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What does a Content Writer do?


Research on industry trends

A content writer keeps track of industry trends and researches new content ideas to generate content for the company. 


Produce unique content

A content writer creates industry-specific unique content for websites, email marketing, product descriptions, videos, and blogs, among other media.

Understand CMS deeply (1)

Analyze KPIs

A content writer keeps track of and analyses key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to make ideas for improvement.

Understand libraries and frameworks 1

Communicate with other departments

A content writer communicates and collaborates with the writing staff and other departments inside the company to generate creative content ideas. 


Edit and update content

A content writer edits and updates are existing content on the company website and other media to keep up with industry trends.

Maintains web performance

Organize, schedule & publish content

A content writer organizes writing schedules to meet deadlines for content drafts or completed projects that are to be published on the company's website.

More Available Talents

Front End Designer

Website designer having a minimum of 1+ years experience. Having good understanding about creating original UI designs, building trending website designs, searching fields, Identifying and troubleshooting UX problems, ...

Front End Developer

Hire the best Front end developers with 1+ years of experience. Having a good understanding of developing features to enhance the web user experience, developing web pages, maintaining brand consistency, speed ...

WordPress Developer

Best WordPress developers with min 1+ years of experience having good hands on building themes and plugins. Our certified developers have knowledge about website optimization, elementor, manage WordPress Multi-Site ...

WIX Developer

Our wix developers are proficient in creating high quality websites with minimum 1+ years of experience on wix. We have good knowledge about velo language that helps them in expanding website design functionalities, ...

PHP Developer

Our certified PHP developers have min 1+ years of experience undergoing extensive training and evaluation. Having good knowledge about front-end technologies including CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, Core PHP, API Integration, ...

Web Quality Analyst

Web quality analyst also known as scrum master having min 1+ years of experience in using software testing tools, easily identify test scenarios, system errors, etc. Also, have good hands in performing functional, ...

HubSpot Specialist

HubSpot specialists are certified experts with 1- 6+ years of experience having a good understanding of HubSpot tools. Our HubSpot experts believe in making a difference by providing excellent HubSpot services including ...

HubSpot Developer

HubSpot developer with minimum 2+ years of experience having strong command on the functionality of HubSpot CRM, creating websites, blogs, landing pages, boilerplate theme, etc. Our developers have a stronghold on the ...

SEO Specialist

Our SEO specialists with minimum 2+ years of experience have a good hold on developing optimized strategies, share website audit reports, manage different SEO campaigns, page indexing, implement SEO recommendations by ...

Content Writer

Certified content writers with minimum 1+ years of experience having excellent communication and writing skills. Experience in writing and publishing content as per SEO standards, create clusters, build content ...

Web Project Manager

Web project manager having minimum 6+ years of experience in designing solutions for customer problems related to online commerce, corporate identity, or other website presence issues. Highly skilled at leading, ...

Inbound Specialist

Inbound specialists with minimum 2+ years of experience have deeper knowledge about creating workflows, content evaluation, building strategies according to the client needs, monitoring all the platforms, setting ...

Marketing Manager

Our certified marketing managers having min 5+ years of experience, are highly responsible for promoting business and services by building strong strategies. Our managers are highly skilled in creating pricing ...


Our experienced recruiters with minimum 2+ years of experience having good communication and writing skills know how to build strategies, manage teams, conduct interviews, client evaluation that fits the right position, ...

Inbound Marketer

Inbound marketers with minimum 2+ years of experience are highly skilled in building strong relationships with customers, creating landing pages, building content that captures viewers' eyes, implementing the right ...

Motion Graphic Artist (2D/3D)

Motion graphic artists with 1-5 years of experience, having a deeper knowledge of designing and creating video deliverables (corporate videos, eLearning, websites, marketing demos, etc.). Our artists are focused on ...

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers with a minimum of 1+ years of experience are highly proficient in making strategies and plans for the design concept, appealing copyright images, high-quality infographics, clean website design ...

Video Project Manager

Video project managers with minimum 3+ years of experience are highly skilled in managing and overseeing pre-production planning. Supervision and on-site production activities help us in delivering high-quality projects ...

Link Builder

Our Link building experts with minimum 1+ years of experience having good communication and writing skills are highly skilled in outreaching and building high-quality links on good websites. Our certified link-building ...

Understand your Requirements

Firstly, you need to recognize all the requirements that you aim for from the technicians. It can be the experience, skills, certifications, education, etc.

Having clear thoughts about the field in which you want to proceed will help you to take the right step for hiring experienced candidates and make the plan whether you need to proceed with the next step or not.

Profile Evaluation & Background Check

Once you are clear with your goals, it's time to evaluate the candidate and their experience.

Doing background checks of all the candidates will help you find amazing employees that are equivalent to your profile.

If you think they are the right fit for you, join hands with webdew by submitting a form.

Resume Shortlisting

Now, you are at the stage where you need to decide which candidates you want to proceed with.

To help you, we will share the resume of the candidates by going through which you can choose the one and go ahead with the next step.

It includes the experience, skills, and projects that the candidate has worked on and allows you to find your next favorite employee.

Communication Evaluation

A short casual meet will be conducted with the respective candidate with whom you can have a word and evaluate their communication skills.

You can also initiate a small communication assessment to test their reading and writing ability.

Expecting good communication skills is what we focus on. That's why we always focus on delivering the best by helping you with connecting with a candidate having good hands-on communication.

Technical Evaluation

Once you are satisfied with the communication assessment, the candidate will then be put in through a technical round, where he/she will have to work on a long assessment shared by you.

It will help you to evaluate their technical competency and understand whether it's the right fit or not.

If the technical round goes well and you are satisfied with the respective talent, you can further move to the panel discussion round to understand more about talent preferences.

Panel Discussion

It is the stage where you have made up your mind to hire the respective candidate for your project or company and are just one step away from understanding candidate preferences and expectations.

Here you can have a word with the candidate and move to the conclusion of whether you both can work together and move forward.

Onboarding and Support

If everything goes well from both ends, our certified technicians are there to serve you with the best services.

To make sure they understand your clients and provide you with the projects which you want, they need to understand how you work.

It can be done, if you take them through the right onboarding and get the right support.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What skills does a content writer have?

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How much does it cost to hire experienced content writers?

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Hubspot website Services by webdew, Web designing, Web developing
Our Work for

Web designing and development services at their best: Exceed Speech

Exceed Speech is an online health service for the treatment of childhood stuttering, communication, and learning difficulty. They wanted a user-friendly website that was easy to operate...

Our Work for

Pixel-perfect migration from Wordpress to HubSpot for Haptik

Haptik has the vision of enabling the leading companies and minds around the world to use AI for professional conversations on a daily basis. They have previously used HubSpot tools and wanted...

Our Work for

Easy to use and optimized website development for Velo Residential

Velo residential is Property Management Services For Apartment Properties In Dallas-Fort Worth. They also work in real estate investment...

Our Work for

How we aced a boilerplate based development for Paystone

Paystone deals in software and payment processing. They provide customer engagement solutions that help businesses turn their regular transactions into meaningful interactions and finally, an opportunity for growth...

Our Work for

Website redesigning and development for Offerd

Offerd is one of the best websites and that is well known for bridging the gap between deals and data. As they were aiming to give an astonishing look to theory websites, they planned to work with one of the most trusted website development company...

Our Work for

Cognitive FX choose webdew redesigning and redevelopment of HubSpot website

Cognitive FX is a concussion clinic in the United States that has all specialties on-site. Basically. Cognitive FX is a research and rehabilitation center that specializes in post-concussion treatment and functional neurocognitive imaging...

Our Work for

Can Explainer Video promote your service? Ask Loccality

Loccality is an online platform where people can connect with others and build communities, either for personal interactions and entertainment or to promote their businesses and connect...

Our Work for

Explainer Videos can represent your Online Cab App: DZ Taxi Chauffeur

DZ Taxi Chauffeur is an Algeria based auto and vehicle app. Since their operations were entirely digital, they needed explicit and comprehensive explainer videos to convey their message and explain...

Our Work for

ReceiptMate’s promotes ReceiptApp with 2D animation explainer video

ReceiptMate, is a newly developed app that helps people digitize their loyalty cards and store receipts. They provide a safe and easy way to receive, store digitally, and organize receipts in these trying times where contactless solutions are required...

Our Work for

How explainer video helped Darwinbox promote “Continuous Feedback”

Darwinbox provides database management and automation services to companies. They came to webdew with the requirement of an explainer video for their talent management solution, "Continuous Feedback."...

Our Work for

How Backlinking helped Simplilearn achieve amazing Traffic and DA goal

Simplilearn is one of the most renowned providers of distance education. They partner with companies and individuals to address their needs and provide them with online training and coaching...

Our Work for

Know how webdew helped First Insight to improve their SEO

First Insight is basically the world leader in implementing predictive analytics on first-party voice-of-customer data to help users make better decisions for improving business results. By looking at the demand from people, it is expanding its offerings into experience management, for which they need an error-free website...

Our Work for

webdew helped Travelopia with the merging of 2 Portals into 1

Travelopia is one of the known travel experts who aim to enrich lives through Travel. They provide unique travel experiences. They offer the world’s best polar expeditions, wildlife safaris, cultural tours, yachting adventures, and more...

Our Work for

Andaaz Fashion boosts inbound strategies on HubSpot with webdew

Andaaz Fashion, a top retail brand spread across various countries, was looking to boost their inbound strategies, including running email campaigns and setting up an efficient ticket servicing system on HubSpot to generate more leads and enhance customer service. They placed their trust in webdew to help them solve their issues...

Our Work for

How we successfully Integrated HubSpot and Salesforce for Maropost

Maropost offers its customers a cloud-based marketing automation platform. It simplifies conducting marketing activities and supports multi-channel customer engagement. Maropost has actively helped its clients generate higher revenue and retain customers. It provides features for Email, Mobile, Social, and Web Marketing...

Our Work for

How HubSpot Sales Hub helped streamline Join In Campus' Sales Process

Join In Campus is one of the leading Ed-Tech companies in the world. They specialize in France and Europe and operate across countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India, etc. They have been working across the globe since 2008...

Our Work for

webdew performed HubSpot marketing and Sales Onboarding for Healthcare Brokers Online

Healthcare Brokers of America LLC is an insurance broker firm with a hefty database. They offer the right type of insurance to their customers, including medicare, short-term medical, dental, and vision insurance, prescription drugs, etc...

Our Work for

Nonprofit Insurance Alliance availed HubSpot management services from webdew

Nonprofit Insurance Alliance has 31 years of experience helping nonprofits make efficient use of their insurance dollars and reduce accidents and injuries. The primary objective of the organization is to serve 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations by offering the most stable source of reasonably priced liability insurance tailored...

Our Work for

Record Express choose webdew for web designing and HubSpot Management

Record Express is a Belgium-based delivery company that has been operating since 1993. They offer a variety of services to their clients, completely adapted to their needs and requirements. They believe in value and consistency, and they have a dedicated support team to resolve any possible customer queries 24/7...

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