A Journey towards Persona Development

At Webdew, we follow a strict strategy for persona development, this allows us to deliver , analyze and create the precise buyer's data that you need. These personas act as a blueprint for conveying your services effectively and further nurturing the prospect.

Throughout this journey, We cover:

  • Which leads have the higher commercial value.
  • How to reach out your buyers and what the platforms should be used.
  • Differentiating between influencer and decision-maker.
  • Which stage to engage the prospects in buyer funnel.
  • The strategies that convert visitors to the buyers.

Our Process


1. Discovery

We build the brand personas by starting a discovery call that brings light to all the points that are faced by your business. The goals you intend to achieve and how your personas will be used.

2. Review

We talk to the members of your organization and some of your existing clients to have a stronger sense of what your buyer thinks when they reach out to your product/service. This data helps in strategizing the prospect metrics.

3. Interviews

We coordinate and schedule meetings with the clients involved on your side. Gather critical information from your marketing executives, that further shape the process of persona development and ensures that all the benchmarks are taken into consideration.

4. Research

After all the processes we take a final review of the findings and then compare them with our own researches. After this point, we begin to conceptualize and start with journey mapping.

5. Development

Each persona has a particular goal. Some of your visitors may only want information while others may be looking to purchase from the exact moment. This is what our persona creation process defines, it clearly outlines who actually are the true buyers.

6. Presentation

Our Design Department curates the visual representation of your main buyer personas. We create a finalized deliverable with complete branding components of your company

Stages of the Buyer Funnel

Convert your prospects to leads and then to customers. That's the way to define success, and this is how a guided content marketing program works. Each customer plays a potential role in the process of lead generation, serving them the right content at the right moment helps shorten the sales process and provides great chances of lead conversion.

  • 1


    Your customers are out there waiting to see great content. At this stage, however, they are being introduced to your brand. They may have landed on your site organically or heard great things about your brand.

  • 2


    You are now in the competition with the other service providers, Your prospects are now gathering more information about you that can provide the better insight.

  • 3


    At this stage your prospects are moments away from making a purchase from you and becoming buyers. They need to be confident about your services and framework that suits their long term needs.

  • 4


    Now as your leads have become your customers it becomes inevitable that you continue to communicate and nurture your customers after they have signed their contracts. This will eventually help you upsell and continue to work with them in future.

Looking at these different types of buyers and the stages at which they are in sets the tone for your content marketing activities. Your custom-developed buyer personas are specifically designed to extract maximum value out of each stage of the funnel.