IFERP created Animated Video for their Online Marketplace

There are no second thoughts that videos are overtaking every marketing strategy. From showcasing the brand to promoting the product, videos help organizations in capturing the audience's attention. Irrespective of the type of video, one can easily achieve their goals without any hassle. For example, one of our clients took the help of webdew professionals to create a whiteboard animation video to express what Technoarete is and its achievement at IFERP in an impressive manner. The outcome of the video came to be quite impressive, which further helped the client in fulfilling their goals. Want to know how? Read this case study.

Project Overview

webdew team worked with IFERP stands for Institute For Engineering Research and Publication, to create high quality 3 minutes whiteboard explainer video so that they can easily showcase their achievements to the audience without investing much effort and money. The way our professionals created the Storyboard enticed the client that inspired him to share excellent testimonial client reviews.


Institute for Engineering Research and Publication is one of the known and largest Non-profitable professional associations which is operating under the Technoarete Research And Development Association (TRADA). It's the place that supports innovations and research interests. All the leaders, associations, and others who are linked with this organization aim to work with a mission to work as wizards of science that defeats the earth.


IFERP wanted to share what Technoarete is and its achievement at IFERP, but impressively through a whiteboard animation video. So, our professionals created astonishing whiteboard videos, which helped the client in achieving their goals. Within the entire process of video creation, we didn't face any issues as everything was on-track and reviewed by the client.


Discovery and data gathering

Before starting the project, webdew video experts took some time to understand the client's business and needs. Having a conversation with the client not only helped the webdew team to build a stronger base but also helped in realizing the client's requirements effortlessly. 

Srcipt Creation

We didn't work on the script as the script for the animated video was provided by the client.

Storyboad & Animation

We worked on the Storyboard. While doing this, we ensured that everything was done on the basis of the ideas shared by the client. There were minimal revisions in the Storyboard, after which our team started working on the animation part. And guess what? The animation of this video got approved by the client after one minimal revision. 


Once we got the approval on the Storyboard and animation, we started working on the Voiceover as it was on us. To make sure we are on the right track, we shared some samples with the client, out of which he finalized one. On the basis of that, we proceeded with Voiceover and a final video review.

Quality Check and Delivery

Once everything was done, webdew professionals performed the quality check to ensure that the video client received should be up to the mark. The output came out to be quite impressive by going through which the client was very happy and shared a video testimonial with us. 


webdew fulfilled the client's objective to showcase all their achievements at IFERP. The video came out to be highly engaging and information that helped the client to achieve what he wanted.


As per the client, the webdew team was both supportive and knowledgeable. The quality of work they delivered was very good. The results that the client availed after sharing the whiteboard animation video were excellent, which won the heart of the client as he got what he was aiming for.

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