Schema app installation guide

Go to Marketplace > App Marketplace 

Enter and search:  Schema - webdew

Click on the name Schema - webdew.
Below page will be opened:

Click the link :

Go to and login with your webdew account 

Look for Schema app and click Pay button to buy and install the app for your HubSpot portal

Fill the card details and click on pay to install the app 

Now select the portal for which you want to install the app 

You can also install on the other portals as it can be installed on multiple portals

After installation is done, Go to Apps > Schema > Domain

You will see all the published pages of your HubSpot account of the selected domain 

Click on edit button to edit the page for adding the schema script

Select the keyword suitable for your webpage

Fill the required fields and click Save to save the settings

Once done, you will see a success message and your script will added to your HubSpot page.

You can see the added scripts on the advanced settings of the page:

You can check your page to see Schema by clciking ctrl+u: