The month of May was no less than a rollercoaster ride for me. I not only have to take the business to the next level, however have to manage a lot of things, as migrating to Canada with my family. It was not a cakewalk. 

But thanks to my webdew family and my wife Chehak Wadhwa, the entire progress was a lot easier. Each member of webdew took responsibility for their own work and delivered the client projects on time and with good quality. The results for all the campaigns that were running on the webdew were quite satisfactory. 

Are you excited to know what targets we achieved in the month of May? Of course, you might be waiting for the agency updates blog to get in-depth about each campaign. 

Drum Rolls please… 

Welcome to our May Agency Updates

Let's begin…


Social media Campaign

We all know how essential it is for businesses to build a strong social presence. It not only helps in making business more visible but also allows in generating more leads. That's why social media campaigns are one of my personal favorites. 

Indeed there are various platforms on which businesses can maintain their social presence, but currently, we are managing three that are Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Now, let's know the updates about each platform in detail. 

On LinkedIn, we became a family of 16843. In May, we got 1.7K unique visitors, 2.9K new followers, 95.6K post impressions, and 289 custom button clicks. 

linkedin webdew analytics may

On Twitter, we became a family of 603. In May, 82 new followers joined webdew on Twitter. We did 976 tweets and got 21.7 K Tweet impressions, 13.1K profile visits, and 57 mentions. 

webdew twitter analytics may

Along with this, we have seen a good number of improvements on Instagram. In May, we became a family of 455. In May, we gained 98 new followers, which increased by 151.3%.  

webdew instagram analytics may

Learn Teach and Grow campaign 

Learning and growing with the entire team is what webdew aims for. By keeping this in mind, webdew started this campaign in April 2022. Every month, we aim to share some blogs that help people to boost their knowledge. 

In May, we published 25+ blogs related to the website, video, marketing, HubSpot, business, and careers. All the blogs that are shared help people to boost their knowledge about specific services but also help businesses in generating leads. Want to read what the professionals of webdew shared? Visit

webdew may blog 1

Search Engine optimization campaign

Website without SEO is just like a cake without sugar. If you are building your website without focusing on the SEO algorithms, then you won't be able to see yourself in the top searches of Google. To keep everything aligned and improve the organic results, the SEO team of webdew keeps on removing the errors to make sure everything goes well. 

In the month of May, the domain authority of webdew remains the same at 34. But the traffic of webdew is increasing day by day. In the month of May, our average traffic per day was 2500-3000. 

By comparing the analytics of May and April, it is begging evaluated that from every perspective, the SEO of webdew websites has improved. In May, our users were 72787, new users were 70578, and page views were 115695, whereas, in April, the numbers were 60021, 59300, and 96642, respectively. For better understanding, you can refer to the below-added screenshots-

webdew audience overview comparison april vs may
webdew seo may analytics

Now, if I compare the search and click impressions of May and April as per search console analytics, then you will see a huge difference between the results. In May, we got 43.5K clicks and 5.32M impressions, whereas, in April, we got 39.4K clicks and 4.83M impressions. 

webdew search and click impressions comparison april vs may

All the improvements that you see in the analytics are just because we keep on upgrading the meta tags of the pages, resolving page errors, and so on. Auditing the site on a daily basis and resolving all the errors is what help us to reach the goals. 

Have a look at the top-performing pages of May from Google Analytics:- 

webdew top performing pages


Webdew website campaign 

It's well said that- “Your website is the center of your digital ecosystem, like a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception they have of you before they walk through the door.” 

That's why we keep on revamping our website and try to make it more user-friendly because it is analyzed that 57% of internet users won't recommend a company if it is poorly designed. 

To make sure it does not happen, webdew keeps on adding new things to some of the pages. In May, made the pricing functionality more streamlined. Different pricing buttons were added so that users could buy the domains without any challenges. 

brand domian pricing

Along with this, our development team also invested a lot of time in resolving website-related issues that were found on the website after testing. 

Our main goal is to take the work page to the next level. So, if you are interested to know how the work page will look after revamping, then do wait for the upcoming agency updates blog for June 2022. 

Yes, we didn't do much in may month as our development team was busy making themes and offering website services to the clients. Are you also looking for the best agency to avail of website services? Feel free to contact us


Directories campaign 

Just like websites, reviews are the foundation of business. If the organization has more positive reviews, it increases the probability of converting leads into customers as almost every client goes through directories to check the company's status. Therefore, webdew always keeps a check on the directories. 

In the month of May, we gained 13 reviews on 8 different directories. It includes:- 

  • HubSpot – 3
  • Clutch – 5 
  • G2 Crowd – 3
  • Good Firms – 0
  • DesignRush – 0
  • 99 Firms – 2

If I talk about clutch individually, then we got 94 click thoughts, 316 profile views, and 1 messaging. 

webdew clutch directory may report

Want to know the quality of services that webdew offers to their clients? Read webdew reviews now. 

Recruitment campaign 

Hiring and retaining the right talent is what webdew aims for. Organizations having high-quality experts are able to successfully deliver good services to their clients. That's why webdew has always opened its doors for talented people who want to begin their career in an IT organization. 

In May, the recruitment team of webdew conducted interviews, out of which 2 new members joined the webdew family. 

If you also want to begin your career in an It industry but are confused about which field to opt for, you can go through our career blogs or Follow us on Youtube. The tips and tricks shared on both platforms will help you to discover things in an effective way.

Internal Knowledge base campaign

As I observed, transferring knowledge was the primary concern that people face within and outside the team. That's why I began an internal KB campaign in which all the team members share the way they work, which helps the new members and other people to boost their knowledge. 

In May, 32 articles were published. Now there are around 582 articles in total. Want to read what internal kb is all about? Click here. 

The Final Say 

That's all about the updates of campaigns that webdew continues running in May. So, keep in touch and know what more webdew is planning for their visitors for the coming month through the agency updates blog. 

Have any queries? Contact us! We are at your service.