Website Redesigning and Development for Offerd: A Complete Case Study

Redesigning and developing a website while managing both the previous and latest requirements of clients is not a cakewalk. But webdew made this possible by offering excellent website development services to one of their clients named Offerd. 

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Project Overview

Offerd is one of the best websites and that is well known for bridging the gap between deals and data. As they were aiming to give an astonishing look to theory websites, they planned to work with one of the most trusted website development company.

Once the Offerd team made the plan to work with webdew professionals, they shared their expectations that they had an existing website in HubSpot CMS, but they wanted to give a new look to their existing website. They also expected flexible and easy-to-use components.

Their focus was on the blog section, as they wanted to give a new look to the blog listing and detail page. Keeping all things in mind, webdew professionals successfully performed all the tasks that helped Offerd to achieve their objectives.


Offerd is an acquisition firm based in Austin, Texas. It works with larger, active, qualified, and respected Multifamily Investment firms across the country. This fast-growing, technology-oriented firm helps bridge the gap between deals and data. Their best-in-class professionals help their clients achieve their objectives.


The existing website of Offerd was built in HubSpot using a template-based approach, which is quite outdated now that HubSpot has released the latest Boilerplate Theme approach for building interactive websites. 

So, the client aims to give a new look to their website. In the entire process of designing, developing, and migrating, there were a few things that were quite challenging, especially before starting the project. It includes:

  • An interactive design that fulfils the client’s expectations
  • Blog migration from the old solution to the new one.
  • Blog Listing page, which populates the blog posts according to the categories
  • Better Module structure which provides flexibility and better reusability
  • Better page speed

Indeed, completing the tasks in a dedicated time frame is not easy, but with proper dedication and hard work, the webdew team made this possible.

Website Redesign and Development for our Commercial Real Estate Technology Firm
They were professional, patient, friendly, and very responsive to our feedback and requests throughout the project. They stayed up late and even worked on some holidays to hop on Google Video Meetings with us whenever we requested to meet. Our new website looks fantastic, and the best part is that I actually know how to make changes to it as needed, and I still have 5 hours left in training with them should I need it.
Nicole C,
Vice President of Operations and Marketing


Basically, the Offerd team has an old solution in HubSpot CMS and aims to redesign it as per the latest updates, for which they took the help of webdew. 

To complete it successfully, firstly, we created the interactive design. Then, in the second phase, we created the Boilerplate theme. We selected the boilerplate approach as it will improve the website's performance and allow us to manage the website templates easily. 

After the creation of the boilerplate theme, we created the templates, which will be further used for making the website pages. As per client requirements, we developed the following things:

  • Flexible and reusable modules.
  • Custom blog template as per requirements.
  • Build Custom Category Filter module, which helps populate the posts as per the categories.
  • Build a different slider module, and the user can easily drag and drop these sliders.

Moreover, we provided the following things on the website that helped the client achieve their goals:

Dynamic Flexible Modules

We built a separate module for every single independent design module, in which we provided options to edit the module. The offered team can now easily reuse these modules anywhere by just using drag-drop functionality.

Custom Blog Listing Page

As per the new design and requirements of the Offerd team, we built a blog listing page that populates the posts according to the categories.. To achieve this, we created a module and provided an option to select “Tag”. Whatever tag is selected, the first four posts associated with that tag will populate under the tag section. Now, the Offerd team can add multiple tag sections for populating different kinds of posts.

Tabs Filters For Filtering The Posts

We provided the tabs to filter the posts. When users click on these tabs, the post will filter accordingly.


In the last phase of this project, we optimized the website pages for this. We have taken several steps like we have added the lazy loading functionality on images, heavily focusing on the reusability of components, removing unnecessary code, minifying the JS and CSS, and less dependency on third-party libraries, etc.

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All the requirements were successfully fulfilled. It includes:

  • The client can now create as many pages as they want by using the templates and modules we have created. 
  • Site pages can easily be managed as there are drag-and-drop features that enable the user to do anything.
  • They can display the blog listing page anywhere and can also add a filter module to any blog listing template.
  • They can add a view switcher option on the blog listing page for switching between different modules.
  • The Website is highly optimized for loading speed and UX.


Offerd team felt delighted while working with webdew. The website services availed by Offerd were both cost-effective, and high quality. Overall, the client was enticed and shared positive feedback for webdew website services in the G2 directory.

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