Steps to do WHMCS integrations with HubSpot

Step by step guide to do WHMCS integrations

NOTE: User must login to webdew apps with the same email address that they are using in HubSpot.

Connect your WHMCS to HubSpot to sync, automate, and analyze your data in HubSpot and utilize the highly processed data to convert your leads into paying customers.

Installation Steps 

1.   Go To Marketplace -> Search WHMCS app and select it:

2.   Click on Connect app and you will be redirected to the App permissions page:


1.   After clicking on the Connect App button you will be redirected to the home page, click on login        and you will be redirected to the webdew app login page:

2.   Login here with your social account or webdew account:

3.   After successful login you will be redirected to all apps page.Here click on pay button to buy                   WHMCS application:

4.   After Payment,Select the portal in which you want to install the application:


1.   User has to login with the same account to do the settings. This window will be shown after                   login successfully:

2.   Navigate to the Apps>WHMCS>Settings for settings:

WHMCS Credentials Process

1.   Select WHMCS Credentials for the setting of WHMCS and Hubspot:

2.   Go to WHMCS admin panel and the username and password need:

3.   After login please click on “Manage API Credentials” for generating new credentials. Refer to               the below screenshot:

4.    Click on Generate New Credentials and select all options as per your requirement:

5.   Click on the “Generate” Button then the “Identifier” & “Secret” code has been generated:

6.   Put these above credentials on WHMCS credentials settings.

Users should not add any Html in the product description as it may cause an error during import.

7.   It should be a simple description as shown in the below Screenshot:

Note: If you will delete any imported product/data from Hubspot then you won't be able to resync it again.


1.   Path of pipeline:

2.   If you will face any IP issue during the opening pipeline or sync:

3.    Please follow the below instruction : 

        Go to Admin portal> General Settings> Security

         Add IP address here for API permission:

4.   Add IP here for permission:

5.   After adding IP here:

6.    If You will get any banned IP address then:

       Go to Admin Portal> Banned IP’s on the left sidebar:

7.   Remove banned IP from here. For reset permissions: 

8.   API roles should all select the checkbox of api’s function. please check the screens below for                 better understanding:

9.   All API's function should be selected for API permissions:

10.   This is for all users of WHMCS:

11.   Refer to the below screenshot for Orders sync:

12.   Sync your WHMCS deals pipeline here:

13.   Sync your tickets pipeline here:

Import Process 

1.   Go to Import 

2.   Click on import products:

3. Processing start for syncing:

4.   After Successfully imported data get a Success Button and Finish process shown as below                       screen:

Tickets Import

If you see the below error message , It means you have not selected the tickets rules in whmcs account :

Automation Pricing

1. Pay pricing for automation Daily Sync for every 24 hours and Hour Sync for every 1 hour:

2.   After Importing data, you can check on WHMCS logs:

Login On WHMCS portal

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