EYENET acquires Investors with Animated Explainer Video by webdew

In a world where visibility is the key, webdew aspires to take our clients to the next level. EYENET teamed up with webdew to enhance their visibility to acquire investors by showcasing their philosophy through an animated explainer video

Read on to see how this client's journey progressed and turned fruitful.

Project Overview

As an AI startup in the IT industry, EYENET hired webdew for an animated explainer video that could help them stand out to gain investors. 

The journey of EYENET-webdew collaboration began when Cristobal Cantolla, CEO of EYENET, reached out to webdew for animation services. The animation explainer was to be made for EYENET's community-driven AI application, mEinstein.

The project escalated with ease through effective communication from both sides. 

The webdew team created the storyboard and visual illustrations based on the script provided by the client. There was a provision for two free revisions for the storyboard offered to the client. 

The project wrapped up as the webdew team delivered a 90-second visually appealing animated explainer video that includes a voiceover. The output delivered was on par with the expectations of the client. 

The client expressed great pleasure in their feedback. They were impressed with the video and the professionality of the webdew team. The client also expressed their satisfaction with the smooth execution from the beginning to the deliverance of the explainer video.


EYENET is a multi-disciplinary team specializing in the study and creation of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Vision algorithms, intending to provide customized solutions to various sectors. They are a startup fast becoming one of Latin America's most competitive and specialized teams.

The Challenge

The competition stands high in an IT industry, especially in a completely digitalized world. EYENET, being in the IT industry, is also witnessing growing competition. 

Any investments made for advancing in the IT industry can be overpowered easily. Companies need to stand out from the crowd to convince their investors and stakeholders. For this, they need to communicate their philosophy to the consumers effectively.  

As one of the IT industry AI startups, Eyenet reached out to webdew to express and showcase its philosophy through animated graphics to capture investors' attention.

With a team of experienced experts in making animated videos, webdew understood the assignment! 

Pathway to Results

The first stage of the project was to understand the client's requirements. The project kicked off on the same platform where webdew was discovered by the client. The webdew team perfectly understood the requirements, and the project swiftly navigated to the following stages.

The script was provided to the webdew team by the client. The team prepared the storyboard or visual illustrations based on the script provided by the client. The storyboard was finalized by the client and was ready to be made into an animated explainer. 

The feedback was processed, and the voiceover was also added to the video. The explainer video of 90-seconds was delivered to the client, with appealing graphics and animation and an apt voiceover that blends with the video.


The webdew team created an excellent and enlivening 2D animated explainer video that the audience can easily understand with amazing graphics. The explainer video clearly explained the concept given by the client through engaging animations that keep the viewers interested. 

On watching the video, the internal stakeholders were impressed by the quality of the video and the animation graphics. They loved the video, which impressed the client and their investors. The client shared their experience on working with webdew on Clutch as outstanding.


eyenet Review

EYENET expressed their pleasure in working with webdew. 

They further acknowledged the professionality of the webdew team and the ease of communication throughout the project. 

The client also appreciated the skill of animation and graphics delivered by the webdew team and the team's dedication and energy on all stages of the project. 

As the collaboration of EYENET and webdew continues to be fruitful, EYENET gave a 5-star rating for webdew. You can check out the video we made for EYENET here!

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