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What are internal communication videos, and why use them?

Internal communication videos are a powerful tool specially designed for the contractors, employees, and members of the organization to make them familiar with the concept and other business processes quickly. These videos are not created for public interest nor for generating customer attention; it is produced by the people working in or for the company. Videos produced by us help you share your thoughts in an engaging and exciting way. Also, we ensure to resolve all your communication challenges by producing excellent internal communication videos.
  • Help employees better understand the company processes
  • Convey messages for approachable and accessible management
  • Improves the product launching easily
  • Makes employees feel essential part of the company
  • Makes internal training videos creatively and dynamically
  • Establishe the values and ethos of the company

Internal Communication Features

Internal communication video we create helps you to connect with the employees, which further increases employee engagement and productivity. Creating an interactive digital experience will help you share knowledge and train people. Also, it informs employees regarding their role and strengthens your organization.


Communicating ideas visually via our internal communication is an affordable way to achieve business goals. We ensure to improve your employee communication by identifying the opportunities and creating a strategy that takes the work to the next level effortlessly. 

Internal Communication Features - Cost-effective
Showcase values and culture

Our internal communication videos help the employees to perform the tasks and understand the company values and process better. We ensure to showcase the journey in such a way that it will create a personal connection with the employees and allows us to grow better. 

Internal Communication Features - Showcase values and culture icon
Employer Branding

Our internal communication videos have the potential to engage digitally-savvy candidates. Our internal communication videos allow you to engage the audience by giving them a glimpse of your business world.

Internal Communication Features - Employer Branding
Measures ROI

Internal communication videos open up a window to measure the effectiveness as well as improvements needed within the organization. It allows you to measure the open rates, bounce rates. etc. which is actually difficult to take the insight from the employees. Moreover, it will further help you refine your content and satisfy employees precisely.

Internal Communication Features - Measures ROI

Our Internal Communication Videos

Check out the pool of our internal communication videos that will help you understand our quality work and make the right decision in the best possible way. 

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When and how should I use an internal communications video?

Internal communication videos are created to spread the messages or services to an entire communication or department at one time. Putting ideas in front of people through internal communication videos will not only save your time but also allow you to make people understand the concept better. 

Well! These internal communication videos can be used at the time of onboarding handbooks, departmental intranet posts, message distribution, etc. Our created internal videos will encourage the employees and make them understand the concept engagingly and easily.

When and How to Use Internal  Communiactions Video

What are some characteristics of an internal communications video?

We are experts in producing internal communication videos that are effective, affordable and professional. Also, these videos will make your recruitment process much easier and attractive. It will help you describe and tell your stories in an engaging and informative manner. 

Internal Communication Video Characteristics - Clear and Concise

Clear and concise

We ensure to deliver simple, straightforward and short internal communication videos that help you explain the process or other information to the employees within your organization.

Internal Communication Video Characteristics - In your brand voice

In your brand voice

Whenever we create internal videos, we always keep your brand in mind. We ensure to focus on the requirements and needs while creating videos which further helps you communicate the messages via videos clearly.

Internal Communication Video Characteristics - Audience Specific


We always produce internal communication videos by keeping the audience in mind. I will not only engage the viewer but also help people understand their roles and responsibilities in an inspiring way.

Our Simple Process

We have described the process of designing, building, scripting, editing, and delivering the explainer videos. We create each of our videos from scratch, consulting the client at first. So here I am explaining our overall process to ensure that you are not just satisfied with the video but simultaneously delighted with it.



Script Writing








Script Writing



Our Clients


Online meeting scheduling and calendar sharing app.


A world-class peer-to-peer ridesharing app.


World leader in software manufacturing.


The largest single-campus private university in India.

Hero Moto Corp

The world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturing company.


One of the leading integrated telecommunications companies.


A world leader in Cryotherapy, Recovery & Beauty Treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to develop an internal communication video?

For creating excellent internal communication videos, it takes around 6-8 weeks. But always remember that this time period can increase or decrease according to the editings and additional requirements made by the end of clients. 

What is the average cost for creating internal communication videos?

On average, internal communication videos cost between $8,000 – $15,000 per episode. The amount of video creation totally depends on the video style selected and additional requirements made by the customers.

How to measure the success of internal communication video?

The success of the internal communication video depends by tracking the views and engagement. More the number of engagements, higher the success rate of the internal communication videos.

What are the terms of payment?

We require a 50% deposit for your project to get started, and the remaining 50% is due upon project completion.

Why should you add videos in internal communication?
Below are some of the benefits of adding internal communication videos in your marketing strategy:
  • Video communication is more engaging 
  • Adds human touch to your content
  • The easiest way to convey the messages 
  • Reduces training costs of staff
  • An efficient way to connect with remote workers
  • Cost-effective approach
  • Saves time that people might have to spend on in-person meetings, etc. 
Do we offer good discounts?

Yes! We provide excellent discounts on the basis of the number and duration of the videos. The discount price increases on the basis of the number of reusable assets. Feel free to contact us for more information about the cost of your project.

Why does the video take so much time to create?

Our eight-step process helps us make everlasting videos.

The process includes:

  • Requirement Gathering: Understanding your marketing requirements
  • Strategize the process: Analysing the concept and plan the strategy
  • Story Writing: Preparing a script for the video
  • Video Making: Initialize with the sketching a storyboard, drawing the illustrator
  • VoiceOver: Record the voice-over based on your specific instructions regarding tone, intonation and modulation.
  • Final Stage of Video making: After completing the voice over process; our video making will animate the illustrations

Adding the SFX and VFX: To enhance the quality of the video we add SFX & VFX its just a final touchup.

Do we offer scriptwriting or concept services to the clients?

Yes, we help our clients with emotional and exciting stories. Our team of creative writers produce stories that work best and help companies to fulfil goals.


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