What is your ultimate goal of using an email outreach tool?

If we are not wrong, then it's to reach more and more of your target audience in a budget-friendly way.

When it comes to choosing the right tool for the job, it's like picking the perfect ship for your adventure—something that smoothly sails through the waters of efficiency, engagement, and affordability.

In this corner, we have Snov.io, and in the opposite corner, Instantly.ai. They're both eager contenders in the world of email outreach tools. This blog will get you through the ins and outs of Snov.io vs Instantly.ai.

Join us as we explore features, campaigns, and everything else in this showdown so you can make the right choice for your outreach journey.

Snov.io vs Instantly.ai: Unveiling 9 Differences

Quick Comparison


Ease of Use

Offers customization Steeper learning curve for beginners yet

Easy-to-use tool, specifically for cold email outreach

Extra Features

Snov.io is a better option that provides more extra features

Instantly primarily focuses on outreach and doesn't offer as many extra features

Email Engagement

Prioritizes better engagement with prospects who have replied to your campaign

Creates workflows with triggers and manages replies by frequently checking email inbox


Provides more integration options

Limited Integration options

Product Support and User Experience

Room of improvement to provide the best user experience

Substantial number of users find their product support to be prompt and helpful

Email warmup

Snov.io allows up to 100 emails per day

Instantly has a warmup limitation of 50 emails per day


Provides extra features on a tight budget

Offers a superior database


Presence of additional and comprehensive features

Manages small number of contacts in an easy way.

1. Snov.io vs Instantly.ai: Ease of Use

When it comes to user-friendliness, Both Instantly and Snov.io prioritize user-friendliness, positioning themselves as comprehensive platforms catering to diverse needs in email marketing and lead generation.

While Snov.io's drip sequence interface is better with its drag-and-drop feature, navigating through different aspects can be challenging.

Although the UI is intuitive, every function in this tool has its designated place, making it somewhat difficult to navigate.

For instance, making edits to your email accounts in Snov.io requires going into your account settings and then selecting email accounts. This process can be daunting for new users.

Snov.io, in particular, may be complex, especially for those who prefer simplicity and want everything accessible on a single page, including connected email inboxes, without needing to navigate multiple pages for analytics and other functions.

Points to note

  • Highly organized interface, but can be complex for new users.
  • Easy drag-and-drop campaign maker, which makes it easier for new users to create campaigns.
  • You can find access to every tool using the quick navigation bar.

Instantly.ai is an advanced email outreach platform offering unlimited email-sending accounts, boundless warm-up capabilities, and intelligent AI, allowing you to expand your outreach efforts effortlessly.

Utilizing Instantly's AI-driven cold email campaign management, you can enhance both email deliverability and response rates.

The platform's automated account warming tool ensures comprehensive coverage, while smart sending features optimize your outreach efficiency.

Send thousands of emails daily without compromising your sender's reputation. Set up your campaigns, link your sending accounts, and witness the seamless transformation of your leads into valued customers.

In contrast, Snov.io requires users to navigate to account settings to edit email accounts, whereas Instantly allows direct access to email accounts from the dashboard. According to G2, people find Instantly to be a much easier-to-use option than Snov.io.

Points to note

  • Instantly has one dashboard where you get everything.
  • It’s easier for new users to learn and navigate through Instantly
  • You can easily track campaign analytics.
? Instantly.ai is the winner!
  • While Snov.io is designed for users who need a wide range of tools, such as email verification, Social URL search, and domain search, Instantly would be a better choice for those seeking an easy-to-use tool, specifically for cold email outreach.

2. Snov.io vs Instantly.ai: Email Engagement

When comparing features, both Instantly and Snov.io offer a similar set of functionalities, making it challenging for users to decide between the two. However, when it comes to additional features, Snov.io takes the lead with its advanced search capabilities.

In Snov.io, you can effortlessly create campaigns with various steps and unlimited follow-ups. The user-friendly drag-and-drop drip sequence maker allows you to play with your emails and follow-ups as you see fit.

Moreover, Snov.io offers the flexibility to set delays ranging from minutes, hours to days between your emails, ensuring a more natural flow. It also provides a feature to incorporate triggers based on opens, clicks, and meeting schedules.

However, you cannot add subsequences if a prospect replies to your campaign.

Points to note

  • The drip sequence maker is user-friendly and enjoyable.
  • You can set triggers based on the recipient's actions, deciding the next email for each prospect.
  • Snov.io lacks the ability to add subsequences, and checking replies requires a manual process.
  • To review replies, you need to open each campaign's analytics, click on “replies,” select the contact's name, and open them individually.

Instantly, campaign creation is straightforward but lacks the engaging drag-and-drop feature in Snov.io. While most features are similar, Instantly doesn't support triggers.

Instead, it offers subsequences, automatically initiating if a prospect replies, including automated replies.

A standout feature in Instantly is the Unibox, simplifying engagement with replied prospects. In contrast to Snov.io, where checking replies involves navigating into campaigns, Instantly lives up to its name, providing users with the option for immediate engagement with prospects and leads.

Additionally, it Instantly boasts an AI that automatically tags contacts based on their replies, such as labelling an automated “OOO” reply as “Out of Office.” However, manual tagging is recommended for optimal accuracy.

Points to note

  • Triggers for opens, clicks, and booked meetings are not available.
  • Subsequences can be created for automatic replies.
  • Contacts can be tagged based on their replies, such as “Interested,” “OOO” (Out of Office), “Not interested,” and “Meeting booked.”
  • Engaging with contacts who have replied to the campaign and managing prospects is made easier.
? It's a tie!
  • If you prioritize better engagement with prospects who have replied to your campaign, Instantly is the preferred option. It allows you to track and manage replies directly within the software. However, if you prefer creating workflows with triggers and you can manage replies by frequently checking your email inbox, Snov.io might be the better choice.

3. Snov.io vs Instantly.ai: Integrations

While selecting an email outreach tool it is important to consider their integrations with other software so that you can create a seamless flow within your tools for better management and create an ecosystem for your outreach efforts.

Snov.io offers a variety of integrations that facilitate seamless connections with your tools, streamlining data management. The integrations available with Snov.io include:

  • HubSpot
  • Pipedrive
  • Zapier
  • Make
  • Calendly
  • Hyperise
  • LinkedIn Helper
  • PhantomBuster
  • Weblium
  • Salesforce

All these integrations are direct, allowing for convenient data management. Additionally, users can set up automations using Zapier in cases where a direct integration is not available but a direct integration is always better.

This flexibility makes it easier for individuals to handle and transfer their data across different platforms efficiently.

Points to note

  • Gives more options for integration
  • Zapier can be used to set other automation
  • Managing and transferring data is seamless

Instantly has a lot fewer options earlier but now it has similar integrations with snov.io that helps with transferring and managing data. The integrations are:

  • HubSpot
  • Zapier
  • Slack
  • Instantly api
  • Open.ai
  • Pipedrive
  • Salesforce

With direct integrations with CRM, it is easy to transfer and manage data, and you can use Zapier to set automations, but those are very limited. However, it still doesn't give any direct options with appointment scheduling software like Calendly or Snov.

Points to note

  • Provides integrations with major CRM software.
  • Lacks direct integrations with appointment scheduling software like Calendly 
? Snov.io is the winner!
  • If you are looking for a good amount of integrations, Snov.io is a direct winner as Instantly has fewer integrations than Snov.io.

4. Snov.io vs Instantly.ai: Product Support and User Experience

Although both the software are good there are certain maintenance periods and factors like product support and customer support that play a crucial role.

Although they try their best, the platform has received criticism for its slow response times and resolving specific issues, indicating a need for improvement. 

Additionally, users often note frequent maintenance breaks without prior warnings, posing challenges for effective use of campaigns and tools, as these interruptions occur unexpectedly.

Points to note

  • Slow product support delay in responses at certain times
  • Unexpected maintenance breaks

While user experiences can vary, a significant number of people find the user experience (UX) to be better in Instantly when compared with Snov.io. 

Additionally, when assessing ongoing product support quality, many users express a preference for Instantly. Moreover, a substantial number of users find their product support to be prompt and helpful.

Points to note

  • Product support is better, faster, and better 
  • User experience is overall better
? Instantly.ai is the winner!
  • Considering product support and user experiences, Instantly emerges as a preferred choice. This doesn't imply that Snov.io's product support is bad, but there is room for improvement.

5. Snov.io vs Instantly.ai: CRM

When it comes to customer relationship management, both Snov.io and Instantly offer an inbuilt CRM feature where you can manage leads accordingly.

The CRM feature in snov.io helps manage all the contact information of your leads and the revenue you generate through them.

It has a kanban board where you can create and manage deals. You can also track the performance of your team and analyze their contributions.

Although it lacks advanced CRM functionalities.  It’s a robust feature that helps you manage all the lead data in a single place.  

You can also set tasks, emails, and calls within the CRM. This helps in managing follow-ups and deadlines. Snov.io seamlessly integrates with CRM systems like HubSpot, Pipedrive and Salesforce.

You can also directly connect on Google Meet by connecting your Google calendar with Snov.io.

Points to note

  • You can manage deals and contact data easily.
  • You get the option to set tasks, reminders, notes and calls.
  • Connection with Google Calendar helps in setting up meetings instantly

Instantly features a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) designed for efficient deal management with your contacts. However, it's essential to note that while it serves as a capable CRM, Snov.io's CRM surpasses it in terms of both features and functionality.

The CRM in Instantly is seamlessly linked to tags in your inbox. For example, marking a contact as “meeting booked” in Unibox will automatically move the contact to the corresponding “meeting booked” section in the Kanban board. 

This facilitates the organization and tracking of interactions with your contacts, streamlining relationship management.

Users also have the option to add specific notes and deal values for each deal, and easily move them based on their lead's status on the Kanban board.

Points to note

  • The CRM is very simple and you don’t get as many features as you get in snov.io
  • The CRM Kanban board is directly synced with the tags in your inbox.
  • You cannot track team performance
? Snov.io is the winner!
  • If you aim to manage a small number of contacts and deals in a straightforward manner, Instantly is a suitable choice. However, if you require additional features such as tracking teams and revenue, scheduling meetings within deals, and setting up reminders and tasks, Snov.io would be a more comprehensive option.

6. Snov.io vs Instantly.ai: Email warmup

Both Instantly and snov.io offer free email warmup features with their plans that can help maintain the deliverability of your sending accounts. This is an amazing feature that helps you maximize the deliverability of your emails.

Snov.io offers an email warmup feature, allowing you to gradually enhance email deliverability. Within Snov.io, you can customize your warmup strategy with two options:

Progressive Approach: Ideal for new accounts and domains with low sending volumes. Commence with a small number of emails on the first day, gradually escalating the volume until reaching a maximum count, adjustable as per your plan.

Steady Mode: Tailored to address existing deliverability issues causing emails to land in spam or promotions. This mode maintains a consistent daily email send volume.

Additionally, you can specify email types, opt for AI-generated emails, add specific templates, or choose a custom blend of both.

You can also set a warm-up schedule to set specific times and dates and align them with your campaigns. You can see your warmup statistics on how your warmups are performing.

Points to note

  • You can set warmup strategies according to your needs
  • Leverage AI-generated emails for your warm-up
  • Set schedules to enhance your warmup strategy

Instantly's Email Warmup feature stands out as a cost-effective solution, offering it completely free. In contrast to many alternatives that charge an additional monthly fee per account for this feature, which can become expensive for large campaigns, Instantly provides the flexibility to warm up numerous email accounts at no extra cost. 

This saves you money and ensures that your emails achieve optimal deliverability scores. Instantly's commitment to offering this valuable feature without an additional financial burden makes it a favourable choice for users looking to enhance email deliverability without breaking the bank.

Instantly, Email Warmup provides advanced options, such as scheduling warmups on weekdays to mimic regular email campaigns. 

It also provides a “Read emulation” option that scrolls through your emails, simulating a natural email reading process.

You can track warmup analytics to monitor inbox deliveries and bounced emails, gaining detailed insights for optimizing their email deliverability strategy effectively.

Points to note

  • Provides advanced features like read emulation 
  • You can track analytics and check delivered and bounced emails
  • You can track the deliverability percentage of emails
? Snov.io is the winner!
  • The warmup features in both Instantly and Snov.io are quite similar, and the choice depends on specific warmup needs. While Snov.io offers flexible schedules for warmup, Instantly has unique features like the “read emulation.” However, it's worth noting that Instantly has a warmup limitation of 50 emails per day, whereas Snov.io allows up to 100 emails per day, providing more flexibility for larger warmup campaigns.

7. Snov.io vs Instantly.ai: Extra Features

When comparing features, both Instantly and Snov.io offer a similar set of functionalities, making it challenging for users to decide between the two. However, when it comes to additional features, Snov.io takes the lead with its advanced search capabilities.


Snov.io provides extra tools, including a domain search feature that allows users to find emails associated with a specific domain in bulk or individually.

Another useful tool is the email finder, enabling the search for emails using a person's first name, last name, and company URL, similar to Hunter.io.

Additionally, Snov.io offers a social URL search option, allowing users to find emails using LinkedIn profile URLs. Snov.io goes a step further by providing LinkedIn extensions for finding and directly adding emails to lists.

Snov.io also offers an email verification feature, allowing you to verify email addresses individually or in bulk by importing them into Snov.io using a spreadsheet.

Points to note

  • Snov.io has a bunch of extra features for finding contacts and emails
  • You can find emails individually and in bulk.
  • You can find emails and add them to your contact list and campaign using extensions.


On the contrary, Instantly lacks the extra features snov.io offers. While it allows users to find emails using their database tool and also enrich them, this can only be done collectively by creating and enriching lists, and you cannot verify individual emails and these features come with additional add-on plans.

However, Instantly introduces a notable feature for email engagement called Unibox. Unibox serves as a master inbox, enabling users to check and manage replies for all campaigns in one centralized place. This feature simplifies campaign monitoring. In Snov.io, users need to open each campaign individually to check their replies. 

Points to Note

  • Instantly excels in tracking replies, thanks to the Unibox feature, ensuring you won't miss any.
  • It does not provide additional features like Snov for finding emails.
  • Extra features, including prospect finder and enrichment, are available with a separate plan.
? Snov.io is the winner!
  • If you're seeking various additional features to enhance your cold email outreach efforts, Snov.io is a better option for you. Instantly primarily focuses on outreach and doesn't offer as many extra features.

8. Snov.io vs Instantly.ai: Pricing

Both Instantly and Snov have a competitive and similar pricing so it can be sometimes difficult to choose. But there are some things which makes a difference.

Instantly.ai offers competitive pricing compared to other outreach tools in the market. Both Instantly and Snov provide the same pricing for their base plans.

However, separate pricing exists for sending and warm-up, covering email delivery and warming, along with the leads pack, which includes database tools and enrichment.

Snov.io Pricing Plans

  • Trial Plan – $0/month

    50 credits, -100 recipients

  • Trial Plan – $0/month

    1000 credits – 5000 recipients

  • Trial Plan – $99/month

    5000 credits -10,000 recipients

  • Trial Plan – $3,999/month

    Custom Lead Gen and Outreach Campaigns

Snov.io offers pricing identical to Instantly in the starter plan. The benefit is that you receive additional tools like email finder, database search, and verifier at no extra cost.

However, the drawback is the limitation of warming up only one account at a time with the starter plan. Snov.io also provides a freemium plan.

Instantly.ai Pricing Plans

  • Growth Leads $47/month

    1000 verified leads

  • Hyperleads – $197/month

    10,000 verified leads

  • Light Speed – $492/month

    25,000 verified leads

? It's a tie!
  • Snov.io and Instantly share a similar pricing structure, but they have distinct strengths and weaknesses in terms of features. If you seek extra features on a tight budget, consider Snov.io. However, with a more flexible budget, Instantly is recommended, offering a superior database compared to Snov.io. Snov.io, on the other hand, allows manual email discovery using extensions and an email finder.

9. Snov.io vs Instantly.ai: Pros and Cons

Get to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the Snov.io email outreach tool.


  • Snov.io covers everything you need for outreach, from finding leads to automating campaigns.
  • The email finder tool is free; you get it in the free trial, although it has fewer credits.
  • It's easy to learn and fits seamlessly into your workflow. It also has a straightforward drag-and-drop UI in drip sequences.
  • Save time with Drip Campaigns. Snov.io automates outreach, providing a consistent and personalized approach.
  • Connect with professionals on LinkedIn effortlessly. Extract emails for more personalized communication.
  • Snov.io's pricing is clear and fits any budget. Choose a plan that suits your needs, whether you're a small business or a larger enterprise.


  • Snov.io's base plan allows warming up only one email at a time, making initial email outreach time-consuming.
  • Snov.io lacks a shared inbox feature, affecting the efficient management of campaign replies. Users need to check replies individually for each campaign.
  • Like any online service, Snov.io may experience occasional downtime.
  • Once a campaign is launched in Snov.io, core settings like the sender's name, email address, and SMTP server cannot be changed.

Get to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the Instantly.ai email outreach tool.


  • You can connect unlimited email accounts and send more emails without getting blocked or marked as spam.
  • You can use smart AI to warm up your email accounts and improve your sending reputation and deliverability.
  • You can check all email replies and use tags in a shared inbox for all the campaigns. You can also manage those leads in Unibox CRM.
  • You can set sending limits for every email account and use multiple email accounts in campaigns to avoid spam.
  • You can also determine the best time to send emails to your recipients and set schedules according to their time zone.


  • In Instantly, the lead finder tool comes as an additional add-on plan. In contrast, Snov.io offers the email finder tool entirely for free.
  • Instantly has limited direct integrations and connects with only 4 apps.
  • Instantly does not have a feature for setting up campaign triggers.
  • As a relatively new software, more advanced features are continually being rolled out.

Which Email Outreach Tool did you find best?

Choosing the right email outreach tool can be challenging amid many options. In this comparison between Snov.io and Instantly.ai, both platforms offer distinct features catering to diverse user needs.

Snov.io suits those prioritizing an all-in-one, user-friendly solution with transparent pricing. In contrast, Instantly.ai appeals to users requiring unlimited capabilities, advanced features, and a data-driven approach to outreach.

Ultimately, you need to consider factors such as the size of your business, desired features, ease of use, and budget constraints.

In the comments, let us know which email outreach tool you found best.

Also, if you need professional help to take care of your business' marketing or website creation, reach out to us and get to see the visible results.

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Snovio is a comprehensive platform that provides email marketing and lead generation tools. It offers features like email finder, verifier, sender, and CRM integrations to streamline email outreach and sales efforts.

In Snovio, you can export emails by using the “Email Finder” or “Email Verifier” tools. After running a search or verification, you'll have the option to export the results, usually in a CSV or Excel format, depending on your preferences.

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Instantly AI boasts the largest warm-up pool in the market, featuring over 200,000 real human accounts. Our fully automated warm-up tool safeguards your emails from spam and enhances your sending reputation through positive interactions. Activate it effortlessly with just one click and bid farewell to concerns about your emails getting trapped in spam folders.