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Simplifying SaaS is what we do best. Our SaaS explainer videos turn complex concepts into relatable narratives that resonate with your audience.

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SaaS Explainer Magic

Let's elevate your SaaS through videos that communicate not just information, but a true understanding of your product's essence.

Here's what you'll get

Enhanced Communication Power

Boosted Conversion Rates

Complexities Simplified

Accelerated Growth Path

Distinctive Standout Position

Timely Turnarounds

Launch deadlines looming? Don't sweat it. We deliver high-quality videos without making you wait.

Custom Craftsmanship

Our videos are as unique as your SaaS. We create bespoke videos that mirror your brand's personality.

1000+ Clients in 6 years

With a growing roster of over 1000 clients in just 6 years, our work resonates across industries.

90% Job Success Rate

Our high job success rate showcases our ability to surpass client expectations consistently.

Creating SaaS Explainer Videos: Our Way

It’s time to know our secret to create captivating SaaS explainer videos that will surely let you gain more customers. Our video-making recipe includes essential steps like designing, scripting, editing, and delivering the final product to our clients. As video production wizards, we start our magical journey by consulting with our clients and creating videos from scratch to meet their unique needs.

Let's dive deep together – exploring your business, competition, and audience. Share your ideas, and we'll turn them into reality.

Crafting captivating stories that engage your audience. Have a script? Let us enhance it with up to 2 free revisions.

Our artists bring your script to life with illustrations. Enjoy the journey through your video's storyline with up to 2 free revisions.

We'll match the perfect voice and accent to your brand and script. Trust our quality recordings; no revisions here, but we get it right from the start.

Our team will add animations and special effects that elevate the narrative, engaging your viewers on a whole new level.


SaaS Explainer Videos


webdew’s expertise came into play, resulting in a successful partnership to achieve client’s objectives with 3D app demo video.

Intelligence Exchange

Intelligence Exchange partnered with webdew for an informative and engaging whiteboard animation video.

Pink Elelphant Media

webdew’s expertise and resources made the client’s explainer video a success. The final result was remarkable.

SaaS Explainer Video Package




Level of Animation


UI Animation

Non UI Elements

2D Animation

3D Animation


Script Revision


Storyboard Revision


Turn Around Time

Project Management Tool

Final Output

Video Quality

Aspect Ratio



Upto 45 Seconds




72 Hours



Full HD




Upto 60 Seconds




Human Voiceover

2 Weeks



Full HD

16:9 & 9:16



Upto 90 Seconds




Human Voiceover

4 Weeks



Full HD 1920x1080p, 1080x1080p

All Social media Aspect ratio


Each SaaS explainer video comprises Product UI and Non-UI components. UI elements feature animated icons, text effects, on-screen actors/animated characters, and UI recordings. Non-UI elements include stock footage, kinetic typography, and more.

The process unfolds in two phases: Pre-production and Production. Pre-production involves kick-off, scripting, storyboard creation, SaaS UI recording (if applicable), and voiceover selection. Production encompasses editing, animation, sound effects, music incorporation, and final video delivery.

The final videos are delivered in .mp4 format with Full HD clarity. The aspect ratio is customizable to match the platform and screen size requirements.

Our standard turnaround time is 24 business days. However, quicker options are available as add-ons. It's important to note that the production begins once we have all necessary information from your end.

We offer two rounds of revisions at each stage. However, changes requested after final approval of a previous stage might entail extra charges, based on the effort involved. We'll provide transparent details on any costs before proceeding with revisions.

Absolutely, you can. Yet, for a more detailed and engaging script, our script writing services are available at an additional fee.

What our clients say

With a whopping 6 years of experience and a staggering 1000+ reviews across diverse platforms, we proudly claim the top spot among 20,271 agencies. Our remarkable average rating of 4.9 has given us the Rank 1 in the category of most popular agency on Clutch. Don't believe us? Dive into the real success stories shared by our satisfied clients.

Lilla Bardenova

Lead Designer, URBANTZ

“webdew successfully finished the client's video. They were good at following instructions, and they were easy to work with. Overall, they had a fruitful engagement.”


Growth Lead, Ease Healthcare

“We recently worked with webdew to create an animated video that helps us establish brand awareness in a new market.”

Chrissy W.

VP of Marketing

“I recently worked with Chehak on an animated explainer video with a tight deadline and was impressed with the outcome. Chehak swiftly comprehended and interpreted our requirements and transformed them into a video that conveyed the message we aimed to share, while adhering to our brand guidelines.”

Gianluca Vaccarini

“I hired WebDew to create a complex 2D animation on my site that involved multiple moving parts across several stages. They delivered a great asset back to me in a very fast time frame.”

Reagan Gray

Sales Associate & Relationship Manager, Brightline Media

“webdew delivered a fascinating video, which served for advertising purposes. webdew led an organized process with solid follow-ups and communication via virtual meetings and email.”

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