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“In a balanced organization, working towards a common objective, working towards a common objective, there is success.” – Arthur Helps

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  1. Words of the Leader ?
  2. Another feather to our cap! ?
  3. What did webdians do this December? ?
  4. Read, Watch and Listen! ???
  5. Try something new! ?

Greetings Customer,

Thank You for being with us in 2022, and we will continue to enlighten you with curated and rich content in the upcoming months. We hope you started off your year great and look forward to making great memories in 2023!

As cheerful as the holidays were, webdew was over the moon as we had a lot to celebrate. Resolutions, goals, excitement… as much as we have this in our individual lives, we have it for our businesses as well.

In this Newsletter, we are bringing you some delightful content as we move to a brand new year! Make sure to go through till the end to get totally webdewfied this year.

1. Words of the Leader ?

Got a growing business on your hands? Take notes from our CEO, Danish Wadhwa, whose advice can be a great way to manage business better in 2023.

2. Big Achievements ?

Well, in the last newsletter, you might have noticed our achievement as the Manifest recognized webdew as the most-reviewed global 2D animation company.

And adding to that celebration, in December, GoodFirms recommended webdew as the top video production company in Canada. Another feather to our cap!

So it's time to get webdewfied and experience it for yourself!

This is a huge honor for us, especially considering all the hard work we've put in over the years.

We're grateful to be recognized by GoodFirms, a well-respected source in the B2B market. What a great way to end the year! Can't wait to see what the future holds!

3. What did webdians do this December? ?

A lot, to be honest!

While most people across the globe were in full festive mode, webdians managed to strike the perfect balance between work and fun!

Yes, we work hard and celebrate harder. And this Christmas post is just a glimpse of that! ?

4. Watch, Listen, and Read! ???

Interesting reads!

A growth perspective is one of the big things any business should aim for. Check out the GoodFirms interview with Danish Wadhwa to read about webdew and its success.

Let’s watch… 

As we move to a new year, looking forward and doing things the right way matters quite a lot.

Let’s watch Gary Vaynerchuk talk about How To Do Marketing The Right Way In 2023.

Listen close…?

Of course, “content is everything!” There’s barely any doubt about that.

But knowing how to cultivate curiosity and apply it is the art of marketing. Listen to the podcast, Everything is Content According to Camille Trent, to get a whole new perspective.

5. Try something new!

Remember the surprise we had for you last month?

Well, it just got better this month! Why stick to basics when you can evolve into something better?

Yes, we are talking about the Dew Themes that got better than before.

Whatever your brand's style, you will be able to find what you’re looking for. We're constantly working on improving and updating our themes to make sure you have the best possible experience. 

And with easy customization options and top-notch support, you can trust that your website makeover is going to be awesome! ?

We love that you have reached so far!

Thank you for reading!

We hope the valuable content that we handpicked for you did justice to your time. 

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