You may use survey makers to collect data from various people, and they are highly effective tools. In addition, they may be used to build surveys, which is beneficial if you don't have time or resources to learn how to code.

It's simple to build surveys and gather replies from your audience, thanks to survey creators. Online survey makers allow you to build, customise, and share the survey with your targeted audience. Some even have advanced analytics to see how many people answered the survey and how long it took to finish it.

Explore the top online survey tools with their features and pricing plans.

What makes a survey tool more effective than others?

You require an excellent survey maker to produce the best surveys. With the assistance of these business tools, you may create surveys to collect information from your potential customers. They can also be employed to measure customer happiness and enhance customer service. The following attributes are required in a survey creator:

Easy-to-use interface: The user interface should be simple to use and intuitive for those not tech-savvy. You should be able to build surveys using the software's drag-and-drop interface without any coding expertise or prior survey software creation experience. 

Ready-made templates: You can get started quickly and with little effort by using templates, which are pre-designed surveys. These can be utilized exactly as-is or customized to your requirements by adding survey questions or modifying their appearance/formatting by your preferences.

Statistics, conditional logic, calculator, accepting payments, and collecting e-signatures can be advanced features. 

  • Create surveys quickly and easily.
  • Make them mobile-friendly.
  • Use advanced features like branching logic, text-based questions, and more.
  • Integrate with other tools you use.
  • Get real-time insights into your audience's responses.

10 best online survey tools to collect customer feedback

Using tools for survey creation is a great approach to collect feedback from your consumers and clients. Many different kinds of surveys may be conducted, but they all have one thing in common: they will all help you understand your target audience better.

You can create and share your survey using a variety of methods. We've reviewed them to help you choose the top survey creation tools.


One of the best online survey software for creating surveys, forms, and quizzes in minutes is the It boasts over 4000 pre-made survey templates, making it easy to create any survey, form, or quiz anytime.

In addition, the forms.The app's free plan offers several advanced features, including accepting payments, collecting signatures, adding question conditions, and calculating scores. also has over 500 third-party integrations, making it possible to automate workflows and reduce workload.

Moreover, this survey platform launched its AI form generator, which enables users to create multiple surveys, online forms, and quizzes with just a few words. Its user-friendly interface is practical even for first-time users. Its mobile application allows users to create surveys like market research or customer feedback and analyze results. online survey tool

Main features

  • Easy-to-use survey platform.
  • +4000 pre-made survey templates.
  • Conditional logic
  • No commissions to accept payments
  • AI form generator
  • You may gather electronic signatures
  • +500 third-party integrations
  • Mobile applications expand their accessibility.

Pricing offers a free version, and its paid subscriptions range from 25 to 99 USD per month.

2. SurveyMonkey

As a leading online survey tool, it allows users to create quizzes, polls, and surveys. It contains several features that can help you find the information you want.

While creating surveys, you can utilize infinite question alternatives, skip logic, auto-responders, and other features. Use their mobile app to create a survey when you need it.

Survey Monkey online survey tool

Main features

  • Easily create different online surveys and forms quickly
  • Collect information and feedback from almost anywhere thanks to the mobile application
  • Analyze survey responses at scale using simple, built-in reports or advanced dashboards
  • Accept Payments
  • Custom logo, colors, and survey URL


In addition to its free plan, SurveyMonkey provides paid options with monthly prices ranging from 159 USD to 299 USD. Also, they provide discounts for businesses.

3. Typeform

A web-based survey tool, Typeform, enables users to create online surveys instantly. It shares many common features and abilities, just like other survey makers.

Yet, it offers a more user-friendly interface that enables anyone to create their surveys, even without coding experience. With its basic design, TypeForm has some distinctive features, such as conditional branching questions.

Typeform online survey tool

Main features

  • Follow-up is simple
  • Conversion monitoring and drop-off rates
  • Branding and a custom domain
  • One-time password (SSO)
  • Compliance with HIPPA and GDPR


The free version of Typeform provides limited features, and paid subscriptions range from 25 to 99 USD per month.

4. Jotform

The survey tool and form builder Jotform can create advanced surveys and web forms. It is perfect for creating contact forms, quick surveys, and polls. Your survey's results can be shown in charts, saved as CSV files, or used for in-depth analysis.

Jotform online survey tool

Main features

  • Calculations and conditional logic
  • There are several embed possibilities
  • The progress bar
  • Database option
  • 30+ payment alternatives are available


Free plans are available from Jotform for up to 5 forms and 100 answers, and paid plans range from 34 to 129 USD per month with discounts for businesses.

5. QuestionPro

QuestionPro is a SaaS platform for developing and delivering surveys so you may gather information from your audience.

All businesses can benefit from QuestionPro's help gathering and validating customer feedback. It also provides an option of asking unlimited questions per survey. It offers a free plan with limited features and storage.

Questionpro online survey tool

Main features

  • 20 or more expert survey themes
  • Survey logic and branching
  • Support is available by phone and live chat round-the-clock.
  • Multilingual feedback surveys for survey participants
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)


There is only one paid plan, and it is 99 USD. They also have custom pricing for enterprises.

6. Formstack

With the help of the creative and user-friendly form-building tool Formstack, users can construct professional surveys, questionnaires, and lead-generation forms on the devices of their choice (desktop, tablet, or phone).

Formstack online survey tool

Main features

  • Fill out your forms with files and photos.
  • Customize your forms with your logo and designs.
  • Make single-page forms or ask a single question at a time
  • Create and store field option sets for usage on numerous forms.


Formstack has a free and subscription plans, which allow unique pricing for businesses, ranging from 50 to 99 USD per month.

7. Google Forms

Google Forms is a free online survey tool, and one can create simple surveys directly in your browser. There is no need for coding or technical knowledge.

Google Forms delivers real-time reports to your inbox and sends them automatically to the recipients you specify. Use customer and prospect feedback to gain knowledge of your target audience, see tendencies, and make more rapid, wise decisions.

Googleforms online survey tool 1

Main features

  • Use the form's online editor to collaborate from anywhere or share a link with others to solicit feedback.
  • Use automated summaries of this free survey tool to analyze answers.
  • 24/7 email, chat, and phone assistance from a real person.
  • With this best free survey maker, you can send a form to anyone, even if they do not have a Google account.
  • Embed forms on your site or blog with only one line of HTML


This popular free online survey tool.

8. Survicate

Survicate is a feature-rich survey creation application allowing you to generate and share your different survey questions online.

You can choose from many themes, or you can create your own targeted survey from scratch. Using this one of the best survey tools, you can rapidly build different surveys or feedback forms and analyze the outcomes.

Survicate online survey tool

Main features

  • Create surveys in minutes.
  • Distribute them to your target audience via email or social media.
  • View findings in real-time and obtain insights into your survey data.
  • All online talks regarding your brand or product are monitored.
  • Analyse survey results based on location and demographics.
  • Web push alerts for surveys are provided through email. 


In addition to its free plan, Survicate offers paid plans, ranging from 99 to 299 USD a month.

9. Alchemer 

Alchemer is one of the best online survey platforms. It allows you to create customizable surveys to send your customers. It is a quick and easy approach to learning more about your targeted audience.

Alchemer online survey tool

Main features

  • Create questions with multiple-choice answers, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and more.
  • Custom pictures can be used as question responses per survey.
  • Questions can now contain multimedia (videos, photos, and music).
  • Utilize email or text messaging to collect replies.
  • Using charts and graphs, examine the results.


Alchemer has a free and premium plans that range in price from 49 to 249 USD per month.

10. Sogolytics 

You can utilize a variety of elements to build a survey in this feedback tool that will produce the desired results. There are other options, such as branching logic and multiple-choice questions.

Sogolystics online survey tool

Main features

  • Advanced query formats
  • Survey template bank
  • Multiple-language surveys
  • Piping for questions and answers
  • The logic for question displays and advanced branching


Sogolytics offers a free plan and paid options with custom pricing for businesses starting at 25 to 99 USD per month. 

Which Online Survey Software is right for your use?

It can be challenging to choose a survey tool that is best for you. Each tool in this list of the best 10 tools has its advantages and disadvantages, and which is the most useful for you will depend on your requirements. We hope this post helped you understand what to look for in survey software and enabled you to decide which tool is ideal for your company.

  • Google Forms is a good choice if you're looking for a free and simple tool. 
  • SurveyMonkey is better suited for larger companies 
  • Typeform offers a unique combination of features
  • has many useful features and is the best in price and effectiveness.

Also, if you need a professional help to create an outstanding presence of your brand, through content marketing or designer websites, feel free to contact webdew.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a good online survey tool is like finding the right tool for the job. It should be user-friendly, offer a variety of question types, and provide robust analytics. Tools like SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, Typeform or Zoho survey tool are popular. Look for features that match your simple or complex survey needs, whether collecting customer feedback, conducting market research, or gauging employee satisfaction.

Using online survey tools is as easy as pie. First, choose a tool that suits your needs. Next, create your active survey by adding questions and selecting response formats. Share the survey link through email, social media, or your website. Once responses start pouring in, the tool will organize the data into helpful insights and reports. It's a handy way to gather opinions, analyze trends, and make informed decisions.

Surveys come in different flavours, like ice cream! There are four main survey types:

  1. Questionnaire Surveys: These are like a series of questions on paper or online.
  2. Interview Surveys: Imagine having a chat with someone to get their thoughts.
  3. Telephone Surveys: Like a friendly phone call asking for opinions.
  4. Online Surveys: The digital version where you click and type your responses. Each type has perks, so pick the one that fits your needs.

Online survey methods are like the different routes you can take. You can use email surveys, where you send questions via email. Web intercept surveys pop up on websites. Social media surveys reach people through platforms like Facebook or Twitter. And finally, in-app surveys appear when you're using a specific application. Each method has strengths, so choose the one that best reaches your audience.