Do expensive CRM tools make you worry? Or maybe you are unaware of the free CRM tools in the market. 

Customer relationship management is like a bonus for every company's growth. In today's growing world, where every task is automated, you should be aware of beneficial tools that can help your businesses grow, especially those budget-friendly tools.

CRM solutions help streamline your system and act as a centralized hub for all customer information. Suppose your company still uses spreadsheets to manage operations and wants to modernize your sales processes. In that case, a CRM system can help you to integrate all your customer information into one platform.

Best free CRM tools for businesses 2022 List

There are a lot of free customer service tools available in the market. In this blog, let us explore some of the best free CRM tools for doing business in 2022 and beyond. 

Best free CRM tools in 2022

If we talk about free CRM's, they don't have the advanced features compared to paid versions, but it can be valuable for small businesses or larger businesses with so many CRM software users and don't want to pay for per user.

And if you switch to free versions with a time limit, you will get enough time to learn and explore new platforms one by one. You'll also get more time to figure out the best beneficial features to your business while finalizing a specific vendor.

Let's explore free CRM software, which we have listed for you with our best research.


HubSpot's CRM main objective is to engage more customers and clients to the businesses. Its free version provides many beneficial features for organizations that help them track their client's prospects and enables some HubSpot marketing features

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 Free CRM features include-


Zoho CRM offers free CRM tools for up to 3 users in a business. Businesses who start with free versions of Zoho CRM can also upgrade their plans to paid versions for more advanced features. Paid version starts from $9/user/month.

Zoho CRM 1

Free CRM features include:

  • Sales management tools
  • Contact management
  • Workflows
  • Standard reports
  • Email Templates
  • Website forms


Freshsales CRM, previously known as Freshworks CRM provides a free plan that includes access for unlimited users.

Users can also take advantage of built-in mobile systems and web chatbox to maintain customer relationships through their visits to the website. Paid program starts from $35/user/month(billed monthly). The paid version starts from $25/month/user.

Freshsales CRM 1

Free CRM features include-

  • Access for unlimited users
  • Contact management
  • Lead management
  • Marketing tracking
  • Website tracking


Insightly CRM's free version allows organizations to manage 2,500 records. It also provides five free email templates to the companies to streamline and customize their processes. The paid version starts at $35/user/month(billed annually). 

Insightly CRM

Free CRM features include:

  • Contacts management
  • Dashboard with analytics
  • Lead management


Apptivo CRM offers a free plan for only one user. The free user can track the most important details about their leads and existing customers in easy steps.

Its starter pack includes tools to manage other business contacts, including suppliers, distributors, and employees. The paid version starts at $10/user/month with a monthly subscription.

Free CRM features include:

  • Users can manage leads, contact, tasks, appointments, and notes
  • Tracking details of prospects.
  • Advanced searching
  • Project templates
  • Gantt chart


Agile free CRM provides access to up to 10 users and allows organizations to manage 50,000 contacts. It allows you to customize dashboards, share data, launch campaigns and helps in qualifying the leads. Paid version starts from $14.99/user/month.

Agile CRM 1

Free CRM features include-

  • Email tracking
  • Custom sales pipeline
  • Lead scoring
  • Free solution for small businesses

How to choose the best free CRM from the above one's?

Justify your need for CRM software

If you feel pressured to work with spreadsheets and find trouble maintaining customer information, you should jump to CRM software.

Justify your need for CRM software

Do extensive research

Compare the profitable features you want to execute in your system for better management with different CRM software. As most of the features are the same in all CRM's, some features always differentiate each other. 

Always judge with the level of security the vendor offers you, like on-premise or a cloud-based CRM, as both of them offer different security features.

Search out the vendor's paid plans

In starting, you can take advantage of free plans, but you have to switch on paid versions later on. So always choose the CRM software, which also offers affordable paid plans.

Judge the training processes of vendors

If the CRM tool you opt for is too complicated to manage your tasks and provides fewer resources to help you out, it will make your life more difficult. So always go with more accessible automation CRM solutions to make your life easier and always go through the reviews.

Final verdict

In the end, CRM is the best tool to switch your businesses for better automation with your work life. As per our research, we have acknowledged you about the best free CRM solutions, so sign up with one of the listed vendors and let your business ideas grow.

And as you all know, every business aims to have better engagement with customers, both existing and potential customers. In today's growing world, the expansion of digital marketing is increasing day by day with so many advanced automation tools. 

It indeed requires so many efforts to expand your business, but with the help of CRM software, you can make this journey smooth and gain success in less time.

Now it's your turn to switch your business with the best CRM solutions that will leverage your business revenues and help in sales growth. You can also make use of efficient and free crm software if you are running on a tight budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zoho CRM does offer a free version, but it's important to note that they also provide various paid plans with additional features and capabilities. The free version is typically suitable for small businesses with basic customer relationship management needs.

No, Gmail is not a CRM software. Gmail is an email service provided by Google. While Gmail can be used for communication and managing email contacts, it lacks the extensive features and functionalities typically found in dedicated CRM software.

There are three main types of CRM systems: Operational CRM, which automates customer-facing processes; Analytical CRM, which analyzes customer data for insights; and Collaborative CRM, which enhances communication and collaboration among departments to improve customer experiences. These types serve different aspects of managing customer relationships.

To choose a CRM platform, start by defining your business needs, considering your budget, and assessing scalability. Look for user-friendly, customizable, and mobile-accessible options that integrate with your existing tools. Read user reviews, take advantage of free trials, and ensure data security compliance. This comprehensive approach will help you make an informed choice.