20. Enterprise Generative AI Summit

The Enterprise Generative AI Summit is a groundbreaking AI conference that brings together audiences from a diverse background. 

Technologists from various business industries, including communication, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, finance, and technology, attend this AI conference. 

The Enterprise Generative AI summit will be held on 21st May in California. Numerous professionals will attend this conference to engage and gain insights from the leading experts in the GenAI field. 

Attendees will be able to generate high-quality professional relationships with industry leaders, making them more aware of the things happening around the GenAI field

Registration Fees

  • Business Leaders: $799

  • Tech Ecosystem: $1099

If you book passes for a team of 3 individuals, you will get a 10% discount. You will get a 15% discount if you book passes for a team of 5 individuals.

? Why attend the Enterprise Generative AI Summit?
  • The California Enterprise Generative AI Summit connects the C-suite and AI experts to brainstorm practical uses, cutting-edge techniques, and future infrastructure needs for these powerful systems.

Attendees can participate in insightful discussions and gain knowledge and information about different types of AI advancements. 

21. Ai4 2024

Ai4 is returning to Las Vegas on August 12-14, 2024. This premier conference is the best place to explore the latest advancements. 

From Google and Microsoft to IBM, Ai4 will host 200+ leading minds. Ai4's speaker lineup boasts renowned figures eager to share their visions and groundbreaking research. 

Each session promises a deep dive into specific use cases. This will help you gain actionable knowledge to leverage AI's potential within your own domain.

Engage in thought-provoking discussions exploring AI's ethical implications and equip you with the tools to navigate this complex landscape with responsibility and foresight.

Keep in mind that you need to purchase the pass. There are five different passes catered for different individuals. 

Registration Fees

  • Standard Pass: $1,095

  • AI startup pass: $2,895

  • Government pass: $2,895

  • Media pass: $2,895

While you can register for the Standard Pass easily, the other passes require answering some questions. Make sure you choose the one suitable according to your professional designation. 

? Why attend the Ai4?
  • Attending Ai4 lets you connect with thousands of fellow AI enthusiasts. Network with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas and forge partnerships that will enhance the implementation of AI across industries. 

Whether you're a seasoned AI executive or a curious newcomer, Ai4 2024 offers an unparalleled opportunity. 

22. AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit

The AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit 2024 is a big AI conference for people who love artificial intelligence (AI). 

The AI conference will held in San Jose, California, from September 10th to 12th. This is where all the biggest names in AI will discuss the latest and greatest tech. 

As per the value, they will discuss numerous topics like super-fast computers that can learn and think like humans.

In addition, business leaders and professionals will share their views and opinions on tiny devices that can do AI at the edge of the internet, like in your phone or car.

As AI rapidly evolves, it's beneficial to introduce it in different business industries. This AI conference will also discuss new ways to use AI to solve problems in healthcare, finance, and other essential areas.

Registration Fees

  • End user: $799

  • Technology vendors: $1,199

If you’re eager to attend this great AI conference, you can register online. There are special discounts for students, academics, and government employees.

? Why attend the AIHW/EdgeAI?
  • You can explore the latest advancements in AI hardware, accelerators, and edge computing solutions. Understand how these advancements optimize and enable cutting-edge AI and ML models.

There will be many opportunities to meet and talk with other AI enthusiasts. This will help you gain more knowledge of the AI domain from professionals and like-minded people

23. AI Accelerator Summit

The epicentre of AI innovation cannot be completed without the AI Accelerator Summit. This platform showcases high-tech strategies and infrastructure focusing on value-driven AI applications.

While there are other bigger AI conferences, you will find the AI Accelerator Summit more beneficial for your personal knowledge and the success of your business.

Industry leaders and renowned business owners from all over the world attend this AI event. The AI Accelerator Summit also gathers popular figures from the world's biggest organizations.

They unite individuals and startups with more knowledgeable figures with a single goal: to create, test, and deploy cutting-edge AI systems.

Registration Fees

  • Startup Pass: $445

  • Team Pass: $595

  • Individual Pass: $795

The event will have over 300 attendees, out of which 80% will be from senior management positions from different companies. Set to be held on October 16 & 17, 2024, in Boston, it's a networking and knowledge hub.

? Why attend the AI Accelerator Summit?
  • If you want to boost the implementation of AI in your business's production process, make sure you attend the AI Accelerator Summit. You will find numerous solutions that will help streamline your business's operations.

The summit will also feature 40 professional speakers from different artificial intelligence and machine learning sectors. They will share their thoughts on the advancement of AI.

24. AI for Marketers Summit

The AI for Marketers Summit is a two-day virtual AI conference designed to help marketers learn about and implement artificial intelligence (AI) in their marketing strategies.

It's a great opportunity to hear from industry experts, learn about the latest AI trends, and discover how AI can be used to improve your marketing results.

The AI for Marketers Summit is scheduled for November 13 – November 14 and will cover a wide range of topics. If you're a marketer who's interested in learning more about AI, the AI for Marketers Summit is a great event to attend.

Registration Fees

  • Presale: $349

  • Earliest Bird: $449

  • Early Bird: $549

  • Last Chance: $649

  • At the Door: $749

You'll leave with a better understanding of how AI can be used to improve your marketing results and a head start on implementing AI in your own marketing strategy.

? Why attend the AI for Marketers Summit?
  • Marketing professionals can gain valuable skills and knowledge to apply in their work fields. You can discover how AI can streamline your marketing strategies, ultimately saving money and time.

The summit will feature a variety of presentations, workshops, and panels. There will also be plenty of networking opportunities.

25. AI in Finance Summit

The AI in Finance Summit is a series of events focused on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the financial services industry.

It's a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and practitioners to gather, share insights, and explore the transformative potential of AI in finance.

Registration Fees

  • Early Bird Pass: $349

  • Early Bird Plus Pass: $449

  • Vendor Pass: $549

  • Vendor Plus Pass: $649

Some of the key topics that are typically covered at AI in Finance Summits include algorithmic trading and investment, AI-powered risk management, chatbots, personalized financial services, and regulatory considerations.

? Why attend the AI in Finance Summit?
  • If you're working in the financial services industry and interested in learning more about how AI can be used to improve your business, attending an AI in Finance Summit is a great way to get started.

You'll gain valuable insights from industry experts, discover new technologies and applications, and network with other professionals who are shaping the future of finance with AI.

26. AI in Healthcare & Pharma Summit

The AI in Healthcare & Pharma Summit is a series of events focused on exploring the cutting-edge applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in both the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

It brings together key players from various sectors, including researchers, clinicians, executives, and tech developers.

Apart from sharing their own insights, they will also discuss challenges and discover the potential of AI to revolutionize healthcare and drug development.

If you're in the pharmaceutical business, the AI in Healthcare & Pharma Summit will prove to be an extremely beneficial and engaging AI conference for your company.

Registration Fees

  • On-Demand Access: $349

Being held in Boston on November 14 – November 15, the AI in Healthcare & Pharma Summit will include topics like using AI for target identification, virtual screening, lead optimization, and clinical trial simulations.

? Why attend the AI in Healthcare & Pharma Summit?
  • The AI in Healthcare & Pharma Summit is the perfect place to acquire valuable insights from professionals in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

You will also explore how AI can analyze individual patient data to suggest optimal treatment options and predict clinical outcomes.

27. AI Expo

The AI Expo is all about discovering the future of AI. Bringing researchers, industry leaders, and innovators, the AI Expo is the perfect event to gain insights from their experience and knowledge.

Even though this event will last only for a day, the organization promised 1,520 minutes of content. Additionally, you will have numerous opportunities to learn from the experts.

Registration Fees

  • Expo Pass: $29

Unlike many other AI conferences, the AI Expo offered free passes for people. However, it was an early bird offer and focused on a first-come-first-serve basis. As they have stopped giving out free passes, you need to purchase the Expo pass, which is still extremely cost-effective.

Apart from that, you can discover new AI products and services while building connections with industry leaders. If you want to secure a career in AI, the AI expo event won't disappoint you.

? Why attend the AI Expo?
  • The AI Expo is the perfect place to engage with a group of AI experts and other like-minded individuals. You can build valuable relationships with them while discovering the latest breakthroughs in the AI industry.

Austin, Texas, will host the 2024 AI Expo on April 12. It will feature guest speakers from Amazon and IBM, and they will offer sessions on AI ethics, AI in healthcare, and data privacy.

28. Data + AI Summit

The Data + AI Summit by Databricks is a premier event for the global data, analytics, and AI community.

It's a must-attend AI conference for anyone working with data, looking to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of big data and AI, and wanting to learn from industry leaders and experts.

The AI conference takes place annually, with the next edition happening in June 10-13, 2024, in San Francisco, California. This is undoubtedly one of the best events in California.

Data + AI Summit Fees

  • Yet to be declared

Renowned leaders and experts from companies like Netflix, Uber, and Databricks share their insights and experiences.

? Why attend the Data + AI Summit?
  • This AI conference offers a broad range of sessions covering various aspects of data, from groundbreaking research to practical applications. This allows you to explore different areas, spark new ideas, and find inspiration for your own work.

Thanks to this event, you can gain hands-on learning experiences in specific areas like data science, machine learning, and AI.

29. Data Science Salon

Since its introduction in 2016, the Data Science Salon has worked its way up to foster innovation and diversity in data science, machine learning, and AI.

The community is vendor-neutral, and they are committed to eliminating bias within algorithms or recruitment processes.

Data Science Salon Fees

  • No information available

The Data Science Salon will offer numerous types of content, including roundtable discussions, webinars, and interviews with leading AI and data scientists.

? Why attend the Data Science Salon?
  • If you're looking for like-minded individuals to connect and build relationships with, the Data Science Salon is the perfect AI conference to attend.

Whether you're a business owner or an individual, you can learn from the professionals and grow your network.

30. DataConnect Conference

The DataConnect Conference 2024 is an annual event designed to bring together industry leaders, technical experts, and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest trends, advancements, technologies, and innovations in data, analytics, machine learning, and AI.

It's a two-day event offering various opportunities for high-quality content and multiple tracks. Renowned thought leaders will deliver keynote speeches, presentations, and engaging panel discussions on various aspects of data and AI.

DataConnect Conference Fees

You can connect with peers and experts through informal gatherings, dedicated networking spaces, and after-dark events. Don't forget to participate in interactive workshops and masterclasses to solve challenges and develop new ideas collaboratively.

? Why attend the DataConnect Conference?
  • If you're looking for like-minded individuals to connect and build relationship with, the Data Science Salon is the perfect AI conference to attend.

The conference will be held in Ohio on July 11th and July 12th, 2024. Within these 2 days, discover potential partners and collaborators who can contribute to your projects and initiatives.

31. Generative AI Week

Generative AI Week USA is a premier event focused solely on generative AI, bringing together experts and enthusiasts from across the world to delve deep into this transformative technology.

Held in Georgia, USA, from May 21st to 23rd, 2024, it promises a three-day immersion into the cutting-edge of generative AI.

Hear from pioneers in the field as they share their insights on the current state and future of generative AI. Expect captivating talks covering diverse aspects like natural language processing, computer vision, creative applications, and responsible development.

Generative AI Week Fees

Engage in stimulating conversations with experts and gain diverse perspectives on the challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI.

? Why attend the Generative AI Week?
  • This event offers a deep dive into the latest advancements and trends in generative AI, giving you a competitive edge in your field. Furthermore, you can network with leading experts, researchers, and practitioners, gaining valuable insights and potential collaborations.

You can explore ethical considerations, bias mitigation strategies, and responsible best practices for deploying generative AI.

32. GovAI Summit

The GovIAI summit is one of the most popular AI events in the world, where some of the brightest minds in AI and government will foster collaboration and innovation.

This AI conference will bring together a diverse group of industry experts, policymakers, and scholars to discuss numerous AI breakthroughs. They will also develop strategies on the issues surrounding governance and AI.

GovAI Summit Fees

  • Single Event Pass: $495

The sessions will be insightful, allowing you to create a path for responsible AI development that can align perfectly with your future goals and visions.

? Why attend the GovAI Summit?
  • This AI conference will allow you to engage in discussions about the ethical considerations and responsible development of AI in the public sector, influencing policy and implementation strategies.

You will also get to know real-life examples of how government agencies are already using AI to improve efficiency, transparency, and citizen services.

33. MemCon

MemCon 2024 is a two-day conference dedicated to memory and storage technologies, specifically focusing on overcoming the “Memory Wall” bottleneck in data-intensive workloads.

It will occur from March 26th to 27th, 2024, at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, California. The AI conference will address advancements in various memory technologies, such as DRAM and HBM, emerging memories like CXL, and innovative storage solutions.

MemCon Fees

  • Enterprise Data Practitioners: $799

  • Tech Ecosystem: $1,299

The primary objective of the MemCon AI conference is to tackle the challenges faced by applications like AI, ML, HPC, and significant language models with high memory demands.

? Why attend the MemCon?
  • People working on AI/ML projects or designing memory-hungry systems can discover efficient solutions and network with vendors.

MemCon provides a platform to showcase emerging technologies and collaborate with users facing data-intensive challenges. Not to mention, it also fosters knowledge sharing and collaboration on cutting-edge memory and storage research.


MLCON Global is a series of world-class conferences dedicated to showcasing the latest innovations and trends in machine learning.

Held in various locations throughout the year, it brings together the global ML community: experts, practitioners, researchers, and anyone passionate about the transformative potential of this technology.

Dive deep into diverse aspects of ML through keynote presentations, talks, workshops, and panels led by renowned researchers, industry leaders, and practitioners.


  • No information available

Connect with other attendees, build valuable relationships, and explore potential collaborations within the vibrant ML community.

? Why attend the MLCON?
  • Whether you're looking for cutting-edge knowledge, career advancement, or simply a platform to connect with fellow enthusiasts, MLCON Global offers a valuable and enriching experience.

Whether you're a seasoned ML expert, a curious student, or someone simply interested in the potential of this technology, attending MLCON Global can be a rewarding experience.

35. The AI Conference

The AI Conference 2024 San Francisco actually takes place over two dates: September 10 and 11. As a result, attendees can leverage the benefits of flexible dates and timings.

This event is a vendor-neutral gathering aiming to foster collaboration and exchange of knowledge within the AI community.

The AI Conference Fees

  • Yet to be declared

The AI Conference is organized by the creators of MLconf and Ben Lorica, former Program Chair of O'Reilly's Artificial Intelligence Conference.

? Why attend The AI Conference?
  • When you join this conference, you can become a part of a stimulating environment where responsible AI development and use are explored.

The agenda features renowned AI specialists presenting and discussing groundbreaking research, innovative use cases, and transformative ideas.

36. The AI Summit New York

The AI Summit New York is a two-day conference focused on practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in business. It's a place for professionals to learn, network, and discover the latest advancements in AI technology.

This AI conference for applied AI can bring together business leaders, technologists, and innovators. This event will have over 15,000 attendees from various industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and technology.

The AI Summit New York Fees

C-level executives, AI practitioners, developers, data scientists, investors, and anyone interested in learning about AI should attend the AI summit New York.

? Why attend The AI Summit New York?
  • As AI rapidly evolves, staying informed is crucial. The Summit features keynotes and talks from leading experts, giving you insights into what's coming next and how it might impact your field.

The next edition will be held on December 11-12, 2024 at the Javits Center in New York City.

37. Imagine AI Live

Imagine AI Live is an upcoming major conference specifically tailored for enterprise leaders who want to unlock the potential of applied AI across all business areas. It's happening on March 27-28, 2024, at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

The conference goes beyond theoretical presentations and dives into real-world applications of AI in various industries.

Imagine AI Live Fees

  • Scholar Pass: $500

  • General Pass: $1500

  • VIP Pass: $3,500

Regardless of your specific field, imagine AI Live brings together diverse perspectives and best practices from all sectors.

? Why attend Imagine AI Live?
  • Imagine AI Live can equip you with the knowledge and insights to develop a successful AI strategy for your organization. Learn from industry leaders about best practices, implementation approaches, and potential pitfalls to avoid.

Forget traditional conferences! Imagine AI Live features the AI LIVE Arena, a dedicated space for hands-on demonstrations, workshops, one-on-one expert interactions, and networking opportunities.

38. AI Rising Conference

The AI Rising Conference 2024, taking place on May 14th and 15th in Columbus, Ohio, at the Fawcett Center, seems like an exciting event dedicated to exploring the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence in business.

The AI conference aims to showcase how AI can be leveraged to create a positive impact and transform various aspects of business operations.

AI Rising Conference Fees

  • Early Bird Ticket: $499

  • Early Bird + Talk with Sophia Robot: $599

  • Group Pricing: $599

Industry leaders and renowned specialists will share their insights and practical applications of AI across different sectors.

? Why attend the AI Rising Conference?
  • The conference will cover the latest trends and advancements in AI technology, ensuring you're up-to-date on the evolving landscape. This will help you make informed decisions about future investments and prepare your business for the AI-powered future.

You can connect with fellow business professionals, AI experts, and potential partners to exchange ideas and build valuable relationships.

AI Conferences in Asia

2024 IEEE Conference on Artificial IntelligenceIndustrial technology applications
AI applications in various industries
Singapore25th-27th June
AI Expo TokyoDeep learning and machine learningJapan22th-24th May
SuperAIThe latest advancements in AI research and developmentSingapore5th-6th June

39. 2024 IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence

The 2024 IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence is one of the most revolutionary AI events.

All set to be held in vibrant Singapore, this AI conference will occur from 25th to 27th June 2024

As participants come from different parts of the world, they are invited to know the ins and outs of AI research and witness the advancements shaping AI's current future. 

Apart from the discussions and presentations, participants can also submit their research papers on AI. IEEE and non-IEEE students will get special discounts while registering for the event. 

Registration Fees

  • IEEE member: $1,125

  • Non-member: $1,350

  • IEEE student: $1,125

  • Student non-member: $1,350

  • IEEE life member: $450

The above pricing chart is for the author registration. You can also choose the public registration, which is of the same price as the author registration.

Remember that the standard price will increase after 25th April 2024. Hence, make sure you register your passes before that. Visit the pricing section for more information.

? Why attend the IEEE CAI?
  • Connect with top researchers, practitioners, and industry experts at the forefront of AI development and deployment. Deepen your expertise in specific AI verticals.

Attendees will be able to explore the various landscapes evolving around AI entrepreneurship, with the AI startups that are pushing the boundaries of AI innovation

40. AI Expo Tokyo

Japan has always stood at the pinnacle of technological evolution. There's a saying that Japan is already 20 years ahead of other countries in terms of technologies and their implementations.

The same technological breakthroughs can be witnessed in the AI industry, and the AI Expo Tokyo is the perfect example of it. Very few AI conferences in the world can come close to AI Expo Tokyo.

This biannual AI conference is a part of NexTech Week Tokyo. This famous AI conference will gather the brightest minds from the blockchain, AI, and quantum computing industry.

As it's not limited to one genre only, you will be able to gain additional information from the other speakers as well, ultimately boosting your knowledge and experience.

As this event is biannual, one will be held in Spring and the other in Autumn. However, the location and date will be different.

Registration Fees

  • Free

The Spring AI Expo Japan will be held in Tokyo from May 22 to May 24. On the other hand, the Autumn AI Expo will be held in Makuhari Messe from November 20 to November 22.

? Why attend the AI Expo Tokyo?
  • The AI Expo Tokyo will help you experience the synergy created by blockchain, AI, and quantum computing technologies. You can also introduce your innovations to an extensive market.

With a pure focus on natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, and big data, AI Expo Tokyo is the best place to explore Japan and Asia's latest AI services and technologies.

41. SuperAI

SuperAI 2024 in Singapore, taking place on June 5th and 6th, is shaping up to be a major event in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

SuperAI aims to be the premiere AI conference in Asia, gathering industry leaders, heads of state, entrepreneurs, researchers, and enthusiasts to explore the current and future landscapes of this transformative technology.

SuperAI Fees

  • Early Bird: $399

  • Special Access Pass: $1,999

Expect insightful talks and discussions from renowned experts in various fields related to AI, including robotics, finance, healthcare, ethics, and more.

? Why attend the SuperAI conference?
  • If you're passionate about the future and development of AI and want to contribute some of your researches and thoughts, the SuperAI conference will prove perfect for you.

SuperAI promises to bring together diverse voices and perspectives from across the globe to foster a truly international conversation about AI.

AI Conferences in the Middle East

GITEX GlobalArtificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity
Fintech & E-commerce
Dubai14th-18th October
Ai-EverythingImpactful and visionary AIDubai14th-18th October
Artificial Intelligence & Innovation in HealthcareTransitioning from experimentation to real-world applicationsDubai26th-28th April
LEAPInternet of Things (IoT)
Artificial intelligence (AI)
Riyadh, Saudi Arab4th-7th March
Middle East Enterprise AI & Analytics SummitPractical adoption of AI and data analyticsRiyadh, KSA9th May
TimeAI SummitTo be declaredTo be declared
DATA NEXT UAE 2024Importance of data for businesses in the digital ageDubai15th February

42. GITEX Global

GITEX Global 2024 is a popular AI conference. This AI conference will feature many well-known business owners and entrepreneurs.

This AI conference itself claims that it is the world’s foremost large-scale technology exhibition. 

The 2024 GITEX Global will be its 44th edition. As this AI conference spans over four decades, it has become a primary platform for collaboration with investors, innovators, and enthusiasts

This year, the AI conference will occur from 14th October to 18th October, 2024. Due to the sheer popularity, the event has been extended across two venues. 

Registration Fees

The first venue will be the Dubai World Trade Centre, and the second one will be the Dubai Harbour. 

? Why attend the GITEX Global?
  • Experience the latest breakthroughs in technology across various sectors, from AI and metaverse to blockchain and sustainability. You can build connections with over 5,000 global tech giants, innovative startups, and influential investors.

Showcasing an extraordinary 40+ exhibition hall, the GITEX Global boasts cutting-edge startups and industry experts in different fields such as cybersecurity, AI, sustainable tech, mobility, and more

43. Ai-Everything

Ai-Everything is a major international conference and exhibition focused on artificial intelligence (AI).

It's held annually in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), typically under the patronage of the UAE Prime Minister and hosted by the UAE Minister of State for AI.

The primary goal of the Ai-Everything conference is to create a platform for the global AI ecosystem to share ideas, showcase innovations, and collaborate on advancing the field of AI.

This AI conference will work as a bridge to connect startups, companies, and governments across the world in exploring and promoting the use of AI across various industries.

Ai-Everything Fees

From renowned experts and executives to thought leaders from around the world, the conference will host some of the most popular AI spokespersons.

? Why attend the Ai-Everything?
  • The Ai-Everything is perfect for staying updated on AI advancements and trends. You can also learn from industry leaders and experts.

Ai-Everything is a valuable event for anyone interested in the current and future landscape of AI. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, business leader, researcher, or student, you'll find something to learn, gain inspiration, and connect with others passionate about AI.

44. Artificial Intelligence & Innovation in Healthcare

Join the breathtaking AI innovation at the Artificial Intelligence & Innovation in Healthcare exhibition and conference. If you're looking for one of the best AI conferences focused on the medical field, make sure you don't miss this one.

While the details are somewhat non-transparent, this AI conference promises to be the connection point for professionals from different fields.


  • Students: $80

  • Non-Doctor: $190

  • Doctor: $250

  • VIP: $1,200

Attending this event will allow you to discover AI's impact on the healthcare world and understand how AI will help you boost your company's success.

? Why attend the AI & Innovation in Healthcare?
  • To become a part of a growing platform where you can engage with professionals and experts. You can also foster connections that will shape the future of the healthcare sector.

Pay close attention to their website for more detailed information. You will also get to know the dates and other important information regarding the venue.

45. LEAP

LEAP is a massive technology conference held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It's the world's most-attended tech event, with over 172,000 attendees from 183 countries at the 2023 edition!

This year's conference will be the third, and it will be held from March 4th to 7th, 2024. The event is designed to bring together the global technology ecosystem, so you can expect to see speakers, investors, startups, and exhibitors worldwide.


  • No information available

It's a great opportunity to learn about the latest tech trends, network with other professionals, and discover new opportunities.

? Why attend the LEAP?
  • LEAP offers deep dives into the latest tech trends across diverse industries, helping you stay relevant and competitive in your field.

Please remember that most attendees need a visa to enter Saudi Arabia. LEAP provides information and assistance on its website. The event will occur at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC).

46. Middle East Enterprise AI & Analytics Summit

The Middle East Enterprise AI & Analytics Summit is a series of events in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region focused on bringing together decision-makers and experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics.

The AI conference dives deep into how businesses across various industries can leverage AI and data analytics for improved decision-making, operational efficiency, customer personalization, and process automation.

The summit focuses on specific needs and challenges faced by businesses in the Middle East, considering cultural, regulatory, and infrastructural contexts.


  • VIP Pass (BFSI Professionals): Free

  • C-Suite Executive Pass: Free

  • Vendor Delegate: $599

The event provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among leading industry professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

? Why attend the AI Conference?
  • Learn about the latest advancements and trends in AI and data analytics, gaining insights into how they can transform your business.

The summit takes place in different GCC countries throughout the year, with previous editions held in Dubai, Doha, and Riyadh.

47. TimeAI Summit

TimeAI Summit, also known as “The World's Flagship AI conference,” is a prestigious global event focused on showcasing the latest advancements and innovations in artificial intelligence.

This prestigious AI conference brings together together AI companies, tech pioneers, entrepreneurs, and experts to explore and shape the future of AI.

The TimeAI Summit Fees

  • Standard: $799

  • VIP: $2,999

Apart from featuring inspiring keynotes, insightful panel discussions, interactive workshops, and valuable networking opportunities, it also covers a wide range of AI topics, from cutting-edge research and development to industry-specific applications.

? Why attend The TimeAI Summit?
  • The AI conference attracts renowned experts, executives, and investors from various countries. This provides a unique opportunity to network, build relationships, and explore potential collaborations.

The audience typically comes from diverse backgrounds across various industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and retail.

48. DATA NEXT UAE 2024

DATA NEXT UAE 2024 is a conference designed for digital leaders and tech enthusiasts, focusing on the strategic use of data for business growth and innovation. It will take place on February 15, 2024, in Dubai, UAE.

The event aims to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools to enhance their data and digital management capabilities, ultimately driving better business outcomes.

The TimeAI Summit Fees

Industry leaders and renowned data practitioners will share their insights and best practices through keynote presentations, panel discussions, and fireside chats.

? Why attend DATA NEXT UAE?
  • This event will help you learn the latest trends and best practices in data management, AI, analytics, and other data-related fields from industry experts and successful case studies.

Additionally, you can gain practical skills and hands-on experience through interactive workshops and breakout sessions focused on specific data-related topics.

AI Conferences in other cities

Conference TopicLocationDate
Big Data & AIBreakthrough technology showcasesToronto, CanadaTo be declared
CollisionWeb3 and the metaverseToronto17th-20th June

49. Big Data & AI

Big Data & AI Toronto 2024 is a major tech event in Canada that focuses on the convergence of big data and artificial intelligence.

It's the 9th edition of this conference, known as the Canadian #1 Tech Event, and promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

The AI conference will be held in Toronto, Ontario, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Even though the event will take place in October 2024, specific dates have not been confirmed yet.

Big Data & AI Fees

  • To be declared

Big Data & AI Toronto brings together North America's big data and AI industry for a deep dive into the latest trends, technologies, and innovations.

? Why attend Big Data & AI?
  • The AI conference will provide numerous opportunities to build relationships with industry leaders. Thanks to the hundreds of hours of exceptional talks, it's a must-visit for people planning to stay ahead in the Big Data and AI industry.

When you attend this AI conference, you can expect renowned experts to share their insights on various aspects of big data and AI, from cutting-edge research to practical applications. In addition, you can connect with other professionals, build relationships, and explore potential collaborations.

50. Collision

The Collision event in Toronto isn't simply one event, but rather a large tech conference covering a broad range of topics within the tech industry.

It takes place annually in June and is currently scheduled for June 17-20, 2024, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Collision Fees

  • General Attendee: $368

  • Executive: $2,568

  • Platinum: $9,290

It's considered the “Canadian #1 Tech Event”, bringing together leaders and innovators from various tech sectors, including software, media, entertainment, healthcare, finance, and more.

? Why attend the Collision?
  • Collision isn't limited to one specific tech sector, offering a wide range of talks and exhibitors covering everything from AI and software development to media, entertainment, and even politics and culture.

One of the eye-catching things of Collision AI conference is that 20-minute sessions. It's a unique format consisting of rapid-fire talks covering a diverse range of topics, from tech and digital media to music, politics, and culture.

Why you should attend an AI Conference?

Attending an AI expo is beneficial for numerous reasons, especially for people who have been in the AI industry for a long time. 

Here are the reasons why you should attend an AI conference. 

1. Knowledge Acquisition and Learning Opportunities

Conferences often feature presentations on the latest advancements. This will allow attendees to learn about new techniques and breakthroughs.

These events offer hands-on experiences and practical learning sessions. Technically enthusiastic participants can deepen their understanding of specific AI concepts or tools.

2. Networking and Collaboration

Conferences provide a platform to network with leading professionals. This will aid in fostering collaborations and partnerships.

Engaging with peers can spark discussions, exchange of ideas, and potential collaborations. This is perfect to enhance perspective and knowledge base.

3. Exposure to Industry Trends and Applications

Companies often present case studies. These showcase real-world applications of AI across various sectors. This exposure helps attendees understand how AI is implemented and the challenges faced by different industries.

Conferences frequently host exhibitions where companies demonstrate their AI products, providing firsthand experience and insight into emerging technologies.

4. Career and Professional Development

Conferences often feature career fairs or job boards where attendees can explore employment opportunities in the AI industry.

Furthermore, exposure to diverse ideas and technologies helps in honing skills. You can stay updated with the rapidly evolving AI landscape, which is crucial for professional growth.

Ready to attend the Best AI Conference?

Attending an AI international conference will help you gain more information and insights into the AI industry. 

On top of that, attending an AI conference will help you connect with the brightest minds and leading professionals in the field, leading to career opportunities and collaborations

Have you attended any AI conferences so far? Or do you have plans to attend one? If you have ever participated in an AI conference, let me know in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, the United States of America is the most populated country regarding AI research and development. 

The World Summit AI Americas is the most prestigious AI conference in the world. It allows participants to dive deeper into numerous AI topics. 

The forthcoming IJCAI conferences boast thrilling venues! Jeju Island showcases stunning scenery, Montreal thrives as a lively urban hub celebrated for its multiculturalism, and Bremen stands out with its historical heritage and technological advancements.

Throughout 2024, there's been a notable surge in the adoption of open-source pre-trained AI models, enabling businesses to expand by merging these models with private or live data. This collaboration amplifies efficiency and cost-effectiveness, propelling productivity.

Keep an eye on various nations as the AI landscape progresses, including India, Indonesia, the U.K., prominent E.U. nations, Japan, and South Korea. Certain countries experience rapid growth in their data reservoirs, while others prioritize enhancing big data accessibility.