Nowadays, having a powerful web presence is extremely important. As most companies operate digitally, building a proper website is necessary

But your responsibilities won’t end after creating a website. You need to consider search engine ranking and link building, the two most important aspects. 

White hat link building is one of the most popular approaches. Thanks to its credibility and reliability, many professionals prioritize it. 

In this piece, we'll cover what white hat link building is, a few practical link building techniques, and how you can choose the best white hat link building service. 

What Is White Hat Link Building?

Link building determines the reputation and reach of a website. You can use several methods to achieve that. White Hat SEO Link Building is the one that aligns with moral practices. 

It focuses on getting links from pages that apply to your niche. They can add value to both the linking and linked-to sites. 

Additionally, it can also help you create a more meaningful connection. Remember that white hat link building isn’t focused on pursuing a high volume of links but prioritizing their quality

Professionals who consider white hat link building techniques prioritize natural growth through:

  • Genuine connections
  • Good content
  • Outreach efforts

As mentioned, white hat link building adheres to ethical standards. It can help you avoid any form of manipulation as all the activities are transparent

The primary objective of white hat link building is to attract links innately based on the worth of your offerings. Now, let’s take a look at the white hat link building strategies.  

1. Sustainable growth

White hat link building leads to persistent growth. As mentioned earlier, it acquires links from respected outlets. This approach helps you build the site's authority gradually. That way, it can withstand algorithmic changes.

2. Higher credibility

The links obtained through white hat techniques come from respected pages. It can aid you in establishing your own site as credible and trustworthy. This association positively impacts the perception of your brand in the eyes of both people and browsers.

3. Improved rankings

Search engines reward sites with high-quality backlinks. They consider them as signals of trust and proficiency. This method can boost your site's discoverability. Consequently, it can lead to higher rankings.

4. Targeted traffic generation

This practice secures links from appropriate sources. They can bring targeted traffic to your pages. 

This approach will help you capture the attention of the relevant audience. Your website’s bounce rate will also reduce, and they will engage with the listed products and services. This type of traffic is more likely to turn into your actual clients. 

8 White Hat Techniques that give results

A fundamental and strategic approach to search engine optimization is a must today. You need to consider white hat link building is one of the most crucial aspects of SEO strategies. 

It can bring you sustainability and a loyal customer base. This, in order, can lead to the long-term success of your company. Below, we gathered the most promising techniques you can use. 

1. Broken Link Building 

This method begins with the identification of broken or inactive links on external pages. You can choose the ones within your domain. 

You can discover these links through various digital instruments or manual checks. It gives you many possibilities for improvement and cooperation.

The key to successful broken link building is the relevance to your materials. You need to align them with the subject matter of the broken link

It can convince webmasters to substitute it with a link to your page. Basically, you need to offer a practical alternative. Try to produce educational and interesting content that can fill the gap.

Another significant component of this practice is outreach. Once you've determined a broken link and created a good substitute, you need to contact the developer or website owner. A favorable relationship can help you raise the odds of acceptance.

2. Editorial links 

Another effective white hat SEO link building tactic is the usage of editorial links. A site earns numerous editorial links naturally. 

This happens when you offer top-notch and applicable content. Typically, you can receive them from:

  • Other websites
  • Blogs
  • Digital publications

They differ from links obtained through deliberate actions, such as guest posting or exchanges. Editorial links are spontaneous approvals from external sources.

The biggest advantages of this approach are

  • Authority and trust;
  • Natural link profile and diversity;
  • Expansive audience;
  • Lasting impact, and more.

To earn these links, you need to craft unique and engaging materials. There's a higher probability that people will share it and link it. 

We recommend you engage with influencers and bloggers as well. Moreover, you can share your noteworthy accomplishments and research with the media. It may attract editorial attention and result in valuable links.

3. HARO 

HARO is one of the famous white hat SEO techniques. It is a platform that connects journalists who are looking for expert insights for their stories and individuals or companies who share knowledge

First, journalists submit queries. Registered users, often field specialists, respond with relevant facts. Below, we gathered its main features.


HARO operates on clarity and genuineness. Journalists are explicit about their needs, while responders have the opportunity to present their knowledge genuinely. This transparent exchange aligns with the principles of white hat SEO.


This strategy gives the possibility to generate top-notch materials. It connects reporters with field experts. You can get your input featured in esteemed publications with its help. It can contribute to your company's dependability. 

Organic Link Building

As a HARO participant, you have the chance to include a link to your website in your response. You can earn it organically when journalists use your insights in their papers. It can help you make your link profile more natural and diverse.

Cultivating connections

You can build connections with journalists in your domain by consistently providing practical info through HARO. This can result in future collaborations. It may also lead to direct mentions and references in articles.

If you want this method to work out, you need to

  • Craft an exhaustive and informative profile;
  • Respond to requests fast and concisely;
  • Provide only relevant info.


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4. Guest blogging 

Guest blogging is an approach that demands collaborative effort. The guest author creates a good piece of content, and another site publishes it. Often, the other site includes a link back to your own pages

The hosting page gains useful materials for its audience. You, as a guest blogger, can gain exposure. Additionally, when you execute it ethically, you might get white hat backlink profiles.

Sounds exciting, right? You're probably wondering about how to implement this technique. Here are the essential steps you need to remember.

Select reputable platforms 

First, you need to identify trustworthy sites within your niche. Make sure they align with your competence and clientele. The impact of your guest posts will be better if you contribute to respected platforms.

Tailor content to the host site

Try to deliver materials in a style and tone similar to the host website. That way, your contribution will easily integrate with their current content.

Optimize author bio

The author bio accompanying your guest post is an important passage. You can use it to demonstrate your proficiency and supply a white hat backlink to your page

Hence, always try to make it concise and captivating. This will motivate the readers to explore more. Don't provide any inaccurate information during the bio optimization process

Engage with the public

Actively interact with people through comments and social networks after the publishing. Responding to feedback and questions can strengthen your presence.

5. Create linkable assets 

These assets are pieces of content or resources that can draw links from other sources. They go beyond standard blog posts. 

They aim to become reliable references within a certain domain. Linkable assets can take different forms including:

  • Detailed guides;
  • Infographics;
  • Interactive tools;
  • Research studies, and much more. 

If you want this method to be sufficient, you must familiarize yourself with your clientele and their informational needs. Tailor your linkable assets to handle specific pain points or reply to common queries. 

Also, it's advisable to promote them on different channels. Remember to make sure that they are up to date.

6. Be a guest on Podcasts

Podcasts provide a valuable opportunity for white hat backlinks and search ranking growth. With so many brands starting podcasts, there are endless options to find relevant shows

Look beyond industry-specific podcasts to ones that relate to your target roles, demographics, life stages, and more. As a popular medium, podcast guest appearances let you share your expertise while building relationships with influencers.

For example, if you are a reputable SEO expert, you could try to appear as a guest on Aaron Anderson's podcast “Let's Talk Link Building“.

7. Use Skyscraper technique

The skyscraper technique revolves around building content that surpasses what currently ranks at the top for your target keyword.

Start by identifying the keyword you want to rank for and analyzing the content of the current first-page Google results. Then, create superior content that offers more value to users than what already ranks highly. 

Promote the new pillar content to influencers interested in linking to such a high-quality resource.

Employing the skyscraper method will undoubtedly earn powerful backlinks. On top of that, it helps boost your overall search rankings by creating content that meets and exceeds Google’s ranking expectations

The better your content, the more others want to reference and link to it as an authoritative source.

8. Influencer outreach

Don’t forget to connect with influencers with strong followings in your industry. This is a powerful way to build backlinks while driving more traffic.

When these influencers discuss or feature your content on their site or social channels, they often link back to you as the source. Even a simple mention from an influencer with 100k followers instantly puts your brand in front of 100k new potential visitors.

The key is identifying and reaching out to influencers who authentically align with your brand and content. When the right influencers promote your content, they endorse you while enabling you to build high-quality backlinks organically

Focus on building relationships with a handful of relevant influencers. However, make sure they can connect your content with their followers.

How to choose White Hat Link Building agency

The demand for quality backlinks continues to rise. Hence, you need to what to look for while choosing a link building agency.

You have to know how to distinguish between ethical practices and questionable tactics. So, we want to tell you how to choose the best white hat link building service.

1. Prioritize clarity

Opt for an organization that adheres to white hat SEO practices. A reputable agent should be open about the strategies they employ. Make sure they avoid any violating tactics.

2. Assess their track record

Next, we recommend to review their track record and case studies. A trustworthy white hat link building tool will have a history of success stories and positive outcomes. Always look for evidence of improved rankings and increased traffic.

3. Learn about their strategies

Always ask about the methodologies the agency employs to obtain backlinks. Make sure they don't use 

  • Automated link-building tools;
  • Mass submissions;
  • Paid link schemes, etc.

4. Check the analytics

A reputable white hat link building service will always provide a complete report on the progress of their efforts. So, try to choose agencies that offer detailed analytics. They should showcase the impact of all their actions.

5. Client reviews and references

Try to check customer reviews and references. A reputable agency will have positive feedback. They're usually willing to connect you with current or previous customers.

Ready to build White Hat backlinks?

Google always refines its algorithms. So, you need to keep up. We recommend paying attention to your SEO practices. It's necessary to employ white hat link building strategies. They have proven to be extremely effective. These techniques can lead to genuine and organic growth. 

Moreover, search engines prioritize ethical practices. White hat link building can help you earn their trust. It can set your site as an authoritative source.

We hope our guide was helpful for you. So, embrace all these strategies and establish your credibility!

Frequently Asked Questions

White hat link building is the process of building backlinks that follow Google's guidelines. This type of backlink won't generate any penalty from Google. While it may be slower than other types of link building process, your SERP rankings won't get affected.

White hat backlink building process focusses on quality over quantity. On the other hand, black hat backlinking is more of a quantity-focused approach. With black hat backlinks, website owners don't follow Google's guidelines. This is why the chances of receiving a penalty in white hack backlinking is close to zero but higher in case of black hat backlinking.

The primary goal of backlinking is to boost the quality of high-quality inbound links within a webpage to achieve higher SERP rankings.

Apart from building high-quality content, you need to look for opportunities to contribute content. Make sure you conduct targeted cold outreach.

There are four types of hats in SEO. This includes white hat SEO, grey hat SEO, black hat SEO, and negative SEO.