Go through our Honest FlexClip Review – your friendly guide to informed decisions! You might wonder, “Why should I read this?” Well, this review acts like a trusted companion, steering you through the realm of video creation.

It is clear that choosing the right video creator and editor amid various options can be overwhelming. That's why we're here to explore FlexClip, the online platform designed for crafting captivating videos on social media, websites, or any platform you fancy.

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This review will break down all the tools and features, making it a breeze for you. So, if you're eager to tell stories with videos, stick around. We'll be your map in the world of FlexClip, guiding you to make the right choice for your video adventures!

FlexClip Review – Know about its Video Making and Editing Features 

Once you log in, your next step is to explore what the tool can do and figure out how to use it. The big question is, is it worth your time? Let's find out!

1. Templates

Discover over 500 templates in our tool, sorted into five main groups and 60+ sub-groups. Exploring them might seem tricky, but don't worry; we've done the essential work for you. Specifically, we took a closer look at the Business and Services category and tested one of its templates just for you.

When you open a template, choose your preferred resolution. In our example, for the Company Explainer 2 template, we picked the 16:9 aspect ratio. Click on the customize button below.

Options to select the resolution of the template

After this, you'll find options on the left side, where we'll gradually throw light.

Features while customizing template

We'll move toward the ‘Text' portion in the next step. After double-clicking on the text you want to change, you'll get a writing bar on the left, where you can add the text accordingly.  

Change the text

By using the adjusting points, you can adjust the size and placement of the text. Rest. At the top, you can see other options that help to edit the text, like font style, font size, colour, bold, italics, alignment, and opacity. Along with these, you get a unique text-to-speech feature present in the second from right.

Adjust the size of the text and edit it

Along with these editing options for text, you also get a variety of text styles to choose from and make your video text look appealing.

Different Text Styles

Sometimes, you'll need help finding the present clip in the template. You can replace existing video clips by hovering over them and selecting “Add as a layer,” as we did in the second scene of the video, Or add your own from the media or video section.

Add video or image as a layer

When you click on the video you want to add, you'll see an option in the bottom left that says “Add as a layer, ” and here you go. Just click on that, and you can directly replace the one attached to the laptop screen inside the scene.

Also, if you click on it, it will generally be added to the whole screen.

Audio is the next point, where you can choose from various options in the tool's music library and add the sound per your need.

Change audio as per your requirement 1

Another option is adding elements per your requirement in your scene. From a random shape to a social media icon, the library has it all and helps to make your scene or slide more stylish and valuable. 

Add element of choice from the list

Next in line is ‘Overlays'. The word explains its meaning – to lay over something (here the scene). Here, you get various options to add to your scene as per your choice. It gives a significant visual effect to your slide, and you can use different styles for different scenes. We tried to add a lens flare effect, which you can see in our 2nd slide.

Add overlay in each scene

Adding was fine, but the next question is, if you need to delete the overlay effect, how'll you do so? So the answer is the icon just on the right of the screen. By clicking on it, you can select the overlay you've added and click the delete button on your keyboard, and it's done.

Click on the icon and on delete to remove the selected overlay

In the end, the extra yet essential tools can help craft a video smoothly. We'll look into these tools in detail while learning how to craft a video from scratch.

Tools to create video easily

After reviewing these features, we'll bring your focus to the scene's timeline. You can see this option below the editing screen of the video.

Adjusting timeline

After clicking on that, you can observe and change the time and sequence in which all the elements of that particular scene will appear in the final video.

Adjusting timeline as per the scene

Now you can save and export your final video by choosing the option you need to (Video, GIF, or Audio)

You can export the video up to 720p in your free plan, too, but to avail of the option of 1080p, you must have a plus plan.

Save and export the final video

It will take a few minutes to render your video. Meanwhile, you can select the right option to share your video

  • You can copy and share the link.
  • You can directly share it with your social media handles.
  • You can either keep the link public or private
  • You can also turn the download option on or off.
Options to export final video
? Review
  • Flexclip makes it easy to create video content using its user-friendly template, but there were some minor drawbacks, too –
  • ✔ The adjustments in the timeline portion were confusing to use.
  • ✔ The font style Montserrat needed to appear clear and complete. This made us change the font style, too – Baloo Tamma. 

Here is the link to video created with the help of template –


2. Video Editing

After exploring FlexClip's templates and editing features, let's explore creating a video from scratch. Some features have been covered in the ‘Templates' section, so feel free to use those without additional guidance.

Click on the “Create a Video” button on the homepage. Now, choose the mode and aspect ratio; we opted for Timeline mode and a 16:9 ratio.

options while creating video from scratch

If you have a script, skip this step. If not, select “AI Video Script” for assistance.

Select AI Video Script option

Write your topic, and choose the video duration (short, medium, or long). We chose a short duration for simplicity.

AI Video script feature 1

Here is your script, and now, again, if you can create a video on your own, you can skip this step. 

However, if getting help from AI would be better, click on the option – AI to Video. 

Convert script into video

Skip this step if you can create the video on your own. Otherwise, click on “AI to Video.” Choose between AI Creation (using the complete script) or AI Excerpt (using the main idea and limited text).

Two options to generate video 1

We used AI Excerpt but uploaded media to make the video more relatable. You can use stock videos/photos from the library.

Video created by AI video creator

Thus, we added clips from its library and created an introductory video for your understanding.

As we all know video, video is complete with audio. The tool automatically adds a basic audio. You can change it by adding your audio or choosing one from its library from the ‘Audio' section on the left. 

Add audio from the tool or upload your own. Edit audio features (volume, fade, trim) highlighted in the blue box.


Moreover, there is an option to convert your subtitle to voiceover. When you click on the video's subtitle in the edit section, you will find an option, ‘Subtitle to Speech.'

Subtitle to speech option

Convert subtitles to voiceover by clicking “Subtitle to Speech.” Customize voiceover language, style, speed, and pitch.

Features of subtitle to speech option

Easily adjust voiceover timing by sliding them according to scenes.


You can use two other options to add some exciting elements.

First, we will talk about Giphy Text.

Select the option Giphy Text

In this, you can add the text in the search bar and get it styled in different GIF ways. I selected the third option and added it in the first scene at the top of the laptop. It added an appeal in the video.

Add the text in search bar

The next is ‘Branding.' You can add your brand name as a watermark, as the name suggests. You can write it in the text form or add the image or logo.

You can also adjust the size, opacity, and the position of the image or text.

Features of branding option

Here is the link to video created from scratch –


? Review
  • Creating and editing videos from scratch using FlexClip was a positive experience. The features were user-friendly and suitable for beginners.
  • However, the AI video creation results could be improved, but the option to add personal media provides a solution for enhancing the video style.

3. Tools

There are some other tools offered by FlexClip that can be used separately for particular purposes.

Tools offered by Flexclip

1. Slideshow Maker

FlexClip also provides a Free Slideshow Maker to make simple and appealing slide shows. To get started, you need to click on ‘Browse Photos' to select your photos.  

Free slideshow maker

Next, you need to add photos, and you can arrange them here.

Add photos to make slideshow

After this, you'll get an option to either select a template or Start from scratch.

If you choose Start from scratch, it will take you to the main landing page, where you can follow the process of creating a video from scratch like we did in the ‘Video Editing' section.

Here, we selected a template named ‘Film Frame.'

Select Template or Start From Scratch

After selecting the template of your choice, you'll ultimately land on the editing page of the tool. It is the same as the one we've seen in the ‘Templates' and ‘Video Editing' sections. 

You'll get all the same options, from uploading your media to using AI tools as required.

Features to edit slideshow

2. Meme Generator

FlexClip also provides a Meme Generator to make funny and humorous memes. To get started, you need to click on ‘Make a Meme Now.'

Meme generator

You'll land on a page of templates. From there, you can select the template of your own choice to create a fantastic meme.

Select the template for meme

After selecting the template, you'll get all those options we've discovered in the ‘Template editing' and ‘Video Editing' sections.

After adding elements of your choice, you can save and export the meme you've created.

Edit the template to create meme

3. GIF Maker

With the help of this GIF maker, you can create a funny and engaging GIF video for your social media platforms.

Gif maker

You'll get the same options as those found in the main video editor of FlexClip. The editor just adds an automatic zoom-in effect. You can export the video in the form of a GIF with the available option.

Options to create gif

4. Screen Recorder

FlexClip also provides a screen recorder to capture your screen online easily without installing FlexClip software or extensions. To get started, you need to click on ‘Start Recording.'

Free online screen recorder

You'll land on a page where you'll get three modes – 

  • Screen + Webcam
  • Screen Only
  • Webcam Only

You can choose the required mode and start recording.

Three modes to do screen recording

Here is the first mode, ‘Screen + Webcam,' where you can find simple audio and webcam settings. 

Audio and Video settings in Screen Webcam option

Next is ‘Screen Only' mode. You'll get a similar audio and video settings option to start your recording.

Screen only mode

For camera reasons, we still need to add an example of a third mode, i.e., ‘Webcam Only.' But you'll get similar easy-to-use options there, too.

In the next step, after adjusting the settings when you start recording, such a screen will appear in front of you. With no complexities, you can start recording and pause or restart with the help of respective buttons.

When you stop the recording, you'll see two options – 


Download and edit: In this option, your recording will get downloaded, but if you need to do some editing, then it will automatically take you to the editor, the same as seen in the video editing section.

Download and edit recording

5. Convert Audio

Online Audio Converter

6. Online Video Speed Changer

With the help of this tool, you can change the speed of your video in minutes. You need to click ‘Browse Video' or simply use the drag-and-drop feature to add the video of your choice.

Online Video Speed Changer

You'll find here two options – Normal Speed and Curve Speed. 

In Normal Speed, you can adjust the speed, which will be constant for the complete video.

Two options to change the speed of video

In Curve speed, you have six styles where the speed will differ for different portions. There is also a ‘Customize' option, where you can keep the speed of your choice. 

Options in curve speed

In the end, you can export the video as already explained. For your reference, we've added a video where we tried to experiment with the speed of the original video.


7. Trim Video

FlexClip also provides a Free Video Trimmer to reduce your original video length in minutes. To get started, you need to click on ‘Browse Video'. 

Free video trimmer

Here, you'll land on the basic editor page of FlexClip, where you can use the option of ‘Trim' to shorten your video and save it at the end.

Options to use in video trimmer

8. Free Video Compressor

With the help of this tool, you can compress your original large video files easily and quickly in minutes.

Free video compressor

After selecting your video, you can select the quality and resolution of your choice. From Extremely Low Quality to Original, it has seven options, and from Original Resolution to 1080p, it has five resolution options.

Options to compress video

You can click on compress now and then save and download your compressed video.

9. Convert Video

FlexClip also provides a Free Video Converter to give it a basic makeover. To get started with this great tool, you need to click on ‘Browse Video'. 

Free video convertor

After selecting your video, you'll find three options – Resolution, Format, and Quality. You can select the options per your requirement, and it's done. Just export and download the converted video.

Options to convert video

10. Speed Curve

It is none other than changing the speed of the video tool. Just click on ‘Upload Video' to get started.

Speed Curve Tool in FlexClip

As mentioned earlier, you'll find two options: Normal and Curve Speed. 

In Normal Speed, you can adjust the speed, which will be constant for the complete video.

In Curve speed, you have six styles where the speed will differ for different portions. There is also a ‘Customize' option, where you can keep the speed of your choice.

Options to do curve speed

In the end, you can export the video as already explained. 

11. Free Online Video Rotator

The primary task of rotating your video can be done quickly with the help of this ‘Video Rotator' tool offered by FlexClip. 

You must click ‘Browse Video' to add your video and get started.

Rotate video tool

It will land you on the main editor page of the video, from where you can click on transform and choose how you want to rotate your video. And it's done.

Options to rotate video

Export and download your video in minutes.

12. Add Music to Video 

FlexClip offers a feature to add music to your video quickly and handily without buying any subscription plan. 

Add music to video tool

It will land you on the main editor page of the video, from where you can choose the music or sound effects from its music library or add your music through the media section as explained in the ‘Video Editing' section. And it's done.

Options to add music to video

Export and download your video in minutes.

13. Add Text to Video

FlexClip also provides an option to ‘Add Text to Video' to enhance the accessibility of your video. To get started, you need to click on ‘Upload Files”.

Add text to video

On the main editor page, pick your text style and add wherever you want to in the particular scene (check ‘Video Editing' for details). Hit export, and your video will be ready to download in minutes! 

Options to add text to video

14. Add Watermark to the Video

FlexClip also provides an option to ‘Add Watermark to Video' to enhance your branding. To get started, you need to click on ‘Browse Videos.'

Add watermark to video

You'll land on the editor page, where you'll find the branding feature in front of you. As discussed in the video editing and template section, you can either write your brand's name or add an image as per your choice and select its position, opacity, and font style.

Options to add watermark to video

When done with the editing, save and export the video easily.

15. Add Transition to Video

FlexClip also provides an option to ‘Add Transition to Video' to make your video visually appealing. To get started, you need to click on ‘Browse Videos.'

Add transition to video

You'll land on the editor page, where you'll find the feature in front of you. As discussed in the video editing and template section, you can either write your brand's name or add an image as per your choice and select its position, opacity, and font style.

16. Picture in Picture tool

With this tool's help, you can easily overlay your pictures or videos in minutes.

Picture in Picture tool

It will land you on the main editor page of the video, where you can add an image or video as a layer on your already added media on the scene.  

Options of Pitcure in pitcure tool

After doing so, you can save and export your media and use it as required.

17. Make Motion Graphics

FlexClip allows Motion Graphic creation platform to show your creativity through animations and visuals.

Motion Graphics Maker

It is not different from making a video. All those tools and features are available in the ‘Video Editing' section.

Options to create motion graphics

The best part is that it is free and easy to use. It provides good options for the templates. The only drawback of this tool is that you need to either delete the image or add it again to bring it in the first place.

Otherwise, if you want it to be easy, add and rearrange the images after selecting the photos.

? Review
  • After explaining the editing tools that FlexClip provides, we would like to mention that Flexclip makes it easy to edit video content, but there were some minor drawbacks, too –
  • ✔ One cannot reorder the images directly while editing the slideshow in a template of slideshow maker.
  • ✔ GIF Maker should have more enhanced and organized options other than those creating a video,

4. Interface

Navigating through it is like a breeze. Everything is laid out so you can find what you need without head-scratching. It's designed to be convenient, making your experience smooth and stress-free. So, no worries about getting lost in a maze of buttons – it's all simplicity and no fuss.

5. Resources

FlexClip is for more than just making and fixing amazing videos and pictures. It's also a cool place to learn stuff. In the ‘Learning Centre,' you can read blogs and watch tutorials. It's not just about FlexClip; they also discuss other excellent tools.

Resources offered by FlexClip

But here's the tiny thing: It would be even better if they sorted things out more, like putting blogs and tutorials in one spot and having another area just for learning how to use this online video editor for the creative process of video making and editing. It's like having a neat room where everything has its place.

6. FlexClip Pricing

FlexClip Pricing Plans 1

You can see on FlexClip pricing page that it offers various pricing plans to cater to different needs, starting with a free video maker plan with some limitations.

The Plus plan, enhances video length to 10 minutes in full HD 1080p, expands cloud storage to 30GB, and increases monthly subtitling and background removal allowances.

The Business plan, priced at $30 monthly or $240 annually, offers a total video run-time of 30 minutes, unlimited access to stock video and music libraries, and significantly increased auto-subtitling and background removal allowances, along with additional storage for commercial subscribers.

How did you find this video creation and editing tool?

In wrapping up this journey through FlexClip – video maker and video editing software, it's clear that this platform offers a robust set of tools for creating and editing quality videos with a user-friendly touch for social media, websites, or any other platform of your choice.

The Learning Centre adds a valuable educational dimension, although some organizations could enhance the user experience further. Refining the AI video creation tool could also push FlexClip to its pinnacle.

However, overall it proves to be a decent beginner-friendly

So, are you in favour of using the FlexClip tool? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, FlexClip offers a free version with basic features, allowing users to create and edit videos without cost. However, it also provides premium plans with additional advanced features for those looking to elevate their video crafting experience.

FlexClip is worth it for many users due to its user-friendly interface and versatile video making tools. The platform caters to beginners and enthusiasts, offering features like templates, customization options, trimming videos, meme creators, etc.

Absolutely! FlexClip is an excellent choice for YouTube content creators. Its features allow users to create stunning and great videos suitable for YouTube content. The platform supports various aspect ratios and provides effective video editing tools and customization tools.

FlexClip comes with a variety of effects to enhance your videos. FlexClip provides creative elements that add flair and professionalism to your video projects, from text animations and transitions to filters and music options. Users can explore these effects to make their videos more engaging and visually appealing.