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“People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” — Simon Sinek

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  2. December's Achievements?
  3. What did webdians do this December? ?
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Wish you a very Happy New Year! ?

Hey there, webdew fam. We hope 2024 will be the year of growth for you and your business!

With this enthusiasm, we welcome you to the webdew Bulletin-December edition. The month came up with serious growth and achievements, and we can't wait to spill all the deets with you.

This newsletter isn't just a factual update – it’s more like a story filled with experiences, emotions, and the valuable lessons we've picked up along the way. Join us as we chat about the epic wins of December and what's fueling our excitement for the future.

We're energized to share the good stuff, so why wait? Let's jump right in and explore the awesome highlights of December at webdew!

1. Leader drops Business Gems!??

Consuming content has become a big part of everyone's life, whether for fun or to learn about something you need, like a product or service.

Considering this, our COO, Chehak Wadhwa, thinks making content is the best way to turn more people into customers who buy what you're offering.

It shows off your brand and helps viewers see how your product or service can improve their work.

To do this, use storytelling and other cool content tricks to get your customers interested and make them want to buy from you.

Give it a try, use storytelling, check how well it's doing, and let AI give you a hand! ?✨

Leader s post of December

2. December's Achievements: Yay! ?

Big News – We Hit a Big Goal!

Because of your awesome support, webdew's LinkedIn now has over 91k followers – and it's still growing! ?

This wouldn't be possible without each one of you. We appreciate your constant support and trust in what we share.

From giving helpful tips to chatting with you in the comments, it's been a journey of learning and teamwork. We're committed to giving you great marketing content, and we're not stopping now.

Get ready for more exciting stuff coming your way! ?

3. What did webdians do this December? ?

Creating a new website was not our end target, but updating it from every end was.

Keeping this in mind, we added a blend of vibrant colours, a font that speaks volumes, and a design that screams possibilities.

While exploring every corner, you will get a fresh perspective, a hidden gem of information, and the unmistakable feeling of webdew's vibrant energy.

So, this is not the time to move on to the next section without having a closer look at our upgraded website. Let's show you the result of our December's amazing work.


4. Binge-worthy picks: Enjoy! ???

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends 2024: Your Guide to Success

This blog uncovers the 10 best digital marketing trends to take your business to the next level. 

From the game-changing influence of AI-driven conversational marketing to the power of hyper-personalization through big data and analytics, discover the essential trends that can help shape 2024. 

Embrace these strategies for competitiveness and relevance. Enroll in Emeritus' digital marketing courses to lead your organization to success.

If you think this is it, you’re wrong. To learn about these trends follow the LINK to explore the blog. Happy reading!?

5 BRAND NEW Digital Marketing Strategies for 2024 (HUGE Leap Forward!)

Tailored for small service businesses, this video introduces unconventional tactics that break away from the norm, ensuring your business stands out. 

Explore the power of data-driven insights, leveraging the latest in AI and analytics to elevate your marketing effectiveness. 

Redefine customer connections by forging deeper, more meaningful relationships in innovative ways. Discover unparalleled efficiency with strategies that streamline marketing efforts and amplify results. 

Reading the summary won't be enough, so WATCH the video now to know more. ?

2024 Trends in Digital Marketing

In the latest episode of the “Ahead of the Game” podcast by the Digital Marketing Institute, six experts share their insights on the key trends shaping the digital marketing landscape in 2024. 

Hosted by Will Francis, all the experts discuss the central role of AI in digital marketing. Beyond AI, the podcast explores trends in social media, paid ads, marketing strategy, careers, and search. 

Notable mentions include Instagram Threads, LinkedIn's milestone of over 1 billion users, and the importance of the “E” in EEAT (Expertise).

The experts also emphasize the need to be skeptical of Google and align with young audiences' priorities. 
Wanna connect the dots and know more about it?

TUNE IN and discover the incredible potential of digital marketing trends in 2024. ?

5. What’s new with dew? ?

How about a surprise that will let you spend less money and get more impact? Who wouldn't like that, right?

With the upcoming new year, we have decided to productize our services into cost-effective subscription plans.

From choosing brand domains to creating video content and providing SEO and link-building services, we put a lot of effort into making each product good. So when you get it, you're getting something excellent.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn about the subscription plans and prepare to start, build, and grow.

Stay tuned for what's coming! ?✨

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