• Must-have


      Webpilot is a must-have ChatGPT plugin that can enhance your online experience by summarizing web pages.
  • Creative


      Canva is a free-to-use ChatGPT plugin that can help you create appealing covers or images for your blog posts.
  • Easy-to-Use

    Argil AI

      Argil AI is a ChatGPT plugin that can help you create accurate AI-generated images from your prompts.

ChatGPT has been a revolutionary tool in diverse domains, from content creation to customer service. Developed by OpenAI, this powerful language model can automate repetitive tasks and boost productivity. 

While the base model is compelling, the functionality of ChatGPT can be boosted further by using ChatGPT plugins. Many plugins can improve the capabilities of ChatGPT and can introduce customized functionality. 

But what are ChatGPT plugins exactly? With over 1,000 plugins in the store, how does one search for the “best” plugin? 

However, I have tested countless plugins and shortlisted a few ones that enhance the tool and help you leverage the best benefits of ChatGPT. 

This article is perfect if you plan to try ChatGPT plugins and seek helpful information. But first, let’s cover some other details associated with plugins for ChatGPT. 

Why use ChatGPT Plugins?

Just like ChatGPT extensions, ChatGPT plugins are also add-ons, enhancing the capabilities of this AI tool. You can access the plugins from the in-platform store, given that you have GPT-4 in 2024. 

Although OpenAI developed a few plugins, most are from third-party sources. From data analytics to SEO optimization, these plugins offer numerous functions. 

When you use specific plugins as per your needs, it can easily perform even complicated tasks. In short, a plugin gives users a whole new ChatGPT experience. 


23 Best ChatGPT Plugins to try

Now that you know the additional helpful information about Chat GPT plugins, it’s time to know the best ChatGPT plugins list. 

Whether you want to boost the effectiveness of ChatGPT or streamline your work, these plugins in ChatGPT can help you. 

However, remember that there are hundreds of ChatGPT plugins to try, and the best one will depend on your unique cases and needs. 

1. Prompt Perfect

Prompt Perfect is undoubtedly one of the best ChatGPT plugins you want to install.  

To start with this plugin, enter whatever prompt you want ChatGPT to perform. Using this tool will prove excellent as long as you know your needs. 


Don’t forget to write Perfect before writing your prompt. Once completed, Prompt Perfect will write the entire prompt in a highly detailed way. This way, ChatGPT generates personalized and specific responses. 

Apart from these benefits, Prompt Perfect depends on the plug-and-play feature. Users can install and use this plugin for ChatGPT without any need to sign up

👍 Who should use?
  • Users who want to write the perfect ChatGPT prompt will find Prompt Perfect helpful.

Prompt Perfect isn't just a plugin, it's your ChatGPT whisperer. It's the bridge between your intentions and the AI's understanding,

2. Zapier 

Designed exclusively for marketers and working professionals, the Zapier ChatGPT plugin can eliminate unnecessary workflow and streamline working operations. 

With Zapier, you can interact with 5,000 different types of professional apps without a hassle. This includes Slack, Discord, Gmail, Asana, MS Outlook, and many more. 

However, you must connect ChatGPT with Zapier and grant access to specific actions. 


Once you’re done setting up, you can do anything related to your professional work directly from ChatGPT. Apart from working with ChatGPT to follow your prompt, Zapier will also let you edit actions. 

So, when you give a prompt like create a calendar event on Google Calendar, Zapier creates the action instantly. 

👍 Who should use?
  • Someone who wants to connect to essential work-related apps like Gmail, Sheets, Google Calendar, etc., should use the Zapier plugin.

The Zapier ChatGPT plugin is the missing link, the bridge that connects the power of AI-driven language with Zapier's limitless automation capabilities.

3. Wolfram

While Wolfram is focused more on the technical aspects, its advanced abilities make Wolfram a highly desirable ChatGPT plugin. 

Wolfram is the perfect option if you’re a ChatGPT user and want to access advanced mathematics, computing skills, and real-time data items to solve queries.


As you can see, the Wolfram plugin has solved a complex math problem and gave me the correct answer. 

Instead of using ChatGPT to solve basic math and computing problems, you can use the Wolfram ChatGPT plugin to know the distance between two points, plot a graph, illustrate anatomy, etc. 

👍 Who should use?
  • Mathematicians and students who need to solve complex mathematical formulas will find Wolfram extremely helpful.

The Wolfram ChatGPT plugin is your gateway to a world where accuracy fuels creativity. Start exploring today, and discover the magic that unfolds when two AI giants join forces

4. WebPilot

WebPilot is an open-source plugin designed to create accurate interactions within web pages. This way, users can engage in natural conversations with the web content

Even though accessing search engines is possible with the Browsing plugin, WebPilot can enhance the interactions with simple and multiple pages. 


One of the best advantages of WebPilot is that it can manage numerous requests, such as highlighting valuable information, interacting with the web pages, and creating content transformations simultaneously. 

👍 Who should use?
  • Content creators and editors looking for specific information within a webpage should use the WebPilot plugin.

WebPilot is your co-pilot, your guide, and your partner in making the most of every online adventure. Start exploring, start questioning, and discover the joy of learning in the digital waves.

5. SEO Assistant 

Following SEO trends are one of the most important aspects of content creation. The SEO Assistant plugin will highlight relevant keywords for your content for better visibility. 

If you want to optimize your content to achieve higher rankings on SERPs, using SEO Assistant can increase its chances of being viewed by more audiences. 


The plugin also comes with on-page SEO optimization tips, helping you streamline your content’s SEO strategy. User-friendly interface will simplify the optimization process. 

👍 Who should use?
  • SEO Assistant is perfect for SEO managers and experts.

The SEO Assistant ChatGPT Plugin is your secret weapon, your AI-powered roadmap to dominating the search landscape.

6. Canva

Graphic designers are familiar with Canva. But do you know that Canva has recently introduced its ChatGPT plugin?

From creating videos for social media platforms to generating infographics, the Canva ChatGPT plugin can do numerous tasks. You can also use it to create eye-catching presentations right from the ChatGPT interface. 


One of the best advantages of the Canva plugin is that you can edit and customize it further by giving prompts. On top of that, logging into Canva is not necessary to make the changes. 

👍 Who should use?
  • While the Canva plugin is most famous among graphic designers, content creators can also use this plugin to generate featured images quickly.

Remember, design is a conversation, not a monologue. With the Canva ChatGPT plugin as your AI co-designer, you'll have a never-ending dialogue of inspiration, innovation, and visual storytelling.

7. Link Reader

While you can use ChatGPT Chrome extensions to read web pages, these extensions are sometimes too complicated to understand. 

Those who want more straightforward staff should choose Link Reader, another great ChatGPT plugin. You can use Link Reader to read content across all links, such as PDFs, web pages, photos, and more. 


With Link Reader, you don't need to spend hundreds of hours reading content inside a file.

👍 Who should use?
  • Link Reader is a must-have plugin for students, researchers, or anyone who interacts with digital content frequently.

Remember, reading shouldn't be a chore. Link Reader is here to make it easy, enjoyable, and even a little bit magical. So, sit back, and let Link Reader be your guide to the amazing world of online information!

8. Kayak

The Kayak word is associated with travel, as is the Kayak plugin. This is a ChatGPT plugin that allows users to plan their travel destination

Now that you have Kayak in your ChatGPT plugin store, you can book hotels and flights and receive the best travel recommendations easily. 

Make sure you correctly put all your basic details, such as destination, departure date, and arrival date. Once done, Kayak will provide you with flight details to reach your destination. 


As you can see, upon giving ChatGPT prompts about the cheapest flights, the Kayak plugin gives suggestions. Once you get your desired option, ask ChatGPT to generate links. 

👍 Who should use?
  • Busy entrepreneurs who travel frequently for business don’t have enough time to search for the perfect flights, destinations, and accommodations. 

Kayak scours the web to find the cheapest flights and coolest hotels, while ChatGPT helps you decipher confusing terms and snag hidden discounts. Bye-bye travel stress, hello vacation bliss!

9. Smart Slides

Creating a PPT presentation takes time and effort, especially when you don’t know where to start. Using Smart Slides is a great option in such cases. 

With a couple of basic prompts and PPT information, you can use this ChatGPT plugin to create a marvelous presentation

Whether you want to create PPT presentations for your academic or business, this plugin is easy to use and can create visually attractive slides in no time. 


This plugin will take a few minutes to generate results, depending on the complexity of your prompt. However, this is a massive time saver compared to the time taken to create each slide. 

👍 Who should use?
  • Business owners, students, and researchers who need to present their new projects should use the Smart Slides plugin. 

Remember, presentations are your chance to shine. With Smart Slides and ChatGPT as your allies, you'll transform your ideas into captivating experiences.

10. Meme Generator 

Meme marketing is a popular online marketing method that can capture the attention of the audience. However, coming up with meme ideas and templates is not an easy task. 

When using Meme Generator, you can generate different memes on any topic. This plugin has a diverse meme directory to source the images. 


While the meme generated by this ChatGPT plugin isn’t the strongest, it can give you a heads-up. Furthermore, you can use it to come up with creative meme ideas. 

👍 Who should use?
  • This tool is made exclusively for meme marketers. The Meme Generator plugin can help them develop new meme topics or angles.  

Meme Generator is your meme-o-matic machine, churning out a vast library of popular templates with just a click.

11. Advanced Data Analytics

The Code Interpreter feature of ChatGPT is currently known as Advanced Data Analytics. The feature is exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscription

Thanks to this plugin, you can complete numerous data analytics tasks, even if you’re a beginner. 


When you upload your data, this plugin will give you results according to your needs.

👍 Who should use?
  • Professionals from the data analysis background will find this plugin helpful. Advanced Data Analytics will help them analyze all types of information quickly.

When you have the Advanced Data Analytics plugin, you will face no problems analyzing large chunks of data.

12. LikeWise 

Are you facing problems discovering podcasts? Likewise is here to help you. LikeWise has a database which will search for podcasts according to your preferred genre and mood. 

Ask the type of podcast you’re looking for, or ask the chatbot to provide you with the trending episodes. 


Besides giving you an accurate list, LikeWise will also provide links. However, remember that the results may include paid subscriptions like Netflix

👍 Who should use?
  • Business owners, students, teachers, researchers, and marketers should use LikeWise to find the perfect podcast as per their mood and requirements.

I hope now you know why I have included LikeWise in my list. Now, let's discuss about the other plugins.

13. Argil AI

ChatGPT remained a mere chatbot for quite some time, not to mention its inefficiency in generating images. The Argil AI plugin can be a game changer. 

Thanks to Argil AI, ChatGPT Plus users can generate images from the interface. 


To generate an image, you need to choose the plugin and give a prompt describing the image you want. Make sure the description is as thorough as possible. 

Once you give a prompt, Argin AI will take time to generate the images. 

👍 Who should use?
  • Users who need a simple AI-generated image for their professional or personal use can leverage the benefits of Argil AI. 

When you use Argil AI, creating AI images will only be a matter of time.

14. MixerBox ImageGen

Just like Argil AI, MixerBox ImageGen is another ChatGPT plugin designed to generate images. Inspired by Argil AI, but better in every way. 

The plugin runs on DALL-E 2, a highly intelligent AI model. It can create AI-generated high-quality visuals with ideal mid-journey prompts. 


You can give customized prompts to generate specific images according to your requirements. You can also align photos with specific creative concepts

However, you may need to experiment with the prompts to achieve desirable results. 

👍 Who should use?
  • Authors or graphic designers who need an image and are facing difficulty finding it online should use MixerBox ImageGen.

MixerBox ImageGen works just like the Argil AI plugin, but better in every way. Try this ChatGPT plugin today.

15. Speak

Linguists also use ChatGPT to boost their translation process. Speak can be one of the best ChatGPT plugins for linguists if appropriately used. 

Speak is one of the best ChatGPT plugins to help you say anything in a foreign language


This feature makes Speak a great language tutor. Apart from the translation feature, you can use Speak to check for grammar, verbs, adverbs, tenses, and much more. 

Give your language prompt, and Speak will respond to your ChatGPT query immediately. Try out this feature if you’re learning a new language

👍 Who should use?
  • If you have a business operating on international soil, Speak will help you with the translation process. 

Say goodbye to language barriers by installing the Speak ChatGPT plugin. This specific plugin can translate any text with a higher accuracy.

16. World News

You may be aware that the ChatGPT database is only limited to 2021. This means that you cannot fetch information about news that happened after 2021. 

While ChatGPT users have yet to rely on this AI chatbot to read news, the World News plugin is changing that concept. 

As this plugin can deliver on-time and accurate news, you don’t need to worry about any limitations. 


When this plugin is installed, you can ask ChatGPT for the latest news, giving you a listicle. Since this plugin is available worldwide, you can also fetch international news

👍 Who should use?
  • Business owners who don’t have enough time to read newspapers can use the World News plugin.

I know the importance of staying updated with current and trending news. This is the main reason why I have included the World News plugin in my list.

17. Show Me

A few ChatGPT plugins can enhance users' productivity, and Show Me is one of them. Thanks to Show Me, ChatGPT can generate real-time diagrams of any type

When users provide a basic concept, it will display the results as a flow chart


Upon giving a prompt, Show Me and ChatGPT worked together to create a text-based and visual representation. If you need to generate a diagram of something quickly, use this plugin. 

👍 Who should use?
  • People who want visualization of a text should use the Show Me plugin.

Thanks to the Show Me plugin, you don't need to worry about understanding large text-based information.

18. CoderPad

People use Code Interpreter to run code in ChatGPT. However, there’s a catch: it can only support Python

But when you install the CoderPad plugin, you can run your code in over 30 different programming languages, all right from ChatGPT. 


You don’t need to set up any coding language manually. The plugin will take care of that. Enhance your coding skills with CoderPad today. 

👍 Who should use?
  • As the name implies, CoderPad is perfect for coders, including back-end and front-end developers.

Coders will undoubtedly find this plugin helpful. Let's take a look at other plugins in my list.

19. Ask Your PDF

Let’s say you have a long PDF describing your business's upcoming KPIs and metrics. Going through the PDF and finding the most critical insights will take too much time and effort. 

What can you do in such a situation? Well, you can use the AskYourPDF plugin. This plugin can help you extract valuable information from your PDF files


First, you need to upload your PDF file via the official website of AskYourPDF. Once it's successful, you need to ask your question or prompt, followed by the unique ID of the uploaded file. 

👍 Who should use?
  • If you deal with a massive number of PDF files to note and highlight important information, don’t hesitate to install the AskYourPDF plugin.

While AskYourPDF is reliable, keep in mind that it crashes sometimes. Hence, use it carefully.

20. Image Editor

Whether you want to upload images to your blog posts or social media posts, editing is necessary.

Image Editor plugin can fulfill your basic editing needs. It can complete tasks such as cropping, rotating, resizing, or blurring an image.


Don’t forget to provide the image URL for it to upload. Whether you want to resize or crop your image, use Image Editor. 

While the functions are limited and unable to perform more complicated editing tasks, you can use this ChatGPT plugin to do basic editing quickly. 

👍 Who should use?
  • Sometimes, editing can include cropping an image. Opening Photoshop for this small task would waste time. In that case, image editors and graphic designers can use this tool. 

I have told you the secret of editing images in mere seconds. But don't let this tool hinder your creativity.

21. VoxScript

While the World News ChatGPT plugin can deliver worldwide news, it can only do that. If you’re looking for additional features, VoxScript is here to help you. 

VoxScript can fetch YouTube videos along with details and transcript them thoroughly. 


To get started, paste the video URL and ask Voxscript to generate a detailed transcript. The plugin will quickly generate responses, view counts, and basic details. 

👍 Who should use?
  • YouTube users should use this plugin to get easy access to the resources. People from the stock market will find VoxScript helpful in terms of finding financial data resources. 

Whether you're a stockbroker or an IT employee, I recommend trying VoxScript once to know how advanced it actually is.

22. Change 

If you’re into ChatGPT plugins, you cannot miss Change. Designed to give you a helping community, Change is one of the most popular ChatGPT plugins that will provide listicles of local profits around a person to donate. 

You need to give their location, and you will get names and necessary information


Change is a new plugin aimed at helping people in need.

👍 Who should use?
  • Businesses that are looking to expand their market can use this plugin.

Give something back to society with the Change plugin. Only the kind businesses can give back to others.

23. A+ Doc Maker

Do you want to create beautiful doc files within a second? Behold, the A+ Doc Maker plugin is at your service. 

Whether you want to generate cover letters, resumes, or proposals, this plugin can be handy. 


Not only DOC files, but the A+ Doc Maker can also generate files in CSV, XLSX, and HTML file formats

👍 Who should use?
  • If you’re a job seeker and want to create a resume, A+ Doc Maker will help you.

Just like AskYourPDF, this plugin is also vulnerable to bugs and crashes. Use wisely.

Cost of a ChatGPT Plugin

While most ChatGPT plugins are free, remember you will need a paid subscription to ChatGPT. Without the paid version of ChatGPT, accessing the chatGPT plugins won’t be possible

This is because the plugins are exclusive only to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. You can gain access to ChatGPT plugins immediately once you have a ChatGPT Plus. 

How can you install ChatGPT Plugins?

Plugins are available to all ChatGPT Plus users. To add ChatGPT plugins to your OpenAI's ChatGPT account, you need to ensure you have access to ChatGPT Plus or GPT-4

This is a premium subscription, where you need to pay $20/month. ChatGPT premium provides numerous benefits, including faster response time, peak hours access, and exclusive plugin access. 

If you have ChatGPT 3.5, you can upgrade to GPT-4 by clicking the ”Upgrade to Plus” option, which can be at the bottom left corner of the screen. 

Now, your account can access the ChatGPT plugins. Make sure you go to “Settings”, then “Data Control”, and then turn on the “Chat History & Training” option, or you cannot see the plugin option. 


How do you turn on the ChatGPT Plugin?

Now that you have given the necessary permissions, you can turn on the ChatGPT plugins. Here’s a step-by-step guide you need to follow:

  • Once you confirm your ChatGPT Plus subscription, go to Settings from the bottom left corner
  • Click on the Beta Features and make sure the ChatGPT Plugins option is turned on. This allows ChatGPT to read the plugins.
  • You can find a dropdown menu from the GPT-4 option at the top of the screen. Click on Plugins to enable this feature. You will receive a dropdown text stating, “No Plugins Enabled”.

How can you access the Plugin store?

Accessing the plugin store may seem tricky, especially if you’re using a Plus subscription for the first time. 

But fret not, as I will help you access the ChatGPT plugins store. I will also show how you can add the plugins. 

  • Click on the No Plugins Added message. 
  • If you’re accessing the store for the first time, you may notice a pop-up information: About Plugins. You can either choose to read it or skip it. 
  • Now, you can access the plugin store. Inside ChatGPT, you can search and add any ChatGPT plugin you want. 
  • If you’re interested in any specific plugin, click the Install option. 
  • You can see the installed plugins beneath the ChatGPT 4 tab. This means the plugin has been added successfully. 

Keep in mind that ChatGPT allows you to use a maximum of three plugins for any prompt. So, the use cases will vary depending on your needs. 


Can you deactivate ChatGPT 4 Plugins?

Once you add a plugin, it will be activated automatically. If the tick box appears blue, the plugin is running. 

If you want to deactivate a plugin temporarily, you need to click on the tick box and uncheck it


If you need to uninstall a plugin, go to the store from the dropdown menu. Go to the Installed tab and choose the plugin you want to remove. Now, click on Uninstall


Do ChatGPT Plugins work safely?

As mentioned earlier, most of the plugins in ChatGPT use third-party services. Therefore, you need to know the risk that plugins could increase. 

While these developers take extreme measures to protect users from hacking or data stealing, the plugins can get compromised. 

In fact, when you start using the plugin feature, ChatGPT will give you a warning


Keep in mind that developers label ChatGPT as “Research Preview”. Additionally, the plugins are still in their beta phase. Hence, install only what you need. 

Chat GPT Plugins are helpful, but choose wisely

Now that you know everything about ChatGPT plugins, you may feel the adrenaline rush to install a few ones in your system. But, hold your horses. 

Don’t forget to conduct thorough research before you install ChatGPT plugins. While they can extend the benefits of ChatGPT, plugins could increase safety challenges

That being said, plugins are designed to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT, helping you leverage its core benefits. Try out the plugins today and shortlist your favourite ones. 

Feel free to contact our experts; they will solve your queries regarding inbound marketing.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can find many plugins in the world of ChatGPT. The plugin store contains plugins created both by OpenAI and third-party sources. 

Yes, the plugins available on the ChatGPT plugin store are free to use. However, you will need GPT 4 to access the plugins. 

You can access the GPT 4 plugins from the drop-down menu. 

No, the ChatGPT plugins currently do not support the free version, also known as GPT 3.5.