Steps to use All-in-One-SMS app

Setting up the All in One SMS integration with HubSpot would take only a couple of minutes, and requires no coding.

NOTE: User must login to webdew apps with the same email address that they are using in HubSpot.


HubSpot integration with All in One SMS, allows you to send SMS messages directly from your HubSpot account by signing in to multiple SMS providers out there available in the market.
Choose your own provider to send out messages internationally no need to stick to one provider. Automatically triggered SMS messages using workflows and send Bulk messages to your customers base using automation.

Installation Steps :

  • Navigate to APP Marketplace in your HubSpot portal and search for the “All In One Sms” app.
  • Click on Connect App button to install the app

  • After clicking on the connect app, the user will be redirected to the official webdew site.
  • Click on login Button.


User can log in with your social accounts or can register to webdew account and then sign in.


You will be redirected to the home page of webdew apps. Click on the pay now button of the “All in One SMS” app to buy the product.



Fill out the required details and click on the pay button.



 After successful payment, the app will get installed in your hubspot account and you will be logged in.



After installing the app you need to navigate to contacts and make sure your phone number property is populated.

If you didn’t set the phone any or mobile phone no. property of contact then the app will show an error as below.


After filling the phone no. property of contact, refresh the page, you will see the settings button for setting the default vendor.


If Admin didn't set the default settings for vendor, then the user will see the below message in the app card. 


Users will get redirected to the official webdew site and will be asked to log in.

If User has installed multiple apps and bought them for different HubSpot portals then the user will be redirected to this portals selection the portal and click on the next page.


Click on the All in One SMS > Settings.


Select your favorite vendor and fill in the required credentials.


Some vendors require DLT ID’s with their template content to be used, so those vendors should 


Now user will be able to use the app. Click on All in One SMS app card displaying on the right panel to open the app.

 After adding your text click on send notification to send the SMS.


Vendors which require DLT ID will see the different views to select the template from here which the user has saved in the settings.


Only Admin who has bought the app will be able to see the settings button in the app from which user can navigate back to setting page.


Users will see the success message if the details filled in the settings were correct otherwise the error message will be displayed.



Activity will also get created after sending the message to keep the record.



If user filled the wrong credential while configuring the settings of the vendor then the message will not be successfully delivered and the respective error message will be shown.


Also the error activity will be generated.



Click on Automation and then select the workflow option.


Create a new workflow by clicking on the Create workflow button .



Select the highlighted options shown in the image to create the workflow and then click on the Next button.



Now select the environment trigger.

Select the contact, search for email and then select the “is known” option.


After selecting these options click on the apply button and then save the settings.


Now click on plus icon to add the action.



Search for All  in One SMS in  the search bar.



User will see Four fields to fill.


   >Mobile  No.

                >DLT ID


Now users have to select a token for  respected fields.




Note: If your default vendor does not require DLT field then the user must fill 1234 inside DLT ID field where as if the vendor requires the DLT field then it should be an accurate DLT id and its respective template should be used in sending messages.

 After selecting the tokens and setting up the message click on the save button.


Now click on the Review button available on the top right corner to start the workflow.


Configure the settings and click on TURN on Button.



Users can check the enrollment history to check if the workflow has worked or not.



 All-in-one Sms Release Notes

Release notes are displayed in descending order from the most recent release to the oldest. Known Issues are listed with the most recent release.

Version 2.0 Release

Released July, 2021.

New And Noteworthy

  1. New Dashboard is installed for User interface
  2. Hub-api Key field is removed from all vendors settings field
  3. DLT ID field is added in MSGwow and MSG91
  4. DLT field is added in Workflows

Changes In Functionality

Application is now totally token based.Hub-api key requirement is removed.

Closed Issues

There are no Closed Issues in this release

Version 1.2.1 Release

Released February, 2021.

New And Noteworthy

  1. Updated the application with a new SMS logs page 
  • Users can take a look at all message details when it was sent,to whom it was delivered and to whom it was not delivered.
  • All records at one place in SMS logs page are accessible from webdew all apps accounts.

Changes In Functionality

There is no change in functionality 

Closed Issues

There are no Closed Issues in this release

Version 1.2.0 Release

Released December, 2020.

New And Noteworthy

Updated the application with 8 new msg vendors.

  • D7sms
  • Messagebird
  • Sinch
  • Smsidea
  • Fast2sms
  • Smsindiahub
  • 99smsservice
  • Bulkgatesms

Now there are a total of 21 msg vendors in the application that users can use

Changes In Functionality

  • Settings feature is now accessible from webdew all apps account
  • The application is totally portal-based now.
    • Applications once purchased for a particular portal will be accessible only from that portal.
    • This portal can be shared between the company employees but the settings can only be accessed from the paid portal.

Closed Issues

There are no Closed Issues in this release.

Version 1.1.0 Release

Released November, 2020.

New And Noteworthy

  1. Updated the application with 10 new msg vendors.
  • Bulksms
  • Bulk Gate
  • Textlocal
  • Kalyera
  • Plivo
  • Spingh
  • Vonage
  • Mobtexting
  • Moreify
  • Clickatell

Now there are a total of 13 msg vendors in the application that users can use.

  1.  Updated the application with activity generation features.
  • After every successful or unsuccessful  message delivery an activity  will get created in the notes section of contacts .
  • Hubapi key fields added in Vendors Settings to create the activities
  • This will help users to keep a record of messages

Changes In Functionality

There is no change in the functionality of the application

Closed Issues

There are no Closed Issues in this release.

Version 1.0.0 Release

Released October, 2020.

New And Noteworthy

  • There are three vendors in the app i.e. Msgwow , Twilio and Msg91
  • Users can send SMS manually to a particular contact 
  • Users can send SMS through Workflow Automation to all the contacts
  • Users can do vendors  settings from within the Hubspot 

Closed Issues

There are no Closed Issues in this release.