Clear Blog Page

Nowadays everyone wants at least one blog section on his site or page. You can use a clear blog template for that, just add this module on your page and select your layout and blogs without a single line of code.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to customize and edit Clear Blog Template easily.

How to edit the blog listing settings

  • Click on  the Gear Icon given at the top right side of your Hubspot account.
  • Now, you get the settings page.
  • On the left side, scroll down and navigate to Tools > Website > Blog.
  • In blog settings, you get the options to change the General Settings, settings of  template, Subscription, Date Format, Comments, Social Sharing and Google AMP.

Blog Category :- First of all, you need to choose the category of your blog.


Available settings of Blog

General Settings: In this setting, you can change the blog name, blog header, page tittle, meta description, blog URL root, domain and blog slug.


Template Setting: In this setting, you can choose the template for blog post, template for listing pages, the number of posts per listing page. You can choose the summaries and images.


Subscription:  Here you can choose the Blog subscriber notification emails and number of posts in RSS Feed.


Date Formats: In this settings, you can choose the language for dates, publish date formats and post by month format. 


Comments settings: Here, you can enable or disable the comments, you can choose the persons who you want to receive the new comments on this blog, number of levels the comments can thread, confirmations message after comments are submitted.


Social Sharing: Here, you can choose the default the twitter account and the social sharing buttons.


Google AMP: You can upload the images,  change the image alt text, edit the header settings and body settings.

Under Header settings, you can change the header font, header font size, header font color and header background color.

Under body settings, you can change the body font, body font size, body font color and link color.


Once you are done with your editing, then click on the publish button.

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