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“If you don't have room to fail, you don't have room to grow.” — Jonathan Mildenhall

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Hey there! Welcome to the webdew's Jubilant July newsletter! We're delighted to have you on board. Last month has been a whirlwind of new ventures and thrilling progress that has enriched our journey.

So fasten your seatbelts as we dive into the remarkable achievements of July and the boundless motivation propelling us forward.

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1. Leader drops Business Gems!💎

Imagine this scenario: What if Google's founder had solely concentrated on envisioning how their product would look and how it could benefit people rather than worrying about the execution and reaching users using other browsers?

Result: Google would never have existed.

With this thought in mind, our COO, Chehak Wadhwa, recently shared an insightful post on LinkedIn. Drawing from her experience, she emphasizes the importance of having a solid plan to execute and sell your product or service to the target audience. Without this crucial step, even the most creative and innovative ideas can go to waste.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to ensure that most customers benefit from your offering, leading to profitable results. 

If you share the same mindset or just learned about this today, it's time to get your train on track and implement that plan! 🚀

2. Jovial July’s Achievements: Yay! 🏆

Celebrating a Big Milestone! 

Thanks to all your incredible support and engagement, webdew LinkedIn page has reached a remarkable milestone – 76K+ followers and counting!

This achievement wouldn't have been possible without every one of you, and we're incredibly grateful for your continuous support and trust in our content.

From sharing valuable insights, marketing tips, and industry trends to connecting with all of you in the comments and messages, it's been a journey filled with knowledge-sharing and collaboration. 

Our passion for providing top-notch marketing content and delivering value to your feeds has led us here, and we're just getting started. 🚀 

So, buckle up because we have even more exciting content coming your way!

3. What did webdians do this July? 🤔

We hope you have been here with us and have enjoyed reading the newsletter up till now.

Now, we can’t control anymore to tell you all something exciting.

You must be thinking, what is it? 🤔

So without delay, we want to announce that we introduce you to our HubSpot Tutorials by webdew, YouTube channel with a brand new look and exciting topics.

Just reading about this new look would not be sufficient thus, come with us on an exciting journey by clicking the above link into the world of HubSpot tutorials and discover the keys to business success.

Subscribe now and stay ahead of the game! 🏆

4. Binge-worthy picks: Enjoy! 📚🎧📹

Meta Threads explained: Everything you need to know

Unraveling the Wonders of Threads by Meta! 

In this blog by TechTargets, you'll learn everything about the trending “Threads” – a new social media app by Meta. It is considered around the concept of Twitter (now X) and has received 30 million downloads within 24 hours of its launch. 📱

If this fact surprises you, hold on because more mind-blowing information will come! From understanding the difference between Threads and Twitter to exploring how it rapidly gained such a massive user base, TechTarget leaves no stone unturned in keeping you updated about this app.

Explaining all the details in the blog here wouldn't do justice to the original content. So, let's embark on a journey into Meta Threads together. 

For a detailed study, follow the LINK to explore the blog. Happy reading!📖

Why Threads is a bigger deal than you think.

“It’s not a new thing that Meta company is doing; it’s a similar thing that is already done to move out the existing ones out of the picture” – Mrwhosetheboss

Alright, so you've learned a lot about Threads from the blog above, but are you curious about its purpose and potential to disrupt the existing norms and prospects? If you are, then this video is tailor-made for you.

Tech enthusiast Mrwhosetheboss, with a massive following of over 15 million YouTube subscribers, created a 10-minute and 38-second video that delves deep into the Threads app's purpose, advantages, and disadvantages. 

While we've given you a glimpse of the video's storyline through a strong statement, there's much more to explore. So, why not watch the video and form your perspective on this fascinating app?

So, this isn’t it, WATCH the video now to know more. 📺

Instagram Threads is here to crush Twitter | The Vergecast

This engaging 1-and-a-half hours of “The Vergecast” podcast episode dives deep into the world of Threads! 🎙️

Join three tech-savvy individuals who passionately discuss big tech and small gadgets as they explore the intriguing comparison between Threads and Twitter. 

They unravel the unique existence of Threads as a standalone app rather than just a feature on Instagram. Privacy concerns surrounding the data Threads requests and intriguing questions about threads are also on the table.

But wait, there's more! A fourth expert shares their perspective on this fascinating topic, adding more depth to the discussion. And to wrap it all up, the podcast concludes with a lightning round, where they…….. 

Wanna connect the dots and know more about it? TUNE IN and discover the incredible potential of AI in transforming marketing as we know it. 🎧

5. What’s new with Dew Theme? 🚀

Well, a lot………

We've renamed ten modules, introduced eight new modules, and removed five existing ones. Plus, you won't believe we've included 19 new templates to enhance your user experience and ensure a seamless and flawless design.

Just reading about the new version would not be enough. Go and check our newly new dew Free Theme now. ✨

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