Clear FAQ Page | Theme

This Template is designed to allow you to easily build a page. Apply changes to your entire site. This Template Pack provides you with everything you need to create a website on HubSpot that represent your brand well and help you grow your business.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to customize and edit the Clear Theme FAQ Template easily.


 Let's see how it Works:-

Section Edit - 1

General Settings:  In the General setting of banner, you can  adjust  the alignment /spacing and background.


Alignment and Spacing :  In the alignment and spacing setting , you can change the Content Alignment, margin and padding.


Background :  In this setting you get the privilege to choose the background type, image, image size and image alignment.


Content Setting: In this settings of banner section, you can adjust and edit the heading, sub-heading.


Section Edit - 2

Accordian Setting: Here, you can increase the number of accordian items by clicking on the ADD button. Also, you get the options to edit, clone or delete the items.


Inside the item editing, you get the options to edit the header and content.


Image Setting :  In this setting you get the  privilege to choose the Image,  alt-text, size, maximum size and link which is optional.


Content Setting: In this settings, you can adjust and edit the heading, sub-heading.


Once you are done with your editing, click on the publish button to make your changes live.

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