Webdew Navigation Documentations

in this documentation, the user can find the navigations for the header section and footer section. Screenshot and direct links are also available for fast execution.

Header Navigations:- 

webdew header1

Direct Link:-  https://app.hubspot.com/menus/3074142/edit/41179135216

Navigation Name :- New Webdew Navigation 2Feb


Header Top Navigation:-

webdew top nav 

Direct Link:- https://app.hubspot.com/menus/3074142/edit/41186235785

Navigation Name:- Header Top Menu

Footer Section  Menus

1.  website Footer menu


Direct Link:- https://app.hubspot.com/menus/3074142/edit/41218342413

Navigation Name:-  Footer Website Links


2. Footer Videos Link


Direct Link:- https://app.hubspot.com/menus/3074142/edit/41218316564

Navigation Name:-  Footer Videos Link


3. Footer Marketing Link


Direct Link:- https://app.hubspot.com/menus/3074142/edit/41218600809

Navigation Name:- Footer Marketing Links


4. Footer Hubspot Link


Direct Link:- https://app.hubspot.com/menus/3074142/edit/41218343124

Navigation Name:- Footer HubSpot Links


7. Footer Web dew Link