Are recurring monthly payments of tools hindering your focus on complex tasks?

If yes! No worries! I have a solution.

What if I introduce you to some popular tools that you pay for once and use for a lifetime?

Yes, you heard that right. Pay once and enjoy forever.

AppSumo is a renowned online marketplace for digital tools that offers unbeatable lifetime deals on digital AI tools. 

So, whether you are a freelancer, a regular content creator, a marketer, a designer, or an entrepreneur, these AI-based digital tools save your time and help you perform your business operations with ease. Moreover, they help you focus on other crucial business tasks.

This blog post will discuss these cost-efficient lifetime deals for supporting you throughout your business operations.

Hence, stay tuned to speed up your tasks and take advantage of these AI tools' lifetime deals. 

1. AI Writer Lifetime Deals

Want to harness the potential of AI tools in your business operations? Check out the lifetime deals of AI Writing tools. These tools will not only help you thrive, but their lifetime deals will eliminate the hassle of recurring payments every month.

Writecream is a versatile AI writer that offers you over 40 AI tools to tailor your diverse needs. It enables users to generate various content forms effortlessly. These content forms include blog posts, emails, voiceovers, ad copies, and podcasts.

Notably, it includes an inbuilt plagiarism checker and an AI article writer. It ensures content authenticity and generates innovative ideas.

Writecream offers an impressive Ad and SEO tool. Furthermore, it excels in producing refined results for long-form content. 

Writecream is an ideal solution for content or copywriters seeking a cost-effective alternative to platforms like Grammarly or Jasper.

At a highly affordable price of $59, Writecream's lifetime deal is a steal. This offer includes 200 credits per month, equivalent to 400k characters per month. The platform provides ample resources for creating extensive and detailed blogs. 


  • Mobile App available
  • Chrome Extension available
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • 4-click article generator
  • AI voiceover
  • Supports over 75 languages

The pricing plans range from $50 to $200. This implies the lifetime deal caters to the needs of a diverse audience.

Writecream Lifetime Deals

  • Plan 1: $59

  • Plan 2: $118

  • Plan 3: $177

2. Lifetime Deal

Texta AI is a popular and efficient AI writing tool tailored to create comprehensive blog content swiftly. It requires just a single click to generate extensive long-form content. This innovative feature saves users valuable time in their content creation process.

While Jasper AI and remain top-tier choices, Texta AI offers an accessible alternative for those operating on a tighter budget.

Notably, it supports a wide array of more than 27 languages and operates on the advanced GPT-4 technology. It ensures a diverse user base and sophisticated writing capabilities.

Texta.AI offers a versatile collection of over 60 content templates. It caters to various niches such as blog posts, real estate blogs, arts and culture, marketing, and more. This diverse range of templates facilitates the creation of tailored content specific to different industries or subjects.

The lifetime subscription for is attractively priced at $69. It offers unlimited words, making it an all-inclusive tool for crafting blog posts.

Texta AI

  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited total words
  • Professional editor
  • Multiple writing styles
  • Writing assistant
  • Supports over 31 languages
  • Grammarly Integration
  • Over 60 content generation templates
  • Use advanced GPT-4 technology
  • Easy-to-use

Texta AI offers a lifetime deal with a single pricing plan at $69. This plan provides access to Texta AI's platform, which offers AI-powered writing assistance tools to improve productivity and enhance writing quality.

Texta AI Lifetime Deals

  • Plan 1: $69

3. WordHero Lifetime Deal

WordHero emerges as a dynamic AI-powered copywriting tool. It offers an expansive range of capabilities spanning 100+ languages and encompassing 65+ diverse use cases.

From crafting engaging blogs to persuasive sales copies, compelling product descriptions, and impactful social media content, WordHero proves itself versatile across various content formats. Notably, it stands as a viable alternative to renowned AI tools like Jasper or

WordHero can generate high-quality outputs across a broad spectrum of content. It excels particularly in producing refined short-form content. This makes it ideal for users seeking quality outputs within concise formats. 

WordHero's exclusive lifetime deal costs $89, with an opportunity to generate 20k words per month. This generous limit is ample for crafting short-form content, catering to various content needs efficiently. 

It has a user-friendly interface with extensive language support and versatile use cases. WordHero presents itself as an indispensable asset for marketers and writers looking to enhance their copywriting process with quality and ease.


  • GDPR compliant
  • Innovative AI Chatbot
  • Supports over 100 languages
  • Possesses over 80 writing tools
  • Generates long-form content in Editor Mode
  • 20 AI image-generation tokens per month

WordHero offers lifetime deals with three pricing plans. These plans provide access to WordHero's platform, which offers tools and resources for improving writing skills, enhancing vocabulary, and mastering grammar.

WordHero Lifetime Deals

  • Plan 1: $89

  • Plan 2: $178

  • Plan 3: $267

4. Wordplay Lifetime Deal

Wordplay is an AI writer who effortlessly generates over 2k words of content with a single click. It leverages advanced AI technology.

Notably, it excels in creating high-quality content optimized for SEO and featured snippets. Additionally, Wordplay offers an educational academy to aid users in mastering SEO-optimized content creation.

The lifetime deal for Wordplay, priced at $99, offers an 80% discount. It provides access to its full suite of features, including the Long-form AI Writer, making it a valuable investment for efficient and SEO-centric content creation.


  • Minimal edits required
  • User-friendly interface
  • Create quality content in bulk
  • Allows creating over 2k words blog in 15 seconds
  • Value for money
  • Easy-to-use

WordPlay offers lifetime deals with three pricing plans. These plans grant users access to WordPlay's platform, which provides tools and resources for content creation, copywriting, and writing assistance.

Wordplay Lifetime Deals

  • Plan 1: $99

  • Plan 2: $198

  • Plan 3: $297

5. Writeseed Lifetime Deal

Writeseed also offers an AppSumo lifetime deal. It is an AI writing tool designed to expedite content creation for blogs and websites while focusing on SEO optimization. It accelerates the writing process, delivering results tenfold faster than traditional methods.

This tool serves as a streamlined solution for the entire blogging journey. From topic discovery to crafting comprehensive, SEO-optimized blogs, Writeseed generates high-quality articles within minutes.

The tool prevents you from starting to write from scratch. You can opt for a range of over 50 templates. These templates encompass various content types such as product descriptions, Facebook ads, website copy, cold emails, and more, catering to diverse writing needs.

A standout feature is the Pro-Writer mode. It allows the fusion of manual writing with AI capabilities. This mode enables direct commands to the AI, allowing you to provide specific instructions. 

You can get a lifetime deal of Writeseed for just $44, which is definitely a cost-effective solution for those who write content regularly.


  • Easily rewrite sentences
  • Detailed SEO analytics
  • Offers over 70 templates
  • Available in the form of Chrome Extension
  • Creates SEO-optimized articles in 10 seconds
  • Paraphrase or summarize the text in its AI editor

Writeseed offers lifetime deals with two pricing plans. These plans provide users access to Writeseed's platform, which offers tools and resources for content creation and writing assistance.

Writeseed Lifetime Deals

  • Premium Plan: $44

  • Unlimited Words Plan: $88

6. GoZen Content.Ai Lifetime Deal

GoZen Content.AI emerges as a cutting-edge SEO-optimized content and image generator AI tool renowned for its exceptional speed. It surpasses other AI tools and saves you valuable time throughout the week.

This versatile AI tool serves many purposes. The tool can generate content for blogs, websites, WooCommerce, emails, ads, Google, marketing, SEO, social media, video, framework, and more. Its broad applicability across diverse domains ensures its usefulness for various content creation needs.

GoZen Content AI boasts an extensive feature set at a more affordable price. This differentiates GoZen from competitors like WordHero,, and Neuron Writing. 

The AppSumo deal for GoZen Content AI stands out for users seeking a comprehensive solution, priced attractively at $49. This offer includes access to all features, providing you with a substantial credit of 30k words per month.

A lifetime software deal with GoZen can be a big saver for you if you plan to avail it on time. You will earn access to a versatile and efficient tool that enhances content creation processes, optimizes SEO strategies, and streamlines various aspects of digital marketing. 


  • Lifetime Deals
  • GDPR compliant
  • Unlimited workspace
  • Supports multiple languages 
  • Produces SEO-optimized content
  • Keep a backlog of contents
  • Generates relevant keywords
  • Offers over 100 AI-powered templates

GoZen offers lifetime deals with three pricing tiers. These plans grant users access to GoZen's platform, which provides resources and tools for managing and optimizing online presence and digital marketing strategies.

GoZen Lifetime Deals

  • Licence Tier 1: $49

  • Licence Tier 2: $99

  • Licence Tier 3: $199

7. Katteb Lifetime Deal

Katteb is a potent AI Writing tool that swiftly generates fact-checked and SEO-friendly content. It saves substantial time on research and writing tasks.

It effortlessly creates SEO-optimized long-form articles of up to 2500 words in a single click, featuring in-text citations and relevant images. Additionally, it supports rewriting content while preserving formatting across 110+ languages.

Now, if we talk about its lifetime access, it comes at a very enticing cost of $39. You gain access to 15k word credits per month, along with all features included. This makes Katteb an indispensable tool for efficient and credible content creation.


  • Generates over 30 types of content
  • Ensures factual accuracy of the content
  • Supports over 110 languages
  • Automatically suggests alternate terms
  • Generates long-form content with images

Katteb offers lifetime deals with three pricing plans. Each plan provides access to Katteb's platform for managing and organizing digital content, facilitating seamless collaboration and productivity.

Katteb Lifetime Deals

  • Single: $39

  • Double: $78

  • Multiple: $117

8. WPAutoBlog Lifetime Deal

WPAutoBlog is another powerful AI writing tool. It helps you generate professional copies for broader categories of content to boost your organic traffic. 

The tool focuses on creating high-quality blogs to value your readers. You can easily integrate WPAutoBog with your WordPress blogs to enable customized writing styles and optimized title tags.

Not only does it craft content for you, but it also improves your SEO rankings by automating internal linking and post-scheduling abilities. It is a substantial tool for creating authentic content for your readers.

Investing in a lifetime deal on this SaaS product is more cost-effective than purchasing a monthly plan and renewing it regularly. 

Opting for lifetime deals on software like WPAutoBlog provides a one-time investment that grants perpetual access to the software's features and services. This upfront payment ensures long-term access without the hassle of monthly renewals. 


  • Smart auto-linking
  • WordPress Integration
  • Custome writing styles
  • Automatic plagiarism check
  • Generates SEO-optimized content
  • Automatically includes photos and YouTube videos

WPAutoBlog offers lifetime deals with three pricing plans. Each plan provides access to WPAutoBlog's automated blogging solution, allowing users to create and manage WordPress websites with curated content effortlessly.

WPAutoBlog Lifetime Deals

  • Plan 1: $39

  • Plan 2: $78

  • Plan 3: $117

9. StealthGPT Lifetime Deal

StealthGPT is an AI Content Generator for Undetectable Writing. It offers a lifetime deal to utilize its functionalities with the ease of one-time payment.

StealthGPT specializes in crafting human-like content that evades typical AI detection. Its unique Stealth Bypass feature removes common AI flags. It thereby enhances content's undetectability.

The platform assesses content with a “stealth” score. It enables you to refine it for AI detection checks. It simplifies content creation across diverse topics. It automatically mimics human writing, which is especially valuable for avoiding AI detection.

This tool effortlessly generates academic essays from thesis statements. Outputs are evaluated for undetectability, coherency, and readability, ensuring high-quality content.

Users can adjust “stealth” levels for readability or undetectability. StealthGPT enables you to create human-like content that avoids AI detection by constantly updating and testing against AI tools. 


  • Instant response time
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Fine-tune model
  • Rephraser tool to summarize content
  • Stealth essay for generating essays
  • Works well with multiple languages
  • User-friendly

StealthGPT offers lifetime deals with three pricing tiers. Each tier provides access to StealthGPT's advanced AI writing tool, allowing users to generate high-quality content efficiently for their projects.

StealthGPT Lifetime Deals

  • License Tier 1: $49

  • License Tier 2: $89

  • License Tier 3: $149

10. Niches Lifetime Deal

Nichesss is a versatile AI writing and copywriting tool. The tool can create blog posts catering to various content needs, from blog posts to Facebook ad copies.

Equipped with features like an active-to-passive voice converter and affirmation generation based on topics. Nichesss aids in prompt creation for other AI tools.

With over 150+ AI tools, it goes beyond, even assisting in building dating profiles. This comprehensive tool can generate a wide array of content, fulfilling diverse user requirements.

The Nichesss lifetime deal is priced at $59 and has unlimited features. It stands out for its absence of a credit limit, offering users access to all functionalities without restrictions.


  • Reddit search 
  • All future plan updates
  • Crafts content remarkably
  • Propose up to 50 related business ideas in seconds.

Nichess offers a lifetime deal with a single pricing plan at $59. This plan provides access to Nichess's suite of tools and features designed to help users find profitable niches for their online businesses.

Nichesss Lifetime Deals

  • Single: $59

11. ReelSights AI Lifetime Deal

ReelSights AI offers instant, tailored marketing strategies powered by AI based on your business, audience, and goals. It simplifies social media content creation. It helps you create posts to match your brand's style and platform requirements without manual adjustments.

The tool can easily be integrated with Google Keyword Trends and YouTube. It keeps you updated on trends. The platform aids in hashtag creation and converts popular YouTube videos into customizable scripts.

This tool helps leverage trending content effortlessly. It ensures your marketing strategy is always up-to-date and on-point.

ReelSights AI

  • Ingenious script ideas
  • Enhances video's SEO
  • YouTube optimization
  • Creates diverse content types
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Infuse motivational quotes to uplift engagement
  • Creates unique social media posts in seconds

ReelSights offers lifetime deals with three distinct license tiers. Each tier provides access to ReelSights's comprehensive suite of website creation and blogging tools, catering to different user requirements and budgets.

ReelSights AI Lifetime Deals

  • License Tier 1: $49

  • License Tier 1: $129

  • License Tier 1: $219

12. Blogify Lifetime Deal

Blogify simplifies content conversion. It effortlessly turns Video/Audio/Podcast/PDF/Doc files into SEO-friendly blog posts. With easy-to-use tools, generate blogs from titles or brief descriptions.

With Blogify, you can experience hassle-free affiliate marketing. Blogify's advanced AI identifies optimal keywords within your posts and matches them with suitable affiliate links. This helps you in creating a seamless passive income source.

You can also efficiently manage social media posts with Blogify. It automatically syncs platforms and schedules posts for peak audience engagement times. It thereby streamlines your social media presence.

With the coverage of detailed analytics, Blogify helps you beat the content game. You can gain insights into audience preferences. You can schedule and automate blog publication dates using Blogify's scheduling feature.

Blogify expands its global reach by supporting over 75+ languages. It enhances accessibility and audience engagement.


  • Social Media Automation
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Scheduled Blogging
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Auto-Affiliate Link Generation (Beta)

Blogify provides lifetime deals with three tiers. Each plan offers website creation tools, blogging features, and e-commerce integration, catering to varying needs and preferences.

Blogify AI Lifetime Deals

  • Basic Plan: $69

  • Premium Plan: $138

  • Business Plan: $207

13. Transcript.LOL Lifetime Deal

Transcript.LOL offers accurate transcriptions of video content into text. It supports various languages and dialects that ensure high transcription precision.

This tool effectively transcribes diverse content types such as YouTube videos, podcasts, online meetings, webinars, and interviews. It converts these into accessible summaries, blog posts, LinkedIn updates, tweets, and more.

Transcript.LOL is an ideal tool for content creators, podcasters, and online instructors. Transcript.LOL is capable of converting video content into text formats seamlessly.

Grab the Transcript.LOL, lifetime deal for $39. It enables the transcription of 400 minutes of content per month. This offer is a valuable asset for various content-related tasks.


  • 99.6% accuracy
  • Versatile Content Transcription
  • 1-minute delivery guarantee
  • Understands various dialects and accents
  • Ideal for Content Creators and Instructors
  • Easy to use

Transcript.LOL offers lifetime deals with three pricing plans. Each plan includes features such as transcription services for audio and video files, with increasing benefits and capabilities based on the chosen plan.

Transcript.LOL Lifetime Deals

  • Plan 1: $39

  • Plan 2: $78

  • Plan 3: $117

14. Lifetime Deal

FlipLink converts regular PDFs into captivating Flipbooks. It allows customization of URLs, logos, and backgrounds. Users have control over button visibility and can easily embed FlipLinks on websites

This tool transforms PDFs into interactive, branded content for broader accessibility and engagement.

Creating a FlipLink from a PDF is a straightforward process. You have to upload the file, personalize it by adding titles, logos, and background preferences, and then share it through various channels like links, website embedding, or social media platforms.

Furthermore, FlipLink provides insights into the performance of created FlipLinks using tools such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. It allows users to track engagement and audience interaction effectively.

  • Custom branding option
  • Control customization
  • Lead capture forms
  • Right to left flip feature
  • Language change options
  • Autoflip

FlipLink offers lifetime deals with three pricing plans catering to different user needs and team sizes.

  • Single: $89

  • Plan 2: $178

  • Plan 3: $267

15. Affiliate Corner Lifetime Deal

Affiliate Corner Lifetime Deal offers a comprehensive solution for affiliate marketers. It provides access to numerous affiliate programs and niche insights. 

SEO overviews, low-competition keywords, audience analysis, and promotion strategies are vital for identifying lucrative niches and optimizing marketing efforts. Affiliate Corner is ideal for these tasks.

Additionally, Affiliate Corner has recently launched to spy on competitors. It helps you uncover successful strategies and gain valuable monetization insights.

Affiliate Corner

  • Covers over 3600 affiliate programs
  • More than 150 affiliate niches & 20+ data points
  • Quick industry & commission insights
  • Get SEO overview
  • More than 15 creative promotion ideas
  • Generates 10X more prospects engagement

Affiliate Corner offers a Lifetime Plan, providing affiliate marketers with comprehensive tools and resources to optimize their campaigns and maximize earnings.

Affiliate Corner Lifetime Deals

  • Lifetime Plan: $69

16. Textbuddy Lifetime Deal

TextBuddy Lifetime Deal offers an intuitive writing editor powered by ChatGPT 4 AI technology. This tool swiftly identifies flaws in your text.

It highlights issues like lengthy sentences, passive voice, adverbs, and vague words. Pasting or writing your text in the editor provides real-time feedback and suggestions for improvements.

The AI assistant handles grammar, spelling, rephrasing, copywriting, sentiment analysis, and more, simplifying your writing process.

It possesses predefined prompts optimized for clear and concise English. Textbuddy ensures your content is error-free and effectively communicates your message.


  • Improve communication
  • Saves time
  • It makes your writing more readable
  • Reduces confusion & misinterpretation
  • Fetches reader's attention

The TextBuddy lifetime deal offers users access to its Premium Plan at a one-time price. With this plan, users can unlock comprehensive features and tools designed to enhance their text editing and productivity experience.

TextBuddy Lifetime Deals

  • Premium Plan: $19

17. Inksprout Lifetime Deal

Inksprout Lifetime Deal is your go-to solution for effortless social content creation. You can harness the power of an AI writing assistant and the ability to generate bitesize TikTok and YouTube Shorts effortlessly.

Input industry news or your blog post, and Inksprout transforms it into engaging and creative content.

As a bonus, Inksprout offers social media scheduling functions to streamline your workflow. The platform also provides a convenient Chrome extension and integrates seamlessly with over seven social management platforms.

With Inksprout, you can accelerate your content creation and organically enhance your social media engagement.


  • Redeem code within 60 days of purchase
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Creates clean & authentic captions
  • VBrings traffic to the site
  • Easy-to-use
  • Seamless integration

Inksprout offers lifetime deal options across three pricing plans tailored to different needs and budgets. Each plan provides access to the platform's features and tools, allowing users to create and manage social media content effectively.

Inksprout Lifetime Deals

  • Plan 1: $89

  • Plan 2: $178

  • Plan 3: $297

18. Search IQ Lifetime Deal

SearchIQ lifetime deal lets you unlock the full potential of your website's search capabilities. It offers a seamless search experience. SearchIQ delivers lightning-fast and accurate results as users type. It enhances overall user satisfaction.

The real-time analytics dashboard empowers you to delve into users' search intent. It provides valuable insights for optimizing your content strategy and fostering website growth. 

SearchIQ goes beyond traditional search tools by offering image optimization and CDN delivery. It is compatible with various web platforms, has cross-domain search, and has the flexibility to customize search results.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface and offers full customization options. SearchIQ is your go-to solution for elevating the search experience on your website.


  • Autocomplete functionality
  • Facet search
  • Fuzzy matching for typo handling
  • Mobile search
  • Scalable
  • Handles millions of documents in seconds

SearchIQ offers a Startup Package Plan at an affordable rate. You can own its lifetime deal at a nominal price than ever.

SearchIQ AI Lifetime Deals

  • SearchIQ Startup Package Plan: $39

19. CreativAI Lifetime Deal

CreativAI is one of the best lifetime deals platforms. It transforms your content creation process with the CreativAI Lifetime Deal. CreativAI is an innovative AI-powered platform designed to generate creative and unique content effortlessly.

The platform leverages advanced machine learning algorithms. It comprehends the context of your content, aligns with your brand's voice, and identifies your target audience.

This cutting-edge tool goes beyond mere suggestions. It offers tailored topics, attention-grabbing titles, detailed outlines, and even complete articles crafted specifically for your business niche and goals.

Say goodbye to the tedious research, writing, and editing tasks as CreativAI takes the helm. It allows you to redirect your focus to other crucial responsibilities.

Revolutionizing the content creation landscape, CreativAI is your go-to solution for the quick and effective generation of captivating ideas. It ensures your content stands out in the competitive digital landscape.


  • Creates content 10X faster
  • Efficient writing process
  • Crafts creative & unique ideas
  • Enhances digital presence
  • Keyword generation
  • Creates compelling ideas
  • Easy-to-use
  • Intuitive interface

CreativeAI lifetime deal comes with only a one-lifetime plan, having a nominal range for diverse audience requirements.

CreativAI Lifetime Deals

  • Unlimited Plan: $59

2. AI SEO Tools Lifetime Deals

Some AI SEO tools offer lifetime deals to save you time and thrive faster. These tools will help you optimize your content so that Google loves it.

1. NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal

NeuronWriter is an AI-powered content tool tailored for Google's success. It accelerates niche research. It provides a competitive edge by swiftly analyzing keywords, queries, and SERPs for valuable insights.

The platform supports content creation and optimization in multiple languages. It offers the flexibility to start from scratch or gather inspiration from Google searches and competitor sites.

NeuronWriter's automated recommendations generate drafts and outlines. It streamlines the creative process. Its AI-powered writing feature is a powerful antidote to writer's block.

The platform excels in semantic SEO, delivering NLP-driven recommendations. It offers an overall content score for effective optimization. It ensures content resonates with both human readers and search engines.

It stands out as a comprehensive solution for research, planning, writing, and optimization in the competitive landscape of AI-driven content creation.


  • Over 20 templates
  • Competitor SERP analysis
  • Internal link suggestion
  • Content Planning
  • Easy-to-follow checklist
  • Schema data explorer
  • Chrome Extension

NeuronWriter offers lifetime deals with three pricing tiers, allowing users to choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget. Each plan provides access to NeuronWriter's comprehensive features for enhancing writing productivity and creativity.

NeuronWriter Lifetime Deals

  • Single: $89

  • Double: $178

  • Multiple: $267

2. Screpy Lifetime Deal

Screpy is an AI-driven SEO and web analysis tool. It consolidates essential metrics in one dashboard for streamlined website monitoring. 

It seamlessly combines SEO audit, page speed analysis, W3C validation, uptime monitoring, and Google Rank Checker (SERP) to ensure comprehensive performance evaluation. 

You will receive alerts for downtime, validate W3C standards, and track keyword rankings effortlessly. Screpy offers a user-friendly interface for testing and monitoring page speed.

It enables users to identify issues and optimize their websites based on real-time data. Moreover, it enhances website performance with Screpy's unified analytics and tools.


  • W3 Monitoring
  • Website analysis
  • Google rank checker
  • Clean interface
  • Auto-generated tasks
  • Powerful toolset
  • Real-time emails
  • Personalized Solutions

Screpy offers a lifetime deal for its Pro Plan. This plan provides users access to Screpy's advanced SEO and website monitoring tools, allowing them to optimize their websites for better performance and search engine rankings.

Screpy Lifetime Deals

  • Screpy Pro Plan: $49

3. WP 301 Redirects Lifetime Deal

WP 301 Redirects offers a comprehensive solution for managing redirects. It handles broken links and enhances site control from a centralized dashboard.

The Link Scanner tool allows users to identify broken or questionable URLs. It ensures visitors don't encounter 404 errors. SaaS integration automates link scanning, detecting and replacing broken or harmful links across all pages.

Integrations with Google Safe Browsing and Alexa Rank API enable filtering for links leading to sites with poor reputations or malware.

For broken internal links, WP 301 Redirects plugin automatically redirects mistyped URLs to relevant pages. Users can set the plugin's sensitivity to typos. It ensures visitors land on the correct page.

Manual redirects can be created for more intricate cases. With the option of a keyless site license, users can install the plugin across multiple sites without entering a license key.

WP 301 Redirects allows full customization and rebranding. It includes logos, plugin names, company details, and URLs. 

Also, it help you prevent 404 errors and managing links effectively. WP 301 Redirects safeguards SEO rankings and enhances the overall user experience.

WP 301 Redirects

  • White labelling
  • Remotely monitor sites
  • Full customization & rebranding
  •  Perform remote actions
  • Automatic and manual redirects
  • Update URLs

WP 301 Redirects offers a lifetime deal for its License Tier 1. With this plan, users can efficiently manage their website's redirections, ensuring a seamless user experience and optimized SEO performance.

WP 301 Redirects Lifetime Deals

  • License Tier 1: $49

4. EWWW Image Optimizer Lifetime Deal

EWWW Image Optimizer is a powerful platform for improving website speed. It reduces bounce rates and optimizes SEO rankings through efficient image optimization. 

With automated compression, CSS/JS adjustments, and speed hacks, it ensures high-quality images load quickly. The Lazy Loader function autoscales images for varied screen sizes. It reduces bandwidth usage. 

The Bulk Optimizer tool compresses all site images at once. However, the SWIS Performance plugin provides caching and optimization features for enhanced speed. 

EWWW Image Optimizer is a comprehensive solution for impactful site speed hacks and improved overall website performance.

EWWW Image Optimizer

  • 200 GB monthly traffic bandwidth
  • Ten sites
  • Unlimited images
  • Auto-compress
  • Site speed audits
  • Lazy load
  • SWIS performance
  • Custom domain

EWWW Image Optimizer AI offers a lifetime deal with one subscription plan.

EWWW Image Optimizer AI Lifetime Deals

  • License Tier 1: $99

5. The Link Chest by SEO Buddy Lifetime Deal

Link Chest by SEO Buddy offers a valuable collection of high-quality backlink opportunities. It provides a strategic approach to elevating your website's SEO and enhancing its Google ranking. 

This tool simplifies the process, offering hundreds and thousands of easily attainable backlinks with minimal effort. Thus, it becomes a smart choice for boosting your website's visibility and authority. 

With Link Chest, you can kickstart your SEO mission efficiently and watch your website climb the ranks on search engines. 

  • Easy-to-win backlinks
  • High-quality backlinks
  • Allows outsourcing the process to VA
  • Easy-peasy way to start link-building
  • Enhance Google Ranking
  • Intuitive interface
  • Efficient
  • User-friendly

LinkChest by SEO Buddy provides lifetime deals with three plans available. These plans offer comprehensive link management solutions, empowering users to organize, track, and optimize their website's links for improved SEO performance.

  • Plan 1: $89

  • Plan 2: $178

  • Plan 3: $267

6. Keyword Discovery Lifetime Deal

Keyword Discovery's lifetime deal transforms SEO by providing comprehensive keyword research with an advanced difficulty score. 

The tool's AI-driven content creation and optimization features empower users to dominate SERPs. It simplifies on-page SEO, optimizing keywords, HTML, and more. 

The AI Spy reveals niche-specific insights while efficient project management streamlines workflow. It uncovers your competition's data swiftly. 

Keyword Discovery elevates your SEO strategy and lets you stay ahead of algorithm updates. Seize this opportunity for unparalleled insights and ranking boosts.

Keyword Discovery

  • 1 User access in all plans
  • Unlimited keyword idea reports
  • Upto 10K keyword difficulty scores
  • Boost SEO strategy

Keyword Discovery offers lifetime deals with three pricing plans available. These plans provide powerful keyword research tools to help users identify high-value keywords for their SEO strategies, enhancing website visibility and driving organic traffic growth.

Keyword Discovery Lifetime Deals

  • Plan 1: $49

  • Plan 2: $98

  • Plan 3: $147

7. Branalyser Lifetime Deal

Branalyzer is an AI-based all-in-one tool designed to provide detailed insights into brands. The tool is ideal for marketing freelancers, agencies, and entrepreneurs. It lets you delve into comprehensive information about brands and their online presence.

With Branalyzer, you can conduct in-depth analyses of your own brand and competitors. It will give you valuable insights to enhance your online presence.

The Brands Compare feature enables bulk brand comparison. It showcases key metrics for selected domains, including Employees, Domain Rank, Category, Traffic, Keywords, Moz DA, Moz PA, Majestic CF, Majestic TF, and Instagram data (Followers, Following).

The Local Hunter tool offers real-time information on local businesses. It includes details such as place/business information, phone numbers, emails, social links/profiles, reviews, and more. Users can easily export this information to Excel or CSV files for further analysis.

Branalyzer is a powerful tool that empowers you to obtain detailed brand information and enhances your online strategies.  


  • Offers brand summary
  • Insights about brand KPIs
  • Information about the brand's competitors
  • Brand email and social performance
  • SEO and backlink analysis
  • User-friendly

Branalyzer offers a lifetime deal for its “All-In-One Brands Analysis Software – Plus” at an exclusive price of $49. This comprehensive tool provides users with valuable insights and analytics to analyze brands effectively.

Branalyzer Lifetime Deals

  • Branalyzer – All In One Brands Analysis Software – Plus exclusive: $49

8. Keyword Revealer Lifetime Deal

Keyword Revealer streamlines the SEO process by offering essential features to achieve SEO goals for any website. It proves to be an unbeatable time-saving tool. It helps you in uncovering low-competition keywords.

Its keyword tool will help you direct your SEO efforts towards easily rankable terms with low difficulty scores. You can discover thousands of untapped long-tail keywords across various niches.

Upon identifying keywords, assess the difficulty score for each phrase and analyze the current competition ranking on Google's first page. The Keyword Brainstorming tool helps you uncover the specific context in which keywords are used in search engines.

Keyword Revealer has a Keyword Brainstorming tool. It lets you explore new niche ideas and organize them effectively within a silo structure. The Site Analysis tool facilitates the examination of any website. It helps you analyze competitor's performance to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

The tool conducts a comprehensive SEO analysis. It includes metrics, backlinks, top content, and competitor insights for any website. Overall, Keyword Revealer is your go-to solution for efficient and effective SEO strategies.

Keyword Revealer

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword brainstorming
  • Rank tracker
  • Site analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword evaluations

Keyword Revealer offers a lifetime deal for its platform. With Keyword Revealer, users gain access to powerful keyword research tools designed to help optimize SEO strategies and discover profitable keywords for their content.

Keyword Revealer Lifetime Deals

  • Keyword Revealer: $75

9. Rewording Lifetime Deal

With Rewording, you can discover the transformative capabilities of a robust suite of tools to refine and enrich your written content. 

The Rewording Paraphrasing Tool empowers users to set the intensity of text modification, detect language nuances, choose from unlimited writing tones, and seamlessly input content for precision paraphrasing. 

Rewording supports for over 120 languages. You can tailor your paraphrasing needs to specific linguistic requirements. The intuitive history function enables easy tracking of edits and versions. 

Additionally, Rewording provides co-writer tools such as the Text Resizer, Grammar Checker, and Plagiarism Tool. It allows users to resize text, enhance grammar, and verify originality, respectively. 

Embracing Rewording can unlock the full potential of your writing. You can refine your content with precision, and elevate your writing experience with Rewording's comprehensive suite of tools.


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Easy paraphrasing
  • Improves fluency, readability, and vocabulary
  • Great for students, professionals, and marketers
  • Grammar checker
  • Text resizer
  • Rewording Plagiarism checker

Rewording offers lifetime deals with three pricing plans. This platform provides comprehensive rewording and paraphrasing services, assisting users in creating unique and engaging content.

Rewording Lifetime Deals

  • Plan 1: $69

  • Plan 2: $138

  • Plan 3: $207

10. Taja Lifetime Deal

Taja introduces a game-changing approach to content optimization. It harnesses the potential of AI to build titles, descriptions, chapters, and tags customized to your unique style and target audience. 

Taja is specifically designed for YouTube content. It serves as a comprehensive optimization tool that streamlines the video publishing process.

 With Taja, you can effortlessly generate attention-grabbing titles, strategically segment your videos into chapters. Moreover, you cancraft SEO-driven descriptions, and tailor tags to enhance the visibility and engagement of your content. 

This revolutionary platform eliminates the guesswork and time-consuming aspects of content optimization. It allows creators to focus on delivering high-quality videos while maximizing their reach on the YouTube platform. 


  • Instant title creation
  • SEO without the stress
  • Tailored descriptions
  • Automatic chapter detection
  • Control & Collaboration
  • Generates attention-grabbing titles
  • Easy to use

Taja offers lifetime deals with three pricing plans. This platform provides users with powerful tools for managing their projects, tasks, and team collaborations efficiently.

Taja Lifetime Deals

  • Plan 1: $49

  • Plan 2: $98

  • Plan 3: $147

11. Labrika Lifetime Deal

Labrika's lifetime deal includes a game-changing interactive content optimizer. It offers actionable recommendations based on the top competitors currently dominating the rankings for your targeted keywords.

Labrika goes beyond surface-level analysis by scrutinizing competitors' URLs and content. Labrika employs sophisticated algorithms to evaluate various elements.

The elements include LSI, TF-IDF, metadata, keyword density, snippets, page titles, media, page structure, etc. It provides comprehensive insights for strategic content improvement.

Labrika doesn't stop there—its detailed reporting system keeps a thorough history of all errors detected on your site. It also tracks any changes made while your website is registered as a project in the platform.

The advanced rank checker is another standout feature. It automatically identifies landing pages for specific keywords and organize them efficiently. You can opt for scheduled automatic rank checks or manually initiate checks based on your preferences.

Moreover, Labrika offers printable white-label reports. It ensures you can easily share detailed analyses with clients or team members.

With Labrika's lifetime deal, content optimization becomes a streamlined and insightful process, empowering users to enhance their online presence effectively. 


  • Tracks and generates SEO audit report
  • Offers domains and hosting
  • Offers Crawler statistics
  • Performs competitors analysis
  • Allows downloading audit reports in multiple formats
  • 40-point sitemap validator
  • Content optimization & clustering
  • Provides many tools for SEO analysis

Labrika offers a lifetime deal with its AppSumo Plan priced at $69. This plan provides users with access to Labrika's powerful SEO auditing and optimization tools, designed to help businesses improve their search engine rankings and website performance.

Labrika Lifetime Deals

  • Labrika AppSumo Plan: $69

3. AI Marketing Management Tools Lifetime Deals

Marketing is a key player in establishing a positive brand presence. AI marketing management tools can serve it faster and more easily. Over this, lifetime deals on these marketing tools will be the icing on the cake, though.

1. TruConversion Lifetime Deal

TruConversion's Appsumo lifetime deal brings a robust funnel tracking and optimization tool to the table. It is equipped with various features like heatmaps, session recordings, and form analytics to elevate your strategic decision-making.

The intuitive, intelligent funnels provide invaluable insights into the effectiveness of your conversion strategies. With just fewer clicks, you can monitor funnels, set conversion benchmarks, and pinpoint areas that require attention to positively impact their bottom line.

TruConversion's smart funnels continually monitor your funnels without extensive data analysis. Its heatmaps visually display where visitors scroll and click the most, guiding you to place compelling content strategically and calls to action for optimal engagement.

Combining smart funnels with heatmaps allows for targeted data collection. It ensures meaningful insights are generated for pages that demand attention.

TruConversion takes it a step further with session recordings. It witnesses individual browsing journeys, analyzes clicks, and identifies areas of interest or concern.

TruConversion's lifetime deal equips you with the tools needed to track and optimize sales funnels. Hence, it lets you make informed decisions through heatmaps, session recordings, form field reports, and customer feedback. 


  • Powerful funnel tracking tools
  • Copy scripts
  • Paste scripts
  • Advanced page targeting
  • Manage multiple domains
  • Advanced filters
  • One-click share button
  • Trigger recordings by Event
  • Visual event identification
  • Flexible survey trigger options

TruConversion offers lifetime deals with three pricing plans. Each plan provides progressively advanced features for website analytics and optimization.

TruConversion Lifetime Deals

  • TruConversion Basic: $69

  • TruConversion Plus: $119

  • TruConversion Pro: $279

2. Gravitec Lifetime Deal

Gravitec offers a lifetime deal for its AI Marketing Management platform. The tool suits best for your Push-campaigns. It features an AI text generator powered by OpenAI. 

Gravitec analyzes URL content to craft relevant and engaging messages. It even generates header and body text. It then complies with Google's user interaction standards. 

With subscription prompts and the Bell widget, Your subscribers can manage interest and easily re-subscribe. 

The Push Inbox boosts open and click rates. Its targeting options include behaviour and demographic criteria. 

You can segment subscribers with tags, access detailed campaign statistics, and utilize built-in automation without coding. Launch push campaigns with AI content, advanced segmentation, and no-code automation.


  • Unlimited Websites
  • Subscribers to collect
  • Subscribers to notify
  • No code automation
  • No code integrations
  • Subscriber segments

Gravitec's lifetime deals come in three tiers. Each plan is tailored to suit varying business needs, ensuring accessibility to their AI-powered push notification platform for optimal engagement and subscriber management.

Gravitec Lifetime Deals

  • Single: $49

  • Double: $98

  • Multiple: $147

3. PowerIn Lifetime Deal

PowerIn revolutionizes LinkedIn engagement by harnessing the power of ChatGPT to amplify your presence and influence.

Powerln enables you to target top influencers by connecting with LinkedIn accounts. It automatically generates compelling comments under their posts. 

Powerln comes with enormous benefits to the plate. It includes daily commenting to enhance profile visibility among key audiences, attracting organic profile views through insightful contributions, and opening doors to new business opportunities as products or services garner interest. 

The platform also facilitates network growth by prompting connection requests from engaged LinkedIn users who recognize active engagement. 

With comments posted within minutes of a post's publication, you enjoy maximum visibility, reaching the entire audience of the post's creator. 

PowerIn represents a game-changer in LinkedIn engagement. It empowers you to effortlessly expand your influence and network presence.


  • Allows 150 posts per day
  • Customize your comment
  • 50 target accounts
  • Export comment in CSV
  • Turn on/off hashtags
  • Turn on/off Emoji
  • Comment as a company page

Access PowerIn's lifetime deals and revolutionize your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Its lifetime deals provides cost-effective solutions for boosting your profile's visibility, attracting organic views, and generating new business opportunities, all without the burden of recurring subscriptions.

PowerIn Lifetime Deals

  • Plan 1: $39

  • Plan 2: $78

  • Plan 3: $117

4. Marketing Master IO Lifetime Deal

Marketing Master IO is the ultimate solution for streamlining your digital marketing efforts without the hassle of navigating multiple platforms. 

Say goodbye to the endless hours spent learning and integrating various tools – Marketing Master IO consolidates everything you need into one convenient online suite. 

From creating high-converting eCommerce stores to implementing chatbot marketing, building email and SMS campaigns, and automating social media tasks, Marketing Master IO empowers you to establish a brand that resonates with your audience. 

With our robust tools, you can effortlessly engage with your customers, address their concerns, and deliver exceptional user experiences – all while saving time and money. 

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Marketing Master IO and take your digital marketing to the next level.

Marketing Master IO

  • Build chatbots for socials
  • Create high-converting e-commerce stores
  • FB livestream selling automation
  • Auto follow-ups for Messenger and Instagram
  • Drag and drop email campaign builder
  • Multiple built-in templates

Gain lifetime access to the Marketing Master IO's Apprentice Package, offering a comprehensive suite of marketing tools to elevate your online presence and streamline your marketing efforts without the hassle of recurring fees.

Marketing Master IO Lifetime Deals

  • Apprentice Package: $67

4. AI Social Media Tools Lifetime Deals

Check out the lifetime deals of social media AI tools that will help you automate your social media tasks.

1. Sociamonials Lifetime Deal

Sociamonials is available through a lifetime deal. It is a comprehensive social media platform offering powerful analytics and automation. 

Sociamonials stands out for its user-friendly interface and translation capabilities, as well as its features like easy campaign creation, contests, and sweepstakes. 

The platform excels at tracking essential metrics, providing custom analytics and enabling scheduled posts and automatic reposts. 

Sociamonials offers unique features such as user-generated content campaigns and integration with Google My Business. 

Its versatility and all-in-one approach make it a valuable tool for maximizing engagement and ROI in the social media landscape. 


  • Social publishing
  • User-generated content
  • Social media campaigns
  • Share buttons
  • Social Analytics
  • Incentivized sharing
  • Social CRM
  • Approval workflow

Sociamonials provides lifetime deals with three pricing plans. Each plan offers access to Sociamonials' social media management platform with varying features tailored to different business needs and sizes.

Sociamonials Lifetime Deals

  • Single: $69

  • Double: $138

  • Multiple: $207

2. Picmaker Lifetime Deal

Picmaker, available through a lifetime deal, is an AI-powered social media solution. It offers a range of tools for effortless content creation, scheduling, and analytics. 

It stands out for its ability to create personalized social graphics with AI. The tool provides a professional touch without a template appearance. 

Features like quick background removal, instant design resizing, and access to a wide variety of images and fonts make content creation a breeze. 

Picmaker supports various platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest. It allows direct publishing and automated scheduling based on optimal posting times. 

The platform also provides detailed analytics, helping users measure performance, benchmark against competitors, and make data-driven decisions. 

Collaboration is simplified with team-inviting options and shared content calendars. Moreover, Picmaker has the ability to create multiple brand kits for consistent branding. In short, Picmaker streamlines social media management with AI-powered efficiency.


  • Remove background
  • One-click resize
  • Photo Effects
  • Sticker Maker
  • 100 million stock images
  • 100k icons & illustrations
  • Share & collaborate
  • Simple design graphics

Picmaker offers lifetime deals with three license tiers. Each tier grants access to the Picmaker platform, which offers increasing features and functionalities for creating professional-quality designs and visuals.

Picmaker Lifetime Deals

  • License Tier 1: $69

  • License Tier 2: $139

  • License Tier 3: $199

5. AI Video Generators Lifetime Deal

Videos play a crucial role in promoting your brand presence. But are you using AI video tools to create engaging, high-quality videos that captivate your audience and elevate your brand presence across digital platforms?

If not, start using it, as these tools are available with exciting lifetime deals.

1. FlexClip Lifetime Deal

FlexClip is available through a lifetime deal. It revolutionizes video creation with an array of customizable templates across various domains. The tool caters to both seasoned designers and beginners. 

The platform's AI-driven features, including image generation, text-to-video, auto subtitle, and text-to-speech, amplify creative potential. It simplifies the art of visual storytelling.

With FlexClip AI, you can craft visually compelling stories that deeply engage your audience. The FlexClip screen recorder facilitates effortless recording of screen and webcam. It allows simultaneous or separate captures.

You can record the entire screen, specific application windows, or individual browser tabs. These features make it ideal for webinars, courses, gameplay, presentations, and tutorials. FlexClip boasts an extensive library of over 4,000,000 royalty-free stock assets. 

FlexClip empowers users with a wealth of resources. It includes high-quality videos, photos, and royalty-free music, enhancing the creative process. The platform offers a rich selection of transitions for seamless and engaging storytelling.

In short, FlexClip simplifies video creation, offering powerful features and abundant resources to bring creative ideas to life.


  • Slideshow maker
  • Meme Generator
  • Screen Recorder
  • Audio converter
  • Video merger
  • Video compressor
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive interface

FlexClip's lifetime deals offer three pricing plans. Each plan provides access to the FlexClip video editing platform, which offers varying features and capabilities tailored to different user needs.

FlexClip Lifetime Deals

  • Plan 1: $69

  • Plan 2: $138

  • Plan 3: $207

2. Invideo Lifetime Deal

InVideo revolutionizes video creation by offering a collaborative, user-friendly platform accessible directly from your browser. 

With over 7 million users spanning 195 countries and generating millions of videos daily in over 100 languages, InVideo caters to both beginners and advanced users alike. 

By joining the InVideo family, you gain access to a broad array of benefits. It includes over 5000 handcrafted video templates for effortless creation. It provides customization options to infuse your brand identity and a premium media library boasting over 8 million stock footage options. 

Invideo offers features like article-to-video conversion, intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, and advanced editing tools such as stickers, masks, and automated voiceovers. It authorizes you to bring your creative vision to life seamlessly. 

Experience the future of video creation with InVideo and unleash your storytelling potential like never before.


  • Inbuilt video templates
  • Customizable templates
  • Over 9M music tracks, videos, and photos
  • Solid video editing features
  • Easy sharing with team members
  • Multiple built-in templates

Unlock lifetime access to InVideo Studio, empowering you to create captivating videos effortlessly with an intuitive browser-based platform designed for seamless collaboration and creativity.

InVideo Lifetime Deals

  • InVideo Studio: $99

3. Exemplary AI Lifetime Deal

Exemplary AI revolutionizes content creation by transforming audio and video files into engaging, shareable content. 

With its powerful transcription capabilities, Exemplary AI automatically generates transcripts from your media uploads. It lets you create captivating clips, stories, and audiograms with simple prompts. 

Whether you're a business looking to amplify customer feedback or a media professional enhancing videos with subtitles, Exemplary AI offers an intuitive online editor and supports multiple languages and formats to cater to diverse needs. 

Embrace the future of creation with Exemplary AI and unleash the potential of your media content like never before.

Exemplary AI

  • Transcription
  • AI Writer
  • AI assistant
  • Social clip
  • Translation
  • Stories/Reels
  • SEO-friendly podcast transcripts
  • Support over 120 languages

Exemplary AI presents lifetime deals tailored to your content needs, offering accessibility and efficiency in transcription and content creation. Explore a seamless platform for transforming audio and video into engaging content experiences.

Exemplary AI Lifetime Deals

  • Plan 1: $49

  • Plan 2: $98

  • Plan 3: $147

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