Gmail is widely used across the world with 1.5 billion active users. As there is only a growth in the number of users, there is no doubt that gmail is one of the most popular and dominant methods of online communication. 

Gmail is where we spend the most of our time, regardless of whether or not we like to admit it. It's where we do things like connect with others, schedule and plan events, keep track of important contacts, develop and nurture professional and personal relationships, identify and pursue new opportunities, initiate and execute on projects, and keep ourselves on track for all the other things we need to get done.

You could take advantage of robust CRM software without ever leaving your Gmail inbox to better manage your contacts and streamline your sales efforts. Here are the best customer relationship management tools for use with Gmail.

Best CRM with Gmail Integration


Streak is one of the few fully-integrated Gmail CRM solutions currently available on the market. It organizes your work, aids collaboration with the team, and prioritizes email communications.

Streak is very well integrated with Gmail. Users can do many different things without leaving their Gmail inbox. With Streak installed on a computer or mobile device, you can directly access information about your pipelines, contacts, and tasks in your inbox.

You can view the sender’s CRM profile alongside an entire interaction history in a Streak sidebar whenever you get an email. Even while Streak exists entirely within your Gmail inbox, some users complain that the UI is too confusing and takes too long to load.


When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM), NetHunt is as seamless as Gmail itself. The standard Gmail sidebar on the left now has a companion tab that provides access to all the CRM features including Deals, Companies, Support, Tasks, Contacts, and Pipeline, etc. that have been categorized for ease of use.

The core of a customer relationship management system is a concept called “Records“, which are essentially a database of your correspondence, tasks, and files that can be sorted and viewed any way you like. Unique to NetHunt is its focus on business functions including marketing, customer service, and support.

With complete integration, you can access all of your CRM tools from within your inbox on the familiar Gmail dashboard. Inability to switch between tabs or minimize windows.

This platform's simplicity and adaptability are both strengths and weaknesses of NetHunt. The UI isn't particularly attractive, and setting up the various customization options could take some time.


Millions of HubSpot users worldwide enjoy this product and use it to grow their business by managing their sales, marketing, and relationships with leads and customers. HubSpot offers Gmail integration, but it is limited.

Hubspot’s Chrome extension places an uber-light version of HubSpot’s portal in your Gmail account. It doesn’t let you access more advanced features without leaving the comfort of your inbox.

Hubspot and its Gmail integration are so popular among the target audience because it’s free. As long as you have a Hubspot account, you can use it at no cost.

In order to meet the needs of a growing business, you may need to upgrade to paid Marketing, Sales, or Service Hub solutions, despite the fact that the free version already includes a whole set of useful capabilities


Copper CRM is a Gmail CRM designed to mimic the look and feel of Google products. Most core features are located outside your Gmail inbox, but everything inside this CRM platform resembles Google design; it’s easy to navigate.

Despite not being fully integrated with Gmail, Copper is one of the best Gmail sidebar CRMs available on the market. Google itself uses and recommends Copper to billions of users.

The Copper Gmail sidebar makes it easy to keep tabs on each contact in your inbox, providing access to the history of the entire relationship between them and you. Every single email you or your reps have exchanged with the contact, all the calls they’ve scheduled and hosted, files, and notes are all stored in one place.


Zoho is only present in your Gmail inbox as a sidebar, and it doesn’t let you do too much from within the Gmail account. In order to get the most out of Zoho CRM, a user-friendly and powerful platform designed specifically for small business sales teams, this Gmail Chrome extension is provided. 

You can quickly access lead/contact details for each profile while managing and adding them to the Zoho CRM system. This Chrome add-on is much more useful because it can synchronize and log tasks, events, and calls with clients between the CRM and your inbox.

With the Chrome plugin and the free CRM package for up to three users, Zoho CRM has you covered. Since Zoho CRM was made with startups in mind, the fact that it has a Chrome extension is highly tempting. Note that when your team size and requirement for advanced capabilities grows, your monthly pricing will too, as all of Zoho's free and standard plans have limited features and its add-on modules will cost you. 


Insightly is a unified customer relationship, sales, and marketing management system for organizations from any industry. It’s amongst the most popular CRM software for Google users, with over 1.5 million worldwide. 

Insightly CRM is best suited for large enterprises, rather than small or medium-sized businesses. Although not fully integrated with Gmail, the Insightly sidebar application is powerful enough to score this CRM system on the list of the best Gmail CRM systems. It’s great for contact management, lead generation, and task management.

Insightly is designed primarily for large businesses, although the company also offers a “free for 2 users” plan, making it accessible to new ventures. It's a trusted CRM app that works on computers and mobile devices. 

While Gmail integration could be better, Insightly's Kanban sales funnels, custom reports, dashboard customization, and relationship maps more than make up for any shortcomings in the service's ability to manage your business's correspondence with customers.


Pipedrive is a sales management tool. It lacks some critical marketing features, including email marketing functionality. Whether you're drafting professional correspondence or aiming to optimize your email marketing campaigns, Copy AI proves exceptionally intelligent. By seamlessly incorporating email marketing software keywords, it adeptly generates text that resonates with your target audience. This not only saves you valuable time but also significantly boosts the overall effectiveness of your email communications, ensuring a compelling and engaging connection with your recipients.

This also explains the shallow Gmail integration. Pipedrive only offers a shallow Gmail sidebar integration, but bear with us; this is a  popular CRM platform that could help your business.

The Pipedrive Gmail extension works as a planner and to-do list for its users. It displays all the tasks and activities scheduled for the day when the user logs into the system.

In spite of the fact that the Pipedrive Gmail Chrome extension isn't a full integration, the sidebar access it provides is quite useful for businesses seeking a top-rated platform with more powerful sales capabilities such as prospect and lead management, pipeline analysis, completing transactions, and the like.

Most customers complain that Pipedrive is too expensive. Despite being available 24/7, response times from customer assistance are often frustratingly slow.

Wrapping Up

It's not uncommon for a CRM user's day to go something like this: check email, look for opportunities, create tasks, follow up, and nurture relationships with customers. With a CRM extension for Gmail, users can continue working in their usual manner.

We hope our list of 7 best CRM with email integration was able to help you choose the best CRM for your business. To know more about CRM, contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Agile CRM offers seamless integration with Gmail, enabling users to sync their email communication, contacts, and calendar events with the CRM system for more efficient customer relationship management.

The best CRM to use with Gmail can vary based on individual needs and preferences. Popular choices include HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM, and Pipedrive, all of which provide integrations to enhance email communication and customer relationship tracking within Gmail.

Zoho CRM indeed integrates with Gmail, allowing users to manage their email communication, contacts, and appointments within both platforms. This integration streamlines customer relationship management and enhances productivity.

While there are several free Google CRM options available, they typically come with limitations in terms of functionality and storage. These free Google CRMs may have restrictions on the number of contacts, users, or features you can access. Google offers a suite of business tools, including Google Workspace, which can be used in conjunction with various CRM systems to facilitate CRM functionality within a Google environment.