Case Study DUE: webdew Infographics to promote online branding

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Due is an online invoicing platform that helps freelancers and small business owners. The company has successfully helped an array of companies and freelancers get paid faster and attain better cash flow. After receiving an overwhelming response, the company started offering payment services to its customers.

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What was the project about?

Our client wanted us to design the infographics, featured images, social media post images, etc.


  • Basically, we were looking for subtle ways that can help us build our online presence.
  • Digital marketing is the foundation of online branding, which is impossible without animation and graphics.
  • Therefore, hyperscale animation, engaging graphics, and crisp infographics are all that we wanted to kickstart our marketing.


  • Our client provided us with a number of quotations, written by famous quotemasters. We have had to design those quotes using real images.
  • Our client has a style guide. Our graphic experts have had to follow the style guide which included the use of green color for social media post images.
  • When it comes to blogs’ featured images, we could only use vector images of the color green, grey, and black.
  • Our client provided us the content for infographics. We have had to make infographics as per their guidelines and style guides.
  • The client was specific about the animation of GIFs. We have had to make GIFs according to the keywords provided by him.


  • It was a bit difficult for us to show creativity as the client had restricted us to the specific colors-blue, black, green.
  • Again, we have had to follow the style guide; therefore, we have to manage according to guidelines.
  • As the text was in bulk, we have had to take care of the theme (provided to us by the client) so that it aligns with the text.

The process of designing

  • The process of designing involved three graphics designers, one quality assurance executive, and one project manager.
  • We started the project by figuring out the solutions that can help us deliver the quality our client expected of us.
  • After preparing a wireframe of the infographics, GIFs, and featured images, we started working on the project.
  • We designed the simple characters as per the theme provided to us by the client.

Why Webdew?

Webdew is a place to get your vision live. No burden of asking for follow ups as they are highly transparent, no need to book an appointment for calls as they have project managers to solve your queries 24/7, and no need to worry about quality as experts are highly skilled at fulfilling their job responsibilities. Quality is what you will swear by as we commit you to give the best of the industry. Our best in class works reveal our quality. Know more by checking out our case studies on our valuable clients like case study Uber, case study Negotiated, etc.

How did Webdew perform from a project management standpoint?

They are quite flexible to their approach. Webdew’s project manager sent me email updates every day so that I know how the project is running. They are always available on skype and ready to listen to us no matter how many times we call them in a day.




Webdew has always been our first choice for graphics and animation. Chehak’s team association with our team has rendered us to deliver all projects successfully.

They have religiously followed our style guide and implemented it while being creative.

I appreciate Chehak’s upfront dealing and transparency throughout the work. Moreover, she has been quite patient when dealing with us, which keeps us asking for more to her.