How to update your LinkedIn profile

This Knowlege base caters to the process of updating your profile on LinkedIn

As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain a consistent and professional brand image, employees are required to update their LinkedIn profiles in accordance with the company's brand guidelines. Here are the key guidelines to follow when updating your LinkedIn profiles:
  1. Background Picture: Please update your background picture with the provided image. You can find the background picture at the following link: [Link].
  2. Profile Picture: Your profile picture should either match the one you use on Slack or have the same blue gradient as the background on Slack. This will help ensure visual consistency across our communication channels.
  3. Designation and Company: It is important to update your designation and our company name in your LinkedIn profile to reflect your current position and association with our organization accurately.
  4. New Joiner Post: As a new employee at Webdew you are requested to post a "Started working at Webdew" LinkedIn post. You can take help from the below-mentioned samples to draft your own writeup :  
    1. I am thrilled to announce my new role as *position* at webdew! Joining the incredible *team/department* here, I'm eager to embark on this journey of growth and learning. 
      I express my deepest gratitude to *name*, *name*, and *name* for their unwavering support throughout the joining process, enabling me to secure this amazing opportunity. I'm truly grateful for their guidance and belief in me. 

      Let's write the next chapter together at webdew! 🚀
      #LifeAtWebdew #Grateful #NewBeginnings
      *Attach a captivating picture to your post*
    2. Excited to share that I've joined forces with @webdew as a *position*! Thrilled to explore new horizons in my career and see where this exciting chapter leads me. Cheers to the future! 🥂

      #LifeAtWebdew #Grateful #NewBeginnings
      *Attach an engaging picture to your post*

  5. Completing Milestones: At Webdew, we believe in celebrating and recognizing the significant milestones achieved by our team members. When you reach a milestone with webdew, whether it's one year, two years, or more, we invite you to share your journey and accomplishments.

    Take this opportunity to reflect on your growth, experiences, and contributions during your time at webdew. Craft a heartfelt writeup, capturing the highlights of your journey, lessons learned, and the valuable relationships you've built along the way.

    Post your writeup on your LinkedIn feed on the same day to share your milestone achievement with your professional network. Don't forget to tag webdew and include relevant hashtags such as #WebdewJourney #CareerAchievements #LifeAtWebdew #Grateful

    Let's celebrate your success together and inspire others with your story of growth and achievement!

    Sample Post: 🎉 Celebrating One/Two/Three Year/Years with webdew! 🎉

    I'm thrilled to announce that today marks my one-year anniversary with webdew. It has been an incredible journey filled with growth, learning, and amazing opportunities. I'm grateful for the support and guidance from my reporting manager ________ and ____________ colleagues. Looking forward to many more years of success and collaboration!

     #WebdewJourney #CareerAchievements #LifeAtWebdew #Grateful
    *Attach an engaging picture to your post*


    Submitted By Saumya Singh on 22nd May 2023