Case Study SWCC: An Explainer Video by webdew Behind their Success

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What is SWCC all about?

SWCC refers to Saline Water Conversion Corporation based in Saudi Arabia. It is a Saudi Government Corporation responsible for the desalination of seawater while producing electricity as a byproduct.

The corporation aims at mitigating the problem of severe fresh water shortages in various regions and cities of the Kingdom through the process of desalination.

The corporation also produces electric power as a by-product.

The desalination of water and the production of electricity are the most important development tasks performed by the corporation.

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  • SWCC is a big corporation in Saudi Arabia, accommodating hundreds of employees.
  • It works on the desalination process of water and provides pure water across Saudi Arabia.
  • The corporation involves so many plannings, strategies, and changes on a daily basis.
  • The primary concern was of the increased participation of employees in ongoing processes to fasten the building of innovation strategies.


Increase the participation rate in the innovation process among the employees of the institution from 5% to 50%.

  • Launch 50 innovative projects in the organization.
  • Implement 500 initiatives in the organization annually.
  • Commercializing 50% of the patents registered in the institution.

What were the conditions?

  • Keep up the ethnicity of Dammam throughout the video.
  • No use of female character throughout the video.
  • The voice-over of the video should be in the Arabic language.
  • As Arabic is written from left to right, make sure the text in the video looks natural.
  • The video should have the look and feel of Dammam, representing its culture and practices in every clip.

What was the deadline?

We have had to complete the video within three working days. Moreover, the duration of the video was more than the standard duration.

Therefore, we have had to make a solid strategy and foolproof plan to get the results within the decided time frame.

What is Webdew all about?

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  • Webdew Pvt.Ltd. is known for its video marketing services globally.
  • As soon as we got the project, our video artists immediately started working on the requirements of our client.
  • To maintain the essence of Arabic culture throughout the video, our video artists dived into its culture to understand it from scratch.
  • After a meeting with our client, our project manager divided the team so that they can cover all the steps according to the plan.
  • More than eight team members worked, including, voice over artists, animators, graphics experts, scriptwriters, etc.
  • As we do not compromise with quality, our quality assurance team repeatedly performed quality checks and asked artists to make the changes.
  • Our process is higly transparent; therefore, we kept our client in touch with us throughout the process while updating him the status.
  • We just don't say but we actually do. You might check our best works for branded companies via our portfolio and case studies like case study Uber, case study Calendar, etc.

What were the problems?

  • We have had to understand the ethnicity of the Arabic people for designing the graphics.
  • Writing the script that specifically targets the people of Dammam was a major concern.
  • The duration of video (6 mins) was more than the standard duration (1 to 2 mins).
  • We have had to consider the Arabic syntax and terminologies while writing the script.
  • We have had to translate the video into the Arabic language.


  • Breaking a deadline is a cardinal sin for us.
  • We delivered a six mins video within three days that is probably a next to the possible task.
  • Fortunately, our client liked the video in the first shot.

He thanked us for nodding over the project as the deadline was tight.


“I did not expect you would deliver such a high-quality video in a short time. Cheers! Looking forward to working on more projects with you.”