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Our Simple Process

We have described the process of designing, building, scripting, editing, and delivering the explainer videos.

Here's what you'll get


Requirement Gathering


Script Writing








Music & Sound Effect


Video Delivery

SaaS Explainer Magic


SaaS Explainer Videos


webdew created a 3D, Stomp Kinetic Typography video to promote Weplay, a mobile gaming platform.

Weplay improved branding with 3D Stomp Kinetic Typography and Screencast Explainer Video 1

Intelligence Exchange

Intelligence Exchange partnered with webdew for an informative whiteboard animation video.


webdew created a promotional video for Bigwig's innovative social shopping platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

2D animation is a video type in which all the characters and animation is based on a two-dimensional plane that is X and Y axes. It achieved motion through 2D scenes.

However, 3D animation adds a perception of depth that makes the video more realistic and appealing. It is created by using 3D models. The addition of the third axis helps in moving and arranging the objects in such a way that it creates the illusion of motion.

3D animated videos take 2 times more power, time investment, and energy than 2D videos. Usually, 2D animated videos take 5-6 days to complete. So, 3D videos will take around 15-20 days to complete.

As we are quite conscious about the quality of videos, we ensure to deliver the videos without issues in the first go. But, still, if you find any error, then we will make sure you will get the updated content that will bring the vision to life.

The final video that you will get from our side will be based on your requirements. The video scripts, characters, scenes, etc., used in the video will be of high quality. We always keep our clients first. The feedback shared will be considered at the top, which will further make your animation the best.

Take a rundown on the best five ways to promote video content.

  • Start a video campaign on social platforms like Facebook or Twitter
  • Never forget to add a share button on your video
  • Incorporate videos in your email marketing
  • Ask more people to share
  • Never forget to optimize your video thumbnail image

Celebrating Happy Clients

Dive into the world of client happiness as they share their stories of triumph. Their reviews paint a vivid picture of the joy and success we've contributed to. Join us in cherishing over 1000+ reviews spread across different directories.

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Veronica Bishop
Content writer & developer Bishop Content Studio

“We worked with webdew over the past several months to create a series…”

Veronica Bishop
Content writer & developer Bishop Content Studio

“We worked with webdew over the past several months to create a series…”


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Our Team is Your Team

Our team of talented professionals specialized in HubSpot and Videos Marketing works tirelessly to help your business grow. All we await is an opportunity to help. If it was not for our trusted clients, we wouldn't be celebrating the honor of becoming a HubSpot Diamond partner in 2020 and the most-reviewed Global 2D Animation Company by The Manifest in 2022. Thank you for all the support and love. We hope to serve you soon. Learn more about webdew

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